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    • No it’s not true. There’s grammatical errors in it and not written in a way a government official document would be written. It mentions kalergi which really has nothing to do with what’s going on. The problem is people like us that don’t believe anything the government says and listens to alternative media have to use their judgment as to what’s real and what isn’t. It’s hard enough to believe what these satanic globalists have in store for us as it is.

      • Yes, it really sounds like it has been written by ‘Whitehall’ ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Are you really so stupid that you are taken in by this fake ‘memo’ doing the rounds? There really is no hope. If we have sunk to that level of stuipidy maybe the ‘Elite’ โ„ข ยฎ ยฉ really do have a point and we really need to be genocided into oblivion. A species dumb enough and so lacking in intelligence to fall for that video does not deserve to be walking the Earth. Not even David Icke was stupid enough to be taken in by this – and that is saying something ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I am not sure about David Icke but if Hugo posted this crap it would make him look a grade A clown ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe that is why this crap is put out there in the first place. Trust no-one. Question everything.

  1. New South Wales,got 70 cops turned whistle blower. So they bringing the boot down first there.what a suprise.lmao

  2. 9.30 mins….. ‘sneezing’ will be a symptom of the Vaxxed who get Convid. When this Flu was first released upon us ‘the incessant cough’ was a sign that you had the Killer Virus. You remember when Doris Johnson had Convid ( of course he did! lol ) he said, ” there is a incessant cough that will not go away”….. well!! The ‘cough’ has gone away now!! No one EVER EVER mentions this Killer Cough despite 1000’s of cases weekly, apparently. It has been total BS since the f’king start!

  3. These drug pushers are everywhere. They ring me, text me, write to me every day. They won’t take no for an answer. They’re getting pressure from the drug barons to get us started on some experimental drug that I’m not interested in. They want you hooked so you have to keep coming back for more. Just say no.

  4. When are people going to realise that this is a flu-type virus. If you tested world-wide for the flu almost everyone would be ‘positive’, with of. course, many different ‘variants’.

    • Golden, Bingo!
      Couldn’t have said it better.

      The average BBC brainwashed bell end : isn’t it amazing that flu cases have nearly disappeared?


    • Saying anything that is sensible will not be accepted by the sheep who have been frightened witless by this scam.. They far outnumber we Thinkers and therefore, I fear, we are ALL doomed. But! We must fight on, it is our moral duty. Be strong, people, please be strong.

  5. If changes in an electromagnetic field in your body indicating “a virus” can be detected, can changes in the electromagnetic field around your body cause said “virus”?

  6. It just gets worse. First, cases means nothing! Tests are useless. Coercion is out of control! Who in their right mind would be persuaded by this nonsense! I just canโ€™t understand how gullible people are! Thanks Hugo. Keep doing what youโ€™re doing!

    • It is so so soul destroying as I watch ‘sensible’ people do irrational things and name-call others who will not be bullied into having Jungle Juice pumped into their body. We are in a very frightening situation…. be afraid.

  7. All these people on here talking a load of tosh the UK is opening up on the 19th of July yes there is a lot of positive cases but the death’s are low we are now seeing the entertainment industry starting to open back up we will all be back to normal this includes the vaxxed and the unvaxxed

    And no I haven’t had the vaccine and never will because my trust is in my saviour Jesus Christ and not science Amen

    • Hi, you really need to open your eyes and look at the other countries in the world and what they are doing, and what they are planning on doing. Its all very clear.

    • Robert, come back in November and tell us how how strong your faith is in Bojo and the mofo’s in government.

      If we are not in lockdown or heavily restricted then… I’ll happily say you were right!

      I think everyone here wants things to get back to pre Convid but is also sceptical of the pharma funding that goes into media and the governments.

    • Well, I fully support your last paragraph but I’m sorry to say that I think your kidding yourself if you think things will ever return to normal. There will undoubtedly be further lockdowns if not permanent temporary lockdowns. The sheeple have given the government full authority to control every single aspect of their lives. Mass civil disobedience is the only thing that could get us out of this dystopia but it will never happen.

  8. I would like to know if there is a danger of someone who has been jabbed shedding the virus to someone who has not. For example, being confined in a car for an hour or so.

    • I haven’t been jabbed, but my husband has had 2 – first was AZ the other – have no idea and he won’t tell me. So we share travelling and the same bed. I won’t share a bottle of water when we are out working in the field – that seemed to cause a bit of an annoyance. We kiss but on the cheek. No exchange of spit! Ewwww! As for hanky panky – that is purely for our ducks – and very educational that is! So far no side effects on my part. What I did find interesting and possibly coinky dinky was that both my mother (2 jabs) and my son (who at that time had 1 and since had another) seemed to set off a day of sneezing. Mum’s second was fizzer and my son’s first was also fizzer, I think perhaps husband didn’t get that as a second. I do get hayfever, but nowhere near as bad as I used to so the odd couple of days do happen, and my son is allergic to our cats, so a snort of antihistamine seemed to do the trick. I can’t say for certain it was the jabs.
      My son, husband and I had covid in 2019 December and January 2020 – they had mild, I had bad, but didn’t go to a hospital and like usual I just dealt with it. We get a lot of rain and cloudy days here so take vit D daily. I also had a BCG when I was at school – they did wonder if that may have helped some cases. I also have asthma and I used my inhalers a lot while I was ill. Since then I have definitely have been quite well in spite of his lordship having 2 jabs – which is probably down to my T cells doing what they should be doing. I decided I would be the control group! LOL.

      • Some, but not all, cats carry a protein in their fur that causes an allergic reaction in humans.

      • Correct. But he had his own cat and he found that he adapted and long term being with the cat built up immunity. But when separated for a couple of months he said it was like starting again. If he stayed with us long enough, he likely would have been fine. I gather nut allergies have been dealt with by gradual exposure. I remember one young lad wanted a Topic and finally he ate one and had no reactions. I think the same with the Mareks disease “vaccines” that are also leaky – those chickens that weren’t died from the chickens that did have the injections. But slow introduction seems to be fine as a lot of friends have ex battery hens that are running with their other flock. Of course, they didn’t have gene therapy – er, yet! That is the trouble with our illustrious leaders and puppets, hell bent on destruction of everything except themselves.

  9. Sorry off topic a little. Hugo thank you for pointing out sheep farm studios. I did not know that Delta is a form of deep sleep,. The sleep/hypnosis states are called Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta all these are ‘variants of concern’ or being monitored as such according to PHE. See UK Column news a few minutes in on yesterdays news video where they show the PHE document. Interesting. Obvious connection to brain waves. Would be good to know what you all think. Thanks . .

  10. Hugo, this all reminds me of an episode of Sliders where the team travelled to different Earths in different dimensions, they won the lottery, the prize complete luxury hotel best food etc but then you were exterminated ๐Ÿ˜ฑ it was a lottery for depopulation.
    Sound familiar ?

  11. someone knows what these jabs are doing and the sooner we get to the bottom of it the better, someone needs to get a sample somehow and get it under the microscope, anything and the testing kits, i know its a clear liquid but what the hell is it doing, hope we find out, its linked to technology somehow by what’s going on, just carn’t put my finger on it. transhumanism comes to mind and changing our genetics high possibility by the direction its going. 5g is in there as well somehow, its definitely not a cure

    • U are spot on. They need to be looked at by someone in the no. Under a microscope by who ever does that kind of stuff. There must be someone surley? U are so fucking on the nail. โค๐Ÿ’ฏ

  12. Passports gone because of the bracelet or microchip. I wonder what they have in store for the rest of us. Then win a plane trip and get DVT or crash because the pilots keeled over – no thank you.
    Went to a commune to purchase something yesterday – not one mask in sight and no social distancing – very refreshing. I’m not ready to join but very welcoming and friendly people.

      • I stand corrected – it is not a commune, but a charity running courses for sustainable living, volunteers and camping etc. Still quite interesting though – and with what may lie ahead, it would be a mine of information. Monkton Wyld Court near Bridport. It was the Scooby Doo van that made me jump to conclusions! Ah guilty as charged with assuming – sorry! And cash is legal tender!

  13. The new scanners will be the G5 thing thats what the metals in the jab are for :- Barcodes. That’s why metal is sticking to you. You are all MAGNETIC! That and the fact protien spikes can bypass blood and brain barriers. BLOOD CLOTS HERE YOU COME!….You are being murdered by your own Government.

  14. All bollocks about the footy fans.london protests and no cases.more media propaganda

  15. Please like if Hugo’s got you through this ever evolving crap of the past 15 months, never stop what you’re doing Hugo๐Ÿ™

  16. If there was a real pandemic you wouldnโ€™t need any incentives to take a vaccine. This is madness ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  17. Rest of the world is going underwater, highest temperatures ever recorded Canada, 230 dead, flash floods Germany & Russia, Heatwave + Tornado in Czech, not on the news, few YouTube channels reporting, UK’s getting blasted with heatwave in July, if it fries the population, NHS is dead, what’s the reason for the vaccine then? Kill NHS before it begins?

    • “Highest temperatures ever recorded”: only since records began in the mid C19th… Far higher in both roman times and medieval warming period, when they could grow grapes in the north of England and even Scotland at times. Warming isn’t necessarily a bad thing: what is bad is the control of the water flow, using geoengineering, which is f*^king up the crops and making food control ever closer, and making it appear that CO2 is causing climate change, whereas, CO2 increase actually follows the rise in temperature (not the other way around) and the times when there have been the most CO2 are the times when the planet has been at its greenest. Like every other main stream narrative at the moment, it’s all about control…

  18. Just say NO
    We do not comply
    We live on our terms. There are enough of us โค๏ธ Same sh#t in different countries. We think. We are free (in our mind). Connect offline with likeminded. Together we are so much stronger than the elite group who likes to control us so blatantly. We.make our own society ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’›

  19. Internet accept important things ie Amazon, shut down to stop us spreading our word expecting soon, especially when the Vax’s start dying on mass, like the animals in the Trials!!

  20. Shedding is real for sure,I got the flu off my son’s friend who had just had the jab

  21. As usual, in Oz it’s all about the money. So-called “hesitancy” means the BILLIONS of dollars already paid to Big Pharma will be wasted as the vax vials near their Use-By Expiry Date. This week the Fed Govt Cabinet decided to give General Practitioner Doctors TOTAL INDEMNITY for any injury or death caused by these toxic injections. Also, the Feds decreed that jabs are now compulsory for any staff in Aged Care facilities – they get no choice in the matter. It’s Jab or Job.
    Oooo that’s nasty, so the Feds came up with the “brilliant idea” that the Govt will pay the ‘sick leave” for any of those workers who have to take time off due to Adverse Reactions to the mandatory dose of poison. So what are people complaining about???

    It’s now open slather for all Australian State & Federal Govts. Our Constitution has been smashed, State Laws broken and our in-accord Govts and Bureaucrats have revealed themselves to be nothing more than Organised Crime … gangs of racketeering criminals. Protesters of any sort, either individual MPs or Citizens are simply ignored or denigrated as selfish spoilers.

    And the PM was congratulating the many newly-signed-up GPs who, now that they have no liability for the injury they cause, are more than happy to take the cash offered. What does that tell you about the current corrupt Ethos in the Modern Medical Machine???

    First Do No Harm??? Pffffffffftt !!!

  22. I’ve been expecting this sort of shit!
    Already they are pushing abortion and for free, only a matter of time till they are promoting free euthinasia.

    • Free, I like free, bet the sheep will be lining up for free anything, maybe I’m just hoping!!

  23. The vax is a bio weapon, resist and revolt coNvid, ,,us Scots should go down and support England in the euros, ,imagine the panic from the government if we all come and join together ๐Ÿ˜‰, ,,I was at the euro game with over 20 people and not 1 of us tested positive cos we’re not that stupid to get a test ,,,ty hugo

  24. With idiots like this they can get away with anything, however the idiots running, pushing and enforcing this are even bigger idiots. What they have been promised must be good unless they really are just Demons…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

    • That’s RUBBISH-the ENGLISH CONSTITUTION IS the ONLY solution and our british controllers HATE IT…but they try to use it when it suits them…they can’t repeal it as it’s above their pay grade so if they say you can’t do this or that, we CAN as they can’t stop us…it’s still very ALIVE and will be FOREVER!! Think about that people-it’s why they want to be rid of ENGLAND and the ENGLISH…WE HOLD THE POWER AGAINST THEM…TIME TO WAKE UP NOW!!!

  25. Go watch the last video from Israeli news live on brandnewtube.com

  26. The Matrix and The Hunger Games were biographies not sci fi!

  27. Oh shit. I sneeze everyday. Sometimes loads of times all at once

    • I want to sneeze in a shop or cough without a mask on see them ran of complain to store staff, then i will said it’s a normal thing to do, go and get a life.

      As for the prizes for getting a jab, see how desperate they are and fools accepting it, Stuff your prizes vaccines and businesses that accept vaccine passports

    • Check out Rebel News. A Canadian man with chronic sinus issues whose mask made him sneeze mid-flight, was arrested by police who waited for him on arrival, he was criminally charged with “Mischief” and the Prosecutor wants him fined $5,000.

      Absurdity is the “new normal”. Don’t discount anything as impossible.

  28. The CL!MATESCAM lockdowns next followed by Winter flu season with the jabbed dropping like flies because of their immune systems compromised by the Jabs and the Winter fuel and power rationing via the SMART(dumbass meter)SCAM to switch off people with the click of a mouse to kill the Immune System compromised Jabbed.

    We have no Govt – UK Govt is no more than a SCRIPT READING PUPPET for the UN Corporation of Globalists – One World Corporate Fascist Governance.
    UN Corporation wants a One World Cashless Feudal System with all dependent on UBI – to achieve this the middle class worldwide has to be erased / eradicated / wiped out – C0NV!DSCAM, CL!MATESCAM, SMART(dumbass meter)SCAM – All created as tools for control via fabricated fear.

    Hello I’m from the Government and we want your home and your EV electric vehicle to be fully SMART ( so then with the click of a mouse if you don’t comply 100% to all we demand we cut you off completely, disable your SMART EV Car and we lock you down as your house door locks will also be SMART and fine you with an automated point’s removal from your social credit score digital account)

  29. Thanks hugo on the money as always. ๐Ÿ‘ They are so deseparate its laughable and its so obvious what will they offer u next a free island lol. But the sheeple will still queue up. Love not fear and dont comply keep up great work

  30. The sales pitches for travel discounts etc are just typical of companies putting a spin on things to try and drum up business? Not entirely linked to desperation to get people jabbed just desperate sales tactics. As in entice customers with fictitious discounts on already inflated prices. No big deal or difference to the usual con artistry of capitalism/greed?
    Dead people don’t buy holidays?

    • They don’t plan on people having holidays over the next few years, otherwise why would they be planning on closing most airports.

  31. Australians are just not buying into the BSโ€

    • Got an Ex there, she won’t have the Jab, 1 of her mates got Ball Palsy from it, but she’s SCARED SHITLESS of the virus, won’t listen to me saying 200,000:1 odds on dying for a 57 year old ๐Ÿ™

      But there less sheepy than the UK!!

    • The other side of the BS promo… The unlucky loosers form the jab are likely to face death!

      So they will happily report footy fans (even though most have been jabbed) but not the London marches on a much larger scale??

      I’m sure flu season will bring back passports especially given the fact the contract is already in place!

  32. Thanks for being a voice of sanity during these dark deceptive times pal..๐Ÿ‘

  33. mate loads of double jabbed testing covid positive. Due to the insane school pcr test rules many many more ppl are having faulty tests. We know a few parents who have been double jabbed testing positive due to the sniffles , including a doctor and her husband ! Both defo double jabbed , both sniffly , both still covid positive … its a joke people

    • Rick, if the are stupid enough to get the jab then they will be queuing up to be tested for the fake virus.
      They’ve sneezed a few time so better run to the test centre…Morons!!

      They don’t take into account that they’re pushing the number up which ultimately lead to further misery with lockdowns.

  34. They need to vaccinate everyone as quick as possible before everyone starts dying, 6uild 6ack 6etter.

  35. No vaccine passports till 2023 at the end of the experimental trials OBVIOUSLY because many have been given saline solution (placebos) as a control group. Same goes for the rumour that you can get a letter from the NHS to say that you’ve had the jabs. Don’t go jumping your horses Hugo and getting on the fear porn bandwagon.

    • I was only thinking the other day that I bet many recipients have had a placebo because 1. The jabs are still in the trial phase and 2. If they were all the real thing, everyone who had one would be sick or dead.
      I also think apart of the teat is to see who’s gullible or craven enough to have have one. Once they know which one is the most effective for their purposes, they’ll make that one mandatory, maybe after a few tweaks!
      That’s just my surmising though, I’ve no evidence for it!

  36. Hugo your view is very much needed as some folk have no idea. there is another freedom march 11 July at Wembly where will be all the media. we won’t be ignored. i hope masses will come again. common folks!

    • These marches aren’t worth it…you get corralled by the police-they have to be told the route beforehand…go and stand outside parliament in the week when the british are having their lying sessions and make as much noise as possible…the british police (government’s standing army) can’t do anything…that’s what Daddy Dragon did and nobody said a word…even cornered old moggy, he wouldn’t where our Make England Great Again cap though lol!! Vote England, vote English, take back control of our ENGLISH parliament that we English haven’t had since 1706/7 the start of the union of England and Scotland which now needs VOIDING to remove ALL the power of the british in our establishment QUICKLY!! It is long past the time that these rogues that believe they control us need an education on how to WORK FOR A LIVING like the rest of us plebs…after all, WE should be in the house of COMMONS…it’s all in the name, it’s for common people not bankers and lawyers ffs…join the ENGLISH DEMOCRATS, the only people standing up for ENGLAND and the ENGLISH…We’re doing it NOW in Batley and Spen…watch Daddy Dragon on Rumble and Foxhole and sometimes spewtube (when they don’t take his videoos down for telling the truth) at 8pm weeknights. On youtube watch John Lawrence as well…you’ll find links to DD from there as well. The Constitution IS the solution!! The Full English Show with Daddy Dragon…fight on people we are winning!!

      • There was a great suggestion to set up a protest outside the Euro finals at Wembley… The world’s press will be there and won’t be able to ignore it!

  37. More and more obvious that these vaccines do not work anyway, and they come with an added risk of health problems. I just can’t understand why people are so keen to get jabbed.

  38. Good evening and thank you very much Hugo. They are shamefully desperate. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Noone should succumb to this nonsense ๐Ÿ™„

  39. Just what we need Hugo, no fear, this reality can’t be real.

  40. I cannot believe this crap, when a offer is made and not taken up for whatever reason, the covid stasi will come a knocking (being told 3am is the best time)!


    So neighbours will know whose taken it or not, get ready for some tarring and feathering and breakup of neighbourhood friendships!

  41. Hugo there is no shedding, itโ€™s all fear monger, there is no contagion, no virus. Itโ€™s all made up. Letโ€™s be honest!

    • It’s not the ‘virus’ that’s shedding it’s the poison they are pumping into arms that shedding spike protein.
      Personally l, I believe the virus was made up for the vax.

      • exactly. they want this in people no matter what. Your body is the temple they wish to make you an abomination then you will be desolate . No thought of God etc. it is demonic. Do not be tempted by satan. trust your instincts listen too The voice inside you telling you NO………. this is an agenda to stop you getting to heaven. Please please realize we are in end times …

      • There is no virus, there is no shedding. The data and test results are manipulated to suit whatever aspect of the agenda is being pushed. The vaccine may very well be toxic, but it’s not shedding spike proteins to the unjabbed. No new virus came along at the same time this new technology was ready to roll out to transform the way we’re allowed to exist. The people behind this have not created a new virus, even if they could why would they? Look at the way they only observe the rules for the cameras, they know there is nothing any different to usual going on. If there really was a virus the politicians and important people wouldn’t be risking their lives by not following the rules.

      • Yes, I think so too! We know by now that they are in full cahoots with the CCP as their Social Credit System is what they want to inflict on all of us! Of course, they want to cull us too.

    • I got TIRED likely majorly, 3 times around Pfizer jab takers, last time I thought nothing, then later that night having forgotten about it, was wondering why I felt so TIRED, the Jab Sheds so I’ve possibly had Pfizer via shedding, there smart, we’ve all had it via shedding ๐Ÿ™

      So next Death Wave 10x’s prior waves, will be jabbed and to add confusion those who’ve been shed to, therefore not blaming jabs, smart bastards!!

      • Turveyd, Or they are just plain boring to be around!

      • Unvaxxed, since getting the jab, they pretty much just talk about how great it is to be jabbed, so maybe!!

        Was against it, turned sheep!!

      • Yep, I know a few like that!

        In the early days… I ain’t getting it, no way.
        March 2020…. I had to so I could go on holiday.

        Still can’t go on holiday, mugs!!

    • shedding has no connection with whether there is a virus or not, (which btw i also don’t believe there is one) shedding or actually transmission being the correct word is the probability of the spike proteins produced by the vaccine being transmitted to unvaxxed people….check out Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and Dr. Palvesky and Dr. Tom Cowan on this subject. .hope this helps

      • Does he know any way we can protect ourselves from the shedding?

      • Overproduction of spike proteins = Cytokine Storm Syndrome

        Possible ameliorating substances for CSS = Pine Needle, Chinese Star Asine, Licorice, Tinospora Cordifolia, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin,

      • Try looking into Caloric Restriction and fasting also.

  42. Under the great reset flights are a no no in the future , we all know that, really helping the carbon footprint ๐Ÿ˜‚

  43. Maybe they’d get more take-up if the prize was free funeral costs but then that would be a prize for your relatives.

    • The vaccinated are being tested for virus at 28 cycles, whereas the unvaccinated are being tested at 40-45 cycles. You must remind yourself that these ‘cases’ are not illness but dead viral fragments that we all carry with us.

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