A Bit Of Background On Jacinda Ardern

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23 Comments on “A Bit Of Background On Jacinda Ardern

    • She also worked as a intern for Tony bLairs cabinet during the invasion’s of Iraq.

  1. I feckin hate Ardhern, after the masonic cover up of UK establishment paedophilia, I feckin hate Jacinda Ardhern
    Masonic whore.

  2. She looks like a ghoul, all these globalists look horrible and off

    • Probably had Bill Gates in her, hope they burn in hell😈

      • That is a horrible thing to say… REPENT to God now, love your friends and pray for your enemies. In hell, you burn and get tortured forever, no hope, no peace, no God…

  3. I have a little more info: In an old conspiracy theory book I have it talked about a WEF “Global Initiative 2020, to formulate the “roadmap” and “spearhead” change’,” and it was bringing together a forum of “largely unknown” Young Global Leaders (of which JA was one in 2004) who “share a commitment to shaping the global future…and are destined for future greatness. “‘ This book was released in 2005, But it’s all just a conspiracy theory remember!

    • “young leaders” are prepared for the posts from their cradles by their masonic parents

  4. SheHe? gives me the creeps with that accent and toothy grin and mannerisms!

  5. Another link to Luciferian Freemasonry – for those unjabbed and still able to join the dots !

  6. “Irvine Welsh… Filth… and Porridge.” Well, Welsh wasn’t a film, but his novel Filth became one (and didn’t have a great deal to do with Freemasonry). As for Porridge, maybe Mr Mackay was a Freemason, but I suspect he’d find them too namby-pamby.

  7. Ordinary people should not vote for this bitch!

  8. she also worked as a interm to Tony bLairs cabinet during the Iraq invasion. Search and you will find.

  9. No mention of her having a penis then?? Or that she was a victim of child abuse either.

  10. HUGO! look at the recent queens picture with hitlers off spring merkel. she has the masonic hand sign!

  11. HUGO! please do a video about merkel (hitlers relation) and the queen, the youtube video of them has a time stamp of merkel posing a masonic hand sign…This meeting is all wrong because in theory we have two real nazis having a meeting!

  12. She’s a dangerous piece of work and lies through her teeth to your face. Problem for NZ is she has media on pocket and are part of her propaganda machine.
    Kiwis inherintly lazy…and those that ain’t are vastly outnumbered (at the moment anyway)

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