YIPPEE!! A New Prototype Mask! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Dont wear any its Gods freah air bot the Govts and they can basically…..well fuck off .

    • I was amongst potentially a million people at the protest on Saturday. Not a mask in sight and felt 100% safe!

      • Me too and I have been to nearly all the protests. Not so much as a sniffle. It does the immune system a world of good mixing with real human beings.

      • Real fresh air and real people not bedwetting fools, They can shove there masks and vaccine up there Ass,
        We are the 99 per cent.

  2. Bloody love you Hugo .. β€œ nosey feckers” !! Agree 100% !! They can stick these masks where the sun don’t shine

  3. But if you’re following all the guidelines, taken your vaccines, shouldn’t you be safer from contracting covid?πŸ€”
    Just keep taking tests, keep the case numbers high, so that the government has their reason to keep us in lockdowns, to stop people working, to destroy any remnants of what you once called, ‘Life ‘!

  4. I remember pre scamdemic and my late mother always said when they run out of stuff to tax it will be the air we breath , I also said this to work colleagues and they laughed , well here it is your mask will be linked to your phone …Sick ..Sick …Sick Fuck the lot of them ,best thing you can do is go out and murder a scientist.

      • “The one with the bird with 3 tits and the guy with 2 heads” – they were both fine until they had the jab.

    • Great feeling Tommy when your trying to tell people the truth,
      They ignorant, choose to laugh being ignorant
      Then Wallop lol πŸ˜‚
      You were right all along

      Thank you comment πŸ’ͺ

    • That’s the best covid tip I have heard to date Tommy

    • You mean the stooge scientists, there are many thousands of of scientists, professors and doctors who call this a Plandemic. Whitty, Vallance Ferguson and Vantam all need to be hanged.

  5. Be ready for whatever comes next soldiers…don’t comply or trust anyone βœ‹πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

  6. Wearing a mask has been proven to be useless at preventing any spread. Partly because the holes in the material are much larger than the size of any virus. But mainly because covid-19 only existed in the mind of that warped sub-human known as Hancock. Although I can see the benefit of certain people wearing them. Vallance and Whitty for example. And bbc newsreaders could benefit from wearing them. That way, what they have to say won’t need to be heard by people as none of above have had anything useful to say in the past 18 months.

  7. You seen the new Whitty video, coming out of a park and “being put in a headlock” – he wasn’t put in a headlock, they were putting their arms round him – you can see it with your own eyes, do they think we are that far gone now?

    Maybe they do, Hancock resigns after being forgiven by Bojo, then Bojo says he fired him.

    Anyway, does that park have a public convenience? Is that why Mr Weirdy Man was there. The creepy fucker.

    Had enough.

  8. if i saw someone torturing a dog like that there would be hell to pay’.

  9. Remember the film β€œclose encounters of the third kind”?
    The premise of the government and authorities to keep the alien landing and meeting from the population?
    Misinformation by media and deceit by authorities.
    Fake poison leak. Roads closed. Dead cows etc.
    And remember the realisation it was all fake?
    In the helicopter. He sees the lie and takes his mask OFF.
    He can breathe. He doesn’t die. To then go on and see the whole truth.
    Parallels well don’t you think?
    And that was in the 70’s.
    Remove your mask and see the lie.
    A lie needs you to believe it.
    The evidence given is what you are told and not what you see.
    Look around. Trust your instincts.
    Your freedom is just that, yours.
    And those who unjustly try and take your freedom, are your enemy.
    This is not about politics or arbitrary differences. This is about humanity.
    Don’t be distracted. Divided by hate.
    Recognise the wrongs against us all and stand up.
    It’s the smallest act of defiance.
    An act that cannot be used against you.
    It is the most powerful first step.


    • Yes…..take off your masks……nothing happens. I’m still alive.

  10. Maybe the next version will self-destruct if the wearer presents positive, saving a fortune in healthcare.

  11. Oh and John McAfee and the conspiracy surrounding his apparent data in the doomed building, a conspiracy to discredited the (real) not so conspiracies,Lmao

  12. Ultimately, there are two types of individuals: those who choose truth and freedom (natural law rights and morally right actions), and those who choose, through willful ignorance, to be enslaved by lies (man’s law and morally wrong actions).

    What humanity requires immediately is the shift away from the “order follower” mindset.

    The “doctors” and “law” enforcement order followers MUST cease manifesting the “mandates” of the cabal. It is the “boots on the ground” in the police and the medical realm that are bringing this tyranny to fruition.

    For example :
    I spoke with a friend this afternoon, who’s spouse is employed by a pediatric medical office. The “doctors” coerced this individual into having two “vaccinations” through the threat of being “replaced”.
    This is ABSOLUTELY a violation of ethics, charter rights, and Nuremberg Code/Law.

    In addition, many healthcare professionals have accepted being “gagged”/ not “allowed” to speak publicly. This makes them complicit.

    At what point will enough be enough, and when will these two sectors of the population finally come out en mass to stand beside the everyday freedom fighters?

    There are NO excuses, and there will be NO claiming ignorance.

  13. The term World Economic Morons had me chuckling into my early morning cuppa. Thanks Hugo πŸ€£πŸ‘

  14. Take the standard mask and with a pair of sewing scissors cut out the two white layers, leaving just the one blue vale. Everyone is convinced you’re compliant while you breath easily.

    • Tyranny cannot be overcome with compliance. It must be visibly rejected.

    • Why? By doing that one nonsensical thing you are still complying with a completely unjustified, tyrannical order.

  15. Gimps! Scold’s bridles – well haven’t we progressed since medieval times – NOT. Luddite sounds just about right for me!

  16. Shame they haven’t spent millions on developing a mask that filters the absolute shite that comes out of their mouths.

    They can take there NWO rhetoric and shove it right up their arses. Bunch of lying, hypocritical bellends. I’m done. I’m gonna raise the pitchforks. The peasants are about to revolt. What we lack in money we make up for in numbers.

    Flatten the curve? I’d like 5 minutes alone with each one of these cretins. That’s all I’d ask.

    #Revolution21 #HashtagBandwandWagon #Stopbeingkeyboardwarriors #Fightforyourrighttoparty

    • great idea. time is running out these evil scum bags,

      It will play out they will have their day BUT THE ONE TRUE GOD will also have His,,…


  17. @Hugo, I was about to type something along the lines of I’m not sure about the new music you’re using, but as I started to type I found my toes tapping away in time to the music, definite 80s electronic vibes going on, much better than the crop of crap the music industry has been shitting out for the last 30 years.

  18. I’m looking into buying/finding my own island. No masks. No BS. Free-trade amongst each other. Oh the national anthem will be the 80s synth tune off this video. Cheers Hugo. PS had my first pint in a pub the other night. Nobody used the app to gain entry and we all used fake names. Amongst Theresa Green and Charity Walker. I stumbled across Hugo Waverley haha

  19. Thanks Hugo! Yet again you’re a voice of sanity within the madness. 😊

  20. Thank you Hugo, you had me at the world economic moron! 🀣🀣🀣

  21. Thanks Hugo never heaed of the term ‘Luddite’ another educational lesson,at least we are all sane .:)

  22. Well I will be part of your ‘luddite’ tribe…fecking tech, bring me the wild…love the new music! as always you make me smile even though the fecking news is just so unbelievable, you gotta laugh!

    • πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ‘
      I Agree

      Brilliant 🀩

  23. Thank you Hugo

    The poor poodle in video 😳

    I don’t wear mask so obviously this has caused me to laugh πŸ˜‚
    They seriously are Dark People!

    Have great day Every one πŸ¦‹πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ✌️

  24. Lol, love the mask locking satire, go steady though , today’s satire is tomorrow’s reality 😬

  25. Next with an embedded RFID chip, then perhaps an automatic vaccine releasing mechanism? Why don’t they approve the already available therapeutics instead, for G#ds sake?

  26. These masks will be a godsend for the sheep who’ll be falling over themselves to glue these techno-nappies over their faces.

    Given there’s strong evidence the jabs induced spike proteins are now crossing the blood brain barrier, it seems these sheep have literally got Covid on the brain.

  27. Considering they haven’t actually isolated the ‘virus’ and are using the RNA sequence that was released by the Chinese (oh yeah!), how the hell can this p.o.s work?

    The same question should be being asked about the numerous ‘variants’ they can produce out of a hat.

    None of it makes ANY logical sense.

  28. Never worn one… Incidentally, that Kate Garraway sounds mega happy lately…she really is a weird one. Listened to her on Smooth Radio today. You would not think her hubby was a veggy lying-in his own piss would you?

  29. On a different note. A relative suffered a massive heart attack on Sunday night. No previous issues and a relatively healthy 65yr old. 2 jabs in. Whilst in hospital the cardiac surgeon found that her heart was completely riddled with clots. She was in an induced coma since then. She’s just passed away.

    • A sad and sorry loss for you and your family.
      I won’t write what i think about these who promote this jab and those who inject this in to people bodies.
      Condolences to you

  30. Awesome music, that would be a great beginning to your videos. I love how upbeat it is! :–) They can shove their masks where the sun disnae shine!!!

  31. What a pile of bollocks! This is almost as believable as the Abu Dhabi scanning system that is 93.5% accurate in detecting “the virus”…!

    • don’t forget the dubai nail salon where you can get a chip under your nail varnish!!

  32. Sickening. Would rather stick my face in a cow pat.

  33. Ooops they forgot the cover for your eyes coz viruses can be transmitted via eyes (or is it a bacteria – has anyone decided yet!). Covid testing at the gym today – the whole ground floor – nobody there, only the workers (probably being paid from my council tax) and they put up a sign “No photography”!!!

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