MERKEL NO NO EU HOLIDAY 🚫 FOR UK / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. I have nothing to say , but It is obvious to the awake.:)

  2. Well we all know now what was talked about at the
    G7 and the Daily Hate are selling this.bk to there readers as.anti british the euro mob

  3. As always Hugo talks sense. I’ve been listening to you and taking your advice for over a year. So many dumb fucks out there always believing the nonsense. You need to be running parliament Hugo. I’ve been adding extra supplies every time I shop for the last year. This winter is going to be the winter from hell.

    • I have my freezers topped up ( I hope that we do not have power cuts 🀞 , which is a posibilty ) and tinned foods in my garage. It will last me a little while. Keep it up, mate!

  4. It’s one big plan they’re all in on it. Our lot say travel and holidays on to quell the unrest, they say “non” or “nein” to take the pressure off our lot. Sod em all.

  5. The reason why they want flying to stop is due to the upcoming polar shifting and new age approaching. This will reveal that the earth is indeed flat and that they have lied to us for thousands of years. Since the precession of the equinoxes happens every 2,160 years, that’s when a great reset is required……. Everything else is a distraction and of course, a lie

    • Your dead right we are entering a new age but they will still lie to us the vaccine is how they will control you with bar code so you don’t exceed your sell by date just like supermarket shelf life

  6. All the protests, numerous court cases and non compliance from the awake,
    It does seem as though this evil train is hurtling towards it’s destination regardless, mowing down the complient as it goes. I know of a few that have fallen in my area.
    The ongoing question remains – what the heck is it going to take to stop this?!

    Thanks as always Hugo
    It’s great to know there’s others out there like myself.

    • . Of your question, one possible answer , may be the ‘off shute ‘ of the up-coming war between China and Taiwan and iits
      allies . Once that kicks off, things will very rapidly get Very Hot.

  7. Yes I totally agree that they are trying to stop most air travel for us plebs. But I have a theory of where this is going in the interim. I think they may be trying to divide up the world into 4 or 5 travel zones. The EU countries IE all 27 members. Then the Oceanic / Commonwealth ones , the UK , Australia , New Zealand and Canada. Then the middle eastern and North African countries , Israel , Iraq , Tunisia , Morocco etc. Then Nordic ones , Iceland , Norway , The Faroe Islands. The USA will be tied with Mexico. So what about all those other places the Virgin Islands for eg ? Well , those will be off limits to all but the `right` people.

    Of course , you will still need to have the following , a passport , 2 jib jabs , a health / green passport on your phone. Oh and still being alive to enjoy it will be a definite plus.

    • I think they are trying to stop air travel as the jabbed are too high a risk with bliid clots. Airlines want to ban all those vaccinated as there is already a problem.

  8. This proves that this Covid virus is political and nothing to do with health..Globalists around the world are forcing people to comply to their Great Reset..Ignore all restrictions in the’s all a wicked hoax and the depopulation plan is already working..Evil agenda out there folks..Resist with all your might and definitely DONT take their Gene Therapy jab.

  9. All the real tourist holiday destinations will tell her to fuck off or they’ll go bankrupt, who wants to go to Germany for a two week holiday… Not many.

  10. The powers that be dont realise that citizens who still have a complete brain do not believe the ongoing myth that CO2 causes global warming/climate change.

    I wonder what happens to citizens who want to travel to the EU from UK and have dual nationality? E.g., both German and UK citizenship.

    When did Angela lose the moustache ? 😷

  11. No no uk holiday or travel in the uk for the eu then either. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. I thought we were coming out of it lol, being lied to again, there just prolonging it far in to the summer as they can, so they can lock us down again in September. I go to work and think what’s the point, they have destroyed our world, will never forget what they have done, let’s destroy there plans by not excepting it, its us vs them and I hope we will.. the rich famous are exempt says it all. no celebs speaking out, there part of the club. shows what they think of us. hopefully there days are numbered.

  13. Hugo, I’ve found how to make the text black! I can read it now. Yes, what is the point of the jib jab if you have to quarantine? That means it does not work. (We know that already). Will all the idiots be able to see that as well?

  14. Why would anyone want to leave third world πŸ’©hole Britain , to holiday in a European third world πŸ’© hole country . Find a country , if there is one , that hasn’t been destroyed with an INFLUX of mega proportions !!


  16. Maybe she’s annoyed because her boyfriend Matt has been groping someone else.

  17. If only she had been so diligent with the travelers from China, then Italy in February of 2020.

  18. ALL politicians from ALL countries are in on it

    • Slightly differing language used, but ALL clearly reading from the same page. Orchestrated BS!

  19. My doubled jabbed thinks I’m a conspiracy nut GF is pissed off cause been proven right again lol

    The triple Astra jab creates a strong result aswell her response ‘ they said they wouldn’t do that ‘ lol right again lol

    They don’t want us jabbed dying on there land and all the cost of flying us back, to be honest it’s the double jabbed they don’t want, but can’t say that yet lol

  20. Covid, like Brexit has been so divisive. WW2 was fought to destoy fascism and unite the world, I could also say unite Europe. The men who risked/gave their lives for this (my father was one of them) have now gone and despite our best attempts at teaching history to subseqent generations, people are acting as if the world began when they got their first smartphone. The world has started to become tribal again and we know where that ends.

    Those of us who grew up in the 50s and 60s started to realise that we could put the world right but slowly the selfish, greedy, elitist, xenophobes have infiltrated the electorate and now we have Boris, the exemplar of everything that you normally want to flush away Into oblivion, as the person who represents Britain across the globe.

    The Brexiteers will argue that the EU is being vindictive but they were incredibly patient during the negotiations in the hope that common sense would prevail. And they always trusted Britain to do the right thing. They have been badly betrayed by Britain and as a resident of France for the past twelve years I have never been less proud to be British. I struggle to think of anyone in the UK as a role model, unless Milliband wants to take up the challenge again or Bercow wants to find a constituency to vote him into parliament. Britain you have f****ed yourself when you could have had it all.

    • Had the EU remained a trading organisation, I doubt Brexit could have happened. However, it metastasised into a political entity where much of the power was held by a handful of members; at that point, it took on aspects many in the UK felt deeply uncomfortable with.

      • Myself and my wife both voted to remain, but we have learned a lot this last year. We have travelled around europe a bit, and like the people. I think we were looking at the wrong thing when we voted!

    • How did Britain badly betray them?

      I voted to leave. We never had a vote before on the EU. Did they want to keep us in a club that the people of Britain didnt want? How is leaving them a betrayal?

  21. Thank you Hugo

    merkel you are a Disgrace to the human race!
    People stupid enough to have been jabbed I have ZERO sympathy for.
    I am daily seeing ,talking to people who been jabbed but been so sick they have thought but still continue to listen to these Evil people!πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
    …because they are Cowards to!
    Merkel & the rest of the HORRAS can carry on feckin up the people’s lives to Stupid & still believe the BS!

    I am free & will live my life πŸ’ͺπŸ¦‹

    theses evil people ,as old Ug merkel & bo,jo have No souls!

    Have great evening to All ✌️

  22. Lol
    I just watched the one put up on YT to like πŸ‘ for you Hugo & blow me the two adverts before being able to even watch the share were…
    Holidays & laptops ya can’t make this shite up can you!πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    YouTube your traitors to!!!!!

    Take care All ✌️

  23. She agreed this with boris the clown…..they just been together,so its part of BUILD BACK BETTER. Its his fault too as much as her. Germany had their time 80 years ago. After what they have done,she cant tell me what i can do…..shove it up her fascist arse

  24. Yep. Saw this coming.

    Thanks Hugo whilst everyone else around me walks into this with their eyes closed it’s a huge help to know there are others like me ( and especially to see the massive protests in London) I agree with all the comments. Apart from not complying it’s hard to know what we can do to stop this crime against humanity.

  25. I suspect the elite are split into several factions.
    Some of which are:-
    The British Crown controlling UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia & NZ – all where the most extreme lockdowns have been put in place.
    Europe under the Rothschilds.
    The US with two factions – the Trump nexus & the Biden nexus.
    This is a move by the European faction to embarrass the Brits who told their livestock they could travel with 2 jabs.

  26. Vindictive Merkel and Macron aka Hitler and Napoleon retaliate against the Brits for voting Brexit…

  27. Bear in mind, the official rumour is always worse than the planned reality. That way, they get us to accept an unpalatable outcome with happiness and relief. This is all theatre again, designed to make us relieved and happy when the outcome will be, the unvaccinated only will have to quarantine. You wait and see. It also stokes up the self righteous fervor from the vaccinated. They will turn on the unvaccinated when we complain about discrimination and say, “It’s your own fault, get vaccinated”

    • Rest easy, lots of the jabbed won’t be around to Virtue Pose/signal.

    • It is Vaccine Apartheid, nothing else, nothing more. Them and Us. The great unvaxxed will have special places that they can visit whereas those injected with the Vaxtermination Jab will be allowed on buses, theatres, holidays etc…… until their time comes….. Please πŸ™ for them and US!

  28. egghead22: You are so right, even my own family, all getting the jab, are turning on me, yet they are the young ‘savvy’ ones with their smart phones and social links, but they act like lemmings to the brainwashing propaganda coming from the media. I like Hugo, he’s valiant, but alas on covid he’s sowing beans in the wind.

  29. Cunts the lot of them! Live in the woods and detatch yourself from these evil technocrat fuck wobbles. We are sovereign and living entities, we owe nothing to these greedy fuck nuckles. TIME TO TOUGHEN UP SNOWFLAKES

  30. Merkel as always been a Hitler dictator, I’m proud to vote Leave as it was about dictatorship of the EU rules.
    But the British government have gone the same way Dictators and rules.
    There are corrupt scum the lot of them.

  31. If jabbed pilots are dying….insurance companies won’t insure airlines or jabbed travellers.

  32. I thought this was all about a Killer Virus. The Con-or-a-virus word rarely gets spoken about now, its all about, Rules, quarantine, Vaxtermination Jabs and Convid Passports. The elite, our rulers, dare not mention the Killer Virus because at this minute in the UK about 6 a day are succumbing with this Flu in their system. SIX! (We are a country of 66 MILLION!)

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