Press Conference For 12 Year Old In Wheelchair from Vaccine Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown


89 Comments on “Press Conference For 12 Year Old In Wheelchair from Vaccine Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

  1. Why would you let your child take part in a trial???? Her parents have failed to protect her, they should be ashamed !

    • I totally agree – any sane person who makes an irrational decision regarding something such as this is just disgraceful. People need to do the research!

    • I’m sure they are bearing themselves up. They have been lied to same as all of us and forgotten they are sentient beings and science is a religion that is not true. It changes and the goalpost is ever moving

  2. Parents need to fo better! Heard in September they want to start weight checking kids at school told my kids tell that person get their fat ass on scale and to fuck off. My son told me a fews weeks back his teacher tell the class having the vaccine is good, I was mad as hell.

  3. I bet the Pharma company don’t pay a bean in compensation.
    Unfortunately because mum was so.emotional I couldn’t hear or understand what she was saying.
    But at 12 years of age?
    A drug trial?
    The guilt will be with these parents forever.
    How desperately sad.
    This is one hard lesson for life
    I hope it puts off other parents in sending their children off for trials.

  4. I thought you guys were awake? Can’t you see the girl is trying her hardest not the laugh! Not the first time with these crisis actors. Love you Hugo, but come on brother.

    • It’s always prudent to be suspicious but to confidently state that they’re crisis actors just because a child is trying not to laugh is a pretty big stretch my man. Unless you have more?

    • What a heartless comment…..
      Your heart is cold ,you need to find God Jesus Christ and REPENT from YOUR SINS or you will perish and spend ETERNITY in HELL.
      Wake up…..We are in the last days satan is deceiving you, you are not awake, you are spiritually blind. May Lord God have mercy on your SOUL. 😟

      • My heart is broken, but I have eyes to see & common sense. If you can’t see no real emotion from this mother & or any acting ability from the pair of these jokers…….YOU ARE LOST & God doesn’t want weak minded people!

  5. I am a mother and I am disgusted at her stupidity. As a teacher at a university I am surrounded by supposedly intelligent people who do no research and just believe the MSM. The research and testing for mRNA and RNA vaccines on animals and in particular ferrets resulted in many scientific papers from around 2005 (and maybe before this date) onwards and showed the destruction to the immune system and death – trialled on kids in Africa and in India. This was all being discussed over a year ago. She put her daughter in for an experimental treatment and did no research. She put her child at risk for a virus that affects less than 1% of the population!

  6. I think it’s very important to remain compassionate. I myself didn’t “wake up” until the start of 2021, just in time! Only thanks to a trust friend guiding me slowly. “There are no prizes for being right”.
    It’s a sin what has happened here. And they truely thought they were helping others too. All the blame should be squarely centered on Gates and Co.
    Do not allow division amongst the people to proliferate. Have compassion for your fellow man. Unity is our way out… and we will all travel at a different speed. We are only as fast as our slowest runner.

  7. There is one small good thing to come out of this sad event. It is that they are talking about it…
    May save some more people.

  8. No sympathy wse, you put your childs life at risk. Your child must now live with this knowing her parents did this to her. And for what ? we are really rolling about in all this freedom …….

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