UK Teacher QUITS Over MASKS And Experimental JAB


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  1. Hats off for standing up to this ridiculous nonsense. Vote them out!

    • Robert, good luck with that!

      Most people think they voted these idiots in but it’s not until you want to vote them out that you realise it’s next to impossible to do so.

      Surely SAGE and other agencies are pulling the strings in the background? Again they were never voted in but just appeared!

      • Elected? Unelected? Does it matter if tyranny is the result either way? Hitler was elected. Does that make what the Nazis did legitimate?

      • Montana, don’t open that can of worms!

    • Agreed 100 % . But please get a hair cut , you Don’t look like the man who is speaking these Rightful Beautiful Words .

      • looks like an explosion in a mattress factory.

  2. In Germany, children can get their jab after a doctor’s consultation, even if their parents are against it.

  3. i see a few of your videos have been taken down? i can not watch this one or others, good job you have them in other places


  5. Go that man!
    Seriously this is what we need more of.

    I was a teacher – retired some time ago before this nonsense – but I’d seriously love to think I’d have resigned over this now.
    Public sector workers need to come together and stand firm – teachers, NHS staff, police…really we cannot stand by and watch this unfold, if we do we’re complicit – I honestly believe that the public will listen to us if we make a stand, the future of our kids is at stake here not just an annual holiday abroad.

  6. THANK YOU brother! I, and many other people have so much respect for you stating how corrupt this world and our government is and how imprisonment and dehumanisation of people is WRONG. I will NEVER take the vaccine and I don’t think anyone else should either…I am a Christian and have read the bible, prophecies in there are being fulfilled..we are living in revelations!(read Mathew 23, 24, and revelations). I pray that sheeple wake up and people turn to God before Jesus returns and it’s too late, amen x. As always Hugo thank you for the update, keep posting ! we need to wake the sheeple up.

  7. Unfortunately resigning does nothing to help.Staying on and fighting from within works better and many/most teachers won’t have the luxury of walking away from a bad situation. At least he will now have time to sort his hair out !

  8. This f-ing government has no power to order anyone to do anything. They govern by your consent only and you can refuse at any time.. The law of the land is common law not legislation, for the government has to answer to the people via common law courts. Resist, rebuttals of their attempts to get you to do anything you do not consent to is lawful and just. The government relies on the people, the police and the corporations to enforce their bullshit on the people who don’t conform. So in effect they’re turning society against inself to achieve their goals. Say no to the testing, social distancing and stop co-operating with their agencies like the NHS. THE ONLY WAY OUT PEACEFULLY IS REFUSAL BY CONDUCT AND SAY “NO I WILL NOT”. It’s an illusion that the government can tell you how to live so don’t fall for it. You are free to go about your business unless you break the real law, harm, stealing, fraud and damaging people’s property. If you don’t break the common law your at liberty to do with your life what you will. These are freedoms that can never be removed. You refuse to entertain these shits and refuse to answer any questions, give your name or address as they haven’t any authority to comply you to converse, thereby contract with them. Your name is yours and you don’t have to give it to anyone if you choose not to. Stop believing in this government power bullshit as it has no basis in reality. Think if a mad government orders you to kill yourself do you have to comply? Of course not and this rational applies always. Hopefully this helps, the emperor has no clothes.

    • Tariq,
      I totally agree with you, and would add this the HMG, The Police, The Courts, are all registered for profit commercial corporations, whereby they operate under contract, when stopped by police first question – name and address, you give your name and that is the contract, in Court first thing required is “State your name for the record”, you do so, there is the contract for which “you” are required to perform.

  9. It’s a shame that this man has quit: He strikes me as being just the kind of man I would like to teach my son or daughter: Get rid of all the others who go along with the draconian diktats…

  10. I am a teacher myself (and not far from him judging by the accent) and I completely sympathise with his position. I must admit to personally not enforcing the mask mandates in my own classroom but it breaks my heart seeing kids barked at by other staff members for not wearing them. I admire this man’s balls to do wjat he has done….I’m not sure it’s the right move though as he’ll likely just be replaced with a yes-man or yes-woman that is compliant etc. Surely it’s best to stay in the proffession and try to fight this tyranny from within? He cannot effect much change to these horrendous rules from the outside. I think one of the only ways we can win this is by individuals fighting for our rights in their own fields. I know a few police officers who are starting to take a stand against it….if we all did this in our respective work places then these disgusting mandates would be harder to implement.

  11. Respectfully,no fan of education.which means to train a dog. But at least you starting to wake up. We’ve all been trained how and what to used to be done by it’s science and the proper Ganda and education. Programmed through tv. Which puts you in a hypnotic state, alpha. As a teacher you think you are there to open the minds of young people.but in truth you do the opposite. you restrict methods of thinking. In maths. I was quicker than anyone with a calculator.this was in the eighties.i did all working out in my head. My methods where self taught or worked teacher told me I had to write down how I’d worked it out.using the methods they taught although my method worked better and easier. Think outside the methods you been taught as they restrict thinking

  12. What these people are doing with this agenda to the young ones (and the society at large) is nothing short of madness, absolute mental wickedness now that we understand them to be practically useless? 🤔

    Beyond the initial ‘utility value’ of a mask, it transpires that ‘Masking’ or ‘Masquerading’ has its roots in ceremonial and ritualistic proceedings.

    Traditionally used in theatre and festival settings (in this case it ain’t no festival however), ironically enough, they where often used to express one’s freedom of speech, or voice one’s emotions and opinions without judgement.*

    There were two types of base masks for ‘masquerade’; black masks and white masks. Designs and patterns were often be created over the base that was chosen. The main types of masks included masks with a stick (which one would hold to keep the mask up to their the face), the head mask, the full-face mask, and the half face mask…

    But now that the “brand” of mask has gotten prevalent, it really is become a theatre, but a totally insane one. Institutions now have become like an asylums for muzzled humans – and their God-given right to Individual Expression of Character is being eradicated.

    The psychopathic / sociopathic leadership in authority positions must be challenged. If you’re going to go out, at the very least go out with a fight knowing you stood up to the so-called.

  13. Same thing is happening here in all states except for Florida and other Republican states. If you dont wear a mask or prove you have been vaccinated you are treated with disdain children are not being educated.

  14. He should have stayed and said “no” to all the nonsense, even if inevitably sacked because of it. Fair enough he left of his own accord but a teacher will take his place who will conform to the nonsense rules. If all the teachers said no and stayed it would make more of an impact?? Just a thought. Same with nurses and carers who don’t want the jab. Wait to be sacked. At least you have a chance for unfair dismissal? I do applaud him for standing up for what he believes in none the less.

    • If you stand up and wait to be sacked you have months of anguish waiting for a tribunal, and then, even if you win a few thousand it will not replace a permanent job and a pension, the authorities know this and use this information to their advantage. Plus if you are sacked, even for a good reason, it stays on your record and makes getting another line of work extremely difficult.

      • have a friend who ‘stood up’ to Royal Mail. They ‘won’ at an Employment Tribunal and received a few quid in compensation which was eaten up by solicitors fees. And you know what, they never worked again. Royal Mail made bloody sure of. Once everything is blown over and forgotten about it is YOU who will be left to deal with the consequences for years, decades, your whole life to come. This is what I mean when I said you would have to be nuts or naive to do what this man supposedly did. The internet is not real life. So shut your trap o ye of no morals.

  15. This video has to be fake. You would have to be off your trolley at worst or extremely naive at best to do something like this.

    • Trev just because you have no morals don’t think that’s a positive.

  16. Bravo! We need more like you. If I were you, I’d try and set up a private teaching situation at home where neighborhood kids came for a proper education (without masks and with no need to distance from each other). Best wishes to you. I am a firm believer that when we act true to ourselves, Great Spirit provides.

  17. God Bless You for having the Courage to take a stand, I believe great is your reward on the other side for doing so.

  18. Sorry, I don’t believe this guy is a teacher. For a start, what is that on his head, is it dead or alive? That would scare children! Looks like an actor reading a script to me.

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