RATIONING ELECTRICITY / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • Re the climate crisis and the farming and eating of meat, can I point you all to a video put out by Ivor Cummins in the past few days where the lies, falsehoods and propaganda of the ‘climate protest movement’ is laid out for what it is.

  1. This is not sustainable, imagine everyone coming home from work at 5pm plugging in the car? The grid will blow…

      • I think that would be ideal…lol

    • Bigbulk, I think this is a myth.

      Most people who buy EV’s and own a house will also have solar panels.
      Some take it a step further to have a storage battery as well.
      This runs the whole house and charges cars (depending on the number of panels and batteries you have)
      And some people with excess energy can sell it back to the grid.

      They are installing wind turbines in more locations.
      Personally I can’t see this being too much of an issue.
      Worst case people with electric cars just go to the nearest charging point and top up there.

      I don’t have an electric car yet but have looked into this.

      This shortage nonsense has come about from oil companies such as Shell. Who I’m sure will be on the bandwagon just as BP already are.
      They’ll just switch and cash in on charging instead of fossil fuels.

      • I have had solar and a small ev for 7 years.Solar is not the answer, it does not charge my ev.The EV is now knackered after just 77-8 years and now I have the problem of disposal soon.Gettingvrid of these things is not straightforward.

    • I guessing the plan is that most people will be using public transport.

  2. Didn’t I read somewhere that the batteries from these cars don’t break down & could be in landfill for 100 years???

  3. Apart from the fact that we are electromagnetic beings and being in an electric device will interfere with our magnetic system!
    The whole thing is preposterous to say the least!
    We are dumb if we carry on believing in this bunch of psychopaths!!

  4. When you consider that the EU alone will need 1300% of the global per annum output of cobalt (for example) every year for 5+ years to meet it’s “green bollocks” then it’s not difficult to see that this is impossible (it’s not that it’s growing on trees and we aren’t picking it right now, it just isn’t there, and creating a functioning mine could take 10 years and Billions to get working).

    So it can’t happen unless there is a substantially lower demand for electric. Like about 90-95% less. Like the number of less humans they want.

    That would do it.

    It’s a conspiracy theory – but the only theory that fits the facts.

    • Catch up with the term, it’s an Extremist agenda, we’ve been upgraded, all over facebook and yep it fits 🙁

    • The latest li-ion about to be released does not contain or use cobalt. Low sulphur diesel however uses cobalt in its production.

      EV are just a bridge to Hydrogen fuel cells. All the big oil companies want this as they can supply hydrogen from oil. Just don’t ask what gas is the byproduct.

      • I have to ask….what gas is it?

    • Hats off to you 🤪 you get it. People need to use there heads and count, additional and subtraction for a start. The globalist cult ideas are mostly shite and will always leave you worst off and depending on the system of meters for all they provide. If you don’t get it by now that any tech they support will not lead to an independent you or me. Fight against the climate shite. They think we are all asleep.

  5. The elecTRIC car was never meant to be for everyone – that is why they plan to kill so many off…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  6. Self driving (autonomous) electric vehicles are another extension of the hoax: Apart from the carbon footprint of producing them (and the rare earth metal problem highlighted above) and the cost of running them, there is also the cost of their control using 5G and the like, which, apparently is going to cost the earth… probably, quite literally…!

  7. Electric cars are way too expensive for us plebs so only the wealthy will be driving so it may not be too onerous on the grid. It’ll be a cart and donkey for the rest of us or bikes to use on the multiple bike lanes being installed

    • Sadly theres a bill in progress through the commons thats going to try and scupper that.

  8. Thank you Hugo

    I don’t have one.
    I always said No ,my energy company kept on & on trying push me but that made me even more determined to say NO.
    It stays that way to.

    Have great evening to All ✌️🦋

    • last year i had a power cut and my meter packed up. i had to have smart meter i had always refused and refused to have one to replace my old meter. Oh no you have have smart meter so what do i have a smart meter through no fault of my own pig sick say least. keep it hidden in utility room.

      something big is coming i feel it so strongly.

  9. Ok let’s talk climate change with a few facts. Climate change is not new. Millions of years ago there was an ice age, and then there wasn’t. The ice all went away except the bit at the poles. Guess what, there was no human activity to cause this retreating of the ice. An awful lot of pollution is caused every time a volcano erupts. What are you climate change nutcases going to do about that eh? Put it out with your oh so green fire extinguisher? Every day, that’s 365 days a year, in under developed countries that have no proper garbage collection in rural areas, garbage is disposed of by burning. They burn it all including plastics and polystyrene. So millions of fires around the globe are lit. What you going to do about that tree huggers? How much pollution is caused by the construction of just one wind turbine, let alone the pollution caused by the transport and erection of the thing. Same goes for the millions of solar panels. Everything wears out so sooner or later worn out wind turbines will have to be disposed of, more pollution. The only people who benefit from climate change are the rich who suck up the government subsidies paid out to the owners of inefficient turbines and the land owners on whose land the windmill stands. So the rich get richer and have a good laugh at the green lobby.

    • you are correct but unfortunately facts and billy goats are mutually incompatible.

  10. There’s no way, the power grid will hold under such immense drainage”
    Shove your smart meters “ and everything else smart “

  11. Scottish power dropped a letter the other day is it not time you had a smart meter,,,My reply to them was Is it not time for you to FUCK OFF and take your smart meter with you

  12. The National Grid warned more than 2 years ago that it could not cope with any significant move to electric vehicles. It would take more energy than Hinkley 2, and isn’t even planned. It is, of course, a complete fallacy that EV’s are environmentally friendly using massive amounts of lithium shipped across the world to make batteries, which cannot be fully recycled. Boris is a fully paid-up member of the barking club.

  13. Electricity is a scam it is free its all around you in the air that’s why you get electric shocks from things

  14. This is why the rich where all buying $30K Tesla Battery backup systems to there houses, can’t charge your phone during power cuts without it.

    Smart meter shows how much you use, it doesn’t actually change what you use, it’s not like you leave the electric heater on 24/7 just cause your to lazy to turn it off, the odd light bulb but there all 12W so not enough to care about.

    49c in Canada how the hell did that happen, crazy hot, Bill Gates trapping the heat in with some airplane sprays I’d bet.

    EV’s are ludicrous……………….

    Lithium the main mine just ran out.
    Copped, short supply need loads for the wiring coils.
    Rare Earth Magnets, well the Rare bit kind of gives that away, recyclable atleast.
    There HUGE and take some much power to charge them, smaller petrol care makes more sense.

    To expensive and as I park on the road maybe 200Metres away at times no way I could ever charge a car.

    Only way to save the planet, is a 50% population reduction, Africa already being starved to death, with zero news coverage, unless it’s a covid death ofcourse.

  15. They don’t want us in cars if they can get us on bikes, they don’t want us on bikes if they can get us on foot, they don’t want us on foot if they can keep us locked up.
    Sad for government it is not about what they want, many die wanting some even die wishing there head was not on a chopping block!

  16. I said the same as that guy. There is not enough electricity for ao many electrical devices. That said they knew very well what they were doing when pushing for EVs or to have everything electric and electronic

  17. They Can Fuck Right Off morons gonna kill us all ……… Guess what arseholes plants need carbon to live….

  18. Another slow news day why does it feel your running a narrative. Stop adding your opinion and just give the information

  19. I see Greta openly displaying her membership of the one-eye club…..you couldn’t make it up!

  20. Track and Trace going crazy lol GF been got by it, loads of her mates and mine aswell fools, it’ll be the next way to force jabs onto people, double jabbed don’t have to from 19th.

    I just won’t track and trace, if I really have to I’ll install, use and uninstall the second I’m through the doors. Not had to yet mind.

    Jabs defo safe NOT!

  21. This ‘green’ nonsense is certainly going to bite people in the financial bum. Just another money-making racket like those ‘Nightingale’ hospitals.

    Owners of tenement flats across Scotland could be hit with bills of up to £40,000 to ensure properties comply with strict Scottish Government targets to reduce carbon emissions.

    Social housing landlords are facing costly upgrades to housing stock over the next ten years which aim to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty.

    Tenement owners living in mixed tenure blocks factored by housing associations could also be hit with costly bills as some works would require their consent.

    Housing groups have been set a new target to achieve an energy efficiency rating of 81 (100 being the highest) or to be as efficient “as practically possible by the end of December 2032.

    More than 11 measures would be required for each property, including high efficiency glazing, floor and wall insulation, boiler and central heating upgrades and low energy lighting.

    If all the changes were made, an estimated 303,522 tonnes of CO2 would be saved annually.

    However, a report released today by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) found the total number of households in fuel poverty would only be reduced from 38% to 29%, for upgrades totalling £2billion. Bills would be reduced by an average of £279 per year.

    A total of 55 housing groups responded to an online survey examining the challenges of meeting the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing Two (EESSH2).

    Almost half of the housing groups cited the cost of upgrades as the biggest hurdle, as well as identifying suitable alternatives, such as replacements for gas boilers.

    Tenement buildings and in particular mixed-tenure blocks were highlighted as particularly problematic.

    One social landlord said: “It’s not just the technical challenge, the majority of tenement buildings have owners in them. In an ideal world we want to take the owners with us, but most owners probably don’t have the finances to bring a property up to EESSH2. Some things can’t be done without owners’ consent so that will limit what we can do.”

    The cost for individual tenements is estimated at between £30-40,000, based on projects by John Gilbert Architects. The average sale price for a socially rented tenement is £50-£60,000.

    The report found the biggest saving would be made by removing electric boilers and switching to air source heat pumps, which has the potential to cut annual bills be around £900 while Solar panels could reduce fuel costs by £406.
    Insulation measures were seen as a particular challenge for older buildings.

    One housing association said: “We want to do fabric first, but it’s hard. Internal wall insulation is so disruptive to tenants. And there are legal issues as to what we can and can’t do.”

    Grant funding for full building refurbishments was suggested as an ideal solution with the tenement repair grants in the 1970s and 80s were cited as an example,

    The average cost per property requiring measures to reach or work towards the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing Two (EESSH2) is £7,661.

    More than half 51% (28 of 55) of respondents said work had not yet got underway to meet the new target and most said Covid had delayed progress.

    The SFHA is calling on the Scottish Government to carry out an urgent and comprehensive review of the target in light of the research.

    Sally Thomas, SFHA Chief Executive, said: “The social housing sector has the most energy efficient homes in Scotland, and the Scottish Government’s energy efficiency standards have helped to drive this.

    “However, it’s clear from our research that considerable challenges stand in the way of our members meeting the EESSH2 target such as funding, measurement methods and timescales.

    spokesman for the Scottish Government said: “The second milestone of Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH2) will help remove poor energy efficiency as a driver for fuel poverty and contribute to achieving our emissions reductions targets.

    “We recognise the challenges associated with improving energy efficiency and decarbonising heat in buildings such as tenements where building owners have to act collectively, or in historic buildings.

    “We will work with representatives and experts of these types of buildings to gather evidence on the types of interventions that will best support owners of such buildings.”

    It comes amid warnings thousands of rural homeowners could be left behind because they are unable to afford environmentally friendlier heating systems.

    The government aims to convert 167,000 homes off the gas grid to zero or low emissions heating systems, focusing primarily on heat pumps. Many are reliant on high carbon coal and oil.

    Heat pumps for off-grid homes could result in homeowners facing costs of up to £18,000.

    Research carried out by Opinium on behalf of Liquid Gas UK has shown that a third of Scottish rural households cannot afford to pay anything towards the cost.

  22. The first time I saw a smart meter, I said they want those in place in to cut people off if they’re using too much power, last year I was saying that the biggest killer of people by 2030 will be cold weather, its becoming clearer that the globalists want to kill everyone who are surplus to their requirements by any means possible, vaccines, starvation, exposure, stopping medical treatment, you name it, they’ll use it against you.

  23. Writing my dissertation on energy resilience and I can tell you he is not the only one who thinks this way…it is obvious that there won’t be enough electricity to satisfy demand considering carbon zero vision and over reliance on offshore suppliers. Only solution would be massive expansions in renewables,yet before complete energy sector transition, limitations are unavoidable….

  24. Lots of men would like to replace their old boilers with younger ones.

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