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  1. Don’t invite them in,don’t get the app,don’t get the jab, don’t listen to msm, don’t wear a muzzle, sanitise hands, or unsocial distance,
    Live life to the full, hug loads, sing loud, love people,

  2. A reminder that there is hope in Jesus. Open up a conversation with the Lord today. With an open heart and open mind allow him he promises to show up… If we seek him with all our heart.

    Start in the Book of John in the Bible.


  3. By the way does anyone remember this old joke?

    What’s black and white and has three eyes?

    Give up?

    The Sammy Davis Jrs.!

    His wife was a true blonde and Sammy had only one eyeball! Talk about kabalistic realism.

  4. Hugo – thank you for a stimulating read!
    May I please trouble you? I went onto the Lucis Trust site and tried to find the exact pages that you quoted i.e. “Our karmic liabilities” etc. and couldn’t find them. Sorry to be a nuisance, but I should be most glad if you could kindly guide me. It’s most important for me personally.
    In the meantime, thank you again. .

  5. Hugo, you lost me from around 2:00 – 7:00 min. I don’t believe in Conspiracy. Theories I don’t believe in Voodoo either. I do believe that there are some gullible and some evil people who are firm believers in Conspiracy Theories and Voodoo, and these sometimes gullible, sometimes evil, sometimes a combination of both make Conspiracy Theories and Voodoo works. It’s basically is a result of self-fulfilling prophecy. It only works with people who believe in these things. People who read the Good Book are immune (pun intended) to these things. I suggest you pick up the Good Book from time to time. It helps clear the mind. Cheers.

  6. I like listening to your voice and you always have something interesting to ponder.

  7. Three guesses who has given a lot of money to the NHS and who put this app together for the National Health care Service Bill Gates

  8. one world gov digital one world currency ,wont be long until you cant buy or sell without the app etc but by that time irll be a chip cos phobes get lost stolen etc.
    rev 13 is happeni g

  9. Don’t trust lucis trust for a damn thing.

  10. As long as they serve you notice that they are working for the dark side then anything goes. Whether you understand it or not doesn’t have any bearing.
    Humanity has got this far because our forefathers were vigilant and no matter the consequence shone their light where they saw darkness.
    Thank-you Hugo!

  11. They have always given it to us on a plate – in plain sight as the saying goes.
    Most are blind to this, but once your eyes are opened – just a little, then the progression to being fully sighted can be rather rapid – heheheee.
    Hell on Earth – we do live in hell – have No Fear we have the dark ones very frightened indeed – there is no rest in their non-stop Vaccine forced agenda – why – My gut instinct tells me all the world’s Govt’s and MSM statistics are complete BullSh*t – and my gut instinct is rarely wrong -> We are on the winning side, the darkside are running scared as their time is running out, and they know it.

  12. 2 jabs – one to kill you and one to reverse engineer and rebuild its hosts gene code – so they are no longer in the image of their creator.
    The Jab is the poison of Satan to separate the host from their creator with willing consent.

  13. Religion causes disvion across the world wouldn’t take no notice what they preach.
    I met a cousin recently at a cafe, she have a app and scan it on the QR i said it’s a tracking device she said her life boring and had nothing to hind.
    She had 2 jabs wear a nappie and has been brainwashed, she said i should have the jab i kindly told her NO or track and trace.
    What as happen to we people we know or related to.

  14. There certainly is a spiritual aspect to all of this. These people do have spiritual beliefs and they rely on us having none at all. If we even tacitly consent with no beliefs at all, that’s all they need. What is required is have a spiritual belief that counters their plan, otherwise we are lost sheep and can be claimed.

    There is an interesting guy with a YouTube channel ‘Engineering Mental Sanity’ called Jerry Marzinsky, who was a clinical psychologist that worked for decades with paranoid schizophrenics and investigated the nature of the voices they would hear. He came to the conclusion that they were parasitic entities that say negative things to feed off the subsequent negative emotions. He states that everything that is being said and used by the media is the same as what these voices do to people: spiritual entities are feeding off the fear and negative emotions of the worlds population; he lists 10 points or techniques the voices use which is reflected in the media manipulation. It is a spiritual battle; love and faith are be the opposite of fear and hate.

    There is a cult behind this whether a spiritual belief seems reasonable, just look at all their ceremonies every time they open a tunnel or at the Olympics for example; also pop stars are letting us see pagan/occult imagery all the time, it’s in the same with adverts: they are letting us get used to it all, to consent to it. They certainly have faith; we need too as well.

    • I’m sure starting to believe that too.

  15. That was a well explained video hopefully anyone questioning things will see it and realize what alot of us already have, although at this point I have to wonder are people around me under a spell? Or just thick and far too trusting it’s so ridiculous and unscientific yet people who should know better believe it, thank you Hugo, you have made it feel like I’m no alone.

  16. Exactly what I’ve been saying to everyone.
    But hugo put it so eloquently…again.
    Well done Hugo.
    Much love
    Truth seekers uk

  17. I ain’t taking the jab, so FUCK the app & fuck the lockdowns, I am NEVER wearing a mask either!!!! Anton LaVey would be sick seeing where things are going!

  18. I am glad to come to HugoTalks and find some sanity. Thanks! I often cannot believe what is actually going on…

  19. When they make the poison mandatory that’s when the real battle will begin.

  20. If it’s ever mandated, that would create karma for the satanic globalists, surely?

  21. Don’t know one person that has died from this virus,,not one, I do however know one person took a stroke after the vaccine, (now dead) and one nurse with Heart, Breathing and Highly elevated liver enzymes and not getting any better after 5 mths post injection. Nither had any health problems prior to that injection.

  22. Fantastic video Hugo. You summarised my suspicions and ideas with context. They are trying to dodge the universal truth of karma by making people consent to their own destruction.
    If they are in communication with their devil who’s rumoured to return and sit in the temple, then perhaps it’s something he taught them.
    Deception/evil on such a grand scale will have an equal and opposite reaction, no matter what and they will be brought down for their crimes in time.

  23. The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time. To erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until it is past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed
    Some attribute this to Adolf Hitler.

  24. I wonder how many of it would take not complying, not having the app for them to stop…in other words how many people need to wake up for them to believe they will have to stop because it will mean trouble for them?

    • I should add that I obviously I will not download that and will continue to not comply with any of it

  25. Not had the evil jab or the spying app! We are in the midst of the most heinous demonic forced coercion. We are beaten down at any and every opportunity by totalitarian, corrupt, demonic world governments. The plan is to depopulate the world. Then whomever manages to survive the en masse murdering spree, will be held in purgatory, oppressed and enslaved! Those of us whom are awake, need to unify, the time for talk is over, the fight back needs to start before it’s too late! God save us! 💔

  26. Even you offer these idiots links to the relevant reports or data, they can’t be arsed to read it, as though they want to remain blind and powerless.

  27. Some very relevant information here, Hugo! This is where it will lead, the asleep consenting unknowingly because they’ve allowed themselves to be co-opted into this cult-like regime. The fact that so many try to close down those who tried to warn them, says enough sadly…

  28. I think that many people live such tedious, anxious, miserable lives that they are subconsciously consenting to die. it is what they want. There is no other explanation for their self destruction.

    • jennifer you are right! A couple of people i’ve spoken to about the jab who were about to go and get it told me that they knew it wasn’t good but they were going to get it anyway. one, a young man in the tile shop said to me, ‘I don’t mean to sound like I’m depressed, but my life just isn’t worth that much’. The other, my lovely neighbour aged about 50 (with a totally awake adult son who has told him everything), said to me, ‘well, i’ve had a good life’… How sad that people are so ready to throw in the towel. I think they’ve just been broken by the depressing media and the nonsense we’ve all been told about being powerless, etc.

      • Same here. No value on life. Throwing it away on a half-thought. Ship of inferior fools.

  29. The wrath of God is what we should all fear, I don’t believe in religion I believe in my individual relationship with the most high & the scriptures because the prophecies are coming true..
    The vampires want to enter your mind body & soul, don’t give in letting them gain access to your Temple, we need to humble ourselves letting God become our friend just like like Abraham Issac Job Enoch Daniel Joshua the list goes on..

  30. Thank you as always Hugo

    Looking into laptops today so can ditch the phone!

    I will have NOTHING to do with app or the ‘lethal’
    the Satanic Nut Jobs!!😜….can Kiss my rear!!

    Thank goodness I think for myself
    But still hard to believe to many Fools believe this Crap still!!

    Thank you again
    Take care to All 🦋✌️

    • I’ve never been religious or had a belief in any God, whether its the Christian one, Islamic one or any other one come to that but some people want that sort of thing in their lives and then they use that belief to wage wars, commit genocide and then hide behind it to justify unspeakable acts that are committed against their fellow men.

      • True but, religion is very different from God. I wouldn’t have considered myself as having any belief in God either but, just recently, with all the 666’s and luciferase and the like… It seems like the powers that be certainly have some belief’s in regard.
        Hidden knowledge maybe?
        I’m not sure but, I am going to look into God and Jesus’s teachings, the Torah etc as a result.
        Again God and religion (as it is presented in the world at large) are very different things, I think.

  31. I’m in my 50’s, underlying health issues, never worn a mask, never caught the “flu” and I’ll be fucked if I’ll listen to the fake GOVERNment, I’ve been telling everyone about agenda 21 as it was when I researched it, My family openly called me a conspiracy theorist lol I predicted the shops running out of shit and like a good family member, I warned them to to start stocking up, one month later the isles started to go bare, no who do they ask what is actually going on and whats going to happen !!

  32. Would you like to lock yourself in your own house ? No im ok thanks.

    • For those who’ve been conned into downloading the app already, isolate your phone instead of yourself

      • I hear you can just change it and put in fake details

  33. Awesome comment David!! I’m right there with you 100%! We’ve got to cling on to our dear Lord and Saviour with all our might! He is our Rock and Redeemer!! There’s a beautiful song on you tube called “God gives grace”. I strongly recommend that you look it up. We’ve all got to be strong and stick together like glue! For the record, I’ve refused the jab, PCR tests, track & trace and never wear a face mask! I had a hospital appointment yesterday and refused to wear one! Everyone in the waiting room wore one, but my consultant didn’t! I continue to rebel!!!!!! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, that’s what I say!

    • Same here exactly. Never complied to any of it. I shared all of this with a Christian friend recently, and she attacked me with such anger and cut me off, saying I was messing with her head. She has taken the first dose, I am wondering if that is affecting her now. I am just looking forward to the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can save us from Satan’s tyranny. I am so excited as so much of Bible prophecy for the last days is now coming true. See also Revelation chapter 12 verses 11 & 12. LOL.

    • YES sister/brother!!! No mask, no jab, no compliance…we have to keep fighting for our rights and beliefs, may our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ soon return, AMEN ! x 🙏🏻

  34. That’s not karma that’s engineered societies which they’ve been doing for decades. If they believed in karma they’d all be dead or repenting for the sins.

  35. Look up the 7 fundamental tenets of the satanic temple. Also look up the ideology of the people Hugo mentioned in this video.

  36. It just gets worse doesn’t it. Too many brainwashed.

  37. Hugo, you seem to imply ‘karma’ is a crazy believe. I understand it as the consequences of our actions. We reap as sow etc. It is the belief that and one God can absolve you the consequence of your actions. Personally I’ve never understood the Christian religious thing of ‘Jesus died for our sins’, but I’m not saying Christians are intentionally doing bad.

    • I’m not implying that karma is crazy. At least I didn’t mean to. I’m saying that they believe if they give you a choice, and you accept, then it excuses them from any karma. Whether or not that works, I don’t know.

      • Apologies if you know already but Mark Passio has done some good work on this (ex high priest in the church of satan)

      • Great work you are doing Hugo. I agree with your thoughts on this too

      • I think you are onto something with it. They have ‘mandates’ here in Australia or ‘Advice’ which are not laws but we all succumb to the bloody things!!

      • If they get you to accept their evil, think all the transgender crap they push on us it’s from the bowels of hell!!
        If you accept it then your soul will be in trouble, come judgement day. You see the evil one’s know this, so they try and trick us. After all Satan is the father of lies their is no truth in him.
        Jesus says be wise as a serpent, but innocent as a dove. This is spiritual warfare, people must be vigilant to evil.
        “Jesus was crucified for our sins. And God the Father raised him on the third day.”

        So we could repent, and be born a new in Jesus Christ’s name.. Sin no more!! I did now I walk with the Lord.
        Without Jesus we are lost souls!! That’s why people are believing all this garbage? Because they believe in nothing. With the armour of God evil cannot pierce you!!
        Trust in Jesus!! People have been so blinded to the truth of our Lord, it saddens me he really did cleanse my heart of sin and all the hurt I had suffered. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ!
        We live in dark times liars and deceivers have control of the narrative. Go to Jesus with a contrite heart and a humble spirit he will forgive you you sins, no matter how bad. Truly I tell you it happened to me! Glory be to God!! Viva Christore!! God is good!

  38. I will never consent to lucifer! My allegiance is to Jesus Christ the almighty! And as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil! For his rod and staff shall comfort me! And I will surely dwell in the house of the lord forever! Amen!

    • YES! AMEN brother/sister!! WE are living in the end times now, Mathew 23, 24 mentions how people will hate God-satanists. Be ready for our saviours return, AMEN AND AMEN 🙏

    • The fool says in his heart “there is no God”
      A time is coming when men will go mad and when they see someone who is not mad,
      They will say attack him saying, you are mad: you are not like us.
      St Anthony..
      My God how true!! We are in these days.
      Time is short!! Seek Jesus where he maybe found!! Believe! Jesus is as real as you and I..
      I implore everyone go to the foot of the cross, confess your sins, before it’s too late!!!
      He has changed my life!! The things of this world are trash!! All I need is Jesus and prayer. Read the gospels and Romans to understand!!

    • Same here! Our Faith is going to be tested now though and I believe we have to have supernatural Faith to endure! Prayer and reparation for sin, the willingness to sacrifice all, even to the point of death, and the contempt and hatred of all! I do believe Our Lord will triumph though! May God bless you and all here!

  39. I WOULD download the Hugo App, that’s for sure.

    • The law of consequences is a real and natural law. However the controllers have perverted with their obscure method of informing us of their intentions. It’s a case of ‘buyer beware’ really. It’s sharp practice, not honourable and therefore a con (spiracy). Just because you can get away with something according to the rules, it doesn’t make it right or caring.
      The law of consequences applies to all, including the elite. Watch and wait.

    • That is the way to fight back against this tyranny .

      • Tell whoever says you can’t enter somewhere without the app that you don’t have a phone and give a false name and number when they ask for it!!

  40. Let’s all hope that karma kicks these corrupt fuckers up the arse then.

    • How do you avoid it. We were given a voucher for a massage the other day and the owner would not allow us in without QR coding in. I’m so anti all of this BS but dont know how to avoid it?

      • Tell them u have qr coded pretend u have is what i do at cinemas its not checked

      • Mandy, be firm. Do not accept it’s the only way that info can be collected.
        They can write down your details but give them false info if you like?

        Or don’t support what they are offering, find and alternative that wants your money.

      • Get rid of your smartphone

      • Simple. Don’t give them your business.

      • Dont have a massage at that place. Easy!

  41. It’s been a year and a half nearly and I’ve only seen one person hospitalised and that was from the jab!!!!

    • Self isolation? Not fucking me, it won’t.

    • two peopke i know double jabbed.both ill with the lurgy

      • I am sure there is a lot more, a retired police officer is trying to take the government to court. I think part of the reason is he spoke to doctors in 3 Birmingham hospitals. They told him that beds are being taken up by people made ill by the jab.

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