No Normal Until Spring 2022 🥱 2025? 🥱 BORING!!! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

44 Comments on “No Normal Until Spring 2022 🥱 2025? 🥱 BORING!!! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

  1. That face belongs in the movie ‘Hostel’

    • He reminds me of ET the Extra Tranvestrial. I bet he does dress up in womens clothes as well. Probably his dead mothers. Like Bates in psycho. Master Bates. Much better name for him.

      • The weirdo who wouldn’t have a selfie with the 2 men had the polictians saying he was attacked and have been charged with assault and sacked from there job.

        His a weirdo with a crap face.

      • And mason verger in Hannibal

    • Stop, please, focusing on the face and comment on the restrictions to our freedom that comes from this man’s mouth. Hugo, is right. This nonsense is planned to go on to 2025 – remember City of Westminster Council tendering, as well as similar authorities in Scotland and Devon, for a temporary body storage facility, the contract to last until 2025?

    • He looks like a snail ugly bold evil look at his eyes snail . Do you think if we send him negative thoughts he will pop his clogs

  2. Yup Groundhog Day for sure . Like eat out to help out last summer ., BoJo and Twitty are allowing us out to play for the summer then blame us for the rise in BS cases and new variants in time for autumn lockdown .. soo predictable !!

  3. Shitty witty … he’ll have more to worry about than 2 lads wanting selfies!

    Members of the media who lied and misled the German people were executed, right along with the medical doctors and nurses who participated in medical experiments using living people as guinea pigs. Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it

  4. And bare in mind that not just the conspiracy theorists have an unblemished record regarding the cvid plandemic… Bible prophecy is 100 % accurate too.

  5. This guy is on repeat nobody could listen to this shite you can tell he is lying his mouth is moving never did listen to the clown if people don’t wake up now they are not worth waking

  6. Whitty besides having zero personality is a very frightened creature, alot was made out of nothing about those kids who were auctualy laughing and happpy but creature of the deep Whitty (not) felt threatened. Oh please!
    A beautiful example of Paranoia, and there it always a reason for paranoia, always!

  7. Hi Hugo, could you do a video on Compulsory Moral Bioenhancement. It’s as unbelievable as it sounds and know one is aware of it . Thanks Hugo.

  8. Whoever is not disguisted from this weasel need to check himself😁

  9. I listened to what Boris said yesterday and it didn’t sound like he was promising anything. Yep the gaslighting is reaching epic levels now.

  10. I’m still not going to the pubs after the 19th, I’m not convinced. after 6-12 months after its over I might consider it. freedom date on the 19th is the dead line. if they lie again that’s it. I’m done. be quicker to die now. then to die a 1000s of times with this mental torture over the months we have had. sooner die instantly, then go through years of this shit. gaslighting that’s what’s going on, freedom date.. so lets get on with it.. ditch the smartphones and t.v. and the net and lets head out to the cinemas or something. always use cash. lets get on with our life’s. lets get away from this mess. really could be freedom date if we do it in large numbers, I hope for us all, this is the date for humanity to wake up.

  11. Thank you Hugo

    I agree ..he one Strange odd ball !

    But hey.. how predictable 😳😂

  12. Who takes any notice of Whitty anyway!he’s a joke!

  13. I love the memes which show a reporter interviewing some Amish people. He says ‘why is there no covid amongst the Amish community’ The Amish man says ‘Because we have no television’

  14. Witty the lizard man works for the dark side……..

    • Yeah a man who’s dead between the eye’s
      He has no soul.

  15. If he wasn’t working for gates I’m sure he would be in the Broadmoor mental institution for the criminally insane

  16. More ambiguous, contradictory, unscientific, biased, conditional, anxiety inducing, confusing rhetoric from talking heads around the world. The pandemic will only end when the fear it has induced has been replaced by something else which justifies our further imprisonment into a system not of our choosing. Funny how random terrorist attacks around the world have gone out of fashion, just like the flu. Ignorance in 2021 is definitely not bliss for the majority as they consume this propaganda for breakfast, dinner & supper. Unity is called for against the pandemic but real unity is on the fringes, against this manufactured dystopic environment we find ourselves submerged in. “Welcome to the desert of the real”

  17. No App
    No Tests
    No masks
    No Jab
    When will these scumbags realise we just aren’t playing and their days are numbered.
    Bj Hancock ( yeah we have bot forgotten about you Whitty etc and the controlled opposition dont think you are going to get away with this either, when the shit hits the fan there will not be enough gallows to cope .

  18. They have these typical faces. Have you seen the face of the Dutch minister of health? Looks like his face is cursed, like a demon.

  19. Don’t worry the extra-terrestrials will come back for him soon. What do reckon though, delay or lockdown for July? if Sage got their way probably the latter.

  20. For the jab things can’t be before 2023 and for the banking system (IMF etc) until at least 2025 so again it’s another case of priming the public.
    As a side note, Chris Whittey looks better suited to the muppetd…oh but hang on they’re all a load of muppetd with they’re strings being pulled by the powers that be

  21. They’re all the same in the football broadcasts too, fake bastards standing and sitting 2 metres apart only to be seen differently when not on camera..

  22. Oh ffs the football is so fake on the BBC. Everthing about it now is fake . As for that gary lineker have u ever seen such a smug toss pot. I can’t bring myself to have to watch it. Did it the once that was engough for me. Wow totally mind numbing. X

  23. I realise now why he looks so odd. It’s the way his eyes are rolled up into his head as if he’s getting his orders from some higher alien intelligence.

  24. If there is anything that this unelected “official” has taught us it is never trust a fear merchant with a tortoise head.

  25. This isn’t human its an alien. One of them lizard people David Icke talks about. Shitty the Alien can fk right off. Commie scumbag.

  26. Murderes must be imprisoned. They are not public servants…they are criminals befriend with deep state bosses in hope to be safe with their stolen money…we are cannon fodder for them…plebs paying for their luxury …

  27. Does anyone else think Mr W looks like that creepy naked animated guy with massive buttocks on YouToob? 🤔🤣

  28. Now what was the name that Jeremy Clarkson came up for Witty a while ago? Oh yeah tortoise face.

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