Lockdown News Roundup / Euro 2020 / Aussie Prizes / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Hi thank you Hugo

    I am having a catch up today with all the shares as not been able to as I had bad news this week
    My grandmother has been healthy up to last Friday but the family members she lives with had gone down Jab Rd!!!!!! And I am LIVID!!!
    I am so ANGRY but am unable to voice my opinion (yet!!)as I really want to
    because sadly my grandmother was diagnosed with TERMINAL CANCER this Friday gone yes you All guessed it.. diagnosed with Terminal cancer after 4 weeks of having the LETHAL INJECTION!!!

    I am Devastated & it’s caused a MASSIVE rift between me & the person who encouraged her having jab & now she going to die painfully as it’s in her stomach, chest & liver!

    So Boris u feckin clown & all the other HORRAS involved in this Insanity … you have helped kill off someone I love so much! !!!!!! Hate doesn’t cover my feelings!!!

    Don’t comply!
    To anyone left with a brain!!! PLEASE!!!

    They are killing people with their Prick the Pricks!!!!!!

    Now I loosing one of my favourite people who has been a great person to me over the years now she is petrified!!!! & dying!!!
    Words cannot cover how I feel 🥺

    Take care every one & please please don’t COMPLY!!!

    Thank you Hugo

    • I am so sorry you are dealing with this now. I’m so sorry for your grandmother and the family – I can’t remember the quote (Bible? Apologies if so) but “forgive them for they know not what they do”. Most of us will have to cope with this – some sooner and some later. Here is an uneasy tension between my family – we all put on an act (and far better than Hancocks “tears”) but underneath we are divided. Lots of big hugs to you and your grandmother as she is also in need. Now take care of yourself – that is most important. They want us to be downtrodden, so fight for yourself and your health channel the anger towards the psychopaths that have done this to us. xxxx

    • I am so sorry Janie! You are right to be furious, what was done to your grandmother was a crime! I’m very, very sorry.

    • My thoughts are with you, Janie.
      Wish that I could give you a huge hug in person.

      Lisa 💗

  2. Hi does anyone have a link to the Australian vaccine prize draw?

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