IRELAND SEGREGATION / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Who’s gonna stop me going into a pub in Ireland, some wee girl on minimum wage wearing a welders mask. Can’t see it

    • Exactly, you think im gonna share my personal health info with some random shite on the door of a pub? Who are they to ask me? Truth is, they probably dont even want to know…according to public health, we have all had covid at some point, so as far as im concerned, im recovered from covid. Im exempt. So all of you should be too. Happy Days.

    • David, the problem is leaders are owned and put into place for a reason.
      It’s clear to see that with these STUPID policies.

  2. I’d rather eat my own shite than be jabbed with that! 🤬

  3. in switzerland they did qr scanning after 8pm in pubs.maybe expect this type of frog boiling tactic

    • Yep, I used to think the frog in hot water was a good analogy but the frog doesn’t feel the discomfort, even the totally asleep in our society can feel the discomfort on many levels but cannot jump out of the pot as all the other frogs are holding him/her in. I think industry has put us here with the mask wearing etc. The compliant industry will only be supported now by compliant customers. The restaurants and bars that refuse authoritarianism will be filled with like minded customers but always on the lookout like a bootleggers den. This thing is self perpetuating at this stage, businesses wear their fully Covid compliant badge of honour for their marketing tag lines , I still wear a mask going into shops, I’m choosing my battles at this stage as i have never had any experience in dealing with a cult before, in fact I think that might be a good subject to read up on, the only problem is; how do you leave a cult when the whole world has become rigid in Covid Cult Propaganda….

      • I haven’t worn a mask in over a year, anywhere and no one says anything. If asked at a restaurant or bar I just say exempt..again nothing, just a nod as I’ve said an acceptable word. Also, no one can ask you why you’re exempt. I reckon people are so downtrodden now they haven’t got the fight in them to challenge. I choose faith over fear and couldn’t give a stuff now. Nothing is said, it’s liberating. Try it. After a few goes it gets really easy.

  4. So if you’ve had 1or 2 jabs you’ll have priority??

    The same jabs that don’t stop you getting cold or flu?
    And transmitting it to others?

    All this with a high risk of clotting and possible death for the elderly.
    Hell no!!

    Businesses doing this need to be boycotted by everyone jabbed or not.

  5. Where are the bastards that killed innocent people in Great Britain

    • Cowardly? The British killed thousands of irish why tf wouldn’t they retaliate.

    • It is discrimination if you did that against people who are black or gay or Muslim. You would be sure for discrimination.
      Cant have it both ways cant preach about diversity and then discriminate against those who choose not to have a vaccine without being a hypocrite

  6. To any of the 77th brigade who watch this channel and monitor the comments , There are fucking millions of us who will never be your fuckin slaves and are prepared to live in the gutter or even die to resist this ,let along just to go to a scumy pub

    • We will track every one of them down. You just need to follow the smell of fungal cream for the rash between their vast tits and belly.

    • looks like there tracking us and tracing us on here, they don’t want people questioning what’s going on. time to ditch the net altogether, not that its any use anyway. ditch the microchip smartphone, and get on with our life on our terms. a least we know what’s going on..

  7. Mehole Martin is a cunt of the lowest order an asshole, he will pay for his tretchory when Ireland turns on him and it will.

  8. In his novel the author Philip K Dick asked the question “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep ?” The film Blade Runner based on it has android people and animals in a dystopian future. Anyone who goes along with this I shall now refer to them simply as Replicants.

  9. I’m still not complying, not been pub since march last year, i don’t miss it, they have destroyed the spirit, it’s done me the world of good, saved loads, while everyone’s going to the pub, i’m stocking up on food and preparing, cuz its not going to be over, they have destroyed everything, im preparing for a off grid living, i was going to get another car, now i’m deciding to get a camper just in case the shit hits the fan which is inevitable, buying time like these control freaks, i can buy 5+ years off fuck um, till cars go electric then that’s fucked trace and traced. then will think of a alterative. got to be one step of there game and stay on top of it, not excepting any of it, will live organically like the animals and in natures ways, its so wrong and inorganic what’s going on, its a false reality there bringing in, there not standing for joy, love, compassion, honesty, caring, they have took that from us till we get it back, what there bringing in is evil, lies, spying, archontic; soulless, structure etc etc you can feel in the air its horrible energy, its not who we are, being massively manipulated by a unknown force. natures calling……….because this digital nightmare isn’t

    • When I heard that they stopped people from being with their dying loved ones in hospitals and care homes and the sheeple accepted that I knew we would lose all our rights. That was the most basic and important right of all, yet the fuc*ers laid down and accepted it. They deserve to be enslaved and murdered by the poisons they call vaccines.

  10. #Nuremberg2 trials are starting, many of the perps will be hauled in, the noose awaits

    • @Adam I’m not holding my breath waiting for anything like that, I’m just preparing for things to get worse so I can lock my door & tell the sheep to fuck off!

    • Sorry guys, the law was set in April 2020 but I still can’t find it if anyone else can let me know.

  11. Thanks Hugo nice video
    The robot sheep is need it in mars base. ( I am back on the very first lockdown) Sheep’s already trained to live in a small bubble all automated with the latest tech so you don’t have to move, it is all programmed.
    I can see you can see their plan. Like few.

  12. Morning thank you Hugo

    I will continue to say NO!!!
    I don’t socialise anymore because as you said in video.. they are Trying to divide us I have not divided myself it’s people have from me because I REFUSE TO BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY OR DO THE EVIL PEOPLE doing this Insanity!!!

    I will Never Comply!!!!!!
    I have said it before,, they will need fight me to the end!
    I have been sharing with you guys for sometime & I appreciate All of you because I am Free Thinking & have hope here👍💪💪

    Thank you Hugo
    And everyone have a great day 👍✌️🦋💪

  13. Ok, well went into pub Saturday after Londonstan demo in village near me, few of us, four actually, asked if we had face muzzles, said we are all exempt, don’t normally even say that, if it was going to cause aggro, we would just say stick it then, pub would have lost £120.00 with grub we had….
    If we all did this then it would soon change…

    • You are causing division by calling it ” Londonistan”. This is a spiritual fight against SERIOUS EVIL , it’s not about colour or religion and it’s not about bravado, you should learn that not all dark skin people are Pakistani .

      • I agree, it is not going to help any of us to base our actions on anger and/or derogatory expression.
        The only way to prevail is with a level head focused on what is TRUTH and REALITY…

    • I always say exempt but I do carry a lanyard I got from eBay just incase there’s a bigger jobsworth challenging me. At a private hospital one even insisted I wear a visor then. If these things can’t stop us from smelling farts they sure as hell ain’t stopping us getting a virus.

  14. If the million plus who regularly go to Londonistan to protest really lost it then they would not cope. People in general have been very calm under the circumstances but, when the tipping point comes and it ain’t far off, these psychos will have nowhere to run. Cops aren’t serving us. They have given up their oath. So when the general public give up being nice it ain’t gonna be pretty…

    • Actually Stew the Cops take an oath to serve the Crown, they’re never serving us even though we pay their wages.

  15. I am Irish, living in Ireland.
    Most Irish need authority. They expect it. They had centuries of English authority, then it was Rome, then the EU, now the globalists.
    It’s so long since they were responsible for themselves they have lost the idea of it.
    I doubt they will rebel against the globalists. It will take other countries to do it.

  16. I have a Danish business friend who is currently residing in Israel. He is a gym fanatic, and took the jabs a few months ago just to be able to go to the gym again. After taking the jabs, he couldn’t go to the gym, firstly because the gyms remained closed, and secondly because he got dizzy spells after the second jab.

  17. Ireland has really turned into a basket case of a Country, but then again so has the rest of the World. You would think after a week of this nonsense these criminals would have been arrested.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  18. All the sheep who have been vaccinated have gone too far and they probably think ‘well I’m OK’!!!!!

  19. One problem here is that the jabbed will go along with this. They have made it quite clear what they think of the low life un jabbed so they will happy to stay away from the smelly people. However the jabbed will not have the last laugh.

  20. Listened to a radio interview this morning on the way to work with Leo Varadkir, the usual spin & controlled narrative with absolutely zero logic. Saying that they are delaying opening because of the delta variant, and that very soon younger people will be vaccinated with vox pops from younger people disgruntled they have not received vaccine yet. It makes no difference, the vaccine is ineffective to Delta according to their own narrative & Varadkir said there will be a lot more variants in the autumn. Modelling, variants, lockdowns, rinse & repeat…

  21. The commonwealth are the pushers of the agenda. According to Snowden they and the USA are known as the five eyes. It is a movement into total surveillance. It all makes sense to me now. You can see these countries letting it unfold before our eyes. This mixed with the climate agenda will lead us into slavery by our all powerful overlords. We must fight back now. Because time is running out.

    • I think the 5 eyes countries are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA.

      The agenda is coming from the Sabbatean Frankish Death Cult. The unfortunate truth is that our world is ruled by Satanists/Luciferians.

  22. Once upon a time read the signs, “No Blacks, No Dogs No Irish”. Now they’ll read “No Vaxx, No Passport, No Entry”.

  23. If we stop going to all these places,it means they won and prevent us,discriminated us….so we need to go,if refused to let us in or service,we serve a notice for liability to all owners,cos they are the one to stop complying too

  24. Hugo, tell the whole story please. Don’t just repeat the mainstream media and then scare the shite out of people with it. Many restaurants and cafes in Ireland refuse to discriminate against people who aren’t vaxxed and this will happen everywhere else too. Parallel societies, my friend, they’re popping up everywhere.

    • But isn’t parallel society not just another name for apartheid, segregation? The Hungers Games and Brave New World both had parallel societies. Is this where we are heading?

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