NHS JAB Propaganda Advert Analysis / CRAWL TO DADDY / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Seriously !! Never in a million years ! Never seen so muck bollox in all my life

    • Spot on I could have said it better myself. X

    • I couldn’t listen to this musical garbage satanic crap. Turn to Lord God Jesus Christ and repent and ask for forgiveness 🙏

      • Amen. This is a physical manifestation of the war against God by Satan. Never before has there been such a desperate need to tell people the Good News of Jesus before that window of opportunity closes.

  2. please people, join the queue to common sense, no celebrities allowed

  3. What I say is go get ya jab and do society a favour and fkin die…if your so dam stupid enuf to get this jab then the world would be better off without you..brain dead is not what we want in our new world..this is our new world not the government new world order… I’m constantly saying these days…FUCK YOU..FUCK YOUR NEO AND TO THE CABAL…YOUR LOOSING THIS BATTLE..WE AIN’T FK8N SCARED..FUCK OFF

    • I totally understand your point of view. Those who are queuing for their jab, well… good luck to you. You will get your just deserts when the time comes. I will continue in good health due to my OWN decisions and of not being brainwashed by msm and family and friends. We are ALL in for a rough ride, sadly.

  4. What in the actual f*** have I just watched! Jim Broadbent, and was that Russell Tovey? Satanic evil bastards.

    • Is it me or did they seem like they were on something . Speed mayb. Fucking crazy bastards. So dark as well. If I meet on of these arsh wipes in the street they sure would be getting a tingling somewhere and it wouldn’t be there feet. There fucking nose would b when I have punched one anyone of them in the face. Might wake these nut jobs up. There all crazy . Hurry up have ur jabs and die. I’m fucking bored with it now. .

      • Why are you wishing people take their jabs and die? Where is the compassion?

      • This may sound far fetched but look up adrenochrome, literally nothing would surprise me anymore…..bunch of satanist c*nts

    • This gave me creeps crawl to daddy<< satan more like, very satanic vibes v=creepy evil bstds.; they are destined for somewhere warm no sun tan needed…

  5. That was hard to watch, really annoying tune, just awful! I wanted to puke.

    • I got really pissed of watching that dark nasty vid. I do see desperation tho. Look at it there acting like there crazy desperate wankers. Do anything for money mate. Hopefully they have had there jabs and will fuck right of at some point soon. Makes me wanna punch one of them right in the jaw.

  6. I posted my own video a few minutes ago. As a lifelong atheist, the nonsense that we have suffered over the last five years has tipped me over the edge to start seeing all the crazy stuff, ‘hidden in plain sight’. Here’s my antidote:

    • Welcome into the family of God, there is a real division going on in this world and a calling out so we must be sensitive to the Spirit of God moving among us in these times. Satan is very active because he knows he has a short time left before the return of the King of King Jesus Christ.

      • I googled come to daddy and found a link to amazon for black baby grow with satan is my sugar daddy???? i knew crawl to daddy in song meant crawl on your knees to satan these that have jab belong to him now thats why they want you to get it
        . Jesus is my Lord….I would rather die than submit to this evil..

    • Alan Butterworth, I am a lifelong atheist too. Well, I am not of any religion. I am unsure about life after death and doubt the existence of gods. For about 10 years I’ve been awake to the way things are, and noticed how almost all the atheists I knew dismissed so-called conspiracies in much the same way that they do gods. They are the most predicable people I know, all boasting of their common sense approach to life and their ability to think for themselves and to not be controlled by religious teachings, while ironically unable to apply this to anything other than religions. They laugh at people who believe the holy books, but they believe what’s in the papers and on the TV. It also seems an unwritten rule that to be an atheist you have to hate Donald Trump and generally not vote for the Republican party and not question media narratives. Some atheist facebook groups to which I belong throw anyone out if they dare to mention Trump in anything other than a derisory way, and they all seem to label you a ‘tinfoil hat nutjob’ and make references to lizards, flat earth and the NWO as a way to discredit you if you mention that you think this covid stuff is a scam. Most have unfriended me on facebook. Meanwhile, it’s clear that the percentage of awake people is much greater amongst the religious than it is with atheists, but I knew it would be like this from past experiences.

      • I’m also not part of any religion but I’m just open to new viewpoints if that feels right. I don’t take anything for granted.

      • Hi Peter. You are most welcome to join us, come just as you are, there is always room for one more! 🙂

    • Nice one!
      I too have been a lifelong observer of others religions, but now times they are a changing’ and I honestly believe in my heart that humanity is approaching, in the spiritual sense, the mother of all battles.
      My personal strategy in this struggle is to drown the forces of evil in pure unconditional love until the life force leaves them….wish me luck 😊

    • Amen
      The coming of The Lord draweth nigh
      James ch 5 v 8.
      Behold now is the accepted time, behold now is the day of salvation.
      2 Corinthians ch6 v 2

  7. A mate if mine got atrial tachycardia after having the jab. Now his rhythm of life is totally fucked.

  8. I’ve decided that the vast majority of those entertainers who get on have to be supporters of this creepy Satanic claptrap. If they aren’t part of it for one reason or another their careers will not take off. It’s so blatant and if you are aware so obvious!

  9. What about the the tingle in your eyes and the tingle in your heart? The tingle of death!!
    As long as you don’t take the jab and you believe in Jesus Christ and you say his name, you will be saved from the devil!

    • Clip your wings, take a dive, hit the floor …….. spooky lyrics

  10. I have literally just watched the advert on YouTube. What aload of shit. I know I have been stupid and had my first jab recently but even if I hadn’t there is no way it would make me get it. The video had about 336 likes and 377 dislikes so that says something. Plus if what I read is true the new variant coming called Lambda is resistant to the vaccine. (Well according to the world health scare organisation) and I thought the NHS tik tok videos last year were bad.

  11. Small correction. That song is originally from a stage musical, not a movie: Sweet Charity; first staged in 1966, adapted (heavily) from the screenplay for a 1957 Italian movie directed by Fellini. The clip you used was from the 1969 movie, directed and choreographed (as in 1966) by Bob Fosse.

  12. Interesting choice of song, that they should use that particular one, with all its subtle, subliminal nuances, particularly the original with its hypnotic performances and “rhythm” by the puppet man. Care to tell me its all just a coincidence? Or a very deft ploy handled by the underworld masters?

    Swim to daddy eh? Crawl to him on your knees? There’s is only One Father who art in Heaven. Don’t let them trick you, that should unwittingly bow down to their “daddy”, of whom we know is the enemy.

  13. A couple of things. Firstly if they are making a video you’d think they would at least find people who could at least sing. Surely its not that difficult. I know its probably been organised by the government who have no talent in their ranks but this was total crap!. Second the line rhythm of life is probably the last thing that anyone can expect to experience if they get the jab. And it didn’t escape my notice that only one person (Broadbent) actually wanted to watch this diabolical performance as all the other seats were empty

  14. “Feel the tingle in your fingers, feel the tingle in your feet” Are they singing about the side-effects?

  15. Loads of people on a recent self help video about shingles, commented that they or someone they knew got shingles soon after having the jab and even in their eyes! Of course shingles is a virus too and it could be re activated I suppose especially if body comes under a immune response.

  16. There is only one Father I will go to and that is my heavenly Father! I don’t want any modification before then either
    because I (we) are made in his likeness , I don’t want to be altered by or to a man made invention.

  17. Surely the Gov must know that if people have waited this long they have very strong reasons for their choice that can’t be changed by an incredibly lame song and dance? Or do they?

  18. This new propaganda piece gives me the creeps … crawl to daddy … down below … full of Masonic symbols …. it’s satanic. I do not consent. I am not taking the jab. I trust in the Holy Trinity of God, my Heavenly Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit

  19. I can see why the comments are turned off on the YouTube nhs channel showing this. Already 20k views with thumbs down outnumbering thumbs up.

  20. What a load of intolerable shite. Go fuck yourselves NHS. I’m beginning to think people actually need to see others having their throats slit right in front of them before they’ll wake up. Ffs.

  21. When you need adverts to make you take the jab, then you know it’s a nothing and no jab is needed, when ( other Virus ) people start actually dying around me pre jab then maybe I’ll take that jab.

    Mates been flagged / reported as a Extremist, expects account to be deleted soon.

    I haven’t been yet, but mid 30day ban for calling some mask BS talking sheep a Covid Coward LOL

  22. This has all been going on for a very long time the Sammy Davis movie is from the late 1960s

    • Yes me too.. many have fallen for his tricks.

  23. This defined what the agenda is people are awakening and we need more to follow up. How can be done? Sharing videos like this and supporting the Tribe. The so called 5 years masks wearing and social distance plan coming on freedom Day can’t Go ahead so are we having another freedom march on the 24th July? Any update? We have to call not just London but the other Main cities to speak out. Fight for freedom.. people resist

  24. This is the first advert I can remember watching all the way through this year. Only because it was on Hugo Talks. Utter rubbish whomever thought this up.

  25. FOFFUXACHE, what a pile, everyone involved with this should hang their heads in shame, and people should remember all these shills, and Slater can ‘F’ right off

  26. Makes you realise how lucky we are to have a ‘government’ and ‘entertainment’ industry that is so concerned for our health and well-being lol.

  27. The darkness has been revealed. It’s truly DARK.
    Made me feel sick.

  28. Perhaps the NHS should be renamed the National Hell Service, as it now – after being weaponised for use against us in the NWO depopulation programme – apparently being utilised as a way of drawing people into some sort of Satanic, new age, cult. Of course the sheeple wont question a thing, just like they didnt question that bizarre and blatantly Satanic ritual used as an opener for the Olympics in London some years ago.

  29. Interesting link they are creating .well seen Hugo, most people never see the connections but they are all there in plain sight.

  30. As a musician myself, I feel that they are insulting to a really cool piece of music. Where will it end! It may be pointless, but I would be looking to see if they are infringing music copyright.. So irritated

  31. Ezekiel 28:13 Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

    This is talking about Satan before he was cast down. Interesting that “pipes” is mentioned. He made beautiful music. Oh how he’s used this today to trap, worship and follow him, just like the pied piper.

    Gloria Estefan tells us in her song “The Rhythm Is Gonna Get Ya”

    When they sing about “Daddy” we all know who that is! An evil substitute for the Father of Heaven.

    Wakey, wakey people, the Bible isn’t a fairytale after all!

  32. “Fly and swim to daddy..” pointing down.. so sick.

  33. Blue is Lucifers colour. My favourite colour too.

  34. If you have a proper gander the whole fraud is falling apart
    With only pharma sponsored lientists making things up as they are told.

  35. keep having panic attacks, had to get out the house this morning and go for a walk in the forest for a few hours and sit down ,its getting me down week after week anyone else feel like that. you can feel in the air all the time.

    • Chris I know exactly what you mean its got me down but with me it was last year shortly after the first prison time I mean Lockdown. I was panicking incase I or my family had caught covid. The media (especially GMB) were making things worse. I even rang for the first time ever The Samaritans for a chat. As time went on I began to realise some things weren’t adding up and I got less and less fearful of the virus. I know it could happen to me (I’ve unfortunately had my first jab recently) but I also know I suffer with hayfever and know the symptoms I get are just that which stops me being paranoid.

    • I’m sure there are plenty of people feeling like this. This sickening and unjustified episode has gone on too long. We all have to protest, write to your MP saying you won’t vote for them because of their stupidity, that is the only thing that will get their attention. Cancel your TV license and stop being compliant over masks and vaccines. Stop shopping on Amazon and buy local.nNext stage would be for everyone to cancel their tax payments. ATB.

  36. Trust nobody. Question everything. Expect the Unexpected.

  37. The people who are awake are awake for a.reason. Knock and the door shall be opened for you, seek and you WILL find. It’s a promise of God and God does and cannot lie. Jesus is all you will ever need I promise you!

  38. All religions are bullshit, allowed by governments because they promote illusion and magical beliefs which is useful for political control. All governments and religions lie, and NOTHING they say should be believed.

  39. Utter feckin crud immature video, looks like it was produced by a teenager or possibly the Ministry of Propaganda. I might be wrong, but cannot stop thinking there is Lady Lloyd Weber influence, maybe he sold the theatre idea to the Ministry and also hired one of his theatres out….just guessing.
    What isn’t a guess and also rubs salt into the wound, is that this vile piece of indoctrination is paid for by all us taxpayers inorder to promote the interests of corporate fascism.

  40. ‘One of the tricks of Satan, is to induce men to believe that he does not exist’

    And yet Satanism is so in your face now, and the sheeple think nothing of it, they cannot even see it!

  41. The Masonic Shoe also called the Blue Slipper, is symbolic of a physical confirmation of a spoken deed.

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