SMART METERS 🤮 / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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      • This is crazily dangerous! Imagine how many cancers and other serious illnesses could be caused by these gadgets. If this is part of their ‘depopulation agenda’ how cleverly thought through: how many people would consider a link between smart-meters and illness (and infertility, no doubt) and anybody who opposes smart-meters will be branded an ‘anti-progress conspiracy theorist’ or worse.

    • Ask to have it removed as since it’s been installed you are suffering from ill health affects.

      • I’ve asked my electric provider to remove it and was told that they won’t and no other provider will either. We are in a rented property and it was installed when we moved here.

    • You have a right to have in changed. Again something they won’t tell you. They’ll charge you £80. I have a digital meter and I have been arguing for years as I removed permission for thta and they still installed it. So I don’t see why I should pay them anything.

      • Spoke to SSE uk today to ask for removal, they said it cant be done once it has been fitted,nit sure how to get round this ,where to go from here, please can you advise me .

    • I thought that the main ‘advantage’ of smart meters for the Govt is that the electricity can be switched of remotely by the energy provider – yet another link to vaccine passports, ‘app only’ banking and social credit. I declined the offer for this reason, not because I thought the meters might kill me via cancer etc

      • It’s illegal for a supplier to switch off your electricity even if you don’t pay the bills. Besides,ba smart meter can’t turn off your supply anyway. It doesn’t have that capability built in. However, what they can do ultimately is alter the tariff for different times of the day so at peak time they could charge you more.

    • Change your meter to prepaid key meter as smart meters don’t support them

  1. Thank you Hugo! I have a Smart Meter installed how remove it?

    • I live in the Netherlands and asked the company the same question and they said it will cost you 250 euros to replace the analog meter. I asked them to reduce the radiation which they did. I have a good quality rf meter so i know. And i made a multiple layers thick alufolie wrap around the meter.
      But…wireless phones, routers, everything wireless smart deviced send the same level of radiation as the meter. So, first you have to do more to reduce the level of radiation.

    • Id like to ask the same. How can i have it removed?

  2. British Gas send letters saying your electric meter is old and could be dangerous so needs to be changed to a smart meter. Oh and while we are in your house we will swap the gas meter as well.

  3. Unfortunately already got one ages ago…try to get rid of it…there’s the thing-they CAN’T do that!! Had a couple of emails a few weeks ago saying they aren’t working and I may have to give them the readings for a while…GREAT I say-stop them working forever!! I always give them the readings in case they don’t know I have them…I’ve never told them???

    • Bill. Call them and tell them you have visitors who have pacemakers and they have health issues with smart meters. They have to uninstall under those circumstances.

      • Cheers Red I’ll do that! That MUST work!!

  4. They’ll turn you off if your CO2 gets too high and you’ll have to be in the dark until you have gone back to net neutral.

  5. Two weeks ago my supplier, utility warehouse, called me about smart meters. I told them I didn’t want one. The man asked why. I said I’m not prepared to discuss it. He started to get very aggressive and almost demanded to install one. So I told him in no uncertain terms I didn’t trust them and I was concerned about health issues. He really got snotty. I told him I wasn’t prepared to discuss it any further and hung up. I have now changed suppliers.

    • Red: Most energy companies make it a condition when you change to them that you have a smart meter installed. The worse news is that there are different smart meters, so when you next change suppliers, you are likely to have to pay to have the meter changed again.

      • No they don’t. I change suppliers almost every year to get the best deal and I’ve never been asked.

    • I once started working for Utility Warehouse which uses network marketing aggressive methods.
      I became a customer first and a distributer after. My custom proved their claims to cheaper bills are utterly false as well as two friends I tried to bring into their supply.
      But it’s their militant stance on SMART METERS that gave them away. I strongly believe UW was created on purpose to push the smart meter agenda. Thanks God I was already well informed about it and refused to have one. After 3 months of being ripped off by them, I cancelled my custom and my distributor job with the last bill unpaid to this date.

  6. My supplier has been on at me for a couple of years to change over, they’ve suddenly decided my gas meter needs changing too as it’s becoming old & dangerous, funny how my landlord gets it independently checked every year & they haven’t said anything about it being old & dangerous.

  7. Never had one and will avoid until it’s compulsory. Then I’ll wrap it with metal to form a Faraday cage so it can’t transmit.

  8. I’ve been happily ignoring letters about my electric meter for several years. I did have a water meter installed about seven years ago, but that only gets read every six months.

  9. I was with one supplier for many years until they introduced the smart meters in all their plans. So I left them and my current one do not have them at all. When comparing prices always check the small print, I.e smart meters not compulsory.

    • I’ve changed to one (that for now) doesn’t too

  10. I’ve continuously refused one of these and will carry on doing , unfortunaty I’ve not been able to stop a lot of friends and family having them.
    Thank you for this video and hope that for those who haven’t yet got one you can persuade them to say no as they (hopefully)won’t feel like they can tune you out the way they can with me

  11. I’ve often wondered if there’s a significant connection between “covid” symptoms and the roll out of smart meters.

  12. I had an Eon one when I moved into my house. House was 2 years old. Changed supplier to Octopus last September. Job done I thought as it would be incompatible with another suppl ier. But unknown to me they managed to connect the electrical one a couple of months ago. When I discovered this I complained. They say they have now made it “dumb” and will not connect with the gas one as planned. I threatened to change suppliers. But what does “dumb” mean? Is it still transmitting dangerous signals?

  13. I been with same gas&electric company for 13 years now always refused to change company as over the years it’s caused less problems.
    I refused the meter from the very beginning they tried selling me into it (the company) for couple years really 🥺 just didn’t feel right you know.
    So no don’t have one🙏👍👍( wipe my brow lol 😂)

    Cheers Hugo as always and
    Have great evening to All

  14. My energy supplier is constantly trying to get me to let them install a smart meter but I always refuse. I heard about the dangers of these some years ago.

  15. Okay. I have to chime in here. Smart meters are basically Bluetooth devices, the gas meter used Bluetooth to talk to the electricity meter. The electricity meter is basically a mobile phone. It has a SIM card inside it and broadcasts text messages. Now whilst I totally agree with the dangers of these technologies, I find it amusing to see the majority of people freaking out about that, whilst they have a laptop or tablet on their lap and a phone next to them. These are such close proximity are far more damaging, yet nobody mentions that. Then there is your router. Your cordless landline. Your TV, wireless speakers, games console, water meter! And the list goes on. There’s a significant amount of EMF coming from your neighbours as well. And then a small amount from all directions from cell towers. A faraday cage is the only proper solution, you should at least sleep in one or shield your bedroom. Yshield paint on the walls door, ceiling, wooden shutters painted with that paint across your windows, copper fabric under the carpet. To work a faraday cage has to be sealed all sides . Any gaps it won’t work.

    • Faraday cage makes it even worse as you get disconnect from the Earth electromagnetic field, which is needed for well being.

      • You aren’t earthed inside your house anyway lol

      • Apologies, I saw you said the earths magnetic field. Not earth.

        Whats your solution then? I have some 5G absorbing quantum crystals. 600 each to you 😉

      • Anyhow. I’m only suggesting you shield your bedroom. No different to sleeping in a cave is it. Gives you 8 hours break from man made EMF. Give your body a chance to repair itself.

  16. My Housing association are trying to install these via stealth..I of course know exactly what their game is and told them to get fucked..but my neighbours will have them..because they are fast asleep..and stupid.

  17. When they ask just ask if they use electricity to function obviously they do might just be penny’s a year but as I said to them nothing very smart in spending money also asked if they would put out light switches that where left on or switch of plugs not being used they said no got to do that yourself conversation turned to well why are they called smart meters if they don’t do nothing and cost money to run the lovely lady concluded to Finnish conversation with ah so I would think you do not want one installed ,me correct never heard from them again and that was over two years ago

  18. I’ve also refused the smart meter for this precise reason! I’ve had letters, phone calls asking me why I’m refusing . I just say no thank and refuse to get into any conversation with them!

  19. They can’t install one here I have been told , it entails far to much work because I live in a rented property of 8 flats and the Landlord will not allow it and he is not willing to foot the bill or even entertain the fact that his property could be damaged,they have tried many times.Good result here:)

  20. Yep. Once everyone’s forced to have electric cars, they’ll need to tax them. So hello automotive-electricity. smart meter will charge different rate for this.

  21. I already have one installed when I moved in the new property, didn’t realise or I would have moved elswhere. Would love to get rid of it.

  22. I moved from British Gas to Orbit Energy as they told me they don’t do smart metres . They are old school and I get a text or email every month and they ask me to read the meters and enter the reading . Been with them 8 months and never mentioned moving to smart metres . I don’t want one and won’t have one as long as I can resist !

  23. i got recently a letter saying i should opt in for smart meters because my old meter is soon becoming obsolete. i haven’t but these monsters are creeping in.

  24. A few years ago E.ON our electric supplier said they needed to change our meter and were going to put a smart meter in. They did this and when my son came home some months later he went mad saying we should get it taken out as it was bad for our health. We had no idea until he told us. I phoned E.ON and said I wanted it changed back to my old meter, they asked why and I said I was not informed of the health risks by them when they installed it. They agreed to change it back and did this with no fuss at all and no charge. So pleased I changed back.
    We also have our WiFi on a timer so it goes off at night ( as we don’t need it when asleep)and it comes on in the morning so we are not sleeping with the Wi-fi coming through the walls.

    • that’s good i switch off mine as well at night.

  25. Does anyone know anything about water meters?
    There is no legal requirement for them to install one. I’ve got thta much out of them.
    I’ve revoked their right to cross my boundary.
    They say they are still going to do it.
    I have a legal right to refuse, they tell me they are coming anyway.
    Any advice?

  26. Phone up several times…letters keep coming and they even book appointments with you (without conscent) and knock you door saying, “Hello, I’ve come to fit you a smart meter!”

  27. I refuse a smart meter but I said they could fit a new standard one which they said they couldn’t. So I made an official complaint and left it at that. 8weeks later I received a threatening letter saying that they were getting a court order to enter my house even if I wasn’t there to change the meter. Needless to say I was straight on the phone they did apologise saying they couldn’t understand why the letter was sent out . Purely bully boy tactics but I will not be bullied. I also spoke to an engineer who fits these meters and he said he fits loads of standard meters they just blank it off and don’t connect the smart bit , so the office people were lying through their teeth

  28. The way they are coercing people into getting one now is by charging higher tariffs for not having one: no doubt your social credit, as well as your energy credit, score will go down and you will be restricted in everything you can do…

    • Another bullshit comment. As I said in a different post, I change my supplier every year to get the cheapest tariff and there’s never been any mention of having a smart meter. Personally I’d never have one for a number of reasons so I’m no supporter of smart meters but there seems to be a lot of misinformation about them.

  29. Just a question, most people who have broadband today have it as an always on service, so its running 24/7. Does this mean we will all be on the naughty step if this nonsense keeps coming? BTW get a VPN.

  30. Well Done Hugo. Agree with ALL you say on each topic. Have been refusing their smart idiot meters for months despite their determined efforts. The whole plan is as clear as day. People need to get out of the muddy water and gaze into the clear stream.

  31. I have one and have asked to get it removed and was told it will cost £500 to do that
    I had a major operation last year which removed a growth in my stomach and I feel the meter was a big reason for the growth
    They want a letter from my doctor to say it is bad for my health however I have a medical centre full of asleep people
    Any suggestions?

  32. We should have a March/protest for the police. The next protest in London should be about solidarity with the police. Understanding that they are trying to earn a living and support their families. Who are placed in a difficult position. They know by now that when 100,000’s of people protest and no-one goes away sick or suffering of Covid…..they must be thinking ‘what exactly are we protecting again?🤔’

  33. Hi Hugo. I listen to your show everyday. Thanks for the up to date news. I am from western Canada. In my town 6 or 7 years ago we got the smart meter. Many of us tried to fight it. We finally got letters after a years of refusing install that we would have to pay a monthly fee to keep old meters. So I finally gave in.
    Just thought I would share my story.

  34. Be polite. “Shove it please, and thank you very much”. Hahaha.

  35. Linking up the 5 7 grid
    Like BT s unbreakable wi fi
    Yeah exactly

  36. I don’t believe smart meters will kill you, but worrying about them might well do….

  37. Wow – this is timely! Octopus who are not even my suppliers any more made an appointment to come and fit a Smart Meter TODAY! I queried their email saying I left them as a supplier over a year ago but it they came they could verify that the gas supply is capped off – I went fully electric 2 years ago and no-one believes me! I was not aware of the radiation issues – nor those with the other devices around the home. I did move my phone out of the bedroom. We shall see if the Octopus team turn up – if they do, I will now DEFINITELY decline having a smart meter fitted. Thanks everyone for your experiences and comments!

  38. BEWARE: whilst it is not a waste of time questioning new technologies, in this case RF devices, but also any other big scare stories such as 5G. Etc. You might be wise to consider if the SCARE story is at all legitimate. Remember your FEAR is the target. Those that mean to control your life use your fear. Fear will kill you just as sure as you give it conscious power. FEAR NOT…

  39. If all this is correct in the video it seems clear that the only two real reasons for them being installed is to control your usage and to kill you! All part of the depopulation plan.

  40. I heard about the dangers of smart meters a couple of years ago. So when I received a letter about it being installed in my area I ignored it. A few days later I received a phone call about it and politely said I wasn’t interested. I was told if I didn’t want one it’s ok.

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