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    • Yeah got admit
      He played some decent parts in his time when I did watch tv

      O well.. as said… another one gone!

      He should be highly Ashamed of this Propaganda ad!

      Take care

    • What the flying F was that?
      In the original they did like to emphasise ‘Down below’
      I’m not religious but some people on here will have a field day.

      The sellout wankers!
      I’ve had mine… I feel fantastic… Go get yours.

      You absolute pieces of vile shite!
      What happened to freedom of choice? Where’s the promo ads for that??

  1. Any one seen the satanic opening of the Cern in Switzerland….coz this has that same vibe…

    • You know they wore blue shoes because the red shoes would be way too obvious….we don’t watch TV in our house, my grandchildren aren’t allowed either… that advert terrifies me 😢 most of the people I associate with don’t want to know, even me and my best mate have an unspoken rule not to discuss covid because we have so much love for one another but on this we’re at opposite ends of the spectrum…although I did tell her off for trying to disinfect my trolley handle once! No one is allowed in my house if they wear a mask and my friends (very few) have to agree to give me a hug because that’s how I’ve always treated my friends and they’re very accepting of that, thank goodness. Goodness me, I feel sadder and more angry than ever before…I just want to sit and cry now and feel at my wits end….but I’m a bit of a soldier so will pull myself together….I am just at a loss at how to go about educating people who aren’t interested in data and facts 😒

      • I hear you sister! I’m feeling exactly the same!!🙏

      • Angie, firstly you’re a legend for having those rules.
        If they are your true friends then they will understand.
        Just accept the brainwashed ones are too far gone and they need time to find truth.

        Unfortunately you’ll have to accept that they were warned by you and probably others and still decided to watch the BBC, MSM, listen to the radio, and engage in social media to influence their decision about having something injected which they haven’t researched properly.

        The harder thing is sticking to your gut feeling and questioning everything.

        Too many are taking the easy route out and will never be able to hold anyone to account if things go wrong.

        Hope you get through this shit time and come out the other side happier.

  2. They”ll get a tingle in their fingers and feet from this jab alright -it’s called paresthesia from nerve damage or a blood clot!! (Bit of a Freudian slip there, eh?) Seriously, are these actors hard up? Have they no shame? Makes me want to 🤮🤮🤮🤮.

    • You are so right Hugo this is proper creepy can’t believe there people like this walking around

    • Janet, the question is…
      Should families who have lost people from the jab now lay some blame on these idiots as well??

      Personally, they should be messaged on all their accounts and be held responsible for promoting the death jab.

  3. 4:50 earth is not a globe mate, it’s the truth. research at thePottersClay; taboo conspiracy; fe core; globebusters; founded earth brothers; DITRH.

    • Your retarted if you think the earths flat

      • ‘Research’ on the internet just means filling your head with crap 😀 Anyone who believes the Earth is flat belongs firmly in the lunatic asylum. I suppose the Moon is a flat disc perpendicular to the Earth held up by huge elastic bands 😀 Besides, If you fly high enough you can see the curvature of the Earth with your own eyes. ‘Flat Earth’ is a seriously nuts theory. Anyway, it is probably the 77th Brigade was post this ‘flat Earth’ crap.

  4. At the start it sound like the theme tune from 80s hospital comedy Only when I laugh

  5. Rubbish. What absolute rubbish. How must this have cost?

    • If I was wanting to make a video and they had come up with this heap of crap I would have demanded my money back.

  6. They probably gave this advert to Lloyd Webber to kept him quiet !!!!! Embarrassing and pathetic!!!!!

  7. Take the cool aid, it will be alright. That ended well.

  8. Isn’t tingling in your fingers and feet one of the common adverse reactions?

  9. Many people who have previously been unquestioning supporters of the official Covid narrative are now finding it increasingly confusing and difficult to adhere to. Some of them understand that it’s total rubbish, but feel they can’t afford to be seen to deviate from the party line.

  10. With all this musical propaganda right now about getting the vaccine, it reminds me of the pied piper story.

  11. Another two people have passed away weeks after there second jab. The first in his early 60s. No record of heart disease in either sides of the family. Massive heart attack. Second is my mates mother. 70 years old. Well into running and fitness since forever. Dropped dead days after second dose. Heart failure. Don’t know anyone who has died from the old Kung Flu. Know more people who’ve suffered following the mass herding of the sheeple. Bad times.

    • I know people who have died with it, a 90 year old who went into hospital very ill with something else but tested positive for Covid, so was a covid death, another in late 50’s who had been seriously ill for few years, but tested positive for Covid in hospital and again classed as covid death, and another one in their 60’s who took photos of themselves on oxygen therapy and posted them on face book! However I know one 54 year old care worker who became ill same day of his vaccine, taken into hospital that night, died on the 8th day, he was negative the whole time he worked in the care home, tested positive for Covid in hospital so was classes as a covid death. I know two people who have suffered clots, one in their forties okay now, and another who was told he was lucky to be alive in his early sixties. That’s my take on all this fear we’re being fed.

  12. I’m so glad I don’t own a television. Creepy as hell fits, also sickening.
    The Rat Pack weren’t called that for nothing.
    Interesting side note, Sammy was first black man to be allowed to stay in top hotel come casino in Las Vegas. He could perform there but not stay until his buddy Frank Sinatra said if Sammy couldn’t stay there he ( Frank) would never star there again.

  13. Wow! How much must this have cost and how much they have paid those ‘luvvies’ ….glad to see the NHS wasting money again. No wonder they are turning down people’s cancer treatments and new drugs and cancelling operations!! Makes me fume! Between this crap and the ‘Covid buses’ …what a joke!! 😡

  14. Vomit inducing creepy propaganda tap dance… sickening

  15. I wonder how much the ad cost? It is sickening !!!

  16. How much were these traitors paid to be party to this propaganda? They are mocking us. They serve Satan.
    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul? Mark 8:36 KJV
    Also as a matter of urgency, please contact your MP regarding a change to the abortion laws which are being debated on Monday. They want to allow abortion up until birth, including on the grounds of the “choice” of the sex of the baby. This will likely affect baby girls more than boys. (For further details please see @djmarkdevlin on twitter. Thank you.

    • OK, so I am a fellow christian 🙏🏻 and I am confused abt. the video..what are they representing? How are they mocking us-Christians? Please explain…

      • Hi Amelia.:) The video mocks us because it openly worships Satan and represents their devotion to him. Their daddy is Satan, our Father is Abba, father, daddy. They have chosen this song as it is satanic worship and satanic ritual as Hugo quite rightly says, This won’t be detected by those who don’t have spiritual discernment.
        All of the choreography in the original has been designed to mock us. Look at Sammy as he mocks Jesus on the cross at 9 minutes into the video. (Madonna and countless others have done much of this kind of thing too.)
        Look at Broadbent’s eyes. He is possessed. Again, ritualistic themes as explained by Hugo are in place here. Every highly successful celebrity is a false idol.
        The original sequence with Sammy Davis Junior is crammed with Satanic anti-Christian imagery. Shirley McClain is well worth researching too. None of these entities are placed in these films by accident. They are chosen to indoctrinate us with their belief system.

      • ABBA are Satanists!? *shock, horror* I have always understood that ABBA was an acronym of Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid. Talk about ‘hiding in plain sight’ 😀 Knock me over with a feather duster 😀

      • Reply to trev. Hi trev. Ha ha, I had to laugh at your comment! You are right about Abba, the band, the letters are their first name initials. However, for believers, Abba is the defining term for father, in the Aramaic language, spoken by Jesus and Paul, to characterize their personal relationships with God.

  17. Agree with you all…this is REALLY creepy. Could the blue slippers and dust represent encouragement to just take the blue pill…

  18. Daddy is Devil and all these creatures are fully sold out to him… disgusting how they have infested all parts of society!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  19. I Want to throw up!!!
    Absolutely Awful!

    Thank goodness I don’t subject myself to MSM !
    ..theses actors ect sold their souls…

    So I personally am really grateful ..We all have NOT on here 💪💪

    Thank you Hugo & yes 👍 it’s EXTREMELY CRINGE!

  20. So, I have a 1 in 60 chance of serious side effect from jab or a nearly zero chance of equally bad reaction, which is recoverable, from flu. Hmmm let me think. Oh yea you don’t want thinkers do you, just droids who obey.
    Piss off.

  21. And this is for a pandemic? Seriously! It makes it more of a laughing stock! What a f-ing joke the whole thing is a circus!

  22. What the actual F&£* is this shit show ?!!! It’s beyond belief .

  23. Fkin pish. Failed ginger singer, fat cunt grunting, geriatric twat, small willy walliams – bunch of utter tossers. Creepy fk nuts!

  24. What a pile of shite, who would rush out get the jab listening to this brainwashing propaganda

    • They are trying to mop-up the stragglers now, those that can have the jab but havent got round to it. They hope that this melody will do the trick and they will wet themselves with excitement when they get an appointment. Good luck to them, they can have mine! 🙂

  25. What a load of shit, the surprising thing is though that this mainstream rubbish is enjoyed by millions, just like X factor, dancing on ice…”just take the vaccine”..and we can open back up this shitshow. Definitely sinister undertones throughout the whole thing, excellent referencing by Hugo, I might otherwise have just labelled it rubbish but the song choice and references to previous as well as lyrics. The rhythm of life eh, it’s almost like they have induced a heart attack on society and now want to defrib it back to life 2.0 to dance to their rhythm, in their image, “build back better” This dark shit has been seeping in with decades but now they have more control and turning the dial up. Thank you Hugo

  26. Pure evil , no punishment severe enough for this.

  27. I think you’re right on the button. I never thought I’d be around to see these days. My dad used to talk to me and my brother’s and sisters about these things that are happening now but sadly at the moment I’m on my own, but I pray their eyes will be opened as well.

    • NEVER! I am a soldier of the cross and I worship God and ONLY God, now and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. In the Netherlands they had a event ‘ dansen met janssen’ (dancing with Janssen jab) to encourage the 20yo folks getting jabbed and inmediately going partying and drinking. I kid you not, the health minister said that after the J&J jab, they could download the app and going to party right away. INSANE.

  29. I’m not sure I believe in heaven and hell, but what I know for sure is: if these people worship Satan, whether they believe he exists or not are corrupted souls/ morally bankrupt/ psychopaths/ dangerous people. I think the writing is well and truly on the walk at this stage…

    Check out vigilantcitizen.com, I check it for updates every few weeks, very good analysis and exposure on this kind of stuff

  30. Notice all the covers over everything and the woman behind the veil at the beginning of the video. These are demonic symbols representing embracing and giving yourself wholly to the night and dark forces. They also mean covering up your past. I can think of two things off the top of my head where I have seen these used before. The pop video `Self Control` by Laura Branigan and in the film `The Golden Child` with Eddie Murphy.

  31. Who’s paying for this NHS advert crap? Oh yeah, that’s right, we are. I’d rather that money was spent on getting people treated in the long, long waiting queues. And they’re making the olds pay for this by charging them for prescriptions now too. How kind.

  32. Just swap the word “life” for death and I think it probably be closer to the truth,, I’ll stick with the opinion of Dr. Robert Malone he ought to know better than MSN adverts. Don’t think Govenments belive people are on to them and don;t want the fuckin stuff.

  33. WTF. This is getting very weird now. Quite a good sign though, shows they are so desperate and they are really losing the plot through annoyed desperation.

  34. Weird! I don’t see how a load of prats dancing around is going to affect anyone either way, whether they are for, against or undecided.

  35. Yes Hugo, this latest nhs ad ain’t just creepy, it’s evil. Your analogy with that sammy Davis jnr Vid from way back is golden; he always cracked self oppression jokes about himself being both black and Jewish, the latter tying in with the Israeli jab enforcement programme being the world’s most oppressive. That self proclaimed ideal of being chosen by God ties in with their conceited narcissistic belief that they will take over. A definitive associated advocacy with satan chops. It all adds up but just why they are so brazenly arrogant, literally exposing themselves like this is abhorrently ludicrous. Why not keep their intentions covert? Why 666 numbers used all around? Openly mocking us.

    Pride comes before a fall!

  36. They are free masons who worship satan these are the ones who want to take over the world and rule over us watch The Masonic Order revealed worlds secret religion Greg Reece on http://www.bitchute.com it’s an eye opener

  37. Their all showing whose Club their in, and we’re not in it! This is so sinister!

  38. That made me feel physically sick, really creepy and dark, the purple/blue colours are bad.

  39. Fuck Off Jim Broadbent you utter SATANIC CUNT

  40. I remember when the government said one Covid death was too many, does the same apply to the jab?

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