EU HOLIDAY BAN For 5 Million UK AZ πŸ’‰ / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. And we’re the crazy unjabbed idiots oh how sweet this is all becoming πŸ˜‚

    • They most probably want to keep us all here for the next part of their evil plan. There was a leaked document that they want to fit us all with bracelets, so they can keep an eye on us etc. Also involve the police as well. So sick.🀯

      • If that’s the Neil Ferguson leaked memo it’s been called out by many as fake

      • Yep, we all know it’s a fake by now. That is why I am calling out posters such as ‘Anna babukhan’ who persist in mentioning it over and over again as fully paid-up members of the 77th Brigade. Who quite possibly concocted this hoax ‘memo’. I wonder how long before another member of the 77th brigade mentions it or posts a link to it πŸ˜€

    • Wait until the vaccinated are not allowed at all on flights due to the high risk of blood clots at altitude 🀣🀣🀣

      • AI, I think that’s already happening with Russian and Spanish airlines?
        Due to higher risk of thrombosis.

  2. Hugo – great update as ever!!! The slow realisation is starting for some !!!
    Just heard Mike Yardley being interviewed on talk radio and one of the the first open discussions on the experimental jabs!!! The population have been fed a diet of fear and propaganda for too long!!! Mike discussed the deaths from the jab and his own experience!!!

    • Another person who has died of the vaccine ( Vaccine, my arse! ) when they had so little chance of even being slightly ill IF they had ever caught this Killer Flu! It just shows how brainwashed some people are when his partner, who must be grief-stricken, STILL believes in the ‘vaccine’ and STILL believes that the Killer Virus is killing more people than the ‘vaccine’ ! What WILL make the sheep change their minds??? It is as sad story, but they have been warned ( if they bother to look for REAL news and not BBC propaganda! ).

      • Videoman, that’s exactly the issue.
        They can’t be bothered to do the research themselves and would much rather be fed crap by government experts.

        Plus if they start to question this then it will open the door to soo many other lies!

  3. What’s it matter if you had a jab or not, you can walk out from being jabbed and catch a virus anyway, anywhere on the Planet Hahaha πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  4. They seem to be focusing on the AZ jabbed people with the headlines. What about the healthy people that havent taken the jab?

    I wonder how this evil will end. The Soviet Union lasted for about 3 generations, so I may not see the end of this darkness that is falling across all of Europe.

    • It’s not worked out well for the jabbed. Get a prick, but carry on with the mask and jumping apart from people too near, and don’t get your β€˜freedom’! And worry about any potential health issues in a year or so.

  5. This is a deliberate tactic to get the jabbed rejabbed.

    • And don`t forget the over 50`s and vulnerable who took up the offer of the free flu jab last year as well. I told people at the time they would do combined boosters the next year for covid and the flu and it was a trap. I think they said recently it would be covid jab in one arm and the flu jab in the other ?

      • Have you seen there are twice as many flu cases in hospital than this bug. The largest number of summer flu hospitalisations we’ve ever had.
        My guess is the flu jab fossnt work either and the masks are ensuring they catch it.
        How daft can people be?

  6. This was to be expected, wasn’t it? Will these people finally come to understand that they’ve been cheated?

  7. Saw this coming, they only want RNA Jab’s, with the programmed long term depopulation effect they are after.

    Oxford, made an old school jab, hateful POS that it is, if they’d of said NO NO NO only RNA Jab’s, that would of raised suspicion, so know they’ll try to force the Oxford Jabbed into getting the RNA Jab’s.

    Daughter just started care work, told got to have it, guess I’ll be supporting her for longer, QUIT was my words!!

    A Jab, which doesn’t stop you catching, spreading, getting ill from or dying from, isn’t a vaccine, it’s a TRAP, don’t fall for traps!!

    Prepare for WAR people, it’s a coming, Censorship is back at the MAX setting, internet partial closer soon, too many are waking up, they need to slow this down, to meet there goals, or maybe they’ve jabbed enough, find out soon!!

    Enjoy your Cull Sheep!! Rule #1 Don’t waste time / resources trying to help sheep, we tried, they laughed at us, time to cut them free!!! Baaaaaaaaa!!!

    • I think you need to research your Jabs more and double check what you understand.

    • YES soldier! I will never stop fighting, I see a civil war…idk ww3 and then the end of the world coming πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ™πŸ». TurN tO GoD nOw

  8. I hope all those doofases who rushed to be infected are envying us. Its all boiling back to these freemasonry/Big Pharma taking us for fools and wanting to make money out of our stupidity, profane as they dub us.

    I will fight them to my last breath and I would retake prison than volunteer for my own demise. They will stick where the sun don’t shine.

    Again and again THANK YOU VERY MUCH Hugo. I am finding more and more strength by the day..

  9. And are there any known contra-indications between the AZ jab & the others or are they keeping that one quiet?

    • AZ is the only old school none RNA Jab,short term effect only, no programmable long term effect, remember the RNA Jab’s, where made in 2018 if not before, before Covid was even a thing, they didn’t make them to solve Covid, they used Covid and hyped a nothing into something, to push the Jab’s on all, there made them to ????

      Data looking like the Jabbed, will die from a Corona Virus given enough time for the Viral Priming to take effect when re infected, with any Corona Virus new or old.

      But this might be wrong, we need to keep an open mind, maybe there jabbing us to save us from something there not telling us,maybe it’s not a bad thing and there doing bad for a very good reason, although I doubt this, we can’t and shouldn’t rule this out.

      100% sure, there not jabbing us at this point to save us from Covid, which I’ve had and know 100’s which have had, or should of had and not a big issue for any of them!!

  10. Thanks Hugo.
    Appreciate your research & keeping us up to date on the latest.
    It’s hard to understand how people can’t see through all this by now, the goal posts change daily…” yes travel…no dont travel…travel but quarentine…travel no quarentine required….” it’s all been set up to confuse & cause chaos & it’s working as well as all the fear mongering. Wake up world before anymore get jabbed!!!

  11. This may be a cover up to prevent the jabbed people that are liable to suffer blood clots whilst flying!

    • That is a good point…. a very good point!

  12. Place your bets on when the Internet will be crippled to essential services to keep the sheep sheep!!

    18/07/2021 is my bet, odd feeling about that date, keeps popping up a lot aswell.

    • Too many people rely on the internet now and they want that so when it goes down people will not have a clue what to do.

  13. Well I feel smug. Who are the covidiots now! My husband had it for travelling after initially deciding not to get a jab. He wouldn’t listen to my worries about it all and now he is well and truly stuffed. I’d like to say it serves him right, but I’m also very sad about the whole scenario. Nobody deserves to be treated in this manner, sad because they are so brainwashed and groomed.

    Of course it is another ploy to make you desperate to get multiple doses of the gene therapy versions.

    • My wife has had both jabs so that WE can go on holiday.. She knows that I will not be part of any experimental jab to keep me safe from a Flu that affects certain types of people…. but now she is bordering on depression because of mine and hers future look so socially bleak. What a brilliant job these tyrants have done on their own people. Shame on them all!!!!!

      • I totally agree it is depressing and sleep is not good – my first waking thoughts are about what might happen to us – genetically modified or not. Then I take great delight in seeing Boris almost blow a gasket about us “nut jobs” because we won’t do as we are told and I just hope he does and suffers in agony for what he has done to us – and all the rest of them. I want them all hung, drawn, quartered slowly and even then that’s too good for them.

  14. so they got the wrong jab. so these jabs are doing something else then. says it all… so they got the wrong brand. we are being branded indefinitely… we know where this is going…

  15. Oh the irony.. soon unvaccinated blood, sperm and ovaries will become the new bitcon

  16. Now you know where the Indian Delta Verent come from !!!!!

  17. Thank you Hugo

    I have ZERO tolerance for anyone who thought they would β€˜be allowed !’ to do many things now because they to Stupid to buy into this BS!

    I couldn’t afford holidays before so I not loosing out on Feck all lol πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

    Don’t Comply Masks need stay off your face & I saving for a laptop Hugo πŸ‘
    I only have phone at mo to reach hear so but I will be taking your advice a getting rid of my android ASAP

    Have great day to you all πŸ’ͺπŸ¦‹βœŒοΈ


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