Keep The VAMPIRE From Your Door / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. latest news there coming for the off gridders and campers with fines and jail time, keep saying no to everything, because there coming for us all, as soon as you can find away of getting away from it. there they are waiting. they don’t want people being free. so where is the pandemic, there is a pandemic a human pandemic there coming for us all, that’s the pandemic, there building concentration camps everywhere world wide, i wonder why. well they will have to find me, where not safe anywhere, because of the powers that be. i don’t know what’s going to happen in the months to come. i don’t feel safe that’s for sure. creeping in on us and spying.

  2. No one can change the law of cause and effect. It is a universal law. What goes around comes around. There are only consequences

  3. Anyone who still thinks this is about a fake, phoney, fictional, make believe, nonexistent virus you deserve what you get. Can YOU say CONTROL !!!! Can YOU say SLAVE !!!!


  4. Excellent video Hugo! People might not believe in in the devil, but those who run our world do and they worship him and do his will, which is evil. They have been spinning evil as good and good as evil to the masses for a long while now and the masses are largely accepting it- just look at the success of the YES campaign for repealing Ireland’s 8th Amendment which protected the child in the womb as well as his/her mother! The Irish people were told to vote YES to remove the right to life for unborn children from our Constitution for …”COMPASSION”!!! And loads of them fell for it!!!
    There would be far too many examples of this for me to mention but I would think all here could think of plenty! So, no matter what our beliefs are, we ALL need to fine tune our moral compasses and make sure they’re working properly and that we CAN tell good from evil and not be fooled into believing evil is good and vice versa! For that, I believe we need supernatural Faith in Jesus Christ, but that’s my belief!
    May God bless and keep you Hugo and all here!

    • Seek and you shall find!! Which put me on the road to truth 20yrs ago I’ve done a lot of research and yes they are all connected to satan.
      Secret societies, freemasonry with secret handshakes Cameron, bozo etc are all masons.
      They hide behind fluffy nice slogans to fool the masses. Liberals, socialists, Marxists all are communists useful idiots they have the funding and power in this world and we have allowed it.
      There is only one true faith, Catholic faith all the rest are a sham to fool the masses.
      Church of England is man made! The imposter archbishop of Canterbury is a jew sent there to destroy the last remnants of worshipping christ and saving souls.
      Protocols of the elders of zion we will infiltrate their churches and cause scandal, it will stink to high heaven even Catholic Church has been infiltrated.
      “Grace through faith in jesus christ”
      Angels and demons are very real!!
      Rosary is a powerful weapon against the forces of darkness. I had my spiritual awakening 2yrs ago. I was attacked by a demon for knowing the truth!
      But the blessed mother (rosary) came to my rescue. I had to fight for my soul like a lion. Spiritual warfare is very real. Don’t be fooled they want your soul. Only calling on and walking with Jesus will save you! Time is short!!
      Believe in christ he is the truth, life and the way no one gets to see the father but through Jesus. The son of God!!
      Stop sleeping and being in an induced coma by the satanic lying media. I’ve known they were evil liars for over 20yrs I watch no TV it will rot your soul. Fornication, sex, porn, is Satan’s tool to entrap you.

      • Don’t be deceived by Catholicism the Bible tells us not to worship idols false gods etc the pope worships Lucifer openly and wears pedo symbols on his robes don’t fall for any of it read the KJV Bible it is the TRUTH of the word of The Most High ONLY He can save us all in Jesus name. Check out truthunedited channel for more on Catholicism it’s sun baAl Tammuz worship thts where they get Jesus birthday in December it’s not it’s Tammuz birthday it’s been corrupted by Rome and the worship of mwry is goddess worship also Lucifer satsn I urge u to look into it there’s brilliant content on utube on it also there’s a documentary on Amazon from Babylon to America 1/2 I highly recommend both also if Ur interested in a deeper level of the Bible and whats goin on in this demented world check out Tamara Magdalene lioness of THE Yeshua 2 channel amazing content also shaking my head production for other good stuff and end times production also good Bible channels REAL Bible believers channel Dr gene Kim I’m sure his name is amazing. This world is evil but ppl r waking up I’ve noticed more ppl coming to Christ which I so pleased bout we jst have to stay strong in the truth of The Most High He is all tht will get us through but continue to try n wake ppl upvabd bring them to Christ. God bless you 🙏❤️ from Scotland PS sleep with prayer on and keep in the word thtl keel the demons away they flee at the sound of Jesus name 🙏

      • The whole concept of religion is man made which is the problem, the catholic church is one of the worse unfortunately as it offers nothing to the general masses except the promise of an afterlife ?? impossible to prove, dangerous clergy who fall victim to the carnal desire of the youth of the churches and it happens again and again, the issues of indoctrinating the masses sometimes against there will with all the trappings and consequences that follow n from that Canada being the latest example , the incredible wealth of knowledge hidden from general human beings in the catacombs of Rome, the incredible wealth which is obscene when you consider the majority of the converts live in abject poverty.
        The problem with the human species is it understands that it has a finite amount of time on this earth and with such uncertainty comes a constant search for WHY and how can i make it better when i go, ultimately we all die and if we accepted this fact instead of looking for comfort most wars would not have happened, as a simple example.
        With the constant search for belonging comes the usurpers who offer eternal peace, 12 virgins etc and the masses love it , religion was this but is being overtaken by the latest gods…. climate change, vegetarianism, trans gender, cancel culture etc and these are far more toxic as they have a finite life span leading to the never ending search for new “religions” to fill there place.
        Evil is a construct to cover humans basic instinct to progress, procreate and to kill, all of which are natural urges as you can see in our closest coucins (DNA) the apes, chimps , as we become better at them all the top of the food chain who see us mere mortals as cattle to be moved and manipulated at will, realised that we have become a little unruly, Brexit, Arab Dawn, Trump etc and have decided to curtail our freedoms and remind us of our place, the catholic church did the same during the reformation.
        The shame is the cattle have many who are unwilling to leave the matrix of there comfortable lives in fear of not conforming with the pack mentality of the latest religions and past religions and the dictates of the powerful due to the authoritarian gene and the herd mentality inherently built into us all , it is the few that step away and see the real agenda using the readily available tools.
        When they try and warn our fellow man and are ostracised by them until to late, and such is the history of man .

  5. Such a good job I have no intention of downloading the NHS app. As I’ve said before my phone only has a tiny amount of space for apps so I need to leave the space for important ones such as Nector. Lol more important than the NHS app.

  6. This fits in nicely with the agenda. An app on your phone that repeatedly tells you too stay home. Many will love this while they sit at home being paid but it will mean more bankrupt businesses and the move towards UBI and enslavement.

  7. If I was an employer and an employee phoned up saying they were self isolating because their app had pinged I would sack them. There are plenty looking for work despite what the MSM say.

  8. I wish everyone would just say no to it all, and stop this evil take-over instantly!

  9. Lucis = Lucifer. NGO = One world government department. Why download a phoney app to tell you how to live your life on a daily basis? Is this how stupid people are becoming under the Marxist educational system and media psyop?

  10. not really how karma works unless you want an excuse for doing this. so it will backfire on them but of course that does not help us in the here and now if we don’t resist 🙁

    • meant that ”they” deceive themselves with their believe of karmic freedom.

  11. Yes agree Hugo, we are on the same path. We have an outstanding Stand in the Park group at Shaftesbury, Dorset who all feel the same, it’s growing every week, only 5 weeks in. It is on a key ley line, the Heart Chakra. More people need to look into the power through Ley Lines. We can beat Satanism when we are called to do so as many of us have been, in my humble opinion…

  12. The same smartphone that tells you to self isolate is also capable of tracking your movements.
    So if you were daft enough to install the NHS Apartheid App and you are now being told to lock yourself up solitary confinement, then leave the phone at home when you escape to go walking, running, cycling, clubbing, buying food, walking the dog, visiting friends, buying food and drugs etc

  13. Read KLaus Scwabs books about the GR* reeset and 4th industrial revolution, he lays it all out. You can read the as PDF just search online.

  14. Is there any way on here to locate the comments I have made, as I’d like to see if anyone has liked or replied?

  15. OMG! Thank you for weaving your usual magic and making every connection so easy to understand. You are my hero!

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