UK Teacher QUITS Over MASKS And Experimental JAB


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  1. Wow, thank you, you wonderful human…we need more like this…..its absolutely disgusting…there is no pandemic…its BS

    • Agreed , this guy has put most other Teachers to shame, he see’s exactly what psychological effects this behaviour is having upon the kids..

    • I am sure many teachers do feel like this. My big concern is that this teacher needs to verify who he is as the majority won’t believe it to be true. I have to admit it comes across as too scripted, I have my doubts that it is real unfortunately.

      • Me too…. Does anyone have details of this man’s former employment?

      • I think your instincts are right. He criticises the treatment of children(a great way to win people over) but subtly pushes the virus as real. He also references Charles Walker who is pro vaccine. Most controlled opposition are critical with the way the authorities respond to this situation but are on board with the fact there is a new virus going round. There is not a new virus.

      • What does it say on the lanyard? 😉 ‘Butlins Holiday Camp’ 😀

  2. Boris! Your has competition from a guy with a spine and a sense of duty and care. Embarrassing, eh?

    • This now ex teacher needs to stand for election, if we are ever allowed another one.

  3. People that put their morals before complying with the state will always get my utmost respect. They’re the true heroes of our society and as I always say, you will be on the right side of history.

  4. This Man is a rarity today, someone with empathy for the Students He’s put in charge of.
    He’s also talking common sense, another rarity nowadays too!
    Unfortunately, He’s one of very few.
    There are others that will agree with Him, but they won’t dare speak up, they won’t leave their jobs either.
    Other Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Police etc, but how many will put their livelihood on the line?
    When it comes to leading the Charge, whose got your back?

    • People, brothers and sisters it’s not just about putting your livelihood on the line you are putting your eternal soul in jeapardy.
      By agreeing to this evil under the guise of saving lives, it’s straight from the bowels of hell..
      They want us to tolerate the intolerable, perversion of marriage, gender neutral toilets. etc, etc it never ends.
      My God!! What have we allowed?
      Have mercy on us sinners!

      Remember God give us free will. Do not let them trick you into their evil ways.
      Silence means you agree. Do not compromise with evil you cannot.
      They’ve been scaring the children for decades with climate nonsense
      Jesus spoke truth and they hated him for it.
      They will hate you too for speaking truth.
      , Jesus is the truth, life and the way.
      God bless! Truthseekers!!
      Seeking truth can be a lonely road, but with Jesus by my side, who can be against me…
      Viva christo Rey!!” Christ is lord”

      • YESSSSSSSSSSSSS PREACH BROTHER/SISTER. SO many sheeple are still asleep, like I try to spread the gospel everyday to save people but not many listen 😒 I can only guide them and if they choose not to listen to me then that’s their fault. Also, I have a theory that the vaccine might be linked with the mark of the beast? I don’t know but it’s very strange times we are living in. PEOPLE read Mathew 23, 24, and revelations in the bible TRUST ME it’s happening today, amen 🙏 xx.

    • I agree fully with what you say Tony. One wonders if they would all take a running jump off a cliff if told to? Or would their jobs suddenly not be worth it? Pretty sure there would be a lot of vacancies in all the jobs you mentioned.

  5. Unfortunately most teachers are sheep and don’t want to rock the boat. Very brave man!

  6. Good on that man! Glad to see some people still have some morals and backbone
    Poor, poor children! What a world…

  7. Please be the first of many awake wonderful teachers who really care for our children and future

  8. Wonderful to hear from someone in a public service, though under tragic circumstances. Brave man.

  9. Are there no other teachers backing this man up, the parents of these children should be backing this man up. He has said it all and has given up his all. A very brave man we need every teacher to do the same thing., children should not be covering their faces, for God’s sake wake up and smell the coffee.

  10. Tragic. But all respect to a man who has the guts to put his own financial stability and future on the line for the sake of his morals. Truly a man of conviction and bravery. I hope we can all take something form his actions and start to stand up against this bullshit. I hope he can return to teaching one day soon when these psychos are hanging from lamp posts across the world!

  11. This is a beautiful man. The type that restores your faith in humanity. Much love to this man. Thank you for posting it!

  12. Very well said. It takes guts to do this. I wish you all the best for the future.

  13. Get this guy a go fund me account. Let’s get him a year’s salary to keep him comfortable until the dust settles.

  14. What a fantastic man to give up his job to stand up for his principles. I admire him for speaking out. Wish there were more like him.

  15. Respect and thanks to this gentleman. A real man with morals. What about the rest of you?

  16. Respect! Now we need more – but are they burying their heads in the sand because they are scared? It’s going to get worse if they don’t. Otherwise they are the poor brainwashed people that haven’t woken up yet.

  17. Thank you Hugo

    I will mention ‘Angel Realm’ on BrandNewYouTube
    covered this today.
    I feel it nice to be grateful to mention as ‘Angel Realm’ did share this also & does share some interesting stuff over on BNYT👍💪

    But thank you to Hugo as always

    Take care All

  18. A fine man. Truly genuine unlike others who remain silent and compliant!

  19. A TRUE HERO ! Thanks for having balls and brains!

  20. Hi
    Great what you are doing and totally agree, and it’s wonderful you are being so honest,but you haven’t told us your name or the school you were teaching at, I think this is important so people can verify what you are saying

    • Lockdowns are inevitable until enough people say no.
      The mask Nazis will be revealed on the 19th July..

  21. I wish there were more teachers like him!
    Just imagine the unbiased teaching he could offer his pupils?

    Sad situation but I hope he finds a decent job that lines up with his & our values.

    Not sure about the MP though… He has a habit of stating some truth but always following a main agenda.

  22. We will all be losing our jobs soon as your employer’s will be forced to tell you to take the jab or terminate your employment and you will not be able to claim universal credit unless you are fully vaxed.

  23. Upmost respect to this teacher for sticking by his morals but am sure I seen this video last year on someones platform

  24. Great bloke, needs a better hairdresser though

  25. Top guy. Unfortunately, we all need people like him to stay in the schools and speak honestly without fear of reprisals

  26. What a Guy he has put many other Teachers to shame here, I really dont know why the teachers dont shout out about the effects these psychotic rules have done and are doing to the minds of the kids. These are the types of Teachers this country needs those with honesty and those that take the mental health of children seriously.He has said it how it is this idea thats being played out that your the real BADDY if you don’t comply in covering your airway up. Especially when it is obvious that no good will come from doing this other than controlling the psychosis.

  27. Good on you man. The English Republican Army is your next stop. When we launch we need people with fire in the belly that will ‘take back control’….remember that slogan? Heads will definitely roll…….all the way down The Mall.

  28. More and more of this is going to happen… as more teachers will decide to teach kids independently.. unfortunately those parents that can’t afford this will be screwed!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  29. He is one of the good guys for sure, he knows that as his duty to teach others to be human, you first need to be human yourself. What teachers and others this day forth must mark their line in the sand because if you are asleep you will be dragged across it. Expose the creeping cyop for what it is. Give it a mirror, I bet the boys at the top of this don’t look in the mirror in the morning. Everyone can see that the lockdowns are more harmful that data sheets yet these bastards still insist & we still comply. It not the big things we should be looking at but what is inside us, a moral compass and a conscience to guide ourselves through this time with a little help from our friends.

  30. All plod are scum, all state teachers are scum, all public sector workers are scum. Decent folk don’t join the public sector, and if they mistakenly do so they rapidly leave… Being a merciary or prostitute or public sector worker is easy if you have no morals.

  31. Great! You’ve realised the pLandemic and now resigned from teaching. So what exactly are you going to do now? How do you earn your living? How do you pay your bills and buy your food if you don’t earn anymore? What will you do instead? What happens if enough teachers follow suit and schools can’t stay open? At the rate they’re going, the Covid-1984 Orwellian plandemic will soon require everybody everywhere to get jabbed or cover their faces just to continue functioning in the Covid society, or else no entry, no job, no holiday, no anything..

    It seems that you’ve done the courageous and human thing of deciding not to be part of it anymore, but at the same time left yourself in a quandary

  32. He should set up his own little school. We need teachers like him.

    • Julie, if he set up an on line tutor service there would be good reason to take kids out if school.

      The other thing I thought of… Why aren’t the unions backing teachers with these views?
      Maybe they need to be served notice to help change their outlook.

  33. Thank goodness he’s resigned! Would you like a scruffy tosser like that looking after your kids?

  34. Thank you sir. Very informative, and tragically you are right

  35. Didn’t this guy speak out about masks in schools months ago or was that someone who looked similar?

  36. This man is exactly the kind of human being we should demand teaches our children. God bless you Sir for your courage and selfless stand against this tyranny. If only everyone had such moral conviction.

    • Yet again we find these government jobs hold people to ransom by the use of a pension. You quit, you lose your pension, this is a massive incentive to do as you are ordered. Power to this man and others like him, wo are waking in their thousands!

  37. Our children’s education has been Ruined! They will NEVER CATCH UP! We are bringing up a Dumbed Down generation who won’t have intelligence to get on in life & society. Won’t be intelligent enough to get a good & decent job. This is what the Elites want, bumped down better to control & subjugate. SHAME that Parents are going along with this. This is CHILD ABUSE!!!

    • Well it all depends on the student…I was a fellow high school student who had to ‘re-do’ my GCSE’s and I say ‘re-do’ because I never actually did them due to lockdown and my predicted grades being very low. I started off with 3’s and 4’s, put my head down, worked hard..really hard-16 hours a day and ended up getting grade 7’s and 8’s. I was in lockdown for a year whilst this was happening btw…no outside communication, just locked away. But like I said it all depends on the student and If they want to do well, I don’t agree with the government at all and agree that face to face teaching is much more effective.

  38. Give that guy a medal for speaking up. I’m not a parent myself but I remember way back last year we were told the chances of the virus spreading in schools is extremely low. Then come September when schools went back they got blamed for the (apparently) rise in cases. Then come this year we get told that wasn’t the case afterall.

  39. So refreshing to hear, I work in education and have been shocked at the compliance of all teachers. I’m the only staff member who does not wear a mask and has not had at least the first jab. I hope and pray that more people start to see the light!

  40. Great what he’s done. I also teach but nothing like what he’s required to put up with. As he says, there’s no substitute for teaching in the classroom.
    None-compliance is the only way if you believe in freedom as opposed to tyranny. Boris, due your lies and spinelessness, you aren’t admitting there are people like this who are willing to fight.

  41. So he’s abandoning his students. He could educate them how to be exempt and support them with it. There are lots of children in need of a safe environment, and schools for many are just that. Now he’ll be replaced with another teacher who doesn’t care.

  42. It feels very lonely being a teacher that can see the truth of what is happening. I have also left my last post and am ‘making a plan’.

  43. A brave & good man. We need so many more.
    He says he doesn’t know why this is being done to our children.
    He needs to do some research on depopulation. Unpalatable as that is.
    The plan is obvious. It is to kill us off.

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