Healthy 13 Year Old DIES In SLEEP After Getting JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown


56 Comments on “Healthy 13 Year Old DIES In SLEEP After Getting JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. So many lost.. They MUST pay.. Support Reiner Fuellmich, Dr Mike yeadon, Prof Delores Cahill, Dr. Vernon Coleman.. and many many more.. This is a battle we CANNOT LOSE!!

    • They are all in on it mate . Do you really think you get the opportunity as a Doctor to punish the system that pays you ? These people control both sidescif every argument ….end of . Sorry

      • Look up Michael bernician uk case crimes against humanity

  2. Why will it take that long? Are the doctors on a gap year?

    • So much that goes on by the ‘ medical system” is criminal.
      My health was ruïned by them decades ago

  3. It’s a simple probability calculation. If the chance of a thirteen year old dying is “x”, and the chance of any death after vaccination is “y”, then the probability of these two “independent events occurring together, is “x” times “y”. Now that’s a very small number indeed. Think about it.
    For anyone to claim these two events are not linked, is to make a very improbable assertion.

  4. of course it’s coincidence, we all know it isn’t 🙁

  5. Poor kid 😥 they don’t care because it’s all planned! If you’ve not heard of the Georgia guidestones then Google it! First on the list is “maintain the population below 500,000,000!”

    • 1 in 15 survival!! You must be awake, what can we do? This is all monitored by the perpatraitors and thier agents!!! What happened to the real world??

  6. Over fifty percent of parents are happy with getting their kids jabbed up. These are not responsible parents

    • Albert, yes the blame is firmly with the parents.
      If they have been scared enough to have the jab themselves then they’ll think it’s a great idea for their children to have it.

      Shocking thing is it’s only a matter of time they will start on the younger ones as well.

      This madness has got to stop!!

      • 13 years old and had 2 jabs already ? Wtf are they thinking. It’s very true its affecting younger males with heart problems that they clearly didnt have a problem with b 4. Even older guys are getting heart problems I already no of 2 and a friend told me a 28 year old father if 2 had 1 jab went to watch the england game jumped up to cheer when they scored. Dropped dead from a heart attack and died in minutes on the floor of the pub. He wasnt lucky enough to be on the football pitch. At Wembley where there all geard up for this kind of thing. That father of 2 is dead 28 years old and dead and it’s the jab . Theres young guys in uk hospitals as I’m writing this. A lady I no has just had to have a pace makers fitted after 2 jabs. When she was on the ward there were loads if young and old people all ill with sudden heart problems many having pace makers fitted. Let’s hope people join the dots soon? How much does it take. I’m more concerned about kids. They cannot do this to the kids in the uk. We have got to do something to stop this. Any parent that let’s there little kids get these jabs are child abusers plan and simple. The kids dont need them. In fact come on no one did or does. Just let the flu run its course. Fucking pissing me of now all of it. Even gps r like drug dealers. 20 quid for each of there patients that get jabbed up. Mind u they were like it b 4 but no ever really thought about it with there numb people down drugs they probably didnt need anyway. I no for a fact not all docs no what’s best for u. I dont trust some now. I was Ill and girl worse instead of better . So stopped the meds. healed myself. Always question everthing nothing is ever cut and dried . X

    • They’re stupid and ignorant. Too lazy to do some basic research. Common sense alone tells you there is no long term safety data on these vaccines. Research tells us these are new technologies unlike previous vaccines. This is un-chartered territory and therefore presents unknown risks. Most healthy people do not die from COVID. Therefore these vaccines are at best only suitable for people at high risk of death from COVID.

      • Mark, not sure I agree with your last sentence.

        The data from the elderly having two jabs is not looking good.
        If it cause issues / kill the slightly younger group (50-60) then the over 70’s haven’t got much chance.

        It goes back to your earlier point… No long term testing.

        Look at communities that do not have the jab at all.
        They are still alive!

      • I actually belive the whole thing had been bollocks right from the get go. Old people die ever year from the winter flu . So now these fucking experimental drugs need to be binned . They are not needed covid is bollocks the government had blood on its hands. no more testing plan and simple and this fake covid with these fake tests will be gone. It’s just going round and round. as for long covid ffs these people are getting ill from testing all the fucking time. It’s so in there faces I’m shocked iv been living in a planet where I actually thought these so called educated people were some how smarter then me. Nope it turns out there fucking thick melts.

  7. In the Netherlands the MSM is pushing these vaccines 24/7, its disgusting. I will pray for the children, but I think its time to let the pro-covid jab adults free in their choice and cut them loose and dont bother anymore. They have been warned enough.

  8. How many kids dying will it take for the sheeple to get wise to this feckin scam. In my opinion these parents have completely failed to protect their child not as if they weren’t warned

  9. Thank you Hugo

    I am sad for this young man
    So Why!!!?!?!?!?.. Let your children be injected with something ,we All.. not just us people who share ..the rest of the world ‘Really know deep down’ is No good!!
    They just to Coward to say NO ! And not comply to this madness!

  10. They can quicker create the vaccine , than determine death reason

  11. As I said before, the bioweapon is working as planned, poor kid what his parents thinking, oh that’s right they weren’t the same as a large percentage of the population – what will it take to get people to see!!!!

  12. Obviously parents listen to fake news …its called reasearch. Digital warrior productions..ave a look

      • Wow, thanks for sharing

    • Thanks Mark. I have seen this before but watched again. I think it does us all good to go back to the beginning of how this all started and to remember just how so many got indoctrinated into obeying their governments. We are the fortunate ones but it doesn’t do us any good thinking we are better than those who bought into this horrifying mess.

  13. It doesn’t matter how many more of people dye. It’s not enough to dethrone this shite hole of a world we live in. Americans have technology to cue anyone or fix anything an that’s fact! Yet they continue to keep it under wraps. Sorry to say but the elites don’t want us surviving long term. It’s proof. Look at peoples diets now. U.K. is hitting obesity levels. We don’t even get good food to eat. It’s a Seth pit of a world an the more you find out the cold hard truth it becomes. Covid is just the tip of the iceberg.. it’s shown the world or at least a few the true colours of the truth in politics an so on.. but out leaders don’t have our backs people.. it’s so clear. We need nail an tooth for anything in life. It’s all a scam

  14. I’ll never understand the disconnect.

  15. All restrictions now being lifted in the UK on the 19th July freedom at last all these doom mongers will have nothing to talk about in a couple of weeks the UK as now beat this dreaded covid

    • Are you on this planet ???? Mate your either trolling or a government shill.

    • Lee, of course mate!
      Go back to the death toll on the BBC before it goes up again.

      I take it you believe in all the different variants (that have not been proven) as well?

  16. Double up the mantra, SAFE & EFFECTIVE, SAFE & EFFECTIVE, droping like flies in winter but it has nothing to do with the “Vaccine”.

  17. How can any parent in their right mind let their children have a jab that could potentially cause death? I refused the Swine Flu jab for my son and the cases were not as high as with this one!

  18. I have said this once and I will say it again…I AM NEVER GETTING THAT DEATH JAB!!! THE GOVERNMENT WILL HAVE TO PIN ME DOWN AND FORCE ME TO TAKE IT, AND IF THEY DID THAT I WOULD DECLARE WAR. So many people are dying from this jib jab…it’s not needed, un-researched, and dangerous. So many sheeple have been fooled by the fake stream media-including my grandparents… This vaccine is also mentioned in the bible-mark of the beast. See I don’t know if the ‘covid-19’ vaccine IS the mark, but I defo think it has sth to do with it…Read Mathew 23 and 24 and revelations in the’s happening before our eyes, we are in the end times and people need to wake up and turn to God before it’s too late. I am really getting sick of this world now….we, as civilians need to stand together and show them that we are not being controlled, we will not have our freedom taken away from us, and we will NOT comply with their corrupt and satanic ways!!!! Don’t give up soldiers. SPREAD THE WORD and amen 🙏 👏✋.

    • The thing is, those predictions in the bible are what IS going to happen, not what might happen if we stand up to the powers that be and refuse to comply. I was thinking too, if ‘they’ want to decrease the world population so badly, why didn’t they just let the virus do that? I’m on your side peeps, but l was just wondering about this.

    • I agree who would have this experiment jab that’s murdering mainly young boys and Men, also Women.
      Perhaps this is a evil plan is to depopulate the Male sex.
      As i had the Fourth jab letter today I will never have this murdering poison put in me they can feck off

      Rip up in my bin with the other rubbish

  19. Dr Zelenko (a devout Jew) says “I call the [COVID] vaccine ‘Zyklon-V.’ That is the gas the Nazis used to kill my relatives. So to express my sentiments, I call it Zyklon-V. It’s an absolute weapon of mass destruction.”

    Also Boris Johnson’s father (like father like son) wants the UK population reduced to 10-15 million – watch him say it himself in the video on this web page

    People the ‘elite’ are at war and we are their enemy.

  20. All governments of the world have basically declared war in there own people. Isnt it time to fight back b 4 its 2 late for the kids.

  21. I really wish I didn’t have my first jab. It was Pfizer aswell. Just goes to show if a 13 year old can die from the vaccine a 42 year old (me) could aswell. Scary.

  22. The person pushing the jab globally is billy goats. He is the same person who wants to depopulate the planet. Clearly the two are linked. Why aren’t people waking up to his evil agenda?

  23. Yes to all of the above, and there brainwashed using made up science that that Jab is safe, because they didn’t die from it so therefore it’s fine, cause yeah your the only person in the world that actually counts which is what everyone thinks these days pretty much, therefore it’s safe, ofcourse the dead people aren’t saying it’s not safe so it must be safe 🙁 Logic is long gone in this world 🙁 Just because they’d had Covid and die from that, some how doesn’t mean the same, cause you could get it again, despite nobody has and surely if you did, you’d of built up immunity and it’d be even less, than not killing you the first time!!

    GF a sheep, just got tracked and traced had her weekend all planned, tennis, London Bla Bla Bla and all ruined LOL over a likely random we’ll pick on you, double jabbed aswell so fine 19th+, sadly no seeing side bit for me 🙁

  24. God rest his soul, he was innocent under the age of responsibility!

  25. The amount of negligence on behalf of the companies responsible for this vaccine, should be accounted nothing short of mass genocide of healthy human beings. These companies are actually committing genocide.

    The sad part about it is the legislation that guarantees protection from liability, for many of companies who develop vaccines and other medical products.

  26. Yes indeed. A liability waiver granted to them by our own so called ‘governments’. They’re all in bed together.

    • How worse can it get? It seems that as long as the “variant” pretext continues to exist, which I presume it will, they always have an impetus on which to push this poison.

  27. Condolences to his family, we can only hope that those who are pushing this poison on our children will be sent to trial and dealt with in the same manner that they are forcing on us, pure evil scum.

  28. Why anyone would want to inject themselves with an EXPERIMENTAL medical treatment let alone a new technology is totally beyond me but then to subject your children to it is totally unforgivable. They do not deserve to be called a Mum or Dad.

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