UK GOVT Want To 🚫 This Now #VanLife #Campervan / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. It started with Dale Farm but we didn’t day anything because we wernt gypsies

    • The passion for mate Yorkshire guy from the Gym you know the one, wants every man woman and children teenagers old young black white Asian girl Outside Parliament and on the 19th huge numbers expected we must protect our kids enough is enough please be there or you may never know freedom again,let’s do it for everyone that dies because of the traitors, thank you

  2. More and more people are having to live in them because this government has reduced them to poverty. Absolute c**ts

  3. God how dare we?! This lot are bonkers.

  4. It worries me that some arse actually sits there and thinks this shit up..

  5. This 8s insane, was looking at selling up and doing that!! Absolute communist control!!

  6. I have been emailing my MP, writing letters, standing in the park, . . against this whole bill, because they want to be able to “jail you for up to 10 years if you are deemed a nuisance or have inconvenience someone!” Now they want to stop you enjoying the great outdoors. They just want to lock you in your house & throw away the key- ANGER does NOT describe how I feel . . . I want blood

    • That is exactly what they are working towards – slowly, so the whole country doesn’t wake up to what they’re doing, but there is going to be complete lockdown before too long and it will stay!

  7. So they are willing to ake people homeless basicaly

  8. I know someone who ain’t going to be happy about this and are a Believer of the Narrative 🙂

  9. Love it Hugo. Sounds like you have got your dander up at last over something 😀 If it really hits the wall then my nephew who is a van lifer will just have to come and live in my driveway in his van Heee heeee

  10. Convid struck, I lost my successful construction business and career, subsequently lost my home, the only thing I managed to keep was my caddy van, I had no work, no prospects and had used all my savings to sustain myself and my three children, all the time I qualified for zero help from the government due to the self employed being butt raped.
    I lived in my van for 14 month’s, lived off the land, became pretty good at foraging and survival etc.
    Taught my boys to shoot, trap and make fire. (That was actually pretty fun)

    The local council eventually put me in a hostel at the cost of £450 a month, even though I had no income, diminished savings account etc.
    I had to sign in daily on the register in my room, if I didn’t I would be evicted, I literally felt like a criminal on probation.
    They then decided to send debt collectors for my unpaid rent.
    I packed the van back up and still live in it today.
    They are still chasing me for it today, and will be for a very long time!
    If they make this a criminal act, after what I’ve lost during this scamdemic I would burst out of my van fighting with every fibre of my being.
    The saddest thing is, I was not a unique case, and read of many cases, including family’s of 6 living in a Mondeo estate.
    This government reduced me to very desperate measures to survive, I have no problems with doing it over and over again.
    The most dangerous type of person is the one who has lost everything.
    Fight for your rights like our forefathers did! They would be turning in they’re graves at this tyranny.
    Deeply saddening.

    • What a man you are pure bravery … I think many are going to be pushed to this point whilst hoards arrive daily and receive asylum straight away !

      • Absolutely bro, I have my heart, pride, integrity and became very Stoic.
        Thanks to Hugo and Bjorn Andreas Bull Hansen keeping me going with real talk and a sense of not being alone!

  11. They are preparing the rules for when lots of people will have no choice but to live in their car/vans as these crooks bankrupt them!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  12. What about all the European lorry drivers that ‘camp’ overnight clogging up all the lay byes?

  13. Did professor Van Tamperer make this one up as well ?
    Toad from breaking wind in the willows the heildeas man.

  14. The authorities haven’t had the balls to tackle the gypsies/travellers in the past. They must have grown a pair this last year with everyone towing the line. Hopefully they will have bitten off a bit more than they can chew.

  15. Can you give the link please to sign a petition.

  16. Dont want people escaping their houses when they start the process of turning up to remove them hey 🙂

  17. More control another BS law for what a Campervan, if i had one they can feck off and the useless police go and get some real Criminal’s
    As for the crap government you won’t stop illegal immigrants flooding this country. Just target British citizen’s your a disgrace

  18. Please can you leave the link for us Hugo ? Thank you.

  19. Have gone to the government website and the petition, and when you sign it, it does’nt work properly. That’s too convenient !

  20. remember its all about the CO2, how dare we travel in our polluting machines? how dare we be free and live off grid??

  21. Disgusting totalitarian government the elites this is like the clearances in Ireland and Scotland when these elites used tyranny to push the people of the lands they starved to death !!! No more stand up to the elites the aristocracy camp and park were you want it’s not there land they have just convinced people it is ! Disgrace these elites and the scum cowards who obey there orders !!! Stand up people you cannot go abroad you cannot afford the inflated prices so you want to enjoy nature wild camping is good for your mental health , we need to stand together the people the government is supposed to work for us not against us but they are against the working man Boris Hancock the monarchy who say they own these lands no they don’t they don’t they have hanged onto this bullshit lie it’s every ones it’s the peoples , Hugo keep up the good work but stay safe

  22. Fat-cat landlords can’t have people in camper vans while their tiny, damp, ill-repaired, lice infested flats at £1,500/m go empty.

  23. It’s upto 12 million nhs procedures 1/5th of the UK according to Dr Coleman.

    All fun is banned as it’s bad for the planet, unless your an Elite ofcourse.

  24. Sorry I’ve just converted my suv into one they can fook off! How much more of their stupid tosh are people gonna take? Need bodies on the streets! Enough’s enough!

  25. Folk who live in vans are generally independent free thinkers who can look after themselves and think for themselves.
    Exactly the type of citizen that the corporately owned governments do not want.

    • They’ll be using a broader brush… try ‘white British culture’ for example.

  26. They can fuck off, vanlife is a massive culture, tbeyve picked the wrong group to criminalise its gonna get messy!!!

  27. Control Contol Control Control, As goverments come to the end of there life they become more and more totalaterian, through fear, everything goes full circle.

  28. In Norway it works and encourages care and respect for the countryside.
    With rat bags it’s just about control and not allowing people an escape from home imprisonment.

  29. It’s funny recently I’ve had the thought that it would be great to have a camper van to go off in and chill. I guess in the circumstances a lot of people have probably thought of that and the government have thought of that too, of course they have because this whole thing has been a psyop. Bastards!

  30. Hah! They’ll have to fucking find me first. I’m an experienced outdoorsman. This will be unenforceable, especially for wild camping. Good luck stopping us you pathetic wankers.

  31. This is just so we cant escape. I was going to get a caravan in case we had to run. There is something sinister going on here.


  33. They wouldn’t like it if we removed them from their homes. Maybe that’s what it will take to stop them.

  34. They want all of us boxed in kept in pods in there smart cities!! The Country side is not there’s ! Not the mountains nor the rivers there not the German Queens ! There for everyone everyone it’s Gods green earth for all to enjoy !
    My mate hard working guy supports is family he’s being doing a VW van up he likes to climb hike Munro’s it’s his bit of time it’s good for his mental health so the van is a good way to get to the mountains he cannot afford hotels so this is way to freedom ! And these disgusting politicians want to make the Country side of bounds to us and you’ll get the petty police Gestapo enforcing this !! Put swastikas on there arms !!! It’s the country side it’s not the queens it’s no aristocratic landlord they claimed it !! Stand up people for gods sake stand and not let this happen we’re turning in a totalitarian state with that slim bag Johnson lying through is teeth !! He’s cheated behind every woman’s back that means he’s cheated on his kids ! His wealthy kids so ask your self this what would he do to us the working class !
    You want to park up in your van or camper or pitch a tent do it it’s not there land come on

  35. This Gestapo/Nazi, totalitarian, oppressing government need locking up for their crimes against humanity! Absolute scum sucking pond life. Boris the buffoon with the cohorts in parliament, are that far up “Adolf” Schwab’s ass hole, along with Mental Merkal, Moron Macron, Creepy Joe, Fred & Rose West aka the Bates’s, Dr Faulty, Prince Dumbo and so many others! All part of the master plan to enslave us, depopulate the world and take total control. Leaked uk government document I saw on another media site made for horrendous reading! But basically the plan is to kill over 6 billion off! And of course the handy covid is already mutated in to another variant and vax is now on the brink of being mandatory and now they want us to have 3 vax’! As obviously they’ve not managed to kill enough of us off yet! Bunch of filthy rich, elites that have been bought off! 💩weasels, en masse slaughter of most of us!

  36. They don’t want you escaping their evil clutches. They know what your next move is and are prepared. We should stick together, there is strength in numbers. Blessings.🙏🌞💜🌈🌎⛺🚐⏳🛣

  37. People in power are mainly psychopaths. And psychopaths usually want to control other people, tell them what to do, how to do, when to do. There is no other explanation.

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