Are You Being Taken FOR A MUG? / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Serves them right for being performing compliant sheep

    • cough -up is this a new medical condition effecting holiday makers.

  2. Short answer, YES!!
    Look at how people are getting excited about the Euros, Boris promises another Bank holiday if England wins!
    IF England wins?
    That tournament has been bought and paid for with Taxpayers money!!
    Just to mug people off, give their abused, tired little brains a break for a while!
    We know what’s coming in the Autumn, and we know who will be blamed too!
    Enjoy the football, and the Tennis while you can!

    • I wonder if there will be an increase in cases after the Euros…. If so we know who is to blame for that. Boris was there on Wednseday and spreading

  3. Making a profit from the scamdemic. Who would have thought that!!!!

    • Russ, how can they let that happen?
      They would have to be vetted to be on a gov site.

      Even more stupid are the desperate people willing to pay those rates!

  4. I’m going on vacation to my garden, I’m one of the lucky ones who has a garden. Feel sorry for all those in flats or homes with no outside space. God help them. Stay strong, these thieving scumbags are baiting us, I’m sure they are.

  5. I haven’t been on holiday abroad since 2006. Have I missed much? It’s amazing what you can actually do without.

    • I have you beat. For me it was Lanzarote in 1995. I totally agree you can do without a lot of things. Here in the UK it is a lovely part of the world.

      • normally travel companies hire huge numbers staff and provide them with travel and training and lodgings.did they do this or did they have funny-handshaker inside knowledge? was it always going to be the insurance that paid for missed holidays?just bait for the vax trap?..i guess 911 was paid for out of everyones home property insurance premium they make up for losses on travel insurance by paying less life insurance claims?

  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if the government have agreed beforehand a precentage of the sales beforehand. They want to drain all peoples accounts in the long run. It’s obvious now, and a pre-requisite to the financial reset, to take control of all peoples savings etc in accordance with the Great Reset plan. Part of the “You will own nothing and be happy” communistic agenda.

    • The reason you will be happy and not want anything they intend to flood the body with dopamine by using graphine oxide a elc conductor witch is in all vax and control it with 5G

  7. Wnen it comes to compliance ans stupidity they were all rushing for the injection centers, come winter many will be getting a holiday of a lifetime with a one way ticket no test required.

  8. The longer this goes on I and many others like me are getting so pissed off with the lies that are being told all the time. There should be someone somewhere who could put an end to this utter bollocks. I can see it ending in riots and if it gets that bad civil war. I’m not scaremongering either they can only push us so far

  9. As I understand, according to research (check Carter heavy industies) l glutathine and chlorine dioxide can convert Graphine dioxide to graphine which can be detoxed using DMSO someone needs to validate this and start the investigation and the detox. i for one a couple of years ago used quire high daily does of chlorine dioxide for an extented period without any harmfull affects.

  10. Ooooh what a surprise 😎. Am I supposed to be surprised….of course no….I am going to make a mug of tea 🍵 for myself not the tea taking me for a mug🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Its one BIG joke

  11. What has me bewildered is not so much the way these companies are profiteering from the gullible, but why anyone in their right mind would pay an exhorbitant fee for a test which can’t prove that you have a virus.

  12. So no popping along to your local track and trace centre to get a test, for which you’ve already paid out 38 billion pounds? Crossrail cost about 22 billion.

    • It’s Shapps and the front bench old boys club ‘ I scratch your back I scratch yours for contracts Shapps who’s best mates with dodger Dave.
      Corrupt the lot them and mugs want there holidays have had the jab pay for tests and wear masks plus vaccine passports
      You F mugs i never follow this BS
      77 Brigade don’t care about you bunch of tosspots you don’t scare me.
      That’s me being poilte

  13. one man who will NEVER be taken for a mug is DAVID ICKE,and all you muppets that call him crazy,well your just as ignorant as all the other sheep; DAVID ICKE.COM

    • Nuremberg 2.0, the MSM will have you believe David Icke is a nutter but he is quite the opposite. I highly intelligent man who’s predictions of future events over the last few years have often turned out to be right. I can see why they want to discredit him. Visit Vernon Coleman dot org, another great man.

    • I cancelled my TV license Spotify netflix I won’t pay another penny to the propaganda bbc. I now use the money to pay Hugo and UK column News monthly and buy David Icke books. That’s money worth spending

  14. Further proof, not that it was needed of the scam that has been the last 16 months.

  15. Disgusting!!!! The whole thing is disgusting! The transport secretary needs firing ! Grant your a c**t what’s he getting out of it !!!
    Plus the tests are bollox I bet Hancock is involved in some of those companies!

  16. We have all been taken for a mug since March 2020. Fortunately some of us are waking up. Unfortunately alot of people this week (after we get told masks won’t be mandatory on the 19th) have been wearing masks outside in the streets. And today where I live.

      • Fair play Pete. Ive only worn mine so nobody moans. They do more harm than good just like lockdowns.

  17. Why are these people prepared to sell their souls just for a holiday? The government is laughing at them!

  18. David Icke is a shephard, all you muppets that follow him are ignorant sheep.

  19. Serves us right for relying on handouts and cheering the do called philanthropists

  20. Thank you Hugo

    I spoken to few 🐑 here & there in last week so & couple theses people mentioned holidays,
    In conversation ,after me explaining few things they were shocked at the cost just to test who goes & returning ect
    I just said
    ‘there’s you go ..isn’t that enough to see that the governments ect are just laughing in your faces now got you jabbed up & feeling ill ,still to NOT be able go No Were!!?!’

    People pretend they not listening but I can see in their eyes the fear that not listening could be their demise 🤷‍♀️

    Keep strong people
    Keep telling anyone still asleep
    WAKE THE FECK UP!!! (Swearing optional lol 😂)

    Have great evening to All 🦋

  21. Yes people need to stop complying. People should refuse to pay for a test and travel anyway. If enough people refused to do it the airlines would have to take untested holidaymakers abroad otherwise they would cease to exist. It would be in their own interest to take untested passengers. In any case as everyone knows the test is meaningless and its only purpose is to allow the government to steal people’s DNA.

  22. No sympathy at all. The government are continuously making mugs of the sheep, and laughing at them for being so thick.

  23. Shapps is likely in on the scam making mugs of the sheep and laughing at them. If folks could stop and think for a moment: erm, there are some just as nice places and even nicer to visit in the UK. That would soon force the airlines out business.

  24. The government think we have short memories , the delta variant could of been prevented from getting into the country if Boris had closed the borders in time and by relaxing the covid restrictions he is allowing a deliberate super spreading of this manufactured influenza, as many like minded on here are aware the government will push the blame onto the populace to put us back into lockdown and further curtail our freedoms, we simply can not be trusted!

  25. I have seen two videos so far of sheeple lining up for the poisons when a jabbed person collapses shaking like a leaf,,, yet the sheeple who witnessed this carry on queueing for their shot. I believe they are so brainwashed that even if these people died on the spot they still would not walk away. So these same morons who pay to be tested even though they are being ripped off big time does Not surprise me in the least.

  26. Come on, this is nothing short of what we should of expected from these cowboys.

    The formula is as follows:
    Pharma / Covid + Mind Control x Population = £££*BIGPROFITS*£££

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