No Jab No Pay Aussie Threat / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. I sometimes wonder if these ‘democratically’ elected politicians are being blackmailed by corporate fascism. Im sure surveillance capitalism has a lot of dirt on those in power.
    Regarding this particular nervous Australian politician, does his mummy know he is working in a full time job?

    • I wondered how long it would take to get to this level bunch of bstds

      • There’s got to be a black market for test certs

  2. And 15 months ago when I told my friends that this ‘stay in your home because there is a nasty Flu out there’ bollocks was all about control, they called me a conspiracy theorist. Roll my eyes in despair!

  3. absolutely spot on Hugo! This is evil blackmail, and utterly sick!

  4. Anyone dumb enough to not realise there having a jab pushed onto them, which there openly admitting doesn’t stop you catching or spreading so therefore no point you having it to help/save others, it’s entirely for you, so why the PUSH?? They obviously don’t or barely if any reduce deaths, possibly still increase deaths from virus at the cost of many deaths and health problems, arrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

    How do we fight this?? Everything so far is failing, yes we’ve awoken some, but there pushing back further on censorship to prevent this 🙁

    I expect this site will be taken down DNS removed at some point 🙁 BNT and others for Extremist Content, which 99% saying we are terrorists.

    IP Address links to wordpress so can’t access directly, then need a 4 character code for WordPress, Hugo??

  5. With the kind of people in this country an idea ( although it’s a good one) that they’d go on strike when they’re all still voting for nonson is sadly just wishful thinking.

  6. Too many intellectually challenged people I’m afraid who will back this. Nearly everyone I speak to think the unvaccinated shouldn’t receive nhs treatment and should be treated like pariahs. When I say ‘think’ I don’t mean the original meaning of the word, they parrot what they’ve heard or read elsewhere.

    • It’s ridiculous , a jab that protects you from Covid but hey .. only if the person has had the jab .
      So what is it protecting you from if not Covid !!!

  7. There will always be the go along to get along people, they’re the ones who are failing us.

  8. Share this guy everywhere, he’s good, he’s funny and he’s right time and time again, try to get them to mainly share the next 10 predictions.

    Current predictions are…………………..

    Oil prices and Fuel sky rocketing, ( bought 1.4tdci Fiesta 75mpg,might have a store of 25Gallons of Red Diesel )
    Fammine Coming soon, already hitting parts of Africa, so get some stores in and large supply of drinking water aswell, cut of power / water for 7days during a heatwave and millions will die in the UK in that short a span. ( Odd no mention of Africa in the news isn’t it, well there Covid Deaths only )
    Our immunity is weakened ( not ours, only used hand gel 4 times, less than normal ) this will cause massive deaths from Flu / Colds.
    Jabbed Athletes will die in the Olympics, pilots will also die mid flight, take your own parachute hand luggage he recommends.

    We are losing / lost!! but the None Jabbed will be the worlds future soon, the jabbed will work out there screwed and shield for ever and we’ll be left to run the place.

    Hunger Games, shit films, shitty reality to live in unless your an Elite ofcourse then amazing reality!

    So how do I sell out, switch sides and become an Elite ???

    • WHAT! Literally..this is mentioned in the bible(Mathew 23 and 24)!!!! WE are in the end times now and people need to be ready. SPREAD THE WORD…SAVE POEPLE!!!!!

      • Jesus is coming for His church soon. Choose sides. If you are not with Him you are against Him. God’s Holy Spirit is restraining the work of Satan. Once the Church is removed (His spirits dwells in us) all hell will break loose. Get a Bible Read Matthew 24 and Revelation 13. Bible prophesy is being fulfilled before our very eyes.

    • Turkeyd, have you the link to where he makes these predictions please????

      • No worries, I got it in the link. Never noticed that earlier.

  9. What? Who are these stupid knobs, vote them out. Stop payments to BBC, stop supporting MSM.

  10. This contaminated cunk of shit is really nervous of what he is saying, he looks like the total idiot, it is only a matter of time and they will all be gone, the tide is turning.

  11. Thank you Hugo

    No’s no game no more that’s 💯!

    It’s why we need stay strong &keep saying Feck off!! ….

    to the bunch of mad power freak idiots!

  12. they had this nojabnopay-crap already back in 2016 as “new immunisation requirements for family assistance payments”. pre-conditioning.

  13. I believe most Australians will take the jab he says at 1.08, while vigourously shaking his head “no”.

    Anyway something interesting I found out today….

    If you register a domain name with the word Olympic in it, you’ll have a letter from the Olympic committee within 3 weeks threatening you with legal action if you dare to use it, but you can still register it.

    If you try to register a domain name with the word “covid” in it, Nominet, the UK domain name authority will cancel it within days – not allowed to have a website with covid in the address – talk about controlling the narrative.

  14. The sheer desperation they are showing to get you jabbed should ring alarm bells.

    • This is Nick Coatsworth one of the medical advisors to Scott Morrison. Another non elected moron who has been takin money from Bill Gates foundation.

  15. What a maggot! However the main problem is that most people work for government or big corporations, with the majority of the rest being paid by them to do nothing so it will be almost an impossible move for the masses to bite the hand that feeds them… until it all collapses, sadly!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  16. And then you got your blackmailed jab and after 6 months another one and then another one and another one, like it will never stop HUH

  17. I’m not down with Medical Rape! Especially when it involves carrots and sticks like no Jab no pay scenarios.
    Mass strikes would be good, but the fact the banks own where most people live, the threat of being made homeless would be too great for a lot of people to even consider putting their families through.
    It’s time for a revolution!?
    Mass non compliance and stick it to the man!

  18. There is no goin back their playing for all the marbles, we have to come to terms with this, we can’t wish this away and neither should we.

    • Marbles in this case being billions of us of dying from a jab 99.8% just don’t need and the after effects of lazy people sitting in there homes doing nothing for months on end.

      But agreed we can’t win, go along enter our arms into the depopulation lottery and see if we get culled.

      Still within years going to be stuck in the middle of Russia and China vs USA world war!

      All it took was a. Mostly harm!ess virus and 24/7 scare msm to bring the human race to it’s knees, pathetic!

    • Yes it is. Australia is one step ahead of the Republic Of Ireland , which is one step ahead of us in the UK.

  19. These Satanic Freemason CUNTS need exterminating !

    • Suddenly a crash bang wallop through the side wall of his private villa………
      Bill Gates “I am Bill Gates , your master and creator”.
      Daleks all together “Yes , we know who you are. Exterminate !”

      I really should stop watching so much Dr Who 🙂

  20. JUST total bs again completely coercive illegal nonsense

  21. What the fxck is in this vaccine, why are they so obsessed with getting the jab into us, the MHRA side effect figures are a huge cause for concern and raises red flags to even contemplate taking it. Its logical that all these vaccines providers must have produced their elixirs with pretty much the same components ,or how else would they achieve there purpose,
    they are meant to? GMOs and gene therapy, are they trying to change our DNA or modify us in some way, the mind boggles. Peer pressure, blackmail and coercion , wheres it going to end, its hard to buy into the genocide theory but this vaccine push is off the scale you simply can”t rule nothing out.

    • Take a look online at planet lockdown full interview made by Oracle Films with Catherine Austin Fitts she explains the plan in detail.

    • Professor Dolores Cahill wants to analyse the contents of the vials. We need to know what is in them. Surely someone can get hold of some for this purpose. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  22. They are still flogging this as a deadly virus, just take a listen at the BBC propaganda, yet in England only 122 deaths attributed to covid in the last week. If it wasn’t for the media who would know there was a pandemic?

  23. disgusting people. Yet somehow they’ve got the sheeple to think they are talking from a position of moral integrity.

  24. This is pure evil but the Aussies need to call the governments bluff and not have the jab. Let’s see what happens when 90% of the population don’t go to work! A National Strike is the best way out of this wherever you are.

  25. Some interesting videos at Greg Hunter has 2 great guests recently. Alex Newman and Catherine Austin-Fitts who publishes forms to download free from her web site. These forms you complete and present to your employer who is forcing you to be jabbed because they are then liable for any problems you get by being vaccinated.

  26. If you don’t pay me then I won’t go to work! I’m a hgv driver! So good luck with that!

  27. What a twat – would you really employ an idiot like this as a spokesman?

  28. This is great let’s hope it happens as this will fire the Australians into toppling there shit government and breaking free of the controlling entities worldwide bring it on !! If this doesn’t do it they deserve to be enslaved!!!

  29. YES HUGO !👏👏 We should have a mass lockdown…show the government that we, as civilians, as freedom fighters, as human beings have the RIGHT to NOT have the vaccine, to NOT be dehumanised and controlled by the satanic and corrupt government… I, and many other people have had enough now.
    NO JAB
    NO COMPLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW, this is prophesied in the bible:Israel under attack, rumours of wars, mass famine, worldwide pandemics, people(satanists)hating God ect…(Mathew 23 and 24) READ IT, pray, get baptised, turn to God, REPENT, spread the word…SAVE PEOPLE. We are living in the end days now like Noah, HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE NOT SEE THIS!!!! I am saying this because I am warning you of what is coming, be ready and amen x 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

      • There would be so few people but I’m starting today and not wearing a mask again x

  30. Htf did we get to this situation ?
    I’ll tell you,
    We stood by and did nothing.

    • ” We stood by and did nothing ” .. and so said the SS Officer at Nuremburg ! When will this BS STOP ?????? We are truly fked, stock up on tinned foods.

      • A few tins won’t do you any good. You seriously underestimate how many tins you will need to provide sustenance. As the yanks say, you need to do the math. OK, I will to the math for you: to provide 2000 calories a day for one person for a year would require 2667 cans of baked beans weighing a whooping 1120 kilograms or 1.120 metric tonnes 😀 The weight of a car 😀 Oh yeah, and don’t forget the air freshener 😀

      • I can see where you are coming from my friend… but….. I hopefully will survive a little longer than someone who has had the ‘vaccine’ ( 🤣🤣🤣) and a little longer than someone who has not stocked up with ANY foodstuffs. I know that inevitably it is a useless task, but at least I’m trying! lol

    • The Aussie government already run a’ no jab, no pay’ scheme . This is aimed at people on benefits in Oz with the idea that they get their kids vaxxed with the REAL vaccines. If they dont get their kids fully vaccinated, then they do not receive benefits. This has been in place since Jan 2016.

  31. “No jab no pay” is the slogan for an existing Oz government policy that if you don’t immunise your child they cut your government benefits – family assistance payment, unemployment money, etc. For people who actually work, they’re inching towards no jab, no job. They’ve recently made vaccination mandatory to work in age care homes, hospitals, virus quarantine sites, etc.
    Add these together and if you lose your job in these areas for not taking the vaccine, then the government would demand you take the vaccine or they won’t help you. You can just starve or go homeless.

    • I have warned the local sheep about this scenario since the start of the scam…. I was abused and vilified and will continue to be abused and vilified because the sheep will continue to believe the BS as they are so deep in it now, they cant see a way out except for ‘hope’ !

  32. This odd bod Nick Coatsworth appears in a commercial everyday on TV (all channels) constantly flogging the junk jab.
    There’s something strange about him, a try hard poster boy that wants to be a celebrity.

  33. English is not my mother tongue, but it seems to me that “incentive” might not mean the same as “coercion”… Shame on all these people and those who comply with this level of insanity.

  34. I dont understand … this clip is from last year !!!!!
    whats going on Hugo ????

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