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  1. The prison warders have allowed us into the exercise yard for a short time.

    • Thank you Hugo for bringing this to our attention- but weโ€™ve had enough- over one million protesters in London for the past two months- and the freedom army is growing- we donโ€™t watch tv and we donโ€™t read the bullshit papers- we are getting on with our lives- and we donโ€™t need permission for that- trust me itโ€™s over for me and it will be over for you- when each and everyone wants this- live your lives and be happy xxx

      • Love it Angela! Going through a lot of shit here in Qld Aust.

    • Hit the nail on the head there.

    • This is good cop/bad cop routine. Boris says all should be lifted, but he will say he was advised against it, and he did his best to help us!

      • You are right there ..Good bit of psychology though ..for the masses

      • Exactly, it’s the good cop/bad cop routine. In fact the msm, the government ministers and their advisers are in cahoots in one big pantomime. I remember twelve months ago that BJ led the population to expect that by Christmas 2020 everything would be back to near normal, and we know what happened then. And even now, in advance of Freedom Day, BJ has stated that he would reserve the right to reintroduce lockdowns should some “terrible new bug” transpire. It’s a familiar playbook, isn’t it?

    • Anybody believing freedom day are in for a shock.THE GREAT RESET STEAMROLLS ON FOR ANOTHER NINE YEARS ๐Ÿฅถ๐Ÿฅถ๐Ÿฅถ

      • After agenda 2030 there is a vision 2050.

  2. IF it happens which I doubt it’s only being done so that they can say figures have shot up, blame us and bring back full lockdown

    • More than likely they will blame the unmasked and the unvaxxed! What a load of Bollocks it all is.

  3. Psychological torture. Watch out for the 15th July.

    • These people are criminals as far I am concerned. They are dividing this nation so they can control us. Fear is at the top of the pyramid.

  4. Also if the tennis player has breathing difficulties why put a mask on? That’s going to make it worse ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Who needs soap operas ? we have one playing out in real life right before our eyes and still the ‘asleep’ don’t get it ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Boris’s speech yesterday, was just a repeat of last year’s, “Eat out, to help out ” scheme.
    Nothing more than a temporary boost in the economy over Summer, then, Lockdown again in the Autumn!
    And who will be to blame?
    The General Public of course! (Well the ones that haven’t been Vaccinated, have stopped wearing masks etc.)
    This is just another part of their plan!

  7. Warren Buffet is really old and thankfully he will be dead real soon! You only have to listen to his weak croaky voice to see heโ€™s on his last legs! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  8. Spot on…. Vaxx the young. Marxist, NWO w4nkersโš”๏ธ๐Ÿคฌ

  9. Dominic Cummings has called bozo a compulsive liar who lies easily and doesn’t know the difference between lies and truth!
    Bozo is a narcicistic psychopath!

    • YES! ๐Ÿ‘ I have been telling people this!!! Because we are living in the end days the devil has sent his demons to influence the government to enslave and deceive people, but not me..I am actually sick of this world now…I pray Jesus will come back for us SOONNN

  10. Sajid Javid today blaming the public for their health problems because they didn’t go to hospital or the doctor for help.
    This after being told not to overwhelm the NHS!
    No better than han-cockwomble!

    • The NHS received the George Cross for all their good work….. Can you believe it? 1,400 dead from the shot and a million injured. (Official figures only).

  11. Thanks Hugo, perhaps the tennis player Emma had a reaction to the jab…but I guess its unlikely we’ll know for sure.
    Re the “government’s” long winded update I would love to believe it but haven’t believed a word since the start of the scamdemic so my feeling is aren’t going to change, theres definitely something more to this, it’s not what they are telling us. I have sent you a video to your proton email if you haven’t seen it yet wondered if you think it’s for real or not?
    Take care everyone.

    • Hope Emma hasn’t had the experimental gene therapy jab they call the vaccine.

      …if she has, it’ll be game over for the rest of her life!

      You don’t want to be the richest man in the graveyard …looks like Warren Buffet may soon be.

      • Never heard of the old cunt . He cant take his money with him now can he. Who do these people think they fucking are. We r free and theres no date on that . โค

  12. They want to put maskwearers against non wearers. After a few weeks manipulate test results using flawed rtpcr to rise then blame previous no wearers.

  13. Russia the reason being is that they are the ones that are making all these germs and sober tax if they’re doing it for their own ends is not that is just happening out of the way we live our lives is there planning all this so it’s just force what they say

    • Why are we listening to these old bastards”…… โ€œhow muchโ€

      • “All evil comes from the old. They grow fat on ideas and young men die of them.”

        — Jean Anouilh

  14. I heard on the radio that some poll had been carried out and two thirds of people want the masks to remain……Strange that all these poll`s are always two thirds or 66% in favour of whatever draconian measures are being foisted on the general public. Stranger still is that I have never been polled, neither has anyone I know, and when I ask people what they think I normally get a 90% reply against the supposed official poll.

    • This is FAKE! As you well know. So why are you posting this nonsense? I am calling you out as member of the 77th Brigade!

    • http://www.saveourrights.uk
      has a a discrimination sheet and It states that if shops and businesses stop you going in without a mask they could be liable for a ยฃ9, 000 fine!

      I will print off and carry mine around and show it to any business that refuses to let me enter without a mask. We all must be prepared to challenge discrimination.
      If you go on the site http://www.saveourrights.uk
      You will find a lot of info and useful resources and list of upcoming events etc although I haven’t gone through all of it yet so cant comment on usefulness of those.

  15. RIGHT, I am outraged Hugo! I received a letter and now they want an ‘exemption’ letter for you to not to wear a face muzzle. Before no one had the authority to ask or know your personal information(why you are ‘exempt’)..but NOW the rules are changing ๐Ÿ˜’ CORRUPT world.
    NO COMPLIANCE!!!!!!!!!

  16. this is disgusting, masks and social distancing should be in place until christmas time at the earliest, the Delta variant should be taken seriously and we should go into national lockdown to prevent it spreading ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. That women in car her health is nobody else concern why does she think it is that’s what’s wrong now let her look after herself not my problem if people think there getting out on 19 th they really do need help thanks Hugo

    • Have you not seen the video of Nina Mishkof (or however you spell it) telling another tv presenter that she has a right to know her vaccine status because she might be put at risk if she’s one of the unclean unvaxxed? I have a RIGHT to know your medical status because ME. What a shitty world this has become/

  18. Games changed that’s all, gf track and traced, went on facebook 2mins 4 mates stupid enough to TT also isolating.

    If your not jabbed and use TT then expevt to be self isolating s lot, just a ploy to force jabs on all obviously.

    They need more economic damage lockdowns will be back.

    Government also has to make out there good guys, before the famine and rolling power cuts kick in, not our fault boris will bumble. And the mass jabbed sickness and deaths.

    A brief break.before this turns ugly, make the ugly worse, give hope, take it away ๐Ÿ™

  19. We need these globalist gone now it’s just huter bullshit there going to kill us all off

  20. Just hold onto the fact that this whole anaemic is to see us all jabbed up then you will be able to predict with ease what will happen. Donald the duck and his ducklings started draining the swamp ages ago but over time they have realised it was a lake that has turned into a see. Light has won it is just taking longer.

  21. Lol town very quite, gym very quiet, shop I goto with kids dead, asked staff, there answer it’s cause everyone is on track and trace lol damm sheep!

    25% of my area from the look of it lol

  22. Do these tennis players have to pay with a shame muzzle?
    Why would you comply with that bullcrap?

  23. please look at document i sent Hugo .about lock down and bracelets..

  24. For what my thoughts are worth: It crossed my mind that if the July19th does see the restrictions lifted, under what clause will vaccines continue to be administered if they are still under emergency use authorisation only, no masks or distancing must surely signify no emergency? Will people still willingly accept JibJab?
    I heard it somewhere that BJ was going to trust people to make their own decisions about mask wearing and distancing, I presume isolating and vaccination to would be self determined. I am just wondering if a ramping up of propaganda like โ€˜Crawl to Daddyโ€™ and rising Delta cases/deaths, are they hoping that when those who do take of their masks, will frighten the sceptical into getting JibJabbed just in case, because if less people wear masks, then the perceived risk of infection is higher.

    (that is if you believe there is a cov2 virus and that you can catch viruses)

  25. Boris Johnson’s announcement yesterday went beyond evil.

    • Track and Trace cost 26bilion, it failed or had they just not started using it for its real purpose, 26billion it’s staying!

      • I know – 26 Billion – what a whacking amount of money. How can a simple app cost that much? It can’t, so there has to be some deeper more sinister purpose to it. If there isn’t then these idiots are more usless than even I gave them credit for.

      • 4 weeks ago Julia Hartley Brewer had the app on her Radio show. On the app, she said, was such things as, ‘ convictions’ , ‘mental health records ‘ and ‘ suspected criminality ‘ ( or similar wording ). These particular catagories were greyed-out, but only need to be activated. Here is the link https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=579598003002772&_rdr

  26. What makes me laugh about this Track n trace Bollocks is that the message that you get does NOT say where the ‘near contamination’ occurred OR the person who is supposed to be ‘a case’. So basically they can send out a million random texts to a million random phones and get a million to be imprisoned for a fortnight… and the sheep fall for it!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. There is no cure for stupidity!

  27. This is what you call โ€œthe calm before the stormโ€ suddenly telling us that everything we do now from the 19th of July is voluntary and is up to us, is basically setting us up to fail by giving us enough rope to hang ourselves with and then have them saying we telled you so, now get back behind your doors.

    • I agree with you, Northern Ireland calling BJ reckless, just like he was at the start of this charade until finally jumping on the bandwagon with the globalist view. No need for others to follow suit, he will switch position again and hold it up to the rest of the world as a bad strategy. The narrative is pathetic. https://www.rte.ie/news/2021/0706/1233426-oneill-johnson-reckless/

      • I wasn’t surprised that the newspaper report HAD to mention that over 2 million had had the experimental jungle-juice jab ( basically saying that if you haven’t then you’re the odd one out) due to the fact that ZERO, NIL, NONE, ZILCH, 0 people had died WITH the Killer Virus in the past 24hrs. No deaths would frighten no-one, but 2 million people MUST be right….. where do I queue up..??

  28. I wish Buffet would Snuffet!
    Look at him – it’s Bill Gates in 30 years LITERALLY (The laugh, the flaying arms, the language, the laugh) Uncanny!

  29. The evil mentor!
    Errm…. How does he know for sure there’s bio attack coming??

    Maybe this is what the Gates were rubbing their hands and grinning about?
    I think we’ve all seen the clip….

    As for the social media posts, maybe Twitter is just borrowing some accounts to get the message out there. If it was the opposing message it would have been shut down quickly!

  30. Yep. You remember how Israel pushed the jab. And told everyone they would be free. Well guess what. Theyโ€™re banning big gatherings again, masks indoors blah blah blah. Freedom is not coming to the western world anytime soon.

  31. Buffet spreading doom and gloom – we are now finding negativity taking over te worls. We need to raise the vibrations and be positive, smile, sing, dance and the vibrations will improve. Happiness is the way ahead – positivity keeps the planet rollong.

  32. WEF will stage cyber attack exercise online on 9th July Cyber Polygon 2021 !!!!@

  33. I looked at the 4 twitter accounts on screen at 9 mins. Couldn’t see the tweets you showed. The accounts seemed to be real people. I often see these montages claiming to be 77th Brigade trolls, and maybe they delete these tweets after a while, but I am not convinced.

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