Robocop Dog Dance Jerusalema / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • It is not a dog. And it’s not cute. The madness has no end. Oh, and one other thing: what have the human race done that is so wrong that every one of us must be subjected to what is in effect an illegal vaccine and to be treated as if we are all criminals on the run? If we do not rise up very soon, and with this vaccine in so many bodies already it may be too late, our fate and the fate of our children and forebears will be sealed.

  1. We’re toast, dead as a door knob, I mean digidog hasn’t got any empathy to worry about, I’m sure digidog won’t have an existential crisis over shooting anyone or even hesitate to put a bullet through a child’s skull either.

    • Set the metal fucker on fire . There would b a way to disarm that stupid looking thing. Rember it’s only basically wires and metal easy to fuck up a computer isnt it. X

    • Erin, maybe someone in a mask will put it out of it’s misery with a baseball bat or similar ??

  2. The police just don’t see the writing on the wall,, just like Tesco staff didn’t see the writing on the wall when the self checkouts were introduced,, now they are starting to hear about checkouts not being required. it’s only a matter of time till the stores are automated along with the shelf stockists. All gone, lucky there will be universal basic income to cover the bacic needs,, with the emphasis on basic!

    • Yes 20 years ago every check out in asda had a person on the check outs. The other week there was 2 people and yesterday there’s was only 3 check outs open. People was using the scan and go and self service.

      • This is why there installing Leds the drones use them for way points. Even in your house. Another reason for restricted access to the country side,in the name of conservation.

    • You will only get UBI as long as you comply.

    • As Marx said Capital abhors Labour. The only reason people are sat behind a checkout is because it hasn’t been automated yet. And anyway, who wants to be sat behind a checkout all day? A broken back and repetitive strain injury is what you are going to end up with. The checkout is the most hated job in a supermarket. I bet no-one complaining about ‘job losses’ would want to do it 😀 It is like when the Victorian Mills were automated and the Luddites were up in arms about ‘job losses’, when Maggie Thatcher closed down the pits, blah, blah, blah. Who in their right mind would want to work in a Victorian Mill or down a pit? Like a ‘job for life’ down a pit and and early death from lung disease or being crushed to death by a milling machine was some sort of prize 😀 We should be celebrating the demise of these God-awful ‘jobs’. It was the same in Fleet Street when lithographers were replaced by desktop publishing. You are not going to stop the march of technology. We are going to have to adapt as a society. Adapt or die as Darwin said.

      • Mining as an example now just happens elsewhere, it’s not like it disappeared… We need it to fuel your techno world

  3. Well done Hugo for bringing this to our attention it is far better we know the facts. I for one salute you. As they say you can ignore reality however you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality!!!

  4. If you want to see what there really planing with robots.( with guns ) Look up YouTube New Robots Makes Soldier’s obsolete.

    It won’t let me post on here.

  5. In every town.
    In every city.
    In every borough.
    In a street near you.
    There are places.
    Places that conspire against those not involved.
    Not connected.
    Not sworn in.
    Do you know where those places are locally to you?
    Do you attend them?
    Does your mate or work colleague let slip about how social and of benefit to society they are?
    All the jolly good fun to be had.
    Have you been tempted to enquire as to the benefit to you?
    It’s all in good fun.
    Totally harmless.
    Without critique.
    Have you been corrupted?
    Pressured to turn a blind eye?
    Seen things that tug at your heart and leave you struggling for sleep?
    Do you say no?
    Do you live free of coercive pressure?
    In your town.
    Your city.
    Your borough.
    The street that you live maybe?
    Those are the places that need to fall.
    And hard.
    But alas. As society has manoeuvred and infiltrated.
    This will never happen.
    It’s totally normal. Nothing to see here.
    Continue in your life of ignorance.
    It is blissful is it not?


  6. The robot dog is to keep the resistance on planet Earth under control and the “human” police on planet Mars.
    Theirs plan is travelling fast then expected.

  7. First they came for the anti-vaxers but I wasn’t an anti-vaxer, so I did nothing …………………

  8. Terminator 2 springs to mind looks like judgement day is coming. scary shit. i feel this is where its going. soulless entity’s taking over. with everything going on it still connects to this horrible evil energy force, instinctively we know there’s a evil force at work, you can feel it every day with what’s going on, great we have psychic abilities and survival skills that might come in handy, where more powerful then we think to change the world…human connection i miss the most where is everybody the towns are dead the nights are long, hope one day we will rejoice…

  9. In the bible revelations it mentions ( not sure of exact quote) “ and they will send forth their demon scorpions” these have a similar look to scorpions in some of their poses.

  10. Spot on . I thought all these younger generations were wiz kids a hacking . Oh no sorry there all of getting the jab so they can go get pissed and drugged up aboard. They are in for a very rude awaking let me tell u that. X

  11. Tech is on it’s way, make no mistake.

  12. These will be linked to the spy drones in the sky, go where you will and a digidog will soon ‘guide’ you back to where you are permitted to go.

  13. Drones will replace police and air force one thing that makes me smile is knowing the NHS and pigs are on self destruction they are not immune to lies

  14. A good kicking will soon put that horrible thing out of action.

  15. i’m guessing that in the US where guns are everywhere, they will be picked off by snipers

  16. It wouldn’t last a crack here in Northern Ireland.

  17. Alphabet Inc. (Google) owned Boston Dynamics is more than happy to show off their robot dog but what happened to their robot man. PETMAN was their robot human with the greatest potential for militarily and policing application. You could literally replace personnel in the field with PETMAN machines. With obvious Terminator development direction PETMAN became the first project to become classified after first being publically revealed eight years ago.
    Makes you wonder what PETMAN looks like now..

  18. Why not? After all, most people (including cops) in the workforce are programmed to behave robotically, as it currently is.

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