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  1. Harry and meghan’s charity who goes into their pockets got a laugh most families have two children it’s only the ridiculous what have up to 12 children they’re the ones who want to watch out for they’re the ones that make the world look bad

    • A suggestion to mr Attenborough who’s in his nineties why the hell is this any concern of yours, why don’t you shuffle off and make room for new life you old has been.

  2. Harry and Meghan haven’t got any children from their bodies

    • Interesting , what good is a male sheep without balls to a farmer! Seems to me he’d be 1st in line for the slaughter.

  3. Perhaps it’s something for Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates, Dorsey, etc., etc.

  4. Hans Roslin….a very clever medical man and a statistician did a TED talk explaining that with increased affluence the world will reduce its population naturally …btw he was the chap who started medicins san frontiere…..and he is very amusing.

  5. follow the money ..who pays for these studies… and who the fuck wants to live longer in this world

    • Kelly, that’s a great idea!

      If you can trace that then you’ll have the answer to alot of what’s going now.
      Who’s James Lovecock anyway?

  6. We are overpopulated in the U.K. No doubt whatsoever. we cannot even feed ourselves, only 60% of good can be produced .I am not in agreement with keep on adding more and more people but not in fa our of vaccination for elimination.

    • Overpopulation is a direct result of government policy. And yet they want to quadruple the population density in our cities. Every square inch of land is being built on. Something doesn’t add up! It is like they are trying to cram as many low-consuming highly-productive ‘copper-tops’ into as small a space as possible. It was always the case, as our homes have ‘shrunk’ in size over time, but it is all too obvious now. The more ‘coppertops’ the higher your GDP, and the ‘richer’ you are as a country. De-populating the UK would collapse the economy, there is not ‘profit’ in it.

      • Rules have changed no longer about profit, they’ve got more than enough, it’s about keeping the planet a nice play ground for the future elite generation’s

      • If you wanted to depopulate the planet it wouldn’t take much imagination to come up with a more efficient method than something as laborious, awkward and cack-handed as a ‘vax-ceen’. It is not something that I lie in bed worrying about. If it wasn’t depopulation that was given to us to worry about it would be something else: climate change, terrorists, nuclear weapons, an ice age, meteors, aliens, little green men and women from Mars, the Sun exploding, being sucked into a blackhole in space, Ruskies under the bed 😀 Best just to laugh it off 😀

    • It’s not because we’re overpopulated that we can’t feed ourselves. It’s deliberate government (EU) policy to destroy agriculture. Been going on for years, part of the nefarious plan.

    • There is enough food in the world to feed the population. Have a good look at shops, restaurant and people’s homes and see how much food is wasted. Gates and the rest of the psychopaths are buying up all the farm land agriculture in order to achieve starvation.

  7. Gee. I wonder why God didn’t think of this…..idiots!!!

    • Steg, I think the plan is to cause infertility in 2-3 generations to achieve their goals.
      It’s sickening!!

      We will only tell when looking at birth rates over the next 3-5 years to notice the downward trend.

      • that and “vaccinating” the very old and disabled and terminally ill? kill off the dead weight

    • No Woman, 1/3rd of all Dad’s aren’t the real dad, taking too long and they found a stand in, some woman on the internet acts interested and check’s you’ve got kids ie functional is she’s wants a baby, had loads 🙂 just don’t mention I had the snip 20years back LOL

      1 functional man can get 3 woman per day pregnant easy, 4 in my youth, so not much point going for the men.

  8. Sounds like a plan to fulfil the Georgia Guidstones agenda.

  9. Great video as usual Hugo. Thanks

  10. I don’t see Attenborough and the other very aged one’s preaching overpopulation offering to end their days here to reduce the number. As for Harry and Megan, don’t get me started on anything to do with the so called royal family. My mind boggles at all the total hypocrites preaching their mantra.

  11. Just wondering, if the vaccines were part of a depopulation agenda, why would they need to convince people that they shouldn’t have children? To prepare those who have been sterilised by the vaccine? I know it might sound strange but I wonder if the depopulation agenda if a cover for something else entirely?

    • They just are not sure how many will take it. They need to kill 90% so they are going for the 20-30% left. Extreme abortion laws and male sterilization. Lookup DIY abortions …

    • Deuteronomy 23:1, he that is castrated shall not enter the congregation of the Lord…..GOD clearly says no, the luciferian globalist new world order government that serve Satan say yes to all forms of perversion….so obviously fear God and obey his Word, the bible….

    • Not many 70’s 90% reduction, >40’s 50% Reduction, <40 likely 20% reduction, going to 0% for new borns well hopefully.

      So they need to reduce new births, or in 40years time, your right back to 7Billion+, not going to fall for this scam twice well maybe 🙁

  12. Most of the mask wearing male vaxed sheep have already lost their balls

  13. The agenda is accelerating, Ryan Reynolds promoting a cocktail called vasectomy …

    Darwin awards …

  14. There all always about control an limits. Don’t do this don’t do that! It won’t be long before people tell them to fuck off! They only have a change just now with the over 50s 60s an so on. New generations are well aware of the shit that’s going on an the elite are running out of there old age followers. It’s inevitable the power will return to the people. No1 my age even watches the fucking news ha! 33 of age. One the old dye off an the brain washed.. they havw no1 left

    • I am old and I have never believed this bs. Unfortunately I think you are sadly mistaken about young people being awake – they are the most brainwashed generation. They may not be watching the so-called news, but most of them are addicted to their devices and their control mechanisms, like Fakebook.

      • Also Old, the 40’s+ disappointed with, but below 40, my kid 24, mates kid 32 loads of others fully awake and aware what’s going on, very few sheep thankfully.

        I guess they’ll kill <40 what they can, but need the <30 to work / build / farm, the over 40's are about to get reduced massively, I imagine next wave the older you are, the higher your chances of not making it to next Spring.

        They'll need to steralise woman, to stop the 20 year old rebuilding back to current population and beyond over the next 50years mind.

        BAD BAD TIMES 🙁

    • I’m 66yrs old, I haven’t owned a television in years because of all the propaganda crap. There are old fools but equally there are younger fools. It’s called using your mind intelligently regardless of age.

  15. It is unbelievable that Sir Dicky is 95-years-old! I wonder where he gets his spare parts from 😀

  16. I really don’t buy this whole de-population nonsense. I was speaking to an African woman only the other day. She was saying; “Well. that is my life. I am a single mum, ho, hum… blah, blah. blah”, but she had like 10 kids. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the African bloke who dumped her is on his way to spewing out another 10 kids with another woman. I can sort of see the point of removing his gonads 🙂 Anyway, this is the way certain people are behaving and we are all supposed to be not having any kids or our menfolk have their balls cut off to ‘save the planet’. It is all a load of guff! You really have to turn off your computer, get outside and see what is happening all around you.

    • I feel sorry for you that you can’t see what is going on. Of course it’s about depopulation the world leaders and satan followers are not even hiding their agenda of abomination and genocide. As it says in the Bible arise oh sleeper wake up from the dead and Christ will give you life. The truth sets you free Jesus Christ is the truth.

    • 1 woman in africa has 10 kids, and how many women in Europe don’t have kids ? I advice you to look up the abortion lobby. DIY abortions, and abortion up to birth, they even want after birth … Its insanity.

  17. David Attenbough has 6 grand children and James Lovelock 4 children. Lead by example as they day

  18. Oh so they want us to live longer and we are too many of us and they want to save us with the vaxx and we are too many of us…they want o reduce the population by 15-20% but they want to save us 😳😳 I wish people could see the contradictions of it all.

  19. Yes, Attenborough is a eugenicist. In collaboration with the British Bullshit Corporation (Living Planet etc.) humanity has been persuaded that it needs to be obliterated.

  20. Start with Attenborough then shall we, see if we can get another 10 years out of him.

  21. Since when did farmers keep castrated male sheep? A sterile sheep is no use to them. We eat the male ones!

  22. In this film they say we NEED people to restore our eco systems: The film “Hope in a Changing Climate” is created by John D. Liu, the director of Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP). The EEMP is dedicated to continuous research and collaborative learning in environmental, sustainable development and public health subjects; and to producing, gathering and distributing high quality audio-visual materials to support public awareness of these crucial issues.
    This documentary demonstrates that it is possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems, to restore ecosystem functions in areas where they have been lost, to fundamentally improve the lives of people who have been trapped in poverty for generations and to sequester carbon naturally. This approach has been dramatically proven on the Loess Plateau in China, the highland area spanning some 640,000 square km in north central China. It is the birthplace of the Han Chinese, headwaters of The Yellow River and home to a new environmental and economic paradigm: A degraded ecosystem of more than 35,000 square km of land now teems with life and supports the sustainable economic, social and agricultural activities of its people.

  23. Omg 😳
    It gets more insane day to day!😂😂

    First it was women were to fear All men 🤥🤷‍♀️
    Now they cutting balls off!
    Ffs 🤦‍♀️

    As always Hugo thank you
    And have good evening All

  24. Has anyone stoped to think WHO is telling us there are 7 billion humans in the world. Would it by chance be the same liying barstards who are feeding us all this other bullshit?????

    • 🤔 Yeah that’s right… this specific sum is like the watch figure for all those populists, geneticists and all the other type of ‘ists / isms’ I can think of.

      6. something billion… 7 billion… it varies depending on who’s farting. But when I look out side, the streets are f****** empty!! Ha! Serious, I suspect it’s just another one of those “Mainstream Motto” type thinks.

      Who knows how people truly reside here on our beautiful planet. – “Plan” it earth…

  25. Interesting that the MSM use the sheep symbolism for the removal of male balls. Nothing is by accident. Most people lining up for the poison shot have already had their balls removed!

  26. It would be interesting to find out how Boris is going to fare with this. I am sure he has more than 2 kids. Who will make the decision to dispose of THEM? As regards the study on sheep I need say no more. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea fits the description

    • It’s one rule for them….those they call elite actually seem to believe they are supiorior to other human beings and there seed survived….it’s a very Nazi like ideology

    • Boris has been a good boy and he’s been given Elite status do what the fuck he wants and no doubt unlimited money and power when it all kicks off, nice little island somewhere, hidden away, sitting it out, with unlimited drugs and hookers and likely kids to fiddle with 🙁

      His Cronies aswell, same all over the world.

      3rd President who doesn’t support the Jab assassinated this week, there not messing around this lot.

    • Ah but Boris recently returned to his old faith he was originally baptized in. He became Church of England for a couple of years so he could make certain political manoeuvre’s but returned to his Roman Catholic faith to marry with in church with RC service.
      The RC church said his previous 2 marriages didn’t count as they weren’t Catholic. This makes his other children ” bastards” in RC eyes and simply don’t exist.

  27. All these Demons are CONnected… Chris PackHam is one of the worst. If they want population reduction so badly why can’t these old crows lead by example!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  28. About time these old psychpathic types kicked the bucket…why do they live so long

  29. This is quite literally bollocks …so male sheep can live longer? …at least till the abattoir/experimental gene therapy jab …it’s all bollocks or rather not depending on which way you swing. Personally I’ve grown quite attached to mine and plan to hang onto them for a while longer.

    How about we start with the politicians? …don’t need to remove them, 2 housebricks brought smartly together should do it!

    There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
    She had so many children she didn’t know what to do
    This didn’t conform to Boris’s plot
    So they took her away and had her shot
    As for the children they all got jabbed
    The few that didn’t die are now completely mad

  30. “All I have in this world is my Balls and my Word, and I don’t break em’ for nobody”.

    Incidentally these are two of the most powerful driving forces here on earth as human beings, and now these devils are trying to destroy us by taking those away.

  31. Will politicians lead the way with neutering as they apparently did with jabs?

  32. Friend, discussing wednesday how it’s a depopulation scam, can’t believe his GF had the jab, next bloody day goes and gets it, WTF is wrong with people, he’s been a it’s entirely BS from the start!!

    Bet his GF, my Ex forces the Jab on both my kids aswell, FFS! 🙁

    Pretty soon it’ll be, myself, 2 Dave’s, my 24year old daughter and Jess that hasn’t had the damn pointless crap, everyone else 3years tops and dead or as good as.

    Might live longer, can see zero proof in this mind, but do you want to be alive at all, no more sex ( although woman, annoying, waste too much time and money chasing them so not 100% bad thing ), make some bike crashes less painful aswell I guess.

    It’s a mention it, judge the reaction and if not that against well it’ll gauge the sheep level and maybe role into a real, they’ll pay you £2000 say for having the snip if you have 2 kids or less. I presume they mean Snip not total castration ??

  33. Perhaps Harry got his balls cut off, if he ever had any,

  34. WTH.. youtube doesn’t allow my replies there… what a frusti ride! So I moved to here… Well, A new study from a Los Angeles hospital in California advocates injecting men with the female sex hormone progesterone to treat COVID-19 (google it). But there’s so much more going on, like this; “Why are five-year-olds being taught how to masturbate and how to perform anal sex? This mom is right to be angry at the school board over it.”https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1403414523663425538?s=20 – – And UNICEF is only encouraging it; “UNICEF Report Says Pornography Not Always Harmful to Children” https://c-fam.org/friday_fax/unicef-report-says-pornography-not-always-harmful-to-children/?fbclid=IwAR1bi_4t1XoUwP7oDULPVDlnflgDwEjVdFqj7CTc2JPSQKo9ECsbBwWrJoY .. craziness I know.

  35. I hope my comment is awaiting moderation (didn’t get a note of it) and if not then I’m afraid the entire internet is censored 🙁

  36. Not sure if you’ve heard of James Lovelock’s book Novacene, where he predicts that “eco-friendly” artificial intelligence will take over the world and keep humans as pets.

  37. 60% longer. So if a man normally lives to say 80. 60% of 80 is 48. So 80+48= 128. So they are saying we could live till 128 with no balls. Surely that’s a load of bull. Lol.

    • This is FAKE! You know it is fake! So why are you posting this crap – you 77th Brigade fucker from Hell!!

  38. Even though I disagree with the UN’s depopulation plan via untested potion we are experiencing now, the population matters people / Attenborough are right, I have been saying for 20 years that there are too many people in the world.
    A sensible way to address this would be the outlawing of ALL IVF treatment which I believe is unethical anyway and the ending of the ‘cash for kids’ benefit system we see in the UK.
    Let the population decline naturally rather than poisoning people and driving them to suicide etc.
    While I don’t believe in plumb removal, Hugo and the others need to remember that the situation we are in today is because of peoples selfish and reckless need to recreate themselves, narcissists who want to keep their genetics alive in another human which they hope will look just like them.
    All of us who follow Hugo know what the intended future is for all of us, you really have to be the worst kind of person to want to bring a child into this – think about it!

    • Mark,I mostly have to disagree with you on this one.

      First of all, how do you know that there are “Too many people in the world?” How many people are “too many” people? Have you yourself conducted any research, or maybe an independent survey of the actual current world’s population which we can review and confirm?

      And you say we have a “Cash for Kids” benefit system here in the UK – well the whole point of a ‘child benefit system’ (The clue is in the words) is for the benefit of people who have children, to support those children. In fact, one of the MAJOR objectives of human beings is to ‘Populate the Earth’, how do you think you got here?

      If people just decided to stop having kids after say, the first world war, in the hopes that there would be no more war, we wouldn’t have made any progress. Now that isn’t to justify genocidal war by the way its awful. But guess what? humans have wars. Similarly, humans have challenges, and problems, and things to deal with, like pandemics, and conflicts, and differences etc. etc. Always have done, and until the end of time, will continue to do so.

      Now, you go on say that “the situation we are in today is because of people’s selfish and reckless need to recreate themselves, narcissists who want to keep their genetics alive in another human which they hope will look just like them”.

      Did you know that recreation is one of the primary functions of a human being? that’s why we share identical characteristics with one another, whether we hope they look like us or not.

      Narcissism and selfishness unfortunately, are actually psychological symptoms of other underlying problems within society, but that’s for another post.

      When we needlessly end at ourselves, that’s when we becomes selfish and narcissistic. You say; “you really have to be the worst kind of person to want to bring a child into this…”

      Well what is “the worst kind of person”?

      If the worst kind of person is someone who wants to bear life, to “bring a child into this” – what ever ‘this’ is – then what does that say about you? Or incidentally, your very own birth parents, who brought you here, into “this” – where in which you presently reside?

      Perhaps if somebody had told this to YOUR parents, we ‘wouldn’t be in the situation we are in today’.

      Think about it.

  39. Depopulation agenda, look at the Georgia Gudestones!

    You didn’t mention the licence fee /tax whore chris packham!

  40. Nothing surprising there,probably why they push trasgender in the media 🤔

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