MOUTH WIDE SHUT / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. We’ve been living a ground hog day version of April Fools for the last 16 months. Surely?

  2. Willpower mind over matter, not torture devices🤢🤮🤮

    • Some people have metabolic disorders that cause them to be overweight even if they eat very little. Their desperation is real and tangible. However, these conditions, including insulin resistance and diabetes can easily be corrected without medication. Education is all that is needed. I treat metabolic disorders holistically, no medieval devices required.

  3. Unfortunately, a vast majority of people today from all age groups are unable to think critically. Hate to say this, stupidity is rife throughout society, and has been for a long time. Tough times ahead, I’m afraid

    • Doris has Just lost his – when Halfcock ‘resigned’

  4. We will probably get the same device they use in China where everyone has to do 10,000 steps a day to get their brownie points!
    There will be so many hoops we will have to jump through to get our brownie points so we can travel by plane or train we will be super fit!

  5. Bet Boris Jonestown doesn’t get one the fat fraud,
    if available in the UK of course.
    As for Varadkar it would take away his only means to the top

  6. actually looks like a device designed to stop people speaking.

  7. Hi I’ve been following you now for quite a little while and today much to my surprise I actually had someone to tell me to shut my mouth because I was talking about all the people in in in the watching the tennis and football match and the horse racing down it Ascot injection is absolutely waste of time they fell and he was coming at onto another neighbour and he came along tell me to shut my mouth and all that injection so I can still plenty of the hardliners leave everything there told over the telly I just hope that more people do learn more even told me brother today younger brother and he hadn’t heard half of what’s going on with my gas card in Wimbledon in the football match everybody been together without mass or anything so I don’t know I honestly don’t know how it’s going but anyway just thought that you know my thoughts and what happened today ok thanks a lot but speak Andy

  8. Now be reasonable Hugo. This could be the ONLY device that stops politicians lying.

  9. Wow, I wonder if there will be a device in it to remotely ‘shut ya marfs’ permanently. Nothing is off topic anymore.

    What’s with the surfing references at the end of a lot of the video’s?
    I’ve missed something, I’m sure I have?!

  10. I’ve invented a sliming device to help people lose weight: it keeps locked shut the door to McDonalds.


    Have a look at this⬆️.
    It is about connecting human bodys: Communication Challenges in on-Body and Body-to-Body Wearable Wireless Networks—A Connectivity Perspective

    In connection with these information about ,,Graphen”:
    and considering the fact that they use pistol-like Laserd to check your temperature, several pieces click together for a scaring picture.

  12. I think people will have more psychological problems after using this device.

  13. Reminds me of when wiring the jaws shut was all the rage for losing weight. I believe some people actually died because when they became ill they choked on their own vomit, or it got inhaled into their lungs, same result.
    Others beat the kcal count by making Mars bars etc; into near liquids. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  14. I remember seeing a document saying they were going to use the England Scotland game as a way to say there was increased cases. Guess what article I just saw on sky news. All transparent and predictable.

  15. Some news just in…

    Covid: NHS plans booster jab for those 50 and over before winter

    All adults aged 50 and over in the UK are likely to be eligible for a third booster dose of a Covid vaccine in the autumn
    The NHS has been given the green light to start planning a Covid vaccine booster programme in the UK ahead of this winter.

    A bigger flu season than normal is expected, meaning extra protection against Covid is likely to be needed.

    More than 30 million of the most vulnerable should receive a third dose, vaccine experts are advising.

    They will include all adults aged 50 and over, and anyone younger who qualifies for a flu jab.

    Health service bosses had previously said they needed lots of warning of an autumn Covid-19 booster rollout in order to plan the logistics alongside vaccinating millions of people against flu.

    Interim advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is that boosters will help maintain protection against Covid-19 and new variants for those most at risk, before winter comes.

    The vaccines are thought to protect most people against serious illness for at least six months, but a lack of data on exactly how long immunity lasts is prompting a safety-first approach.

    No decisions have yet been made on which vaccines will be used.

    Winter flu comeback

    Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for England, said: “We want to be on the front foot for Covid-19 booster vaccination to keep the probability of loss of vaccine protection, due to waning immunity or variants, as low as possible – especially over the coming autumn and winter.”

    He said other respiratory viruses, particularly flu, “will make a comeback” and be an additional problem this winter.

    “We will need to ensure protection against flu, as well as maintaining protection against Covid-19,” Prof Van-Tam said.

    Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said ministers were working with the NHS to rapidly deliver the programme from September.

    “Our first Covid-19 vaccination programme is restoring freedom in this country, and our booster programme will protect this freedom,” he said.

    Scotland’s health secretary Humza Yousaf said the government had been working closely with NHS boards to plan for the booster campaign, while the current vaccination programme “continues at pace and remains on schedule”.

    Wales’ Health Minister Eluned Morgan said she was working with Welsh health boards to ensure they can deliver a booster programme “from the start of September”.

    “In line with the other nations of the UK, the Welsh government welcomes the JCVI advice,” she said. “It very much aligns with our thinking and our planning assumptions to date.”

    The JCVI’s final advice will be published before September, when better data will be available on how long protection from the first two doses of the vaccines lasts. The latest figures on hospitalisations, emerging variants and trials will also be taken into account at that point, and could change their advice.

    Who could get a third dose?

    In the meantime, the JCVI’s advice is to offer a third Covid jab (and a flu jab) to the following people from September 2021:

    adults aged 16 and over who are immunosuppressed or clinically extremely vulnerable
    residents in care homes for older adults
    all adults aged 70 and over
    frontline health and social care workers
    After those groups, it will be:

    all adults aged 50 and over
    adults aged 16-49 who are in a flu or Covid-19 at-risk group
    those living in the same house as people who are immunosuppressed

    Prof Wei Shen Lim, Covid-19 chair for JCVI, said all these groups would also be eligible for the annual flu vaccine and were strongly advised to have it.

    Younger adults will be not be given a third dose, because they will only have had their second dose in the summer, although this decision will be revisited at a later time, the JCVI said.

    • Thanks for posting that – they say themselves these so-called ‘vaccines’ (experimental gene therapy genocide) don’t offer sny protection but help symptoms … but now “Interim advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is that boosters will help maintain protection against Covid-19 and new variants for those most at risk, before winter comes.” Pure evil and more crimes against humanity. Those who listen to all this and aren’t concerned must truly be entranced and fully mind controlled by fear

    • People who caught Swine Flu 17 years ago still have natural immunity to it today, hows that for your 6 months immunity with a vaccine?

  16. Well teeth won’t be a problem to be wired up – if you can’t clean them, they’ll rot! As for floss . . .

  17. THIS IS DEHUMANISING PEOPLE!!! I am outraged and will NEVER comply to the governments corrupt and satanic ways! Even if I have to fight to the death, I would rather die than comply.

  18. Just one yawn and out comes a tooth,, who in there right mind would do this to themselves. Of course some people will even get their stomachs butchered in the name of loosing weight, and think it acceptable, it is not, one needs the stomach for absorbsion of minerals and many B-vitamins, nothing wrong with the stomach the problem was in the habits and thinking. The fact that Dr’s see this butchery as acceptable says much about medcines failings and science in general.

  19. Thank you Hugo

    This is just Mad!!!

    We have never moved out of medieval times have we let’s be honest!

    Torturing people ..they love that… they doing it to us All daily ..why people still choose to stay Asleep to this madness & BS.

    Like music 🎶 Hugo

    Have great day Every one 🦋👍💪

    • This a load of guff. It is completely made up (probably by the 77th Brigade 😀 ). STOP falling for these stunts! It makes you look naive, gullible and stupid. You are being made a fool of. You would have to button up the back to believe that guff was real 😀

  20. I can do it at home for cheaper. Simply take a belt and buckle it from around your Mandible to the top of your head. It’s even removable. You’re welcome.

    • that’s probably the point: you can’t remove it…😉

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