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  1. Well said Garry Neville regarding buissiness execs not having to quarantine, we are adding value to the economy, the people who are not are the ones running this shit show and promoting it and siphoning off public money and those sitting quivering with fear and hate on their furloughed masked arses and those making the vaccines and the pointless ppe and all those who have a stake in it. PARASITES.

  2. Hugo PLEASE do not fall for the whole ” vaccinated v unvaccinated ” narrative. None of it is relevant. It is all part of the ” smoke and mirrors ” pantomime. There is no virus. The only evidence of their make believe pandemic exists in their manipulation of figures and data. Populations have always been easier to control when there is division. THEY are creating the division between vaccinated and unvaccinated with their patronising, deliberately divisive ” Conspiracy Theorists “, ” Anti- Vaxxer ” and ” Covidiots ” tags. Their constant contradictions regarding the implementation of rules and restrictions serves as yet another tool of deliberate confusion. This is a psychological war, not a chemical / biological war. They are seeking to destroy our minds and everyone needs to be vigilant in this regard. I have lived my life no differently this last year and a half. I have refused their poison, never worn a mask, never social distanced ( people have moved 6 feet, or more, away from me – never the other way round ) I have never used any more hand sanitation than I would ordinarily, never clapped the NHS or Captain Tom, I have not watched any TV or read any newspapers, I have not given any of my precious time to the pantomime of politics ( either UK Parliamentary, USA Presidential Circus or any other global politics – it is all simply a distraction tactic ) I follow a few channels ( such as yours ) to see if people are actually beginning to wake up to the fraud. I spend a couple of hours each morning ( no more ) on this topic, then I walk my dog, come home, do my daily work ( I work from home ) and do not entertain any of the nonsense until the following morning, when I go through the same routine. Any more time spent on this whole scam is playing right into their hands. Most people are asking ” When will this stop ? ” The answer is simple : ” When ever you decide to disengage from the pantomime “

    • Sone folks are saying here that there are no covid. But my colleagues healthy friend ended up on a ventilator with what they said is covid. People are falling sick and saying that it felt like something that they have never experienced before. If no covid than what is it then? Wifi?

      As for the football crowds things, i think Boris wants to ‘stack em high’. Thats what that Cummings guy said that he said.

      • Hi Sarah this documentary may explain why your friend ended up on a ventilator.. https://youtu.be/UIDsKdeFOmQ Its by a nurse who secretly recorded her time working in the ‘allegedly’ worst hit hospital in New york.. They were putting people on ventilators who didn’t need them and there were large financial incentives for hospitals if ventilators were used…
        I hope you watch it because its a real eye opener. Apparently radiation poisoning symptoms are almost identical to covid symptoms so you could be right about the wifi thing as they started rolling out more 5g last year.. Also there was a hell of alot of paranoia last year so people were going to hospital with anxiety and ended up being put on a vent and vents can make people very ill if they’re not needed.

      • My personal opinion Sarah is that it is a slightly more virulent strain of the flu. Given silly names to promote fear. The virus they claim exists has not been isolated in a laboratory, but there is something we are not used to seeing.

      • Covid-19 is real. You just need to ask the Indians, Indonesians, or Brazilians, and last year, the Italians.

      • A lot of people have never had flu before, flu is horrific, this Covid 19 official name is Sars 2, we had no lock down during Sars 1 virus which was named swine flu, this also was a bad flu. I worked for the NHS for 10 years and believe me, the use of ventilators is criminal, they should never have been used, CPAP machines and other oxygen aids would have suffice on anyone with pneumonia, obviously very vulnerable will die of flu, it’s been that way throughout the years. So when you know someone that died of Covid, it was the ventilators, it’s criminal, these people would have survived if given Ivemectin or hydroxychloraquin! Ask yourself why there was a big rush for huge companies to make ventilators for the NHS? To get as many people on them as they could! The NHS have ample ventilators ordered each year, they have big contracts with companies like Phillips and so on, why have the need for companies such as Fords making them and many other big companies! That’s a load of ventilators for a flu with a survival rate of 99.8%.
        As I say I worked for the NHS for 10 years, they are a business, for each Covid death they got £2500 and for the use of each ventilator patient £12,000-£15,000, the NHS make money from big pharma for all the drugs and machines they endorse on people, this is a fact, so the sicker people are the more money they make! I see so much corruption in the NHS it would make you never want to enter their doors again!

    • Well said!! When you understand these people are evil liars then u understand the game.
      They’ve been lying to the public for decades.we live in a matrix!

      The monsters literally have the power. They wear nice suits and speak the queen’s English but underneath they are ravenous wolves.
      People should get a bible, read the gospels of christ for clarity of what’s coming.
      Why do u think they hate” Jesus”
      And promote everything that is deviant and godless to trick the gullible.
      Believe me!! Heaven and hell, Angels and demons are very real!!
      Even my brothers and sisters believe the garbage and have had the vaxx.
      I tried to warn them!! From the absolute beginning of this virus hoax.
      Nothing more than power and control of the masses. Karl Marx will be delighted.. We are ruled by evil. Who hate christendom and especially the Anglo saxon English!!
      Jesus is king! Seek Jesus and you will know the truth! God bless!! All the truthseeker!!!

      • Whenever I hear about people taking the abortion-tainted jabs for holidays, a few pints in a pub and now these football matches, I think of Esau selling his inheritance for a bowl of pottage! It astonishes me how cheaply some people will sell themselves! I for one will never choose to benefit from what is, contrary to what the man currently occupying the Throne of St. Peter says, an ongoing a proximate evil, as unborn children are being vivisected and their organs extracted for the cell lines they use to develop both the mRNA and DNA jabs. It may even be happening somewhere in the world as I type this.
        I agree with you that those who run our nations and so-called “elites” hate Our Lord Jesus Christ. I never could understand how the Queen, as a purported Christian, could have signed the 1967 Abortion Act into Law for instance! After seeing that footage of her being initiated into a pagan order, I now understand. St. Paul tell us that all the gods of the pagans are demons. The Queen was initiated into an order that worships demons and she may have created a Stronghold for them within her soul. She needs prayers as no matter how healthy she may be, she hasn’t long left before she will have to face Our Lord. God bless you and all here!

    • I don’t think the answer is that simple.. “Disengaging from the pantomime” is all very well and good but after you do that if you look around you’ll find the pantomime is still very much up and running. I don’t think Hugo has fallen for anything.. and he’s already made videos about everything you’ve listed. The virus may not be real but the potential harms of the vaccine and vaccine shedding is and needs to be talked about.. I have spoken to a few UNvaccinated people now, who have got sick after spending time with vaccinated people. I agree with everything you say about staying sane and spending quality time on yourself and i too have never worn a mask once, or social distanced or played into any of their BS but it hasn’t stopped the pantomime.., the situation is getting worse and and I believe there is more that we can do than just disengage and hope it goes away.. The more videos like this one the better as it helps people to understand. Peace to you, and Keep fighting the good fight.

      • I agree with all of your comments but unfortunately the only people who see these videos are already in our camp. The sheep will NEVER see anything that makes them reconsider the propaganda that they have been fed these past 18 months. We’re in deep doo doo unless….. The likes of Florida etc can show others the way forward, live REALLY normally! Of course if the tyrants are enjoying the Rule of Force on their subjects then there is no turning back, sadly. We will ALL be wearing striped pyjamas. 😳

    • You are a mirror of myself..great to read & best wishes from Ireland

  3. The jabbed are the new walking gain of function labs. The vax antibodies are specific to the spike protein, its the spike that varies to achieve immune escape. The unvaccinated will have a much broader responce to these because its the virus and the infected cells they will eliminate. And also its been a year and a half so chances are the unvaxxed are already immune due to exposure.

    • Hi Alan what do you mean by “the unvaccinated will have a much broader response to these because its the virus and infected cells they will eliminate” please?

  4. Already layed the groundwork for the next lockdown, big events of jabbed people spreading infection, allows the pointless figures of infections to rise high enough to cancel any freedoms and continuation of population control muzzles.

  5. It is written that Thieves oil protectors us from contaminated people.Used in the last plague for grave diggers seeking treasure to protect themselves from diseases… Use when venturing out amongst other people…. Put it round the nose and mouth neck and temple , wrists any exposed skin … there is a good recipe on google… you may smell a bit like a herb garden.. 😉maybe burn sweet smelling incense while using to perfume your cloths

  6. We must be wary, maybe these elites only want the compliant to remain.

    • What needs to be said that takes 5 hours, 17 minutes and eleven seconds to say? 😀 Seriously! 😀

    • The Indian Bar Association are in the process of bringing charges against the W.H.O. and those running the pandemic in India for Crimes against Humanity and killing Indians. New York judges have twice recently ordered hospitals to prescribe Ivermectin to patients. Both patients were given slim chances of survival yet once on Ivermectin both became well enough to return home. India, Mexico, Peru and other countries have gone against W.H.O. advice and used Ivermectin to successfully treat covid patients. In the U.S. Ivermectin is no longer recommended as a negative treatment but is now neutral, allowing doctors to prescribe it. Slowly, the tide is turning. Remember, not only is the vaccine experimental but due to there being, according to Dr.Mike Yeadon, at least 6 available drugs to treat covid, it is also illegal as emergency licences for drugs can only be issued if there is no other drug available for the illness the vaccine is required for. Request your G.P. prescribe Ivermectin to you. Bang on about Ivermectin. If they had used Ivermectin at the start of the pandemic there would have very few deaths. For now, ‘they’ are on the back foot. That is what is going on at present, I believe.

      • The Indian Doctor who said it wouldn’t work don’t bother, is possibly getting the death penalty for killing fellow indian’s in doing this, we need that over here.

        April 2020 we had treatments, they on purpose didn’t use to keep there deaths high and therefore the fear going.

        Good work India, keep going for them 🙂

  7. I have a theory, my husband thinks I’m crazy 🤣 you may well too. We’ve been conditioned by media and films for so long! How many post apocalyptic films have there been! It’s almost been made out to be expected and kind of a cool thing! And numerous alien invasion films! Has anyone watched ‘The Tomorrow War’?! My theory is lockdowns and getting people to take the jab won’t be effective anymore, people will start rioting, so they will stage an alien invasion using holographic technology! That way they can conscript the public into serving in the army because they’ll be scared, but then these people will just disappear because they got killed by the “aliens”! Just a mad theory but as we’ve seen lately, fact really is stranger than fiction!

    • Your not crazy. A potential hoax alien invasion is already well known.

      • It doesn’t sound too crazy considering the media have been talking about UFOs a lot lately. Add on to that the constant delays to abolishing COVID restrictions which would eventually result in large protests that may turn into riots. With that said it does sound a bit too simple.

    • Yes, I watched ‘The Tomorrow War’. I would watch ‘Paint Drying’ if it had Yvonne Strahovski in it 😀 Apparently they were the last remaining 500,000 people on Earth. I wonder where they got that one from 🙂 I sincerely hope they it isn’t as prophetic as ‘Contagion’. I have also watched another post-apocalyptic film ‘The Colony’ about astronauts returning to an Earth that the ‘Elite’ ™ © ® have long since fled. The ‘catchphrase’ is ‘for the many’ 😀 You have to laugh at this ‘predictive programming’ 😀

      • They have used the film ‘Contagion’ as a script for this BS Killer Virus!!!! They even have the R-rate ( which I had no idea what it was! ) and they have a blue wrist band ( aka Convid App ) so that they can go to football and travel IF, IF!, they have been jabbed! The whole plandemic has been a scam since day 1 !

    • July 18th supposedly. A guy posted on reddit that he’d been abducted by aliens (I always think these people are nuts) but his story was a bit different, he described the ufo/craft as sounding very like the tik tak ones that we now know about, he said some stuff, then said he was in trouble for talking about it and promptly stopped posting. That was 7 years ago, but he said “they” are coming on July 18th 2021.

      Then suddenly we’ve had all of these releases of ufo footage from military, the pentagon report etc.

      Anyway after 7 years absence he came back and said it’s definitely July 18th, I thought they were benign/friendly but now I’m not so sure, and claimed the military etc were involved with them.

      Then he deleted the account, so has made no money etc from it.

      It’s either a great larp or we’ll find out shortly. Lets hope England can win something before the end of the world.

      • They flipping better not! We’re leaving the UK. So long as it happens after that I couldn’t care less what they’re planning next! Everybody should get out of the cities while they can. Do what that guy did in Into the Wild!

      • Hope that what happens on the 18th isnt an excuse to stop the planned easing of restrictions on the 19th?

      • I don’t believe in aliens and think it’s either that secret societies or services, “Deep State” if you will, induce hallucinations in these people OR…it’s actual demons! You may think that’s even more far out than aliens but there have been a fair few reports of people who experience these “abductions” saying that when they invoked Jesus Christ, the “aliens” disappeared! It’s something to think about anyway but I reckon the first one is the most likely scenario and any “invasion” will be a holographic con! Project Bluebeam!

    • Not crazy. As numerous things about this pandemic — and the sociopolitical history of the human species in this planet — show, anything is possible, especially when unscrupulous “win-at-ALL-costs” people want to “have their way”.

    • Hello.
      Hope all well with you?
      I have seen that film.
      The message I got from it was this.
      Mass depopulation by convincing/coercing by threat to fight a war in the future.
      All the world United to send people to a war.
      30% to return.
      A lot can be learned from popular endorsement within culture.
      If I put my film review head on for a moment. A poorly executed excuse to propagandise the sacrifice of humanity blindly following what is told to them through MSM and politics.
      To then actually make it all better through timely wimey, wibley wobbly miracles.
      Only after the population has been decimated.
      That is the message in that film.
      Don’t blame the actors.
      They are thick as shit. And will gladly do anything for a paycheque.
      And without questioning the narrative.
      Questioning only will I look good in this??
      Entertainment and movies have a long history of foreshadowing future events.
      And we continue to pay them.


      • Aliens don’t exist.

        But what does exist they’re making out that they’re aliens..

        Many people around the world are also expecting an alien invasion.

        But it’s not going to be..
        It’s going to be by man.

        With new Technology.
        There quite possibly be an end of the world happening.

        But it won’t be by man..oh and no I’m not religious.

        I’ve just been researching and listening…

      • I have often wondered what would happen if the ‘woke’ crowd and the sheep all got a message on their stupid smartphones telling them to report to the nearest draft centre 😀

  8. Thanks hugo for the excellent content. My daughter is in high school she wanted a day off so I was like ok. We will say you had diarrhoea then they wont ask for a test and say its symptoms. Well!!!!!! They did told us unless she has a test then would have to be off for 10 days. (She wanted to see her mates) I disagree with Any testing or vaccination. Anyway I took her to a test centre went online to book one unwillingly. Saw that the main symptoms were not diarrhoea so confronted the manager told him I would not lie to get a test. He agreed. Spoke to school who were still requesting one. I told them of the situation and we weren’t eligible for a test. She then said they have some In school i will do one with her. I told her under no circumsrances to test her as it was unnecessary and all the staff will be held accountable for this following of these abusive orders. She gave up and let her go in without a test. So there you can do it. Dont comply. I am also writing a letter to the head to personally hold him responsible if gillicks law is used for the vaccine.

    • Frightening times my friend. Well Done for staying strong in the face of a tyrannical frenzy. Keep up the good work and PLEASE do not let your child be vaxterminated.

  9. I think it’s because all the people going to the football matches will probably have the track and trace app..I can’t believe the people attending the march’s would have such an app on there phones .

    • I attended 24th April and 26th June freedom Marches….. What an experience! Wonderful. No one was masked-up and everyone was smiling and being ‘human’. I agree with you, I doubt that many of the marchers were Convid App-Saps ! 🙂

  10. I think Hugo ,what you are saying here is a definite possability. What we gonna do about it ? Somehow your videos need to be seen by the masses . The media machine is against that as we well know .
    Somehow it has to be done , someone famous , and loved , and very well known, and respected , will have to take your baton and run with it , putting themselves at the mercy of the rest of the media . And if the message can get louder maybe people will start to see sense . I can’t see another way. Total respect to you Hugo . Because you have become like a brother watching my back with your messages . I’m sure there are 1000s feel exactly the same.

  11. Hugo, I knew way back in the 90s something wasn’t right. So I started to do my own intensive research. The evil really kicked in 97 when that thing Blair took power.
    I know the rothschilds dynasty rules over us, they are all puppets to these satanists. City of London is their fiefdom. We are merely cattle and have been for over 100yrs.think two world wars millions of Christians slaughtered. For what? Exactly!
    Satanic symbolism is drenched in the media. One eye signs, etc-
    Their goal to destroy christendom and they’re nearly there.
    They think they are God’s, while they mock God’s laws. We are cattle in their eyes.
    They poison our children’s minds, they use immigration to destroy what’s left of our culture.
    They hide behind nice fluffy slogans to trick the masses with materialism. Porn, drugs, sex, booze all these things will destroy your eternal soul eventually.
    Marriage, family nation, faith these are the pillars of society! are sacred blessed by God! , which is why they attack them.
    I reject them all and follow the Gospels of Christ!! Without Jesus this life is nothing!! God bless!! Viva Christore!! Christ is king!!

  12. Thank you Hugo 👍💪😉

    Great comments above 💪💪

    Have great day Every one


    • This is another load of guff. You should stop watching these stupid click-bait youtube videos that only serve to fill your head with nonsense 😀 John Logie Baird was attempting to transmit an image through space no create an electromagnetic nervous manipulation device 😀 For this he used a series of spinning discs with a resolution of 30 lines.In that he was successfully. Spinning discs – must be a military-grade bio-weapon 😀 EMI subsequently invented a competing cathode ray tube device – must be a military-grade bio-weapon 😀 – which was the standard which the BBC adopted and put Logie Baird out of business. Now TV has evolved into colour, LCD and resolutions of 1080 and beyond 😀 All electrical devices give off electromagnetic radiation. That is why it is not a good idea to live next to power lines. And of course if you display a strobe effect on a TV/monitor it could give someone susceptible an epileptic seizure hence all the warnings about ‘contains flashing images and strobe effects’. This nonsense is about as daft as that other clown on youtube who says that street lamps are military grade bio-weapons 😀

  14. The goal of conflicting information is to bombard us with so much information, most false some true that the average person isnt able to come to a logical conclusion.

    • Exactly! They are expert liars after all and so warped, they couldn’t lie straight in bed! Confusion is a sign of the presence of evil. It’s long been a tactic of abusers as confused victims are easier to control.

  15. Thanks Hugo, as said before I am so glad we have the same mindset. I have a few theories…1:Depopulation-the government has decided to kill people off (starting with the older generation) and then moving down to the younger generation because the world is too overpopulated with 7 billion people, all of which contribute to the release of greenhouse gases, and so global warming which brings me on to my second theory…2:Control-because of what happened about a year ago with the police officer killing George Floyd and people rioting and rebelling against the government (I think) they saw how out of control the public got and realised that we outnumber the government so they wanted their control back-thus the introduction of ‘Covid-19’, all the imprisonment lockdowns, jib jabs, face masks, manipulating people to get the jab in order to do everyday things like buy, sell, travel ect…all so they have control over us. 3:They are pure evil and want to enslave us all…I know this might be a bit far fetched but with the way things are going today and with how evil the world is I wouldn’t be surprised…they want to poison people with the jab and anyone who didn’t get the jab will be taken to a concentration camp (second holocaust maybe…) and ‘corrected’ in their image-leading to my fourth theory..4:WE ARE IN THE END TIMES-I am a devoted Christian and have noticed that over the past year prophecies written in the bible have, are, and will be fulfilled indicating we are living in the end days like Noah. Here are the prophecies:Israel under attack, rumours of wars (possibly ww3 or/and a civil war maybe between the civilians and the government, or between the vaxxed and un-vaxxed), natural disasters (volcano eruptions, earthquakes, floods ect..) , people hating God (most people today are not followers of God or are satanists :(), un-godly people (children being disobedient to their parents, people cursing, stanic imagery presented through music-like montero, celebrities-like Beyonce and Lady Gaga who both did satanic hand symbols ect…), global pandemics (‘Covid-19). Read Mathew 23, 24, and revelations to confirm what I have stated and if you don’t believe me…but all the signs are clear and so many people are asleep to the corrupt and satanic world we live in today, but we need to wake these people up before it’s too late. I think that the devil has sent his demons to influence people in power-like the government to become corrupt and to enslave people, promote satanism ect..because he knows his time is short. Be ready for Jesus’s second return people, DON’T get the mark of the beast, Jesus will have ONE HOLE through each HAND when he returns, if he doesn’t…it’s the devil, Jesus will come from the SKY, whereas the devil will come from the GROUND, don’t be deceived, get baptised, repent, accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour, believe that he died for you on the cross and you will be saved, be ready people I pray for you all xxx. Hugo, me and my father are awake unlike the many sheep out there 🐑 which I am thankful for. Keep making videos to inform us abtout the world and stay strong in faith toox.

    • I also think it could be depopulation. And Iam now wondering if the government/health officials have on purpose given us the wrong measures to protect ourselves from the virus. I mean we got told to wear a mask stand 2 metres apart and wash hands. But despite well over a year of doing that cases still rise. Or is it a case of those measures do work and cases aren’t rising? Then there’s Dr Hillary doom Jones. The way he is it’s like he really doesn’t want this to end. I do question weather he is a genuine Dr at times. He doesn’t seem like one as in he doesn’t seem to be a caring one. He just seems a bully.

      • Jon….Dr HJ…has vested interests in the Big Phama companies…

      • You’re not wrong at all! I’ve deleted the reference now, but he is knee-deep in pharmaceutical cashbacks! He needs ‘taking down’ a peg or two!!!

  16. In my opinion, the covid scam was planned to soften us all up for some worse event. Whether that be the fake or real alien invasion, fake or real incoming asteroids or the real $2.4 quadrillion financial debt reset doesnt matter so long as there is fear amongst a weakened population the global architect elite (corporate fascists) will be able to invoke marshall law and ‘Lockstep’ control. Their objective is for a single world government, single global crypto currency and centralised digital id control of a reduced population. Im hoping the single global government will be truly democratic and maybe Buddhist in nature, but fearing it will be fascist-feudal and techno dystopian.
    As bonkers as this sounds, to me its almost like an alien species already has control of our planets elite decision makers and everything that is happening with worldwide global events is preparing the next new home for an alien species….anything is possible.
    What can we do? My guess is not much on the practical 3D level, but we can do lots on the spiritual level to piss off the ‘Satanistas’ as we prepare for humanities mother of all battles……just saying 😊

  17. What’s their end game and how are they going to get there? Is the vaccine there to depopulate the plant, is it about scrapping money and go crypto and UBI, are they not telling us something and the vaccine really is there to protect us cause the vaccine has got feck all to do with covid19. Their main concern is to get this jab into everyone and governments really are all about control so there’s something about the vaccine that gives them control over anyone stupid enough to get it, but how? I have red someone tried to patent DNA but was refused by a supreme court in the USA on the grounds DNA occurs naturally so can not be patented, the judge went on to say if you were able to alter the DNA through mRNA vaccine then that could be patent cause their not considered 100% human, their considered transhuman and because of this have no human rights, has this anything to do with it?

  18. Looking at old school friends on FB, boasting about being “Double jabbed” Then not even a “Week” later they are moaning about having to go for loads of “blood tests!” its like how dumb can some people be! theres enough warnings now about the side effects! I know this was a bit off track….

  19. I believe that the Jabs are required for their Luciferian depopulation agenda. Firstly the Jabs will digitally identify and chemically sterilise the recipient. Then we wait until the global network of 5G transmitters is available (including Musk’s Skynet) Randomised numbers will be generated globally and those jabbed people so identified by the 5G Transmitters will be given a dose of microwaves directly to the organs where the receptor spike protein have accumulated. People will begin to die from organ failure (obviously the BBC will tell us it’s from whatever the latest Covid strain is, they are promoting) The Jab will become compulsory, I believe they will begin by putting dissidents into internment camps, then they will be forcibly injecting them. Unless we wake up and rise up, we will only have ourselves to blame.

    • Reported on Brighteon today – FEMA squads and U.S. soldiers will be coming to your door to vaccinate you at gunpoint

      The scenario I’ve been warning about for years is finally here. It’s now confirmed by the White House that FEMA goon squads will be going “door-to-door” across America to coerce unvaccinated people into taking deadly bioweapons spike protein kill shots.

      Biden’s Health Secretary Xavier Becerra doubled down on the plans, claiming, “knocking on a door has never been against the law.” But of course they’re going to do much more than just knock on your door.

      The end game is here. Mass extermination across America. You can choose to be executed by the spike protein, or executed at gunpoint by vaccine-wielding federal goons who want you dead. This is the new “unrestricted warfare” now being waged against us all by the totalitarian Biden regime.

      • IF the U S soldiers killed just ONE person the rest of the American public would soon be polishing up their legally-held firearms. In the UK we will not have that defence weapon….. 🙁

  20. A picture paints a thousand words Hugo.

    Picture the NHS Hancock badge, stealing the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 symbol.

    If I was wanting to depopulate. I’d use CRISPR the gene editing technique. Along with the human genome map to find out exactly what makes people GAY. Get that into the jabs. Then Someone could theoretically achieve depopulation without mass death or many if any deaths at all.

    How many gay people will reproduce? Surly not that many right?

    HANDCOCK and the rest of them are going bat poop crazy with duper’s delight, always laughing with tears.

    Keep calm
    Wait to be
    Turned Gay.

    If Klaus (the anal) Schwab Is reading this. Too late I’ve patented it already. 😝

    See you at Nuremberg Schwab. Don’t be late!
    We’re all coming front row seats with sweet and salty popcorn to watch you. Borris, Handcock, and various other despicable leaders and celebrities crying for real.

    • I like your style Hat Hancock….just made me giggle…thank you for that….

  21. CNN just, Pfizer Vacccine, Effects Waning after about 6months, bet that strips out your natural immunity 100%, there trying to push a 3rd Jab, but US Government saying, NO!!!

    All the 1s who had there 2nd Dose the over 60’s maybe in March, by September / October will start dying, then it’ll move to the 1s in April mainly.

    It’ll give a quick but small depopulation bumb, they then have 2 choices let them self isolate and die on mass or 6monthly boosters and use as a control method.

    US and UK Soldiers are all recalled and back on US/UK Soil first time in 20years, that’s not a coincidence is it 🙁

    Wonder if soldiers have been jabbed ?? they might of been fake jabbed, all the control without ruining there ability to fight.

  22. Hugo, you should see Season 3, Episode 3, “Case #27”, of THE BLACKLIST. It centers on a (fictional?) PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY’S PLANS to FIRST have their agents go to many countries around the world to PLANT A SPECIALLY-DESIGNED, DEADLY, AND HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS VIRUS to create a GLOBAL AND DEADLY PANDEMIC — to which that SAME PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY will then swoop-in with a MIRACULOUS CURE that ONLY THAT PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY has developed. The goal — regardless of the millions or more of people who will resultantly die — is the ENORMOUS PROFIT that the COMPANY and especially for the PEOPLE AT THE TOP OF THE COMPANY would reap.

  23. So it’s perfectly acceptable and logical to cram thousands of people into a football stadium during this so called pandemic but not acceptable and logical to attend your child’s sports day at school.

    Here’s an idea to everyone who’s awake.. Get yourself some posters printed about the governments disinformation program and slap them up everywhere, especially over the top of anything labelled covid.

  24. I’ve been watching some interesting vids on yt with weird side effects etc , check em out at ,,Zay speak truth

  25. Thanks Hugo, for all your videos and information. I’ve thought for a long time that the plandemic was just the first step and that “they” would need something more disruptive and deadly to gain more power. Cyber attacks may fit that bill. Event 201 was held in the fall of 2019, a pandemic preparedness drill involving all the players (W.H.O., U.N., WEF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foudation, world governments, etc.), just months before covid. Now they are planning a Cyber Polygon, a preparedness drill for major cyber attacks, this month, I believe. What happens when the power grid and grocery stores, gas stations, and shops shut down for any length of time? Chaos, that’s what. We’re just a few meals away from total anarchy, someone once wisely said. And I found it interesting that this last round of cyber attacks targeted small businesses and Swedish businesses. Are they punishing Sweden for not locking down, and trying to shut down the small businesses so there’s no competition with the giant corporations? And Klaus Schwab is on record saying that the disruptions caused by cyber attacks would make the covid disruptions pale in comparison.

  26. I believe that the elite know something that we dont!! End of the world maybe, but they are not going to tell us.

    If you take away covid for a start, and start looking into Ancient Civilizations, the pyramids and how the Egyptians did not build them, all the underground tunnels dug out around the world, something clearly happened in are past which drove people underground, I think they have found Ancient scripts that predicts are future,

    So now is the space race, to enslave people get funds and man power to get them off this planet, save the elite not the rest

  27. Funny there was absolutely no spike after any of the protests, which were WAAAY bigger. That spike they are preparing for is already slowly rising, although that’s more than likely down to school kids faking their two a week PCR tests by dipping them into soft drinks, etc. to get off school (the government love this). Despite the cases rising, death rate is still negligible and has been for months, proving whatever variant we are told about is completely harmless; the more the cases rise while the deaths remain next to zero proves this.

  28. Possibly hit the nail on the head in fact drove it home, telly tubbies. What next experimental black triangle drug running experiment for another two years. This will be stopped at some point problem now is these next couple of winters. These people who have walked from their careers of those who have been fired for speaking out , many many many of them claim that this spike protein is going to be spewed all over the place in the coming winter months. So the unvaxxed will maybe have to take cover when out and about on hearing a sneezing cougher. or will it worse are families and friends die in winter due to the over social engineering through the MSM this past two years by then. Most people who have taken the experiment have been socially engineered and never looked at second opinions. Strange as with many medical things people often look for second opinions not with this, the MSM have dealt out the instructions loaded the data sets and the rest is either about to happen or not. I really hope its not but this thing can only be seen as a kill shot as no one knows what this will do long term. Thanks for the videos as they provide important info as no one person can see it all.

  29. I do still hold with the Klaus Schwab agenda. He did say “the covid pandemic is a perfect opportunity to control mankind.” Don’t hear much from him these days, which scares me in itself.

  30. Dear Hugo, you aren’t rambling mate. You’re spot on with it all. It’s a set up. All those at Wembley are mostly jabbed. So their own natural immune systems have already been destroyed. They’re all now susceptible to virus mutations because they’ve effectively signed their own death sentence/

    It’s depopulation/genocide and nothing less. Us unjabbed will be blamed.

    I’m sick of being patronised by so called experts in league with the devil. Researched this thoroughly and geert Vanden bosche vids have explained enough. The guy is ex pharmaceutical big wig but that places him higher imhe to teach us. The guy is in bits. I know crocodile tears when I see them. A lifetime working dealing in casino bs is my experience with bs.

    All media attacks not only dissent, but anyone or anything even daring to question is now branded an extremist far right moron. And the threats to seek us out are increasingly insidious.

    Just glad I got my half Thai teen sons outta here on repatriation flights last month. The koontz won’t get them.
    Thai authorities couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery so their chances of survival are far greater there.

    Love ya pal! I

  31. Hey Hugo

    This is my first comment on one of your videos, so to start I’d just to say thank you for helping me to see through the BS, you’re doing a great service to many people!

    So one factor that I thunk is relevant here is that unvaxd people probably don’t get a PCR test when they have just a small sniffle, whereas the vaxd probably do. I believe this is part of the reason why there are no spikes after marches, why the MSM don’t report on the marches and why SAGE are prepared to make predictions on football matches (with the vaxd).

    Would you agree?

    Thanks again

  32. There is something dark and ominous happening. The Queen .innisiated as a pagan…her teath are strange.Those the MSM call elite seem plastic.. unreal, like the are not really human..People on the whole seem hypnotised, and there is a strange atmosphere. There is a psychosis a detachment from reality…st Paul wrote that people will be given over to a strong delusion to believe a lie..those that did not love the truth…..is this what is happening? The media silence about the freedom marches… interesting theory you have there. ..the vaxed getting together … shedding to cause a chemical reaction…hence the body storage places around London…

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