*DISTURBING* AustralIan TYRANNY Children Arrested and Pepper Sprayed / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. There are only three (3) countries on this planet whose government officials refused to accept the COVID-19 vaccine from the World Health Organization: Burundi, Tanzania, and Haiti.

    The officials in those countries who declined the vax were Presidents in each of those countries.

    In Burundi it was President Pierre Nkurunziza

    In Tanzania, it was President John Magufuli

    In Haiti, it was President Jovenel Moïse

    All three of those Presidents are now DEAD.


  2. I sent this clip to the Australian PM. I report all child abuse particularly by police on minors wherever and whenever I can.

  3. Fascist bastards ! This is blatant child abuse by a bunch of spineless bully boys. Every single one of them needs to be held to account for their disgusting abuse of power. People of the world need to unite and stand against this evil tyrannical agenda.

    • Agree they are B******** Bullies who pick on children girls and women.
      Hope they come across someone who will beat the crap out of them.
      There not Human they are filth.

    • OMG…this is truly shocking shame on NSW “Police”. They are bullies and need to be held to account. Arresting a 12 year old & using peper spray when not wearing masks themselves!

    • its time for the people to fight back as you said, we are more they are less

      • Sad world where adults do not even protect the children anymore..If this was my child,THEY would all be marked .Myself and my family would pick them off one by one.. This is disgusting, terrorising children!!! ..Where are the men??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Wow. That is ridiculous. I have no words!

  5. Wankers..people of the world you need to remember these people..when they are in trouble asking for your help..fuck em let em die

  6. Fucking bullies ,come on Australia fight back !!!!

    • Unfortunately coming to a town near you. This was heartbreaking and hard to watch. A pity we can’t get this up on some big screens everywhere and force people to watch what they are bringing on all of us by their obedience to their governments.

  7. The police supposed to serve the public, but all I can see it’s disgusting tyranny and harassment. Who do they serve then ?!

  8. Where exactly is this? Can we bombard the police station? This is absolutely disgusting and totally unlawful. I’ve had enough, these people must pay for what they are doing, they are sworn to protect, this is a child. They need to pay for this. I can no longer stand by and see this behaviour. Enough is Enough

  9. I can’t believe I’m living in these times. Nazi little pigs!!!

  10. There was absolutely no way those police had any negotiation skills at all.

    They were so many of them really big thugs.
    How dreadful
    The girl in the floor looked tiny in comparison with them..
    I’m so sorry for the whole traumatic experience for these sisters.
    8 very much hope that they will Sue for wrongful arrest.

    • The whole scene looks horrific. It did not need to go that far. The poor communication skills is one thing. They should not be arresting kids no matter how gobby they are. Over a mask? Come on- ridiculous!

  11. This is Crime against humanity and police cannot be unaware of the reality,,they are doing it for money, blindly following the orders of a tyranic government. police are no longer a service to the people they are the rot of society, government enforcers of stupidity and brutality Australia is worse than the Gulags of Communist Russia today.
    The thing that is causing this is people having ears,,, stupid compliant people.

  12. They want you to send out energy of fear and anger. That’s what they live for always try to give them the opposite that’s what they hate most. So hope, love, laughter that’s what they hate and what will destroy them in the end.

  13. I’ve been saying for a long time that totalitarianism did not die with the old Soviet Union. It merely resurrected itself here in the West.

    The NSW Police showing most of the facets of the old Stasi. Far from defending common law, they routinely break common law in the most appalling fashion themselves as a means to enforce statute law.

    We’re seeing Police forces throughout so much of the West now, acting as well equipped legalised thugs for the state.

    Unless the real law bares its teeth against individual Police officers, barring revolution a very dystopian future awaits so much of the West.

    • The police in the USA have become militarized and much of it is now a police state. Other police in the westernized countries, ours included, are waiting to follow them. The Act going through parliament now is a huge step in that direction. .

      Under its provision, these children could be facing 10 years in jail in the UK under that Act.


  15. If people get to see incidents like this and it doesn’t wake them up…nothing will.
    Quite disturbing

  16. Exhibit A here ladies and gentlemen, the slow march towards totalitarian control has quickly picked up pace, if this doesn’t set off some red flags then I don’t know what will, I have shared this video so I hope it gets out to the rest of the world, this video in particular should be shared far and wide, if people don’t believe there is a conspiracy to take control then they just need to take a look at what’s going on here. I think another version of this video is needed with analysis from former police, psychologists etc. This video shows that orders are more important to these “police” than their own personal values. When police manhandle and pepper spray innocent children and women the line has been crossed, for a minor infringement no less, and one which two of the police pay little regard. It is obvious that they have been briefed on the use of force here by their masters, and that previous limitations of it have been banished in the name of a health crisis, the police are there not on their merit of intelligence but on their merit to enforce laws, in this case those laws are emergency laws, for an emergency that will never end.

    Let’s give them an emergency that requires their urgent attention, a mounting case of evidence which is undeniable beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Nuremberg II + Chernobyl Inquiry = Truth & Justice.

    the civil force of a state, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order.

    This is the top definition of police according to the top search in google. It appears the police are the force of the state and not the people, as long as their wages rely on their ability to take orders you will not change their mind, all you can do is gather evidence and challenge the state at the higher levels, they need to be beaten with their own stick, it is our job now to withhold the laws of human rights and human dignity. It’s time to be smart now, we know where this goes.

    Also, curious how BLM went on in the middle of this crisis and all the media attention it received, maybe to highlight the liberation of a people that were once slaves, to show that the current system is liberating while on the other hand making us all slaves, just like the People’s Liberation Army or the Social revolution in China. Oppression with modern liberty marketing. The Statue of Liberty in America needs a mask too to cover up the glaring contradiction, a mask on her face, a shroud over both the book of law and the scales of balance, this might show the people that their values have been shrouded, or maybe not.

    We are all lawyers and detectives now in our own abilities , they want to build back better, how about we build a fucking case for humanity before they switch off communication. All evidence needs to be backed up to physical memory.

    • I will pick you up on one point Ham S. These police do not have personal values otherwise they would not have done this.

    • You don’t simply just fight, fight is a very broad term, you need tactics to fight, what tactics do you propose because if you do not have a tactical response to tyranny, you have nothing apart from stinging eyes from pepper spray and dislocated shoulders.

  17. nothing but nazi bastards who have for some reason got it in there heads that they can do absolutely what they want to anyone?? are real police supposed to protect peoples rights etc ?? because they have completely gone off the scale here in following elitist higher ups thinking that they will get away with this , but not knowing that they will not because they will be done for crimes against humanity once things are in place

  18. This was so disturbing to watch. What kind of world are we living in where a 12 year old is arrested for not wearing a mask. I swear to god, the sheep that are still buying into this bullshit and going along with this, should hang their heads in shame. It’s all their fault that we are still stuck in this madness. Not a critical mind in sight. For fuck sake, stop complying or things will get worse. Spineless cowards and as for the police, mark my words ye will pay for this tyranny.

  19. These Police will hopefully will rot in jail for their crimes against humanity.

  20. How brainwashed must the police be to go home at night and believe what they’re doing is right, law should’nt be allowed to live amongst us, need to be treated how they treat their own.

  21. These cops must have been jabbed. We have to start compare with what actually set off in Kigali, Rwanda, the 7th of April 1994. The robotic machete-killers, back then, had not only their own fancy and decisions to blame for what happened, but a higher remote force. They were most certainly jabbed.

  22. Until I saw this video I would never have thought of Australian police as being pathetic mummy boy wankers.
    How many spineless traffic wardens with guns, cuffs and pepper sprays does it take to arrest a couple of young women accused of the trivial and illogical act of non compliance by not wearing a muzzle in a shop?
    God save us all from the psycho satanistas running planet earth.

    • How many indeed? My first thought was that it seemed to take a gang of big, burly men to arrest a child, even when told she is only 12 they did not stop and even then, they resorted to spraying her face with a caustic substance! It was an evil deed IMO, definitely child abuse and will scar that poor child. She will continue to suffer after this as the mental trauma lasts far longer than the physical pain and the terror of the moment.
      I pray for this child and her family, that she will heal and that they will be given justice. Justice in this case being the sacking, prosecution and imprisonment of those bullies and that they will be publicly shamed in front of the entire world!

  23. These coppers are pure evil. They are members of Hitler’s Gestapo reborn. Karma will be back for these officers.

  24. Every single police officer in this video should be sacked.

  25. Arise, oh Lord, and let Thine enemies be scattered,
    And let them that hate Thee
    Flee from before Thy Face!

    (Numbers 10:35)

  26. How would they feel if this happened to their own children!!

    • No doubt they have muzzled their own children, as have many parents here in Ireland even where there is no mandate for children under 13 to wear them. They will probably serve them up for the toxic, immoral, experimental inoculation too! These sorts of people often stoop to using their own children to virtue signal. They like to appear good, or “good” according to the World as it now is i.e. evil and insane, with no actual desire to BE good according to the TRUE meaning of the word!

  27. What a disgusting display, that makes me so mad , it looks like a section of history when nazis rounded up Jews , if that was my child I would do time , each cop would get public justice , what a power trip these pricks are on , oz is the worst I’ve seen .

    • It makes you feel like what happen to Jews by the Nazis.
      I don’t trust the government or there slaves police.
      Fight back if this happens in this country they are all evil and will pay for there actions.

  28. What do you expect from a police state that used to be a democracy. The problem facing the Australian population is how to get rid of this tyranny because you can bet your pension on the fact that elections will be “delayed” permanently.

  29. OH MY DEAR GOD this is horrendous. It is coming fast now. be strong in the LORD . so very disturbing how hateful can these monsters be.
    God help us

  30. Oh my goodness this is absolutely terrifying! This video certainly is horrifying but Hugo you were absolutely right to share it here as everybody needs to see it so they can be forced to face up to how dangerous this world now is. Totally unbelievable that a 12 year old girl could be arrested and assaulted like this! I cannot see how she will ever recover from what happened to her, she’ll be mentally scarred for life by these monsters!! I have to also add how incredibly disturbing to see the utter hypocrisy of the policemen who were not wearing a mask themselves. They didn’t have a leg to stand on, what they all did was beyond evil!

  31. This “police” are only robots of the tyranny.. So sad.. I can’t believe I’m living these times…..

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