UK PASSPORTS For PUBS IN AUTUMN / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Well the fourth wave has already started!
    Daily case figures are increasing, despite 80% of the adult population having their first covid vaccine!
    Of course, the 19 July will be at fault for causing a spike in cases, as people stop wearing masks, and social distancing.
    You can hear Boris Johnson saying, “We need these passports more than ever now, We gave you freedom from masks, and this is the result!”
    Yes, it’s going to be the fault of the good old general public, again!
    Just like last year, after people to Government advice to, “Eat out, to help out ” , all they did was guarantee another lockdown for themselves!

    • The only thing that I will say here is that logic tells us that we cannot get another wave. The maths of herd immunity are clear. You cannot get an R number of greater than 1 when a certain percentage of the population have immunity, be that natural immunity or via a vaccine. There are so many people vaxxed and so many have already had covid, that you cannot be getting an exponential increase in cases like is currently being reported. So something is wrong.

      It could be that the vaccines dont work. It could be that the tests are wrong. It could be both. One thing is clear though, a rising number of cases cannot occur if the vaccines work and the tests are correct, that simply isnt possible.

      • Natural immunity means your body will kill the virus and you won’t catch it again. The vaccines don’t stop you from catching it or spreading it, so they have zero impact on herd immunity. Only what – 4% or 5% of the population have had covid, so we’re nowhere near herd immunity.

        However, since it’s little more than a cold or a flu for most people, who cares?

        It’s clear there is a plan in motion here, and the virus is the tool to implement it.

      • Ask your G.P. for Ivermectin. In New York its status is now neutral, allowing doctors to prescribe it. Ivermectin is both a preventive medicine and a cure. Giving Ivermectin to everyone will stop this ‘virus’ dead. Because of Ivermectin, and all the other drugs that can be used to treat ‘covid’, the vaccine is illegal as for any drug to be issued with an emergency licence there must not be any other method of treatment for the disease the drug is needed for. Lobby the N.H.S. to prescribe Ivermectin to those of us who refuse the vaccine.

    • What fourth wave? we haven’t even had a first wave, the whole thing is a pack of lies, from the virus to the so-called vaccines, right through the masks & social distancing & lockdowns, it’s all about locking us in our homes in a giant worldwide prison & taking a jab that’s going to kill us either instantly or within a couple of years once they get started with the boosters.

      • Rob, thinking exactly the same!

        If you don’t beat it first time round… Then you’ll be dead.
        These are slightly different variants of cold and flu being picked up by testing.

        Show me the clearly ISOLATED virus to believe it’s real.
        If you can’t its all made up to promote jabs and who wins from that??

      • Just been informed we won’t be able to travel to Alderney channel island for a much needed break away from all this madness, unless your double jabbed with this filth , 14 day quarantine on arrival for anyone who has the sense not to take this suicide shot ! Guess there going to ramp up the pressure now.

    • What does this covid cases means, if they do false test? Nothing at all, just another tool for keep lockdowns going

    • They are not “cases” A “case” is someone who has been clinically assessed, diagnosed and under medication or observation. Not someone who is told by a fooking text message they have tested positive on a dodgy PCR test. They should call them what they are not use words to promote fear. They are positive tests, not “cases”

      • I thought cancelling the passport and track n trace app was great news , I should have known it was too good to be true. I wont be showing my papers to buy a pint , hopefully this will lead to the return of house partys and gatherings.

    • It’s now well past the time we started seeing and working on eliminating the REAL ‘pandemic’…
      The pandemic of compliant muzzled morons like YOU Tony, who enable this crime against humanity to proceed in leaps & bounds by their ignorance of simple human immunity, thus are easy to fool with the governments hysterical propaganda and lies. YOUR cowardice, thus gleeful obedience to all of the states dehumanizing mandates and diktats is what’s dragging everyone down to where the humanity loathing tyrants want us all: Either dead, or under their TOTAL (digital) enslavement.
      WAKE THE F*%# UP YOU IDIOTS. You are all literally helping them to destroy us and our whole way of life!
      By all means, proudly wear your hideous slave muzzles to virtue signal your acceptance of your voluntary servitude to the tyrants that HATE you , take the death jab, naively believing you need it to survive; but leave the rest of us alone! We still have a right to choose, just as you fools have the right to choose to be inoculated with an untested, unsafe and unknown long-term effects, experimental concoction.. You compliant masked zombies are the pandemic, infecting our whole society and you’re the true enemy that walks among us. Eventually we’ll be coming after YOU!

      • Your words are strong and truthful, IMO. They will be coming after everyone, you are quite right, we will all be wearing striped pyjamas! ” The shepherd keeps the wolf away from his sheep……… but he still takes them to the slaughterhouse the next day”

  2. Thank you Hugo

    You have not been wrong fella since I been following your posts ect 👍💪
    And it’s been a while lol 😂 bless ya..
    But seriously I personally wouldn’t have come this far without your amazing work & time you put into all this for our benefits
    Thank you Hugo

    Night All 💪🦋

  3. the fourth wave and lockdowns will be the unvqxxeds fault…then when the “vax” kicks in and people start dropping dead that again will be our fault somehow,as it wont be the vax…
    weve seen churches burnt in canada and nothing done how long before it happens here? and when the app gets put on a handy chip so people cant forget lose or have rheir phones stolen and christians especially wont have the mark itll fuel the anti christian/antivaxxer rhetoric
    the end times are coming.

    • I told my brothers and sisters at the very beginning what was coming down the line. They looked at me like I was mad.
      I know what is unfolding before our very eyes. It’s all about control and bringing in NWO. (satanic)

      I thank God everyday that he has shown me the truth and I’m preparing with fasting and prayer.

      I will pick up my tent(Cross) and go in the wilderness, the storm is coming people, prepare get good with (Jesus) time is short!!
      Soon nobody will be able to “buy or sell” without the mark of the beast.
      These things in power are godless

      Our churches are only open a couple of hrs a day (if your lucky) I’ve noticed some are closed 24/7
      Denying the people the true (eucharist) is shameful or putting the body of christ in your hand and not on the tongue without the blood of christ is not the Eucharist. Shame on the shepherds that do this abomination.
      Or wearing a mask to pray! I refuse and sit in the courtyard alone with my thoughts and pray.
      And yes soon they will come for the churches and the faithful shepherd’s who are true to Jesus they will be cancelled and harrassed.
      In these times many will fall away from the true teaching of the gospels. The pharisees and scribes have the power and they hate Jesus!!
      Protect your eternal soul with the power of prayer! Believe and your prayers will be heard.
      God bless!! All who seek truth!

  4. YOU have to do the opposite of what they want you to DO! This includes the way YOU are told to protest!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

    • Peace, need to smash the world down, just like there doing to get noticed.

      Sacrifices need to start being made, actually it’s just too late already 🙁

  5. If business’s accept this madness they will go broke.
    No more pub’s for me i will never have app’s or a card.
    I think life going to get more depressing by September- October.
    I fear for our Mental Health 😢

  6. Quote:
    “They say the pen is mightier than the sword. But when the paper it is written on is ripped up and thrown in your face , it is time to get the sword out”.
    – Tanya Louise

    • I thought no passport was too good to be true the same as June 21st happening. Incidentally has anyone seen any comments on YouTube (if you still use it obviously) slagging off the supposed 77th brigade and tin foil hat wearers? I haven’t seen any of those comments for sometime. I wonder why that is.

  7. Masks increase spread which is well proven, there getting rid of them, to hold back the 3rd wave to get more jabbed, cause the 3rd wave is going to be horrifying and it’s only going to be the jabbed dying on mass, obviously they’ll blame the unjabbed and a new BS mutation 🙁

    • According to reports in the Guardian, (I Know!) that there is a lot of “non covid upper respiratory illness” in the UK. Apparently this is because we are coming out of lock down that has supressed the normal transmission of respiratory infections.
      Yeah. Of course. It really is because of the mask wearing. My GP warned of this last year that masks will make people ill. If we stopped getting colds, bronchitis & flu, because of lock down and masks, why did “covid” keep doing the rounds? The absolute ridiculous “logic” beggars belief.

  8. The devil is a liar and deceiver ! The beast ” system ” (6 6 6 ). Mark of the beast written of in the Revelation of John on Patmos from Jesus the Christ,in chapter 13 .” No man great or small will be able to buy or sell unless he takes the mark.. ” Please people now is the time to repent ,believe and be baptised . Time is short ,Jesus is coming to take home his children.
    Pick up a bible and read the Gospel and ask God our creator to guide you. May God bless and protect all who read this . In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ Amen.
    Many thanks Hugo . Good stuff as always.

    • Well said brother! My awakening happened in 2019 by the grace of God.
      I was a sinner and lost until I had an urging to get a rosary, which lead me to Christ Jesus. I read and understand the gospels better everyday.

      Then everything changed for me I was born anew.
      Glory be to God!!! We all have an eternal soul beholden to God.
      If we walk with Jesus and reject the things of this world.
      The bible is by my side always!! If anyone had said 3yrs ago I would love Jesus and follow the gospels. I would have shrugged.
      Now here I am!! And loving every minute, prayer is the best thing to happen to me.
      I once was lost, but now I’m found.
      It didn’t happen overnight it took a lot of tears and hurt and prayer forgive and forgiveness!!! Really does liberate your soul!
      Viva Chrsto Rey!! Christ is king!!

  9. They Tried This Here in the UAE with an APP to go into Shopping Malls It Crashed After around 3 Days and Now they Use some kind of Weird Device attached to Smartphone that allegedly takes and picture of you and flashes red if you have Covid – Must Be Magic ??
    Seams they are ramping up the Control while they can using the England Football Bollocks as a Smokescreen.
    Here also when you fly back into the country you have to wear a tracking watch for 10days that is literally security bolted to your hand like some criminal on remand.
    This Automatically hacks into your home wifi without the need to give it your username and password and knows if you are upstairs or downstairs and contently monitors your temperature, heartrate and blood pressure. This will be in the UK next so keep your eyes peeled…
    Clearly this a Global Takeover that we should all reject every step of the way.
    Lucky for us all they have decided to utilize lazy, Incompetent and entitled pricks like Boris and Biden can never understand real people and their unified resilience to fascism.

  10. Thanks for the info dude! The noose gets tighter by the day 😡😡😡 19th July we stand outside parliament. Hope to see you there😎👍🏻😎👍🏻😎

  11. Then it will be the fifth wave, then the sixth wave. But the sheep will go along with it until they find themselves in the abatoir

    • The sheep spend their whole lives, worried about the wolf. Then they end up on the shepherd’s plate…..🤔🤔🤔

  12. Thanks Hugo. We are going to have to be one step ahead.

  13. Why do people fall for the Covid passports BS?! The jab doesn’t stop people catching it or passing it on! I despair that so many can’t see the truth!

    • I’m afraid that you can’t see the truth either! Covid doesn’t exist at all,,covid is a scam to cover up the climate change scam.It’s all a psyop

  14. Cyprus are doing this now. All places check you safe pass to enter. Jab, previous infection 6 months or 72 hour test. Which you will have to pay for from August…. and queue in 40 degrees heat for ages. Tyranny

    • Regarding certain venues requiring you to have the Vaxtermination Jabs…. What difference does it make to these third-parties? If you have this flu and you’re asymptomatic ( a BS term for ‘ I have nothing wrong with me ‘! ) and go into a pub/bar etc and ‘infect’ another drinker, this other drinker doesn’t suddenly drop down dead! He goes home and has a cuppa and says ‘i’ve go a cold coming on’ and has a lemsip. The pub/bar is completely out of the equation. It doesnt effect their takings/sales/amount of customers. In the good old days, I wonder how many people caught horrid illnesses from pubs etc, but no one asked you for your medical record then! It’s been total BS since the start of this scamdemic!

  15. Keep putting as much as possible on yt Hugo so as to wake more people up.

  16. Soon you will need a passport for your job thousands are going to be returning to the office from the 19th of July how many are going to be told you can’t come back unless you have been vaxxed and your employment will be terminated.

  17. in wuhan china they made all people over 50 take the flu virus,in that injection was 99.99203% (747 ng) graphene oxide.
    they then turned on 5g and people started dying with radiation poisoning,the same symptoms as cov 19, they then hit the cruise ships with 5g and old people with more underlying symptoms died.
    the rest was just media driven there was no real virus released, they would not take that chance because there own people could have died and ruin there plan. they have control of msm and put out fake news on alternative media about the vax changing dna and producing a spike protein.
    they do not want to change our dna they just want us dead,the vax has been tested and contains 99.99203% graphene oxide, this grows in the body and turns you into a walking antenna, they then turn 5g on and kill you.and it looks like you died from a covid variant.the best treatment is not pine needle tea it is glutathione it breaks down the graphine.

    • Hi John, where did you get this info from? I’d like to research this further. thanks

  18. Fuck them let’s open up our own bars and clubs for the sane lot only unjabbed!!!

    • I think like minded people started doing that last year.
      Pubs were on their way out before all this started, the only bars that’ll be open soon are the ones that are own by big businesses, the same businesses that have been open all the way through this so called pandemic, the same ones that are not affected by the virus because they are the virus.

    • long live the speakeasy,it defeated the FBI,cheers!

  19. Well, at least we didn’t believe them when they said no covid passports, that would have been disappointing, it’s almost like they’re just wearing down our resistance, no we won’t, yes we will, no we won’t, yes we will…. tired yet? Lost the will to fight?

  20. Public Health England Technical Briefing 18 is now out.
    Covid deaths of vaccinated sheeple are now up, to 3.4 times the death rate of unvaccinated people.
    With cases set to skyrocket over the next few months, the sheeple are set up to be slaughtered.

  21. Covid 21
    Covid 22
    Covid 23
    Etc etc.
    2020 – 2030 – The decade of action.

  22. It won’t be QR codes on your own home, it’ll be biometrics, like they are rolling out in China already…

  23. You should look into Graphene Oxide. Exactly Musk’s neural lace. You won’t need a phone, an app or QR code – they’ll take your info straight from your already uploaded cloud data.

  24. They’re milking and using the ‘England Feel Good Factor’ to distract and bury this announcement in my opinion

  25. Fuck these evil, controlling, narcopathic shitebags..
    “We wanna be free, to to want we want to do…”
    The human spirit shall prevail.

  26. 19th July outside parliament. Be there. Remember, we are free to do as we are told.

  27. This won’t happen there are far too many people who cannot operate a smartphone. Some don’t want or can afford one. It’s discriminatory. The idea is to threaten people to have the jab so that will work for them.

    • You would have to be especially dumb to not to able to operate a smartphone 😀 Smartphones are the dumbest devices ever 😀 Smartphones are toys for so-called grown-ups. Every dumbo has a smartphone. The smartphone came about because it was imperative that everyone was ‘online’. Many people are too dumb to work a desktop/laptop computer. Many people are too dumb to work a web brower so they have ‘apps’. But if that isn’t enough many people are too dumb to work a keyboard or mousr so that is why they have touch screens. Great big Teletubby style buttons 😀 It was with the advent of the smartphone that the internet went downhill. Those damned smartphones are probably the worst thing that ever happened to us. That is why I have never bought one 😀

      Sent from my iphone.

  28. just ignore anything this government says because it is now lawful. if you are challenged there is no where in hell that this new act will be upheld

  29. Problem being though Hugo, we won’t accept these passports, but the pubs, clubs and shops etc WILL, so we’ll be scuppered won’t we!

  30. Dear Hugo our Irish Govt are voting to get this in this week. We’ve only a short window of opportunity to stop this here. Would you PLEASE share again the Scandinavian promo animated clip you had a while back showing the family with Digital ID for every day living. Need to show the endgame of it to people. Thanks. 🇮🇪

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