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  1. Thank you Hugo

    They seriously are sinister & pure unpleasant people .

    • So how does the bullshit QR codes work when they flick the switch.

      • It wont effect their systems of control, i guess food supplies, possibly water

      • Exactly..
        Muppets ain’t they

        Take care

  2. Control of the finances and the global supply chain, i.e. food (you’re right, Hugo). These devils are psychopathic megalomaniacs….

  3. “Cyber polygon”?

    I can see a lot of hexagons in that image.
    Go google “Saturn’s North Pole” and remember Saturn is Kronos, “lord of time”.

    • Wrong god, its lucifer/apollo/pan/hecate all arguably the same god, the morning star, the false light, thats why the reference illumination, lighting the way and so on. Saturn/shaitan/chronus is the father of lucifer, the ancient god superceeded and now irrelevant.

  4. i have been getting supplies in after watching your report of a few months ago….wasnt expecting this till the autum tho

    • I think it will be autumn. They have got to allow enough time for the Euros effect to happen and cases to rise (allegedly) otherwise it wont be believable

      • I think it might be on the 20th anniversary of 9/11

  5. It’s probably because junior is bored stiff, sitting in mama’s basement during lock down, so junior decides to do a bit of hacking to kill time. Hope the German authorities won’t lose all the asylum applications because of the hacking attacks.

    • You totally miss the point, this will be a manufactured event by the wef

  6. At the end of this video you suggested people should stock up. Probably a very good idea. The networks in the UK have just announced that there will be disruptions to the food supply. Obviously this will be very easy for the government to do as they have already succeeded in doing this last year. In Feb 2020 they INSTRUCTED supermarkets to remove certain items from the shelves which resulted in a mass panic. The beeb referred to that as panic buying but like everything the beeb come out with that was misrepresentation. It wasn’t panic buying as there was nothing on the shelves to buy because the supermarkets had removed it!.

      • Love him. It was somebody in one of Hugo’s comment boxes that mentioned him a few months ago. I’ve been following him too! Thank you xx

    • What specific items did HM Gov order supermarkets to remove from their shelves? Pasta, tinned tomatoes, bread flower, rice, UHT milk? 😀 Toilet rolls? 😀 I am calling guff on that one 😀

      • Did you see the contents of the govt “free food” patcels in 2020? Pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes, UHT milk, toilet rolls. Sound familar?.

  7. The Hexagons in the cyber polygon video on YouTube??
    I did a bit of research into Graphene Oxide – the atoms in it are Hexagonal shapes! I don’t think this is mere coincidence.
    God protect us!

  8. Thanks Hugo!
    The WEF will force government members to make a big deal out of it.
    Backed up by MSM of course.

    Major companies are already following suit and beefing up their security.

    • Excellent username! Yes, it will all be backed by fakestream media….🙄

  9. Well put Hugo,I was waiting on all this as it was mentioned over two months ago of the cyber polygon date coming up with .world economic forum.people only have to search through and see it all unfold.i don’t think people get it lolllll…cyber attack .Internet,electric whatever .if it all went a bit pair shape who is prepared incase.. a few walkie talkies with few km distance comes in handy.a solar power radio.with handle windup.full tank of petrol .or diesel and a small camping stove with gas cylinders all cheap..stuff. extra bit of food in….and if nothing happens then you can eat the food before the expiry date.and take the kiddies camping with the extras .by the way I bought 6 walkie talkies 6 months ago they have an 8 hr battery life they can charge up through solar powered charger with a USB, cupboards are stocked up with stuff with expiry date sep 23. And if it gos realy bad my 4 adult kids can have a radio each for off for a bit of camping with my 11 year old son……lol….I would finish with this for the time ….my friend who is 50 male,and he said his sister and brother in law caught covd 2 weeks after their first jib jab dose ,hes had his 2 doses.and that night his phoned he gets a covid test incase he has it.and gives it to someone in work. Hahahahahaha. I asked him has your gp gave you any percentages of immunity and he didn’t no what to the way I told him not to get any…plus showed information over the last year.its like this folks, a good chef nos the ingredients that gos into a cake but your gp can’t tell you what’s in the toxic injections,do your research if you value your life and take care.

  10. On YT, check out the “Garth Brooks Live Las Vegas..Friends Low Places” video, just to see the crowd.

  11. Its so obvious its intentional and coming from same globalist lunatics….no hacker in the world is interested to hack exactly that stupid place….so why would they??!! Its pointless….is random chosen unimportant place so they can support the cyber attack agenda

  12. Yeah stocking up,not answer though will help in short term only.
    I will go Down fighting is all I can say if it gets so…..fingers crossed they back off before then,Hey !!!!!

    • As soon as you have to rely on those stocks you will know that the wheels have come off the wagon. It is GAME OVER!! if it ever happens.

  13. Omg! We must withdraw all our money from the bank immediately and revert to cash only transactions in order to thwart these terrible cyber terrorists! If we don’t and they cripple our internet banking system we won’t be able to access our money or make financial transactions! We won’t be able to pay our mortgages or bills and could lose our homes or cars and we could possibly starve to death too! The banking system is simply not safe! I’m going to take out all my money first thing on Monday morning!

    • If the banking system goes down you will have more to worry about than paying your bills 😀

  14. I THINK the world has gone mad…I pray that Jesus returns soon..I need him and I know that many of my brothers and sisters need him too. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few months but we need to be ready..take care.

    • I will tell you what will happen in the next few months – nothing 😀 The SHTF ™ © ® is a moving target – the shit never does hit the fan 😀 I sometimes wish it would just to get it over with 😀 In the meantime. Keep on prepping :D. Keep on stacking those beans 😀

      • If anyone does buy in extra, remember to treat all dried and packaged food and store correctly to avoid losing it all to various bugs.

  15. all planned, microsoft is stopping updates for windows 10 in a few months I have heard which is the basic to reconstruct the use of the internet completely and to introduce restrictions and conditions for using the internet may be in combination with the chinese social score system, the censorship was just a trial to find out how people do react to figure out how they bypass this and so on … just follow the line and every thing is crystal clear (I would be happy if I am wrong)Thanks and Cheers Anke, GER

    • absolutely shocking – the Kalgeri-Plan is supposed to be a conspiracy theory of antisemits – just information I found and want to let you know so you know how to deal with it
      If this is all true, it can be that ,,they” have choosen this name deliberately for sort of gaslighting and spreading confusion…

  16. Absolutely awful,,, Terrible, what a shock, I didn’t believe Santa Schawb when he precicted this, the man should have been a fourtune teller, the internet has to be brought under full control, brought to order that this can never be alowed to happen again,

  17. All of these hack attacks are staged so that the evil elite will use them to justify having total control of the internet…

  18. were at… its just a dark winter its just cyber attack its just downloadable currency on the phone, its just your electric car wont start because you have not had your monthly jab, which i predicted two months ago, its just the unvaxxed is fault, its just hydrogel, its just a quantum dot tattoo, it just we know the plan, and know what’s coming. keep saying no. i really hope we will win this and there’s a big resistance to this, there’s no way i want to live in this world they have got planned for us. if it happens i didnt bring it in, will stay original and authentic, there will be regret if this comes in. ill be true to myself which every way it go’s. cut my services off and i know what i will be doing….

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