NHS JAB Propaganda Advert Analysis / CRAWL TO DADDY / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. What a load of shit! And costing the taxpayers millions no doubt. Get rid of the f’ing useless Government and don’t support any of these knob actors.

    • When something is forced down the public’s throat, you know to stay the bugger away from it. Thank goodness i switched the tv off months ago. So i won’t be subjected to this trashy advert

      • Whenever adverts come on I just change the channel. I only saw the crappy NHS one through YouTube. I hope the advert gets pulled.

  2. This is the sort of propoganda Advert that would give Matt Hancock a Hard on!,. I can imagine the Satanic little Bastard clapping & giggling like a little Girl as he watches it!.

  3. Billy Goat Gates couldn’t understand why Africa was not as badly affected by the virus as he had predicted. In Africa, it seems, the majority take Ivermectin for River Blindness and Parasitic infestation. It seems it has given them immunity to the virus. Don’t ask your G.P. for Ivermectin, though. My doctor would not even discuss my request with me.

    • Then send you doctor a letter holding him accountable should you or any of your family end up in hospital with covid symptoms. He is a doctor and has a duty of care. Remind him that he is obliged to prescribe yuo something that will help you. It is not expensive they ccannot make that excuse. Put it in writing , send him stuff from BIRD and show him up for the idiot he is.

  4. ‘Feel the tingle in your fingers and the tingle in your toes”….

    Adverse reactions from the poison jib jab??

    • indeed
      the vax is working in the system

    • I thought this – what an unusual choice of words AND topic given where the original came from – there’s a really severe condition coming from the Adverse Reactions, that leads to death, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, loss of sensation in hands and feet (not exclusively) leading to paralysis then death.. it all starts off as pins and needles!

      Very dark and sinister!

  5. P!sses me off the way they phrase it too : “Just get a vaccination” .
    Anyone who has extensively researched the jabs will be worried about all the things that studies are finding out about the jabs. Not just the risk of instant reactions and God forbid, deaths, but the after-effects the spike proteins the jab expresses causing horrible problems indefinitely afterwards. It’s disgusting that they hide the studies and ban them, and opinions of many scientists like Dr Yeadon and carry on jabbing – 1400+ reported deaths now with no mention on the news that there is a risk vs benefit issue for many younger, healthier people! How dare they say, “just” get it, like it’s not a personal choice or anything of significance you are putting into YOUR body! The harder they try to coerce, the less it convinces me to get it. Besides, what moron has held out until now, then is convinced by an advert like this to then go ahead and get an experimental jab?! We need some people in the control group for this experiment, surely? I look after my health and am in the 99.99% recovery group anyway, and I will stay away from older or vulnerable people if I get flu symptoms. Asymptomatic people do not drive a pandemic, no viral load = no symptoms = not contagious, so they can do one with that lie that healthy people are spreading it too, it’s been debunked. Enough is enough, leave us (and especially kids) alone!

  6. The NHS advert was unbelievably creepy… Sometimes it feels like I’ve woken up in a parallel universe. The evil behind all this seem to be becoming ever more brazen. Thanks for these. They are a real eye opener!

  7. I tell you Hugo, that’s one creepy load of rubbish. That goes a lot deeper than you think……

  8. Actors are the worst kind of whores, they will do anything for money. They will have a lot to answer for going forward. Maybe it’s a good thing if all the theatres close.

  9. No half baked, faked, layered on, caked, creation, can appease for the simplest realisation, that “awake or steak”, is the new normals situation, as you sharpen your weapons hastened, prepared and ready, for the daring doos a plenty, construct a fleet of the destructions own demises summations already, steady, pop, there it goes…. to shows…. what small can do…. when incentivised before their lying eyes, shall the masses re-unite against the ones that chose that we alone, are all that THEY despised all along! Whom are they, or thou that does’t as they wilt? Well histories future books, shall never spare their ink, to quills, to look! Theatres set for all en compassed to arise as one, massive force of pure resistance and with insistence must I press this issue, upon, as imagined lack of toilet tissue Mark II? As well planned out by gold sandexed trouts, is a vision out of furies, for which the tallest, fair-rest, answer, lies with Dandelions and Old Pines Black Flies fancies. For all art worth a shudder nought, till, thought or two, of and for lifes meaning, lands a wildcard of Unix as a #42, or simply going all in!
    So don’t derail the Grail of ships sinking, run ’em a grounded, and open plundered, under any season, for their war crimes against humans and their arrogances lack of senses, to propagandise so blatantly, each their own regimes soon victims! Go now and plow and sow and seed, another deed, for yours and thou, and do so with no hesitation, for they are attempting, the encirling and swallowing of the globe and not one nation! Our Robs and Ross’s, must sabre toothless, chuck the fluming logs as tosses, and show those servants of ours, who, art, their, real bosses, before those virus fussers, lop off the heads of smelly peasants and invite the crenelations, elated, exultations, of the genocide by needlepoints insistence, of the deeply disturbing Donald Pleasance, not the Lost Electrons thoughts of once famous harboured residence, crowd hurts despite his Patreons misgivings, and the whereabouts of this dimensions, unmasked, aware & backboned humans!

  10. It’s absolute soul crashing for the public to get sucked in the satanic propaganda of an advert from NHS. It’s show that the NHS are evil.

  11. Vernon Colman doubts the government figures for those who have been jib-jabbed, he suggests the actual number is much lower. If he is right, it would explain why on a population the Government says is already 80% jabbed, they have to spend millions on advertising.

  12. why are people so gullible?as for sammy davis jnr. i have never liked the ugly little fukr one bit.

  13. Think you need to say that those figures, although Government figures are those supplied by the Brilliant UK Column, they are from the UKColumnyellowcard.org, not the MHRA…… it is really important that you share that info, they have worked so hard to get that data base working, you should credit them for that, I expect you to do that in future please….

  14. “Feel the tingle in your fingers and the tingle in your toes”

    …it’s called a stroke. How brazen they are actually telling you what’s going to happen in plain sight!

    Outrageous …The only rhythm your going to feel is a defibrulator.

    Complain to the ASA …adverts should be Legal, Honest, Decent and Truthful.

    What a disgrace!

  15. After I got over the sheer revulsion of the “Feel the tingle in your fingers and the tingle in your toes” part after watching dozens of videos of vaxxed people having seizures and shaking all over and describing numbness and tingling in their extremities… I was then wondering about the significance and symbolism of the blue color used for the shoes, the dust, the highlights, etc. I wondered if it might be partly a veiled allegory for “the blue pill” sort of spell or something.

    Then the reports came out today about the org in Spain that actually analyzed a phial they obtained of one of the vaccines and found it mostly contained a nano-particulate of graphene oxide. I also saw a video yesterday showing a man with a blacklight/uv flashlight showing how the spot where he was vaxxed and parts of his arm and even a vein on his hand were fluorescing with blue light.

    From what I could tell in some quick research, graphene oxide fluoresces blue.

    What a sick clue to use in that glossy propoganda piece. Makes my feel physically ill. But again, makes total sense in the context of the new world religion’s idea of “consent” from the victims releasing them from any karmic backlash. How fucked up.

    • It could be a reference to blue blood. The serpent seed… Too much?

  16. Del Boy Wouldn’t trust Slater and neither should we.

  17. It’s like a mass hypnosis that’s taken over the population of the world. Anyone below a certain IQ level or those who are incapable of free thinking just can’t see it. Unfortunately we all have to pay the price for the stupidity of the masses.

    • yeh its frustrating that people still believe the TV and don’t appear to have one brain cell between them, but I think the propaganda is getting more sick ,dark and blatant for a reason. They are giving the masses one last chance to wakey wakey before they go for the kill. Those of us who have avoided the jabs will survive because we are free thinkers and can resist brainwashing and it is us they reallly want to build the future. HOwever they will want to abuse us too and use us for their transhuman agenda so the few of us who are left are going to have a massive battle on our hands.

  18. On a positive note …if they are prepared to throw so much of taxpayer’s money at such a purulent piece of shite …it must mean there are still enough of the unjabbed out there to be a cause for concern!

    Well done people …complain to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

    Ads should be Legal, Honest, Decent and Truthful

    • I have now made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority regarding the advert.
      This is a medical procedure, which requires informed consent as per the Nuremberg Code. No one has been given informed consent at the vaccination centres as the full extent, so far, of the extensive adverse reactions have been conveniently left out. This is medical negligence.
      To coerce and bully people to have a medical procedure using the dregs of the theatrical industry in a blatant satanic ritual is wrong on every level. I find Jim Broadbent’s delivery quite menacing.
      We need to flood the ASA with complaints.
      Please do it today 🙂 (And for every NHS “advert” in future.)

  19. My initial, visceral reaction was revulsion and disbelief! Then I thought that it may be significant that they used a song originally sung by someone who was part of a satanic cult and PLAYING the part of a cult leader on screen!
    Then I thought, seeing as I was a nurse for nearly 20 years in the NHS, how many nurses could be paid for with the money wasted on this despicable, disturbing bilge?
    The whole thing is sickening and shame on all involved!

  20. I’m disgusted that this propaganda is treated like a Christmas pantomime advert. We talking health and liberty,life and death here. Not subjects to make a song and dance about.

  21. How the fuck is this allowed???? This is filth of the highest order. Broadbent and those involved need stringing up. Pure fucking evil.

  22. Gotta get this crappy song outta my head now!!!
    Don’t ya hate it when ya hear a shitty song and it sticks in your head.
    Be Damned!!!

    • Totally understand your pain…..my granddaughter loves Let it go! But I wouldn’t subject to that either…..try Somewhere over the Rainbow, not the original but YouTube it, its a larger guy singing can’t think of his name but you’ll see who I mean, its stunning imo….. good luck xxxxx

  23. Pahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! what a lame load of old shite …….. they can try stop my life this will be extremely interesting …….. As for all the virtual Signaling tossers in this advert you need to take stock of yourselves and stop bullying people into something that they do not want to do

  24. This is creepy as hell (pun intended), we have to fight this.

  25. Looks like the the dancing nurses and cops have a new job. This is psycho circus and the demonic clowns are revealing themselves and their plans more and more without the slightest care.

  26. You know there is something to be worried about when the NHS resorts to creepy adverts like this. It’s as bad as the NHS sketch at the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

  27. The film Sweet charity was based on 1957 Italian screenplay Nights of caberia which was about a prostitute. Says it all really. The NHS has reached a new low, I woulld say rock bottom. They are not a health service, I am actually frightened of them, I have been abused in their so called ‘hospitals’ many times. They are sinister.

    • It’s not a National “Health” Service. It does more harm than good.
      If any doctors or nurses are reading this, please speak out. Just following orders will not wash in a court of law. Trials are coming.

    • are you saying that women enslaved in the sex industry/being used by men are bad people?

  28. Disgusting! Disgusting because it has probably cost millions. Disgusting because the use of the song and lythe young dancers blatantly deny the thousands of those who have become paralysed, made blind and lost their lives from doing what they were told would be in their best interests and most of us never get to hear. Disgusting because of the use of an A level British actor to spread their lies, is simply following a script and has agreed to become part of horror show. Disgusting because the unfunny use of humour shows how psychotic these criminals really are.

  29. I can’t unsee that pile of crap…I haven’t watched or listened to these vile sell out Media Whores in 22 years. Not since 1999…when my Baby Son was injured by the MMR Injection.

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