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  1. The real killer is the vaccine! It destroys your immune system!
    And in the next flu season all the vaccinated people will perish!
    It’s bill Gates’s depopulation programme!

    • I’ve noticed on TV the script thing. For example when a presenter talks about an event that is coming back he or she always says blah blah blah was postponed/cancelled due to the pandemic. It winds me up big time. We know why everything got put on hold why do we need to be reminded? As for masks well as I keep saying if they work why the rise in cases? Also going back to the script the term more than ever has crept in which also winds me up.

      • There is no Rise In Cases. It’s all a lie! Covid doesn’t exist, because contagion is a myth. There is no virus that spreads around. The germ theory is a theory. Viruses are non-living they get activated when there is a inflammation in the body due to toxicity from medicine, chemtrails, Wi-Fi, pesticides, GMO food, fluoride in water etc. Covid is a hoax

    • The Black Death coincided with the ‘Mini Ice Age’ event. If people don’t get enough sunlight or fresh, growable foods which is what occurred in the mini ice age then famine and pestilence is a consequence, hence the emergence of the Black Death which took hold because everyone’s immune system was compromised. The survivors built up herd immunity and a stronger immune system which we both share today.

  2. After tonites shenanigans in the pub
    With a dear friend who has been double jabbed and is still wandering around with a mask on ,whilst I just have a tatty piece of cardboard hanging round my neck and no jab to say I’m exempt says we are seriously up against it.

    • Mad ain’t it Tommy 🤯 Went to Brixham a couple of weeks ago for a break that was cancelled due to the Scamdemic last year & have friends down there, half jabbed & the other half not & taking sides against each other. Another couple who I have known for close on 50years refused to see me because I won’t have the jab ❗️ Sheer madness ❗️Needless to say I’ve crossed them off my probably cancelled Christmas card list 😡

  3. SO the Spanish flu was actually covid-18
    we are in a snow globe/sandbox
    outside controllers are manipulating our environment resetting civilizations every 100 years
    Hi-Story a set of lies agreed upon

  4. They are so boring why don’t they get straight to the point. They turn an interesting topic into the most boring nonsense.

  5. Wendy Barclay and her dodgy colleagues should be facing trails against the Nuremberg code , Faucci in the US should be in prison

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  7. HIS-STORY is not YOUR-STORY ! It is THE-STORY written by the controllers.

  8. Thank you Hugo

    Have subscribed to theses guys 💪👍👍

    Keep up the great work fella s 💪✌️🦋

    Have great day Every one

  9. My grandad ( a northener) told my dad that nearly every family lost at least one member, if a cousin, aunt etc.of the ‘Spanish flu.’ Whatever it really was.
    I doubt hé lied! !
    He was a small boy then, his beloved eldest sister died of the Spanish flu at 19. Later he was suspicious about the origins of that ‘flu”

    I am in my early sixties.My dad told me this over 20 years ago. He is no longer here to confirm. It really affected me though.
    I dont remember my parents ever getting ‘ seasonal flu’ , ill in bed; maybe a bad cold.They carried on , dad went to work.!

    In America , people’s diaries of that time and doctors letters do confirm a pandemic during ‘ Spanish flu’

    Covid is not a pandemic I have said the from the beginning !

    • I watched a documentary about the “Spanish flu” on it they said it should have been called the American flu

  10. 1905 dr Carl brown invented beam forming in 1917 Albert Einstein took over his work to develop radars radiation gives flue and much more

  11. Not sure how to contact these chaps but I wondered if they’d heard what Alan Watt had to say about sport? Not The famous Alan watts but Alan watt. He died recently in what some say were suspicious circumstances. Another ‘Truther’ died on the same day too apparently. Just started listening to this podcast and when they talked about sport it reminded me of what I’d recently heard by Alan. He talks about how as recently as 60’s sport or competitive sport wasn’t a bit thing, it was considered for children, it was only on the tv rarely but over time it has been engineered to become a big part of people’s life and attention. In a nutshell he makes a good in depth case that sport has been used to infantile men. To absorb and transform men’s warrior energy from something raw and powerful when used for good/truth to something so pointless as supporting a team. I too was hoodwinked but had fallen out with sport a long time ago. Im all up for equality but having footballers getting paid millions of pounds a month taking the knee in the name of inequality is taking the pee. But just like most they are just political puppets so it’s not their fault I guess.

  12. Talking about germ theory I thought I’d share my current experience. I work at an exotic plant nursery and couple of days ago we had a delivery come in. I was moving a plant called a T. rex when I inhaled a piece of it. It got caught in the back of my throat and I couldn’t get it out. I went to bed and the next morning I woke with a sore throat. It was obvious to me it was this thing in my throat. My throat kinda cleared up at work during the day but when I woke the next morning ( yesterday) not only was my sore throat back but I had full on flu symptoms that have gotten worse until this moment. It’s amazing to me that my body had gone into full on defence mode in 48 hours to create mucus, runny nose, coughing to try to get rid of this invading piece of plant material. The worst thing is the sheeple at work think it’s you know what. Totally gaslighting me and my 100% knowing n figuring out what is causing my body to do this.

  13. I just listened to that numpty on BBC recommending that measures should remain in place after July 19. His main thrust is that infections will rise until the vaccine takes effect. What utter nonsense they put out. If there have been a continuous stream of cases over the past months this would mean that they will have recovered from the mild infection on a rolling 10 day recovery – even without any vaccine huge numbers will already be immune and without any deadly side effects like blood clots etc. This is no different than it has always been – treat the ill, the fit will survive just as nature intended – the Canutists have had their day and lost again.

  14. Was bored after a. Few mins. Waffling on about how much the over drank. G t on with it. And may actually give it some more attention.☹️

  15. They just mentioned measles. My Nan who is 90 got measles after her first jab recently. Doc said it was normal. Like how the fuck does he know it’s normal after a experimental jab?

    • I think you nailed it! HAHAHAHA
      The doc gave the right answer: it’s normal if you take part in a roulette!

  16. Dr Sam Bailey did a video on viral transmission and covered the Spanish flu. It’s worth a watch, she’s on Odysee and You tube

  17. Good that you raised the question of Spanish Flu which also to me looks like a prop.
    I even claim that COVID-19 Plandemic is a 100th year anniversary of this perhaps the very first medical scam.
    I don’t have much time to look into this myself and prove it but to my it looks like another Holocaust type action where we inflate the numbers to make it look very tragic and scary.
    Just so people are not talking about the victims of communism like over 50 million Russians/Ukrainians/Poles etc. exterminated by the Bolsheviks.
    I think the idea is to create a New Normal communist environment where people will be dying of deadly poisons and of hunger but the government will blame the deaths on a virus.
    I hope someone is going to nail the topic of Spanish Flu.

  18. One of the most interesting things I’ve ever listened to….you guys are brilliant, subscribing right now…..massive massive thanks to you both and of course to Hugo Talks for introducing me to you…much love and respect to you….oh and by the way NEVER apologise to vegans, the bloody weirdos and I often enjoy a lamb chop 😉 goodnight guys, look forward to the next one ❤

    • Nice sentiments until you mugged yourself at the end with your arrogant comments. His apology was sincere and he didn’t invite people to respond to this, so why do it? My definition of weird is someone happy to eat an animals offspring just for a few moments of pleasure. Presumably you’re a meateater who would be prepared to take and kill the lamb before serving it up for dinner? If not then you’re a hypocrite and you should pipe down. If you don’t agree with vegans that’s your choice, but labelling them weird is disrespectful.

  19. The knowledge you impart is priceless. My mother’s family are from West Yorkshire and I have always loved the no nonsense approach with a hint of humour

  20. The mask wearing caused bacterial pneumonia which killed the people during the “Spanish flu” it wasn’t actually the flu they contracted that killed them!

    Reminds me of today, it’s not actually Covid killing people, it’s the vaccines and masks!

    Dr Fauci wrote a paper about the Spanish flu, and wearing masks! conveniently it’s been doctored since to suit the agenda! But if you can read between the lines, you will catch the drift of Bull, the truth seekers get led to the truth. Keep searching people.

  21. I cannot agree with the presenter of the podcast regarding no mention of Spanish flu from the generation who lived through it. My grand mother who was in her twenties at the time, told me about it when I was a child.

  22. The body language of the so-called specialists in the 1918 flu was telling. The suppressed smirks (like Billy Goat) but also the eyes and facial moves show guilt and deception. The deception was very strong.

  23. Wendy Barclay, probably related to the famous banking family and doing the bidding of the elite families…

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