Spain Proposes New CRISIS LAW / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • This time it’s “Build Back Better” the code in plain sight that leaders use to tell the NWO that they are on board with the plan.

  1. This is their endgame. A world of of complete dominance. Unlimited powers to do whatever they want with your lives. You will own nothing, and you will be enslaved!

    • That’s right, it’s the end game situation. Very scary indeed. 😱

  2. As always Hugo thank you

    We All know what’s coming …but you know what.. I still feeling Great being prepared as I can.. NOT COMPLYING to this Total Insanity! & keeping away from toxic people who believe in this situation.

    What ever happens I will go down grinning back at them! Because I wasn’t chosen to be Evil!!

    Thank you Hugo
    Have fantastic afternoon Everyone 💪🦋

  3. Uk coronavirus act 2020 is the same taking family away and giving them the vac
    U.K. government are trying to outlaw protests too! Because over 1 million were in London protests in June and the next one is 19th July and we the people are opening U.K. we are not listening g to fraudulent boris and his paid out liars


  5. I live in Spain – I’m not surprised at all. When they come for me I’ll be singing from the rooftops. “Jesus is KING” in the faces of these devils.

    • Funny you should say that – until recently the ruling Socialist Party in Spain (where I live) would often accuse the right-wing Popular Party of still being in hock to Franco’s regime and its successors, and of not being true democrats. It will be interesting to see if they now still have the gall to make those same accusations and implicitly to refer to themselves as democrats!

  6. This is identical to what was brought in by UK covid laws last April and at this moment is going through its final proposal in parliament to extend the laws as they are soon to run out. All or most members are happily agreeing to it.

  7. Spain always was a socialist policestate. Have been many times there and 20 years ago, the country allready was authoritarian.

    • Have faith hope and love in the Lord God Jesus Christ is coming. satan time is limited the time is up for all evil doers

    • What you affirm is not really true. Of course during Franco’s regime Spain was an authoritarian police state but the Socialist government which followed, a couple of years later (with Felipe González’s PSOE), was surprisingly modern and liberal (even if it is true that in the latter years of his government this was clouded by very heavy-handed measures used against ETA). During about half of the 25/30 years which have elapsed since then the right-wing, but democratic, Partido Popular has been in power.
      It’s true that the Spanish police have a reputation for being heavy-handed (largely deserved) but that doesn’t make Spain a police state, and since the ‘pandemic’ began there have been authoritarian measures (lockdowns etc.) but no worse than in many ‘democratic’ countries.

  8. Talking of movies, Wyatt, as in Wyatt Earp, Rockefeller, son of the wealthy American banker has written and directed ‘Settlers’ about the first settlers to the planet Mars 😀 Those guys sure like to plan ahead 😀 You couldn’t make this ‘predictive programming’ any more obvious 😀

  9. try not to consume to much with what’s going on because it will drive you mad, just cheque in couple of times a week or something minimise it. get out in nature as much as you can. ignore it all, i went for a walk about in a forest today for 3 hours and it was great, dipped my feet in the stream, get out as much as you can while summers here. forget about it.

    • i disagree, you have to keep tabs consistently, albeit don’t get overwhelmed, because at every turn “they” are presenting us with new developments…it’s just that they do it so covertly and inconspicuously that you really have to be sharp and recognize how this fits into the plan and what is coming ahead. Don’t be fooled, so much is happening beneath the surface…stay alert! Stay vigilant!..:)

  10. Each day I get more afraid noncompliance isn’t going to be enough and the only other way out is for us to forcefully take our freedoms back. Not the way I wanted it but I’m prepared, I have 2 daughters I dare anybody harm them in any way but be prepared cause I’ll give my life protecting them and I’ll take as many of them as I can down with me

  11. Theres a crisis on as BJ’s missus has changed her mind about the wallpaper ,so we are taking your house from you ,see ya .

  12. In Romania this kind of law was passed in may last year, using a government urgency decision. So they bypassed the parliament. It states that during epidemics they basically can do anything, even postpone elections indefinitely. And the most important part of the law is they can seize your assets without a warrant without a judge saying so and if later on it is demonstrated they have made an abuse they cannot be legally charged or prosecuted. Parts of the law were changed this year by the parliament but the assets seizing and them not being charged for mistakes hasn’t been modified. And all of my friends, when I said this is not normal, said what do I care and that I am a conspiracy theorist as the state has our best interest, even though Romania is the country with the lowest trust in government in the EU, and also my friends always comment about how bad the government is but in this case they just seem brainwashed, bewitched even.

    • Surely they can’t get away with this. I’m only hoping more people see this for what it is.

  13. Dear Hugo

    No doubts that this draft law is written by a totalitarian pen and a totalitarian pen appears when power begins to fear losing control over citizens. The Spanish citizen must wake up to its threat. The time to work on these draft laws has been chosen very carefully. In Spain we are in summer, the population has been wearing masks in indoor and outdoor areas for months and only since the end of June this regulation has been lifted in outdoor areas .In the summer period, it is easier to distract people, especially if a group is enjoying life not having to wear a mask at all times.

    The spirit of this law reflects the intentions of a necessarily totalitarian government where its president is given all powers. The Spanish government is losing popularity, it could not win the elections today, This is important to take into account and precisely this draft law appears at a time of loss of power. Accordin to the draft, the application of this law does not have to go through a vote in parliament, it emanates directly from the president. Various jurists have described it as unconstitutional, and indeed it is, but justice, at least here in Spain, is applied slowly in cases that are not convenient for the government. The famous delays of justice mentioned by Hamlet are frequent in this context.
    However, this is only a draft law that has already been heavily criticised and will probably change some of its wording before it is presented to parliament to be voted. I cannot believe that the Spanish citizen is so blind to say yes to tyranny, but many laws have already been passed that have surprised us, here in Spain and in other countries around the world.


    Spain is in a deep economic crisis, its debt and unemployment figures are massive. This economic crisis could lead to consider a possible bankruptcy of the country as a state of national security where the goods and work of the citizen would be in the hands of the will of one man, the president of the government.In addition, the bill states that the media must collaborate with the government in disseminating its messages to the public. In other words, they will be obliged to transmit the will of the government and, I suppose, they will not be able to criticise it. Thus we are in Spain, faced with the threat of a dragon called the socialist communist government, which seems to be building the foundations to perpetuate itself: a strambotic, dissonant, obscene music. Let us not forget that the subjugation of the individual to a global power has been shown from the beginning to be the purpose of all this fraud that humanity is suffering.

  14. Must look on Talk of forced vaccines Nazi America coming

    • 😃😃😃If they try and force that vaccine on me or my family…I will go mad 😀kill everyone..declare WAR on the government, form an army of likeminded souls who don’t follow the favestream media and destroy everyone..

  15. It’s got to do with the coming “cyber pandemic ” that was rehearsed today 9 July 2021. They are going to seize everything if all systems are affected and justify it by stating that they need to distribute it evenly to save lives in the crisis. No power, ships blocking Suez canal, gas and fuel pipelines and the entire financial system.

  16. No sign as yet in France. I used to think that the French people still had the blood of revolution in their veins, as the Yellow Vests showed a year and a half ago. Not sure at the moment though as they have been very compliant over masks. Peter Mayle in “A Year in Provence” described the French as a nation of hypochondriacs and although I hate stereotying with every bone in my body, this may be their Achilles’ Heel and the way to enforce compliance. Good job Marie Antoinette didn’t think of that one!

  17. A dark development. As a long-time resident here in Spain it’s sad to see how little resistance there is to all the tyranny, but of course you have to recognise one first and that’s the problem for many. For instance, not even Spain’s unmuzzling day a couple of weeks back has shaken the resolve of the covid faithful (the majority) who continue to wander around boxes on faces in the summer heat. Just in case 🙁

  18. Isn’t that what the Germans did in WW11

  19. NO MASK
    NO JAB

  20. This makes perfect sense!
    Yesterday, I read that Boris wanted to review Human Rights laws, he was overruled.
    It wasn’t stated what laws he wanted changed, after watching this video, it wouldn’t surprise me, if he was trying to do something similar here.
    We already know from his past comments, exactly what he thinks about us, and, what he and his father would like to do, in regard to shrinking the population!
    No doubt, the UK, and others countries will follow Spain before too long.

  21. I said from the beginning….only realistic way we can win is if all nations rise globally against their governments,sort of revolution….we must realise by now there is no peaceful way doing it….these criminals are too deep in now to pull back….they know if exposed they are finished so they are very serious….question is are we serious….we got no leadership or recources to fight them….its the strong mind and courage….i cant see peaceful way,if someone can let me know

  22. The football shirt giving to the young girl fiasco at the quarter final was a clear temptation to get young people jib-jabbed
    Ooh, I’m not vaxed I’ve got no chance of getting a shirt from a beloved footballer.

  23. It wouldn’t surprise me if this law passes in Spain because I know some Spaniards who lived through the Franco era and didn’t see anything wrong it. I told them that of course they didn’t see anything wrong with it because they were conform.

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