2 VAXXED CRICKET Players Collapse Within Minutes Of Each Other / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • Anyone know if the England supporter who died during the Germany game was vaccinated?

      • According to probability calculation = YES of course, this pal was vaxxed before he got his last gift (= a visit to Wembley)

      • Yes he was 2 weeks before

      • Yes, he was. Pfizer. The whole team was vaxxed about 2 weeks before the games. The trainer admitted that. And then the headlines changed the story afterwards. No update on his cuurent condition

      • I see this terrible story of the young man collapsing and die on GB News
        I thought of this straight away ?

      • Non è la Russia che si deve convertire, è già fedele a Gesù Cristo, in quanto gli ortodossi han mantenuto la successione apostolica. Aspettiamo Israele: quello è il nocciolo duro.

      • Hope they can get a translation of WH Uffington’s The Greatest Lie Ever Told, then they know what they are letting themselves in for!

    • They’re talking lockdowns when it’s the vaccinated that are next to suffer. Shall we finally wake up?

  1. How much longer can they keep a lid on this, appalling! Spread far & wide, the truth was will out…

    • It’s just a coincidence, people die all the time, with so many people getting jabbed, of course some of them will die, you can’t claim it’s down to the vax.


      Except name another time in sporting history where in the space of 6 weeks 3 professional athletes have collapsed in the middle of a major game.

      Plus all the non-athletes.

      It’s a crime of magnanimous proportions.

    • I wonder what the real percent of the people who’ve been vaxxed is? Is it really 80%+ in hyper-compliant Canada? & 65% in the US? I will never (Never Again!) get it. Although forced vaccinations seems inevitable at this point. We have to morally commit to never surrendering. Never.

      • Yes we do have to be prepared to pay a high price for not complying….. Thinking about Julian Assange encourages me to be willing to pay that price if it comes to it!

      • Only 4% have took the lethal injection in 🇦🇺🇦🇺👁👁

      • 30% of World, lot lower than they think…but everyone I meet seems to be jabbed.

    • Wearing a full PPE with arms clearly exposed around a virus thay can jump within 6 feet and and can survive on any surface.

      • Agreed my friend. They are testing your nerve to see how far they can go and how much the sheep will believe! The young Brit at Wimbledon was having breathing difficulties so they made her put on s silly, useless blue face nappy!

  2. Its d denmark thing again and the guy reporting on d game will probably get sacked tomorrow for his honest remarks

  3. BBC head line heat wave causes players to suffer from a very bad case of sun stroke black people can get hot and melt just like white people

  4. Won’t be long to that’s a common people just randomly collapse in the street, it’s only cricket, there exceeding fit no doubt but hardly a full on game, Vernon Coleman expects a few jabbed to die during Olympics that’s when they’ll realise they’ve screwed up and get really scared, maybe even world wide civil war.

    A lot of internet closure chatter, fair bit of water and power aswell, be ready people be ready.

    • Vernon Coleman has being making ‘predictions’ that never come true since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. According to Dr Coleman we should all be dead from starvation by now. It is always the same ‘rolling’ predictions, always just down the track; it is like chasing rainbows like we did as kids, just as you come within touching distance of catching a prediction (pot of gold) the time-frame (rainbow) moves on. You have more chance of finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow than one of Dr Vernon Coleman’s ‘predictions’ coming true 😀 Don’t lose any sleep over them 😀 We will win this war!

      • Food Shortages I’ve been expecting for ages, it’s hitting 3rd world countries and being hushed up, it’ll hit us in time.

        Steel and Electrical Components lots of shortages here already, mainly China hording and building up it’s army.

      • You’re getting him mixed up with Ferguson. Dr VC says that exact same thing all the time. “We will win this war,” is somewhat of a strapline for him.

      • Trev, what is more likely at this point? What Dr. Coleman says, or not? And yet you accept this is a war, like Dr. Coleman has said from the very beginning. I think he is right…..we will see people collapsing from heart attacks from simply running for a bus, or getting in a heated argument. People will say, well there’s nothing unusual about that….people do it all the time. In my 58 years…….I’ve never seen anyone have a heart attack. I think for most people it will be the same. What we will now see though, are people of all ages, collapsing and in some cases dying from heart attacks that is statistically significant.

      • Dino deception. Lies. Evolution, big bang, shape of the earth, atheism, etc, etc are ALL lies. Better wake up people.

      • Coleman is controlled opposition spreading conspiracy fearporn to discredit questioning the official narrative.

      • Well known fact he’s a freemason and another controlled opposition

      • Dr Coleman is one of the most honest men in the world today, please do not give him disrespect, thank you.

      • ALL Dr Colemans’ prédictions have been correct trev. Are you deaf.

      • I so agree with you Vernon Coleman is a Freemason and controlled opposition

      • You disgust me Trev. If you are half the man Dr.Colman is, I would be surprised.

      • Trev, you really are clueless aren’t you. vent any idea as to what Dr Coleman has said…….. get yourself off home, your village is looking for it’s idiot. D’oh!

    • Absolutely, we will see people dropping in the streets (a lot probably already have but it’s been hushed up) and the government is already talking about food shortages so they’re heading our way soon – I’ve been gradually storing non-perishables, water, batteries for lamps and have bought a camping stove, a heater not reliant on the power grid etc etc etc.

      • Hi thank you for comment
        Yes 👍
        Been doing the same with unvaccinated friends ect

        Take care

      • Stockpile as much as possible, it may make life a little easier for a little bit longer…. But it’s not really the answer. I have tinned produce and packets of food and also 2 freezers full. I just hope that the electricity stays on! I’m half-expecting it to get real tough going. Keep your pecker up!! 😎😁😎

      • Well we saw them ‘dropping DEAD in the streets’ in China, thanks to the quick ‘thinking’ (planning) of a few passers by, with cell phones who all just happened to arrive on the scene at the precisely the right moment to capture their sudden deaths on their phones; then sent the video clips to the MSM to terrify the gullible, believe anything they’re told, TV programmed thus hopelessly dumbed-down public with…
        And we’re expected to believe those apparent sudden deaths were NOT carefully rehearsed before being acted out for the cameras!

      • If people are starving and desperate for food do you really think they are going to leave you alone with your tins and freezers full of food? They are going to take it off you and probably kill you in the process. What are you going to do? Call the cops? 😀 If you have ever watched any apocalyptic films you will know that it is always the ‘hoarders’ and ‘preppers’ who are the first to get killed 😀 And that is exactly what would happen 😀

      • I bought a generator a few years back and always have at least 2 full gerry cans of ⛽. Something else I’ve done is applied for and got myself a shotgun licence which is a bit of a rigmarole but anyone can get one, they have to have a good reason to refuse you. As well as being great recreationaly it’s also a good Insurance policy if we ever get to a state of societal breakdown and civil disorder.

      • What is the heater you have bought please x

    • Didn’t think about the Olympics.
      So right. It’ll, hopefully, be eye opening for some people.

  5. Think WordPress censoring, 3 post to vanish lol

    Expect deaths during Olympics that’ll wake them up.

  6. Just a long delay posting, annoying!! sorry!!

    • 👍
      I have the same sometimes it’s the website catching up I think?

      Take care

      • You all been tricked by boris johndon and hos cronies to be vaxed di you all hling to suffer its started so lockdowns coming and a whole heap of deaths , bad reactions that are gling to kill you lets be real its thst time matt handcock was waiting for ,people are gking to suffer hospitsls wont be able to cope ,mass death in this plandemic caused by thr con servative evil god help you all mass genecide coming..

  7. That change in pitch a fly makes to a deep drone when it’s hit with fly spray as a result in it wings flapping at a slower speed

    This is the sound the zombies will make before they drop 😂

    • There is nothing funny about your comment.. more and more of the people on this website seem like they’re mental. Be aware that you do not have a clue what’s happening, neither do I, neither does Hugo. And making a joke about the sound of someone dying makes you just as bad as any psychopath. What is going through your head?

      • Yes we do. Don’t delude yourself. You 77th are losing and I appreciate its scary for you buy you’ve made your bed. Best of luck when this turns and those you’ve told start telling people what you’ve been up to.

        PS. That doesnt make you a psychopath, you cannot go to prison for that whereas psychos often do for their actions. If you can’t use a dictionary don’t even attempt to occupy a moral high ground.

      • Hi
        I am on this website and I am not mental thank you very much.

      • I don’t think the comment was meant to be funny….A lot of people are well past ‘angry’ now at the hoards and masses who have been presented with information to confirm what us ‘conspiracy theorists’ say is true, only to dismiss it and get vaxxed. They have sided with ‘science’ (and men) against anything to do with the thought there is something bigger than themselves in the world. As a lifelong atheist, this ‘plandemic’ has seen me cast aside the shackles that ‘science’ has placed upon me for 58 years and finally embrace the idea of a Creator. It takes courage to make statements like that and quite frankly, just as David Greber describes most jobs as being ‘bullshit’, I would describe most people as being ‘cowards’. That, put simply is why we are in the mess we are.

  8. Nothig to do with the injection we all know it’s SAFE & EFFECTIVE SAFE & EFFECTIVE SAFE & EFFECTIVE SAFE & EFFECTIVE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. Why is there no audio for this video…. or is it just me??

    • I don’t have audio either, and I’ve tried on both platforms.

      • Audio starts at 45secs. 🙄👍🙄

    • Hi 👋
      There is no audio till the guy speaking at end
      Well that’s what I got & saw

      Take care

  10. OOOps! Audio starts at about 50 secs in…

    • Yes, I eventually stuck with it long enough for mine to start at 45 seconds in 🙂

  11. So the bio-weapon is doing exactly as intended although I doubt they wanted it seen in public- so many dying, so many serious adverse reactions yet they continue to pressure people to have it, if this doesn’t tell the masses what’s going on I don’t know what will!!!

    • They expected people to drop and suddenly months later. The adverse reactions have been completed unexpected on such a scale based on the small early signs in the animal trials of previous mRNA trials. These reactions have caused great concern for them because they can’t keep them hidden. Massive pro vaxxer friend of ours list his 32 year old son. Dropped down dead a few days after the jib jab and is trying to claim it was his bad heart (which was conveniently inflamed). People can’t ignore this forever.

    • I have googled ‘ female cricketers drop down ill’. NOTHING except for a single SMALL report and SHORT video without audio (!) from the Indian Express newspaper website. Another bit of censorship that the masses will never see!

    • I returned the third vaccine invitation to Bristol nearly 4 weeks ago with some strong comments written on it from me.

      They send a Fourth letter to me today saying the same shit We wrote to you some time ago for your 1st jab.
      Ripped it up in my bin they can stuff there poison up there backside.

  12. Just waiting for the pro vax whilst wanting to push it on others type of people to insist there’s nothing to see here 😂

  13. It’s very early in the game yet,watch this space.

  14. mercy, mercy, whats wrong with these ppl, why dont they stop taking this poison?

  15. Don’t know how long they’re going to keep ignoring the evidence which is in plain sight for everyone to see! Yet still they push the vaccines & lockdowns & mask wearing! Sounds as if it’s all coming back in a few months time. The same old roll out endlessly!!! WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO WAKE UP TO THE LIES???!!!

  16. The apocalypse will arrive in the coming flu season for the vaxxed!

  17. All these young, healthy sports people collapsing all over the place. We have never seen this before, we all know why.

    • Yes you’re right @Mark…those deaths of healthy young adults are trending but MSM won’t care as we know them

  18. this reminds me on Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen, who also got his vaccine shot only some days before his live-collapse on the pitch while playing European Championships…

  19. The deaths of young athletes are trending right now, why is there no trending on Twitter?

  20. Having a poisonous deceptive vaccine govt sponsored is evil warfare,mixed with a placebo is further deception eg the Queen + other ‘persons’ Being Hitlers is being too kind-the LORD is mindful of this and must be sad and angry. Punishment WILL follow.

  21. If this gets more commonplace it will get difficult to cover up, then we will see matches cancelled and sports grounds shut because of the Delta operation, I mean Delta variant…The 2020’s are getting more and more Spooky..

  22. Keep sleeping and looking for excuses thats why its not going to stop you people are so dumb ,thier coming for your kids next ,dont have to believe me were not far off the mark round about august ,september god help you all ,have avnice day

  23. I’ve noticed that a lot of the 5G towers that have gone up over the last 18 months or so are based very close to sports grounds – anyone seen the effects of putting metals (in the jabs) into microwaves…?!

    • I totally believe the 5G is part of plan, why else would they want the ENTIRE planet jabbed.

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