1. So we can’t all start up our own NON vaxxed pubs club’s restaurants or what?

  2. The virus still hasn’t been isolated from a single human. Can you believe this? Did they just rebrand flu as COVID 19? It’s not the virus that will kill billions – it’s the jab, and when the next flu season comes around the jabbed will get very ill and die from ADE (antibody dependant enhancement) all part of the Elites population cull plan – poor people hoaxed into taking a “bio weapon” for a non lethal virus when many treatments already exist – vitamin C, D, Zinc, hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide. Yes the jab is a bio weapon – see Robert Malones interview with Del Bigtree on – the spike protein is toxic and pathogenic. All the jabbed are filling their bodies with this pathogen and shedding it to others. Shame on the Irish government traitors, RTÉ, the doctors, medical system, NPHET and police, pharmaceutical industry, the most deceptive, evil plan in history……… Wake up Ireland and the rest of the world

  3. Isn’t not too late to respond and acting against these bullies

  4. He is not anti-abortion,, well you are a bit of a let down. Abortion is murder plain and simple. Abortion in Ireland was the death blow to the Irish. Irish society is in the gutter thanks to RTE and those shysters working for Gates and Anal Schwab. Varadhar and Martin need to be jailed for life.

    • Yes! Either human life is protected in law and sacred in hearts and minds from conception to natural end or eventually, everyone and anyone can be fair game! This is because once the law/constitution allows abortion, it means one demographic is effectively dehumanised and this has the effect of spreading to other demographics! Sure didn’t they have a Bill in the Dail on “assisted suicide” last summer whilst everyone was pre-occupied with the Covid!
      The fact that the Irish people were persuaded to remove the protection of the lives of human foetuses from our Constitution will always be a source of shame and heartbreak and anger to me!
      I agree with Thomas Sheridan on a lot of things but as far as I’m concerned, if one is not pro-life and 100% so, one eventually could be part of the problem as one does not have that clear boundary around the sanctity of human life!

  5. RTE are the virus. The Irish people have lost all sense of reality. They have laid down and are allowing themselves to be shafted and poisoned. The BBC is feeding RTE and are doing the same in the UK.

    • mainland Britain has all this to come in the coming weeks…. wait until the nights start to drawer in…. people return from abroad and then there will be a ‘rise in cases’ what else and then the real tyranny will descend upon us!

  6. War was always the plan. This is how they operated all through history
    Ordo ab chao. Civil uprising; deploy the army; usher in a new system; in one generation the old system will be forgotten because of the mind control that is already in place.

  7. Absolutely brilliant. From a proud Englishman to an obviously proud Irishman, thank you. You’ve shown that at last there is a man with the balls to stand up for the Irish people, most of whom appear to be in a deep coma. Stay strong for the fight that is coming for us all.

  8. Awesome 👏 video thank you sir. Here’s to rogue states

  9. I agree I shared this with my Brother and he just said that’s just Ireland Freedom day 19th July England. My reply was that’s just a false sense of Freedom Lockdown come Winter time😔

  10. Brave Heart reborn ….. Ireland needs 4 million more to show as much courage and common sense …. the Irish and other totalitarian states must be resisted by the people before it’s too late, if it isn’t already……

  11. I think the vaccinated are being rewarded and praised by their friends at RTE and are still on a high from their constant virtue signalling not able to stand back and question anything.

  12. Thank you for sharing Hugo. Felt so emotional on listening to this then angry. at how ignorant people can still be you’d have to be a zombie not to be moved by his words Passionate words and realisation things are going to get dirty and it’s going to be a fight to the death. Stay strong all 💪

  13. 💪💪💪💪💪👍💪💪💪

    Thank you to this man ✊💪💪👍🦋

    And his passion is what we all need to be doing more & more of!!!!!💪💪💪💪💪

    Thank you again for an Amazing share 👍🦋💪

    Thank you fella & thank you Hugo

    And I am sharing my Ass off 👍👍👍💪💪😂✌️✌️💪

    Have great day Every one 🦋

    • You’ll take loads of abuse and flak for sharing, I fear. I got some awful comments directed at me when I questioned why the April 24th Freedom March ( (200,000 people ) had not been mentioned by the BBC. At that point I decided not to bother with the sheep….. Let them queue for the abattoir.

  14. I’m visiting my dad at the moment, he’s shocked that I haven’t taken the vaccine and his friends and most people in the town are not too impressed that I haven’t been vaxxed and don’t talk to me because of what I share on social media and my view on vaccines. They say you won’t be able to have a pint or go to my nephew’s wedding in France next year. My family are pro vaccine and constantly on about how I need to get vaccinated as soon as possible and that I’ll get covid and infect others. It’s insane how things have changed in such a short space of time. Most of the people I know are saying I need to vaccinate if I want a Pint. Too many sheeple and not enough critical thinkers.

    • Isn’t it disturbing how cheaply people will sell themselves? A trip abroad or even a bloody few pints in a pub! That’s actually worse than the first “Soupism” because those people were literally starving to death and even so, the vast majority resisted and 1 million of them resisted to the point of dying for their beliefs! How venal and craven people have become!

  15. I have always hoped to see partition removed in Ireland before I die. However I do not want to live under the present regime operating the south of Ireland, the goverment in the Free State at present is one of the worst in the world, they are the epitomy of what united Irish men were trying to avoid. Using subtrufuge and printed paper Leinster House have sold the 26 counties out to the UN banking cartell through the EU totaly and completely. I think the Irish people,the ones that were all hiding in there houses and covering there faces in fear are now just starting to see there is something else going on and those people mean poverty comming down the pipe for all of them.

    • If I was above in the North I’d be thinking the same way as yourself! What would be the point with things as they are? Ye’d only be swapping one foreign rule for another, an even more hostile and malevolent one! Yiz are better off as ye are for the time being- at least ye still have the NHS up there!

  16. they make up the rules the day before the release date, exactly what bojo the clown did cancelled Christmas the day before, wonder what’s going to happen on 18th July, there good at buying time that’s for sure. there will be something new after the 18th that’s for sure, a new set of rules to follow. no phone no food probably, they might set us free for a couple of months then go back into lockdown again in September till spring, to improve and update there technology, there good at buying time to implement this, every time they give us a date its a bad sign why bother giving us dates. need a yes or no answer, its the bit in between, that’s the torture. worse form of mental torture, will they be a grand finale on the 19th. fuck of with your dates, there control dates to keep your hopes up then crush you the day before. if they cut my services off for not having a microchip smartphone, because i get rid of it because i’m not daft. i know what ill be doing, having a great reset of my own, which i look forward to anyway. going back to nature. get out this concrete jungle city prison of the mind, get outside as much as possible get out the house while summers here. the weekends are dead in the towns at night. roll on Monday when people are about, starting to feel alienated at the weekends, where is everyone. so quite out there.

  17. He’s kissed the Blarney Stone for sure, and I agree with every word he said. I hope more shops, pubs and eateries open up regardless, it’s time the people said NO.

  18. This guy is awesome and no
    Hugo this guy will put you out of a job on here….nah just kidding
    Get together with him 2 heads are better than 1
    All the Best to all in Ireland .

  19. This is a depopulation programme! And the vaccinated people will discover that their immune systems have been destroyed when the next flu season arrives! They will all die this winter! God bless them all!

  20. Ireland can’t you see you have been lockdown forever the most Draconian measures have been put on you because you are an Island and you have been the Test case for the Globalist if you keep doing what you are told all you do is be told to do something else. YOUR GOVERNMENT IS LYING TO YOU. …….BUT YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE LYING TO THEIR PEOPLE. THIS HAS BEEN PLANNED FOR YEARS.

    it is there intention to take over not just Ireland but the whole World. Take a look at NEW ZEALAND that are exactly the same,
    If you have Elections they are rigged.

    • I totally agree with you Gillian. Ireland is being held up as an example to the rest of the world with the full backing of our leader Leo Varadker. He is a globalist and is willing to “throw the Irish People” under the bus to achieve recognition. The Irish people have become too docile and are very slow to fight back. They have been brainwashed by the media. The protests began well but the Gardai interfered and made the people look like they were there to cause havoc. I have been on protests myself and I stand up for what I believe in. If the train that is hurtling down the tracks is not stopped there is no hope for us all…

    • You are absolutely correct. New Zealand and Australia ( both islands ) and yourselves have been stamped on terribly. We on the mainland have this all to come, and I’m pretty sure that it will. Despots do not give up their control so easily. The British people will get what they deserve. I SMH once again. There is no end to this scam…. ☹️

  21. DEADLY VIRUS my arse, As we all know politicians, royalty, “celebrities” hollywood types etc are all a bunch of self-obsessed self-absorbed narcissistic twats. That only care for number 1. If there really was a killer virus as they would have you believe out there, these aforementioned types would be no where to be seen they’d be tucked up in bunkers, their mansions, pre-arranged safe house’s getting the little people to fetch & carry their supplies. If the British government and NPHET’S equivalent Sage, as an example, really believed there is this killer virus about, do you rally think they’d allow their 95 year old queen drive around Unmasked on her own, or allow the next Kings wife mix with Joe public at Wimbledon, my bollix they would.

    • Absolutely correct. Our wonderful Queen, 95 yrs young actually had a BBQ with unmasked and unvaxxed world leaders last week. Obviously, The Convid Killer Virus recognised her status and would never infect her…. Or the other freeloaders and liars who had their snouts on the fking trough!! It’s been total BS since the very start!

  22. Love this guy. Go Ireland. Kick the sick psychos up the arse. Love from Wales.

  23. I have been vilified and verbally abused. I have had friends virtually tell me that I should actually be GIVEN the killer virus WITHOUT being able to have a vaccine ( this person obviously thought that would frighten me, or I’d die! lol lol). I have been saying that we will ALL be wearing striped pyjamas for over a year now. It was bloody obvious where it was heading, but the sheep still can’t see it coz the Bullshiting Broadcast Corporation, BBC, refuse to tell the truth and are comfortable censoring what the nation sees. I can’t see a good end to all this…. ☹️

  24. Well said Thomas! We are living in a satanic world. Our Government do not care about us. They have sold off most of our natural resources. Constant drip, drip, drip brainwashing and lies. ENOUGH. The people that have not bothered to do some research and believed the lies are responsible for the mess we are in. It is time to fight for our freedom before it is too late….Our government need to be unseated…

  25. Interested in the plans for the gr* reset, go to Amazon and look up’ Covid 19 Great Reset’ book by Klaus Schwab .
    Read the reviews …very enlightening! I am planning to give this book as gifts to all my family/friends naysayers for birthdays!

    • Hey! That’s a Great Idea! My friends and family will not look-up anything that might prove the conspiracy theorists right, they continue to stroke their comfort blanket and hope the vaccine ( 🤣🤣🤣) keeps them safe! 😷😁😷

    • I have just read the reviews!!! Most give it a single ⭐ and then explain the awful future that this book envisages for all of us … Even the sheep ( so that is ONE good thing!! ) will ‘ own nothing and be happy’.

    • Fucking hell people I new all this shit 2years ago longer.

  26. The engineered genocide was not a famine but yes its the same sort of thing . The slavery of the Irish peeps was rebranded indentured servitude later on too & has been completely ignored for decades.

  27. You are wrong about Poland – They have a joo leader Mateusz Morawiecki (JUST like Merkel, Macron, BoJo) and they are constantly pushing people to get jabbed – and they don’t care what jab J&J, AZ, Moderna, Pfizer – no problem. They are already talking about a 4th wave in August

  28. Great man!!! I wish there were many many more people like him to stand up and stop this f****g BS!!! I applaude to him!💪💪💪

  29. stand up against this you guys/ we are praying for you. today you tomorrow us. if its not one thing its another. we must stand against it all.
    Dont take the vax.

  30. Today I had a very important hospital appointment in London, and guess what guys! I completely avoided wearing a face mask the whole time I was there, and forever my consultant who I saw today wasn’t wearing one either! I was the only person not wearing a mask in the whole hospital, and boy didn’t it feel really fantastic!!!!!!!! I’m pleased to say that I won’t need to go back as I’m not having surgery now which is even better news!! No masks, jabs, jab passports or anything for me! I will continue to completely rebel!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can’t get over just how stupid so many people are following this garbage and complying with it! They all got rocks in their heads!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yesterday I went into tescos, usually I am the ONLY person in there without a mask. But yesterday, there was at least another ten people without a mask! Are people waking up at last? Fingers crossed.

      • WOW mate! I do hope so…. Here in the Midlands, a small ex-coalmining town, the sheep wear their silly masks all day long I think!! lol I had a chap jump back 10 feet today because I was maskless and asked if I could walk passed him. Poor , frightened sheep…. good job he had is life-saving, blue, cotton mask on to save him from me! lol

      • Hahaha Hahahahahaha PHEWsaved by the 😷 🤿

    • It’s good to hear something like this Carolyn, it’s uplifting and encouraging so thank you! I’m delighted you don’t need surgery and much respect to your consultant, GOOD MAN!

    • I was the only person not wearing a mask in a shopping center with hundreds of people walking past in masks
      They look at the ground because they are naughty little children obeying orders

      Big old fat men with tattoos who build things and drive white vans that need cleaning wear masks and prance around like Louie Spence on a hot tin roof
      Pathetic 😂 follow your leader off a cliff you pissant little fellows not even remotely cute like a stag beetle


    • That wagon Mcdonnell and the other prick garry adams sitting on their arses again.They killed and maimed innocent people in GB Claiming to be oppressed,dublingobshit

      • The Irish people voted for SF & they won but these globalist made a deal to stay in power.
        Please remember people from both sides died in a conflict that was instagated on both sides by the same type of power hurngy elite
        Ordinary People being divided by the same old propaganda.

      • Wasnt Gerry Adam’s an MP in Ireland? Speaks volumes to me there like the irish mafia

      • They ran to Westminster, the Enemy, begging like the murderous little bitches they are to help them to force abortion on the North against the will of the majority up there too! Let’s face it , they’re ALL nothing only traitorous scum- SF, FF, FG, the Greens and the commies! NONE of them want what’s best for the Irish people, only for themselves!
        All I can say is that 30 pieces of silver didn’t do Judas much good and it won’t do them much good in the end either!

    • Sometimes I feel like all the compliers around the place are pissing on The Big Fella’s grave, and on Padraig Pearse’s and all the rest who died for our freedom! What WOULD they think of us? I’m sure they would be absolutely disgusted and ashamed of us and what we’ve become!
      TBH, we’re betraying generations of our ancestors if we comply with this Covid con-job and I personally DO blame those who take the jab (even though I love them for being my people I can’t help but feel contempt and shame as well) as well as NEPHET, the government , the HSE , and all the rest of them!

  32. My sympathies are with you. Its coming to us in the UK.

  33. Stop listing your videos on Youtube first. What is up with you? Why are you feeding the beast?

    • Spot on. I’m sorry it’s there war . England has it’s own. Ever country has to take care of there country. I could say a lot more about who runs about Ireland but I’m not. I am more concerned about my country. Lambs to the slaughter and hypocrites comes to mind.

  34. fucking right!!!!……stand the fuck up all you restaurants, pubs etc.!…..stand the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!1

  35. The needle is a slippery slope, because they want to make you take it every 6 months. A mandatory needle for doing nice things in life, doesn’t make any sense, its like living in a open air eugenics prison. So people should wtfu and draw the line there.

  36. Well, slowly but surely isn’t quick enough!!!! Needs for people to NOW say Enough’s Enough! Time is running out!!!

  37. My Gran was Irish, County Cork, lovely people and i really hope not just Ireland but the world turns on these satanically controlled elite but thats is not where the bible leads me. Read Ps 120 (year 2020), that will explain the lies and then read the psalms to follow showing you what will happen in the years proceeding. Its is time for all to believe in Jesus Christ as this is the tribulation about to start. Look at the vaccine patent from Bill Gates WHO060606AI and like on all your videos Hugo the 6 is in everything.

    • 6uild 6ack 6etter

      I agree, Leigh. This is a spiritual battle. The globalists worship Lucifer. Celebrities may refer to him as the great commander; freemasons as the architect. He is the prince of lies and always demands blood sacrifices.

      The good news is that he has already been defeated, by Jesus.

  38. Great & passionate declaration.
    Thomas Sheridan is a force of nature.
    Thanks for sharing.

  39. I like Thomas Sheridan,Same thing is happening all over the west at least.Today is very darl England.I hope the dice gets rolled to many times too.Wakey, wakey.

  40. Well Said what is your name I want to be part of this fight back how do we get in touch with like minded people and get organised. I feel exactly the same way.

    • Well my friend I’m with you to the death. These evil bastards have taken enough of our lives and the only way forward isn’t peaceful. For over a year I’ve been preaching what’s going to happen and I’ve been right with all of it – not because I’m the new Nostradamis (please excuse my spelling if incorrect), but because it’s so fucking obvious. All I can say is that there’s too many fucking stupid people in this world and I’m not fucking going down with them.

  41. Civil War is well on it’s way now,just watch.

    • I love it when people tell it like it is, which is the truth. Ireland is a beautiful place, with friendly people, but have been messed about for a long time. Take back your freedom Ireland, and the world.🙏🌞💜🌎🌈

    • Geoffrey, love his passion!
      So many truths in this clip.

      What I don’t agree with is the reliance on politicians doing something for the people.
      Money talks unfortunately and the funders want orders to be followed at all costs!!

  42. I think people are waking slowly but surely, but those who aren’t awake are refusing to be awake.

    • There are plenty of drones out there who are waiting for these passports you can guarantee. They don’t have the brains they were born with. A good example to remove the detritus from the gene pool.

      • The guy wants to be carefull with his words there Goverment will lock him up and say he’s insane

      • People from eastern Europe are much more aweken as we had communism. We don’t trust authorities so much and very early we could clearly see what’s coming with covidoza. People in Ireland are too nice, too comfortable and too compliant. That’s why so many died during the hunger and so many will die soon…Ireland wake up, open your eyes and get off your knees!!!!

    • Go Ireland these dictators don’t have your interests at heart , enough , is enough . fuC* them

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