QR Codes Mandatory In Supermarkets #Australia / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • Ultimately whether its communism, feudalism, capitalism or fascism, it’s going to be totalitarianism.

  1. My details are Michael mouse call me on 0666 666 666 don’t have the app sorry, come on Australia grow some bollocks

    • Yep 🤣 we have some fun made up names. Lots of people fake taking a photo or simply ignore the QR code’s altogether.

      I’ve had a couple of instances where someone requested I have a green tick to enter, i simply say no thanks and walk away. People are definitely frustrated. It’s just been a slow process to get people to the point of actually pushing back in any meaningful way. Also our policing particularly in Victoria is frightening and violent.

      • I see most people simply ignoring them codes, like their ignoring the Jab” Australians just don’t want to know about it anymore “ and authorities are hopping mad 😡 “

      • You can say no to travel, entertainment, and restaurants, but it’s pretty hard to say no when you need to go shopping for your daily sustenance, or when you need to visit the doctors or pharmacy. When it comes to that, you can’t just nonchalantly say no thanks and walk away, unfortunately. They know what they are doing. Slowly but gradually, the noose around the necks for those who haven’t been vaccinated yet is tightening.

      • Yes ik, but even if it means starving to death I am NEVER getting that death jab for biblical and personal reasons and neither should you 😒😒😒. The more we comply, the worse it gets!!

      • They can f off. I will build my own doctor’s surgery and pharmacy out in the woods. I will grow my own medicines.

      • Greeting my fellow Melburnian

  2. dont have a phone? phone been lost or stolen? we have a handy subdermal microchip for that

  3. Unbelievable,a handful of cases and we see the real deal,control of the moronic masses,which was the real reason for the scamdemic.

    • It’s nothing to do with the virus
      This is the great reset the fourth Industrial Revolution climate change they’re all the same Australia goes under and New Zealand shame on them for letting it ithappen.

  4. This is going to be interesting. My husband is an MOD contractor and had a Nokia for 20 years. Won’t have a smart phone. As far as he’s concerned they were developed for one thing only as it wasn’t to phone someone.

  5. There is no cluster anywhere. It does not exist.

  6. Hugo you ought to see this – “For three deaths prevented by vaccination we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination” – This is the background summary to the conclusion of the research undertaken by the Vaccine Journal, which is urging governments to rethink their programmes – https://www.mdpi.com/2076-393X/9/7/693

  7. What’s wrong with the aussies do they all want to be slaves SAY NO BEFORE ITS TOO LATE FGS WAKE UP

  8. Why are ozzies putting up with this??? I always thought they were rough and ready. This is bad. Really bad. Fgs wake up you mugs Down Under.

    • They’re ready but they’re not rough , I always thought that most Australians were gay and now I’m sure.

      • I’ve never scanned in anywhere always look as if I’m scanning but don’t . They don’t really check . If you have to do it via paper just put one digit out on the phone number simples #DontComply

    • For the same reason people are putting up here…only a massive revolution can do it…peacefully wont do anything…these lunatics went too far to stop now…..time is going and we running out of it….there is no peaceful way

  9. It’s just common sense – I leave my phone at home or take it out in a faraday bag and bingo no tracking. No app I just give ‘my details’ when asked. Some look puzzled when I say no to the QR evil – absolutely love you phone smashing at the end of your video 😎

  10. HAARP, On Demand News,CBS News, Natural Calamities, When The Earth Is Angry, Tampa Bay, UNTV News and Rescue, RT, PBS NewsHour, Extreme Weather TH, Wahr, CNBC Television, Disasters, The Irfan Films, all of these YouTube channels reporting on Record hight heat temp in canada, siberia, heatwave all over Europe, France, Moscow, China going underwater, flashfloods, earthquakes, tornado’s, land slides, sink holes, ice rivers, giant hail, Tropical storm Elsa ALL IN THE LAST FEW DAYS, eventually countries be crying for help, food shortages, droughts, mass panic, all this explains a global lockdown, even the vaccine is explained with this when everyone gets sick, get a video on this Hugo, real reason for global lockdown.

    • YES, the prophecies are being fulfilled! we are in the end times. Turn to God now and SPREAD THE WORD 🙏🏻👏. #️⃣ don’tcomply

  11. I live in South Australia and QR codes have been mandatory here for a while now. They have paper sign in sheets in every business for those who don’t have a smartphone.

    Many people weren’t bothering to check in, so a few weeks ago it was announced that plain clothes policemen would sometimes be monitoring store entrances – you wouldn’t know if they were around or not. They did this solidly for about two weeks. I am not sure if then police are still monitoring to the same extent, but there remains the threat of fines. If people are caught not signing in, they are given fines on the spot of about $1000. But it isn’t just the individual who gets a fine, the business they enter also receives a fine (about $5000).

    I did hear rumours (which I can’t confirm to be true or not) that the police entered a couple of random businnesses (a coffee shop and a small supermarket). They apparently locked the front doors so nobody could leave and then checked everyone’s phones to see if they had signed in. if those rumours are true, then I am truly horrified!

    We have also been told in Australia that the QR data won’t be used for any other purpose than tracking COVID cases…except they have already broken that promise. The police in Western Australia have been using it to track down criminals.

    It makes me livid! I am trying to warn people, but so many are asleep and can’t see this shocking control and overreach for what is.

    And I just saw this footage from today. A NSW business owner getting arrested for not wearing a mask. Horrifying!


    • Can’t believe what’s happening in Australia and New Zealand as Hugo said signed up to the new world order.

      QR microchip’s or taking your Name and contact Number, this is what’s coming to Britain as at the moment on all hospitality businesses even small shop’s do this, it was the trial the sheep follow.
      MSM saying Shit Weasel Michael Gove ditching vaccine passports for day to day life ‘yeah right ‘ 🐖 are flighting.

      The video you posted Sarah
      Is a fucking disgrace the police are filth Nazi scum to treat innocent people and businesses like this that dont comply to the new world order.

      As Hugo said i am sick of saying the same thing but here goes
      Fuck masks, vaccines, QR track and trace and all controlling rules.
      I will fight against all this if it come to losing everything and being fine or put in prison i have never been in trouble with the police but i have enough.

      I know there coming for me and all of you.
      They are the enemy

    • soon you will have to book a timing slot on a app to go for a swim in the sea. i heard about man in Kuwait complains about the weather on social media gets arrested, ill tell ya this technology’s got to go….

  12. pen and paper for me with false name and address 🙂

    • Yep but the police do regular checks in pubs and if you’ve faked your sign your fct with a big fine even jail

      • If we don’t fight and don’t comply how can they imprison all the people

  13. Australia, New Zealand, RoI are really hammering their public!
    I always thought Australians had a bit more about them, obviously not the way they’re accepting everything!
    These countries are the litmus test for when the, ‘Great Reset ‘ comes to force!

    • Australia and New Zealand are just the pioneers. It’s coming to your country, and much sooner than you think. Australia did it in two weeks, from announcement to implementation. That’s a quite worrisome speed.

  14. Don’t forget to cancel the subscription or you’ll get charged! I’ll miss friends on whats app but I don’t see them nowadays and they’ve all been done – some twice, so they won’t be around much longer anyway. A mobile is useless in this area, makes no difference what provider and for emergency use only – get a cheap pay as you go with no add ons.
    That girl reading the news with her gimp outfit. Did laugh.

  15. Absolutely no justification for this. Its so obvious what they are up to, I thought aussies wouldn’t take this nonsense

  16. Fuck that for a game of fairies. How long before you can’t shop online without it?
    Afraid my phone has to stay, I don’t have a laptop or computer. I do have an aging tablet that I can tether to my phone. I have never taken my phone outside with me & if someone told me I had to then it would have an accident with a hammer but until then it stays. I rely on it for emails, texts, coming here, shopping and watching youtube. No social media ever unless watching youtube is classed as that!

  17. Biblical end times. Beast system. The mark is coming. Get saved. Jesus Christ is Lord.

    • Yes brother/sister!! I have been telling people this now for the last year and they think I am crazy, we are living in the end times..prophecies in Mathew 23 and 24 are being fulfilled. I am saved, save others, SPREAD THE WORD X 👏🙏🏻

  18. I don’t have or want a phone…. FUCKEM

  19. BBC Trying to fight the Jabbed Dying more than the none jabbed and there using our figures wrongly LOL

    If you get the jab’s and still die, then the jab’s don’t work simple as.

    Jab’s, EU Study peer reviewed, 50K jabs to save 1person, and for every 3 saved, 2 die from the jab + 20 other bad complications, study says stop the vaccines, waiting to see if this peer reviewed science gets censored as fake!!

  20. I’ve screen recorded the Track and Trace app, I play that video and fake scanning.

    Doesn’t work for KFC, screen won’t unlock without, screw KFC!!

  21. Get ready to go to war with this treacherous government the second they try this shit here. Acceptace will be taken as a mandate that we are happy for an even greater assault on our liberties.

    • I AM READY FOR A WAR, I’ve seen this coming now for the last year…but no one believes me 😒 I am willing to fight for my freedom and the right to NOT be controlled by the satanic and corrupt government 😠😤😤. BRING IT. And people..don’t be deceived, amen xx

  22. Is going to be interesting after the 18th of this month.
    F@@@ them and their iq codes

  23. British Crown territories are leading in this reset. The British Crown is driving things. It is a global reset that will result in depopulation on a massive scale if unchecked. They’ve done it successfully before. This is not new. Check this out (5 hours long. Take it chunks) -https://youtu.be/hkBb-Np-7IU

  24. If people really get pissed off I reckon they’ll buy chainsaws and cut down all the comms poles.
    Loving the 80s synthesizer music at the end!

  25. As I see it humanity as 3 choices
    1) Go along with all this for a ‘easy life’ in the hope they’ll leave you alone – the sad part of this is that they won’t leave you alone. These measures will become more & more draconian. People will be totally enslaved & ultimately they will die in their millions through a variety of measures having suffered terribly in the meantime.
    2) Resist this in every way you can. Fight back.
    3) Die now.

    (2) seems the best option to me. You never know we might just win & the world will be ours for the first time in creation. That is great prize available.

    • Humanity is destined to do 2 so we can finally be free but it can only be done by us uniting.

  26. If you have to have a ‘smart phone’, the way around it is to not download the app and when they ask you to scan the QR code, just take a photo of it. You can then delete it and nobody is the wiser 😁😁😁

  27. Perhaps this is why there’s been a Feminazi drive to turn men into pussies for the last 15 years, so there’s no one who even knows how to fight back, what are the soy latte boys going to do? Boycott Starbucks? We need a return to the past, when men were men, and women glad of it.

  28. Australia is soooo asleep. People are walking into a trap…like China.

  29. Boris just said extending parts of lockdowns I bet he’ll keep masks.

    Cases going up blah blah hospitalised going up, back on lockdown by October.

    • I think by end of october/November the NHS will have collapsed – of course it will be nothing to do with ADE, it will be a new covid scariant that requires – another jab.

  30. It was only a matter of time. People are sheep, lambs for the slaughter.
    Give me Liberty! Or give me Death!

  31. Im still in shock st the stupidity of the hypnotised masses … we must all try and awaken them before its too late… Hugo you are the man! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  32. This link contains a free downloadable book about Covid-19 The predators we are the prey – if you want to put the pieces of the puzzle together then the nearly 1000 page book reveals much: https://www.wearetheprey.com/ Free to dowload outside USA as far as I can tell. Check it out.

    • Don’t waste your time with this. All this false trail leads to is a PASSWORD-PROTECTED pdf file 😀 And of course you won’t be given the password 😀

      • Hi trev, If your comment was about the https://www.wearetheprey.com and the book that goes into detail about manmade Covid 19 – vaccination etc, then do check it out, it works. You click on the link, go to international order and then you can download it for free. To me a valuable resource. No passwords needed!

  33. Thank fluc I don’t live in Australia.

  34. The leader of ONE Aussie political party says: “I will not take that poisoned jab!” General elections are to be held end 2021- beginning of 2022. If they distance themselves from the QR madness + rename the Covid-19 to be called a seasonal flu, like Singapore just did, could this party upset the power balance in Canberra?

  35. The leader of ONE Aussie political party says: “I will not take that poisoned jab!” General elections are to be held end 2021- beginning of 2022. If this party distances itself from the QR madness + rename the Covid-19 to a Seasonal Flu, like Singapore just did and stop the “Vaccination” agenda, could this party upset the power balance in Canberra??

  36. yes all predictions are coming true, there really putting the pressure on, no phone no food, fuck that ill grow my own, we know what’s coming, people getting cut off, its not a phone anymore its a microchip. its all a hoax and blackmail tracing and tracing you, and the jabs are connected to it some how, transhumanism springs to mind do not allow this to happen, boycott the city’s, I’ve come to the conclusion these lockdowns are punishments, for people not excepting it, so I’m thinking there’s a big resistance in Australia and new Zealand so there putting the pressure on. get rid of the smartphones and anything digital. they have destroyed our world and spirit, do not let them win, its us vs them, there in the same club and there not pleasant people as we know, make a stand now. learn as much as you can about survival and growing food before the shit hits the fan, prepare now because there not going to stop, be far better off walking away now in large numbers… there’s no virus or pandemic. exactly what it was used for to bring this in….i really hope we win this…

    • YES brother/sister! IT is us vs them, and we will win! We just have to come together, as civilians and stand up for our rights, FIGHT BACK! I and many other people have had enough of the governments bull@hit..all the lockdowns, face masks, variants, vaccines, 😤 NO MASK, NO JAB, NO COMPLIANCE!!!!!! WE WILL WIN THIS!

  37. cricky, if i was in Australia now, id be definitely going off grid, be panicking now, 10 days to prepare. all indications are pointing me this way, slowly cutting us off for the ones that won’t except it. time to think for your self’s and for survival skills to kick in. absolute nightmare coming if you don’t get out, be better off out the city’s….

    • I KNOW, the social credit score system where you have to jump through hoops to get brownie points in order to buy, sell, live .. it’s ridiculous! I will never comply, NO MASK, NO JAB, NO COMPLIANCE! WE CAN BEAT THIS

  38. I’ve never used a QR code. I always say I don’t have a smart phone.
    I went to IKEA in Edinburgh at the weekend and I wanted to get my kids lunch. I asked for a table. They said I had to scan the QR code to book a table. I said that I didn’t have a smart phone. She told me that I couldn’t have a table then! Honestly I can see exactly where this is going!!!!

    • I KNOW! It’s ridiculous, we are living in revelations right now you know, please turn to God now, amen x

  39. I live in Melbourneand it’s bloody awful!!!!! A sea of sheep all licking govt boots for “keeping them safe”. QR codes for everything!!! Any descent is stomped on by a brutal police force. I watch every Hugotalk video to keep my sanity so thankyou so much.

  40. The track and trace program is fundamentally a contract between the individual and the state. Businesses are now being placed into a condition of tortuous interference by the state mandated track and trace ‘contract’ directly interfering with their regular business. They may have legal grounds to pursue a class action against the state.

    From the sovereign individual aspect in regards to the mandate I would suggest calmly and politely informing the business whose services you seek to solicit that you do not have a QR capable device on your person when you enter the business premise. When asked then to fill in the manual form I would suggest where it asks for your name that you write the words ‘null contract’ and where it asks for a phone number you should type in the contact number for the Crown Solicitor’s Office for the specific state in which that business premise exists.

    As a sovereign individual you may at any time nullify or void a contract whose obligations, impediments and conditions you do not agree to or which would directly infringe upon your rights, in this specific case privacy.

    In this manner you have given the business both words and numbers on their paperwork. I believe this to be the best approach to this situation. If you are refused service after this I would strongly suggest that you still remain calm and polite yet inform the vendor that their discrimination has been noted and may be used to prosecute a civil action in the future. With that said walk away peacefully and keep a detailed record of all such refusals of service.

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