DOUBLE JABBED More Likely To DIE, MSM DECEPTION / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. The Guardian use Dianne Abbott for their counting.

    • This is a genocide and they managed to get millions jabbed. Nazis will look like saints in comparison.

      • Try telling the sheep. I’ve given up and they can die for all I care. Nation of brain dead morons..cannot open their eyes at all. What are the “excess body storage” sites for???? The jabbed obviously.

  2. That’s a very floored analysis you have got there, let me explain.
    The vast majority of unvaccinated cases in the UK are in the lower age groups as these people have only just started to offered the vaccine.
    The younger people are orders of magnitude less likely to die, therefore if everyone in the UK was infected with covid tomorrow you would likely see ~30 times vaccinated deaths to unvaccinated.

    • Ahh you worship at the COVID cult altar. Flawed analysis from the start 😉😂

    • But they’re not supposed to get very ill and die, that’s the whole point of the vaccine

      • Sharon, exactly that! Shows its lethal.

        My question for the way the unvaccinated deaths were calculated: Show me medical history proof to make sure it wasn’t underlying issues that caused it. Which 95+% is likely to be the case.

        From the study, less died and probably of unrelated causes.

      • Yes, but ‘we’ are trying to have our ‘cake and eat it’, here. We claim that most elderly people last year died WITH not of covid, because they were mainly elderly and frail. Now we’re claiming that the eldely and frail people of dying from the jab, when they were probably going to die, anyway, just as they were probably going to die anyway last year, covid or no covid.

    • And why is the number of deaths jumping from 1st dose to 2nd dose? Should the effectiveness come with the 2nd shot? So tells the narrative……… Yes, killing efficiancy has doubled.

    • I had seen these figures before watching this programme, been thinking about what was being said and I have to say i agree with your comment. I think what is happening makes sense. But will not be having the jab.

    • Whats the pointed of playing russian roulette with an experimental vax then ? The risk of death for those under 80 even b4 vax ination has always been less than 1% so that is at least 99% chance of recovery! I am relying on my natural immunity to protect me but then I am not scared of death, I have had a good and fairly long life! Would be content with 3 score years and 10 my allotted portion anything more a bonus in my mind!

      • No, I am not scared of dying but what worries me is that my children might die before me – they have had the jabs.

    • Superficially you might be right, but I think the entire data set is flawed, there is no breakdown of jab types, etc. However…

      Looking at deaths of over 50’s, in unvaxxed there were 38 deaths from 976 people = 3.9% IFR;

      In double jabbed is 50 out of 3546 = 1.4% IFR;

      But from the 1 jab is only 17 deaths out of 3865 = 0.4% (i.e. less than 1%) IFR;

      Doesn’t make sense, the 1 jabbed should logically be between the unjabbed and double jabbed, not better than both, unless 1 jab works best.

      I think either the data set is too small to draw conclusions, or the data is false.

      • Plus if they are using different cycle rates for unvaxxed and vaxed, then it could well be that most of the unvaxxed cases (like 90%+) are false positives, so hardly any of them died with covid, maybe these were people who died of other illnesses but went down as covid because of a false positive – whereas ALL of the double jabbed deaths are real covid deaths because of the lower cycle rate.

        Who knows? It’s all mathematical bollox.

      • If you scratch beneath the surface of the claims the virus has been isolated you will find the genome for it has been computer modelled from fragments of unidentified DNA from samples of billions of different similar sized particles that cannot be separated any further. This process means endless slightly different variants can be created.
        Kary Mullis, the guy who won the nobel prize for chemistry in 1993 for inventing the PCR machine, said it cannot be used for diagnosing infectious diseases. Its primary uses are for genetic research and forensic work.
        It’s used for this hoax because the number of positive cases can be manipulated by the amplification cycles run, the more cycles the more positives.
        There is no pandemic, there are no variants, all the data is meaningless.

    • You’re missing the point. The majority of people dying are ‘VACCINATED’. You know that lethal injection that is killing everyone? They took it to be ‘protected’.
      Also the figures are rigged. Those who are ‘vaccinated’ have their PCR at a low cycle threshold and only presumed positive if they are hospitalised or dead. Unvaccinated still have the old system of 45 cycles and die of any reason after positive test.

    • Notice the leap in death rates for those double jabbed. More people would be single dosed than double, so why are fully vaccinated people more likely to die when the opposite should be true by your reckoning?!

      • Pfizer never did any studies to evidence the need for a second shot. They just made an assumption. The MHRA did not even bother to check this fact and hence we get NHS adverts telling people that a second shot will give them fully proteciton when there is zero evidence that a second shot is either needed, or safe. My bet is that the reason people are dying who are double jabbed is because there antibodies have skyrocketed and they have got ADE because of that when they have come into contact with covid.

    • Still, the data shows in black and white that in the age group of over 50, that more died from covid with vaccine vs the unvaccinated.

      The younger ages doesnt show it.

      this still is showing that 50 plus age still died vaccinated, no matter what can be said.

      So this is of concern and should be rightly highlighted.

    • Asif, I think what Rob is trying to say is…
      It’s a non starter as the virus has never been isolated. Unless you can prove without doubt that it has then you will need to change your mindset.
      There’s still a 500,000 euro prize fund if you have the proof??

      Also I suppose we can go a step further and asked to be shown the difference between the variants as well. I guess most people are happy to take a Gates paid specialist’s word for it.
      They have a jab to sell for F sake!

    • Vaccines are the biggest fraud of the 20/21st century.

    • But we have been assured that the jab protects from serious illness, it’s a con

    • Very clearly Asif, you have conducted little or no research into what is actually in the so called `Vaccine`, or what those ingredients do to the human body. One thing it isn`t, is a Vaccine…. If you`ve had the first two jabs, let alone the `booster` jabs that are to follow, you`re life expectancy is no more than 2-5 years.. This is a program of de-population, and Genetic manipulation of the human being.. HOW DARE YOU DEFEND THE MURDER OF MILLIONS OF INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!! MORON.

    • How would they know the unvaccinated had the Delta varient , we don’t get tested ???

    • I agree. The most realistic comparison is for over 50, where the percentages of dying are 1.13, 0.44 and 1.4 respectively, versus 3.9 for the unvaccinated. I just divided deaths by relevant cases.

  3. Hahaha Hahahahahaha I love it when they think we are stupid enough that we can believe their nonsense 🤣 😂 😆 😅 😄

  4. As more people get vaccinated, (sic) the percentage that die after having both vaccination shots will increase.
    It’s exactly the same when everyone keeps getting tested, the percentage of positives increases too.
    And the elderly were targeted first, so, not only are they already the ones that statistically will die anyway, they’re now also the ones most likely to have had both vaccines too!
    Next on the list are those with health implications, so the elderly, (again) people with terminal illnesses like cancer etc.
    The list will gradually work it’s way down.

  5. Sadly many will be sacrificed because of lack of common sense. It stands to reason that if you are being given something Free and get a Free Gift with it there is sinister goings on.☠☠☠😷😷😷

    • In normal times you get paid to take part in a medical experiment. If they want me to have the shot I will be charging them a minimum of 5 million pounds per toxic injection. A bag of grass or a free meal at Macdonalds is not going to sway me

  6. Its not going to work his way down….whoever says so is a dumb donkey….no matter what they show you you still not believing it….its genocide in his purest form and even worse….cos basically you are so brainwashed you think you are doing yourself a good thing…suicide….i dont feel sorry for anyone willingly complied to this….deserve your faith

    • The paper covers deaths fromFeb 1st 2021 to June 24th 2021, with a total of 117 people dying in the past 5 months, why are we still in lockdown? Ave of 22 people dying a month, hardly grounds for overwhelming the NHS and other ungrounded rhetoric that keeps being spilled out!

    • The percentages will fall as those that readily succumb decrease in number!
      The greatest worry and indicator of lethality is the jump in percentages between single and double dosed! If that trend holds then a direct link to lethality can be demonstrated!

    • I met an Asian woman who had 9 dead in India aftet tje jab and 2 in tje UK. Jullian Assange says your dead in 2yrs after taking the jab amd sooner with boosters. Same day, 2 days or two weeks later in lots of cases amd the rest will drop off over the 2yrs.

      • Julian Assange?! Eh? Come again. Julian Assange is currently detained in Belmarsh Prison fighting extradition to the USA and hasn’t made any public statements in years!

  7. This is an explanation of why more vaccinated people are dying than non-vaccinated…

    • This Dr is a real expert , not sage.He is correct and yet is smeared. Nice, good man..Believe me or not .I am readying myself for a shorter lifespan, meditation and being in nature is my path .Be well and positive as it will help in your continuation here or another consciousness

    • Unfortunately, the audio seems damaged: I cannot hear the Doctor’s responses,

    • Sounds like we might be loosing the BBC soon then. I for one won’t miss it.

  8. Thank you for that so I will try and stay away from jabbed zombies but it will be difficult here in Ireland as they are nearly all tagged and bagged good little citizens.

    • Definitely seeing an increase in stupid behaviour and sheep like remarks from the jabbed. More singing from the same hymn sheet Literally don’t question anything anymore! Even my own brother believes the unvaccinated are spreading the new variants 🙄

  9. I’ve got to state this , how can you take any notice of some of the comments when they’re not even spelt correctly, I mean it doesn’t fill you with confidence in what they’re writing does it ?

  10. You missmatched something, Hugo. As I read the Gov-paper it is about the timeline from 1st of February to the 21st of June – not the last week.

    Second, there is no real demografic table for the infections, so the numbers are not really 1 to 1 compareable. More elderly people are vaccinated than youngsters, who are more likely to die than younger people.

    Nevertheless I am alarmed that this could be the first signs of what scientists like Vanden Bossche are telling about: a reverse-reaction from the vaccine, preventing the immune-system from being variable and adaptable.

  11. I feel that they are now preparing everyone for there inevitable deaths who have had the vaccine. You will hear a lot more reasons why the vaccinated are not going to make it. And as normal people will just accept it and defend there own mass murder Those who are controlling all this know full well how brainwashed and unwise these ex humans are probably surprised even them on how stupid they are!! It’s all a great pity !!!

  12. It’s true I guess that the jabbed are more likely to be older and more likely to die. But the stats still don’t lie. More jabbed people by % died last week. I guess we really need to learn the cause of deaths. But as I said to my bro, they count people dieing of covid as they tested positive within 28 days and the sheep take that as gospel. But when I say they should do a chart exactly the same but having the jab from within the last 28 days and dieing, but then they say, but what was the cause of death, they don’t care about that the other way around.

  13. Just come up in my local Leicester paper 47 year old Mum of 3 dies 13 days after having Astra Zeneca jab which caused a bleed on her brain which led to her having a stroke May she rest in peace 🙏 Some people will see articles like these and still not think twice about having the jab 😔

    • We have had 2 or 3 similar cases in our local newspaper . How can people read this and still think it’s a great idea to get the jib jab ? It beggars belief they are so brainwashed into what they are told

    • The very first man to have ‘ the vaccine’ , William Shakespeare, died last month…. Of a stroke which had ‘ no connection to the vaccine he was given’ msm said!!

    • My mum and dad are in 70s and believe the media etc, but even they are now starting to wonder because…

      Their next door neighbours – the guy had first AZ jab and came down with splitting headaches, vomiting, couldn’t see properly or walk or get out of bed. The dimwit went for a covid test instead of thinking it might be a clot – he finally recovered after a week. He’s due the second shot soon.

      Hiw wife is a nurse! I don’t know if it’s due to first shot or if it was a bit before but she had a miscarriage – NHS told her to flush it down toilet and not come to A&E.
      She’s had her 2nd shot and got a boil under her left arm – it spread and got infected and ended up right down her side and into her breast, had to have an op to have it all cut out.

      Needs it packing and draining every day and NHS can’t send anyone, they’ve washed their hands (she’s on the North/West yorks border, both are trying to pass responsibility to the other) – so her friends from work are coming and doing it off their own back – she can’t have pain killers for it, because she’s also 6 weeks pregnant!

      If this is how the NHS treat their own “heroes” then God help the rest of us.

    • Very sad indeed and I have read of other cases like this. How can the vaccine not be withdrawn with so many complications and 1300 deaths in the U.K. alone?

    • Just read Andrew Neil of GB News who says the ‘vaccine’ is wonderful and working. This from a ‘news’ outlet that has no mention of the London March. All the hype, and they are no different to the rest of the MSM.

  14. I only know people who have died from the jab itself. In one week I heard of 5 deaths and these are from friend’s and local people not from people online. My friend’s father died after having it. They had his funeral on Wednesday. I can’t believe people are still having the jab. I know a woman who has lost the ability to speak after having the second jab and numerous people who are ill with blood clots. Surely even those who support these jabs must be asking questions now?!

    • My eldest daughter has had one shot, two of my nieces have had two shots. I have tried to reason with my daughter. I can remember holding her just after she was born. How can this happen?

      • Grouchoone, it’s sickening… The power of MSM.

  15. I’m Dutch. The Netherlands lift all the restrictions by yesterday. Also the mask mandates are gone inside supermarkets and shops and everything is open again, including the nightlife. HOWEVER, the goverment and MSM allready talking about the next possible lockdown in autumn due the ” delta variant” and also they are promoting the vaccination passport for travel and nightlife. So to me it seems a temporary relief voor the peasant, a short breath of air after 1,5 year lockdown. Like two steps forward and now one step back. Lets see in autumn.

  16. It crossed my mind: Why don’t they count all deaths within 28 days of being vaccinated as vaccine deaths? Of course we know why, but really if they’re going to count all deaths within 28 days of infection as Covid deaths then hey….

  17. From what I hear they have shot themselves in the foot!
    They have been testing jabbed & unjabbed at different CT rates. The unjabbed are tested at around 35+ CT whereas the jabbed are at 15! Thereby giving a lot more false positives for the unjabbed leading to far fewer deaths whereas the jabbed are really sick at 15 CT so deaths will be higher!
    All in all giving the impression rightly or wrongly that you’re more likely to die from being vaccinated.

  18. The ‘Delta Variant’ is that deadly that all those million and a half unvaccinated people marching through London at the weekend were clustered that close to one another that they were dropping like flies in the streets. It ididn’t look like that was happening going by the video footage. You couldn’t make it up. A load of shite.

    • yep. And back in Mar 2020 Hancock and co were saying you had to stay 2m apart from people or you would die. No ifs no buts. Funny thing was they kept the supermarkets open but I don’t remember seeing people dead in the aisles. Which proves that covid only exists in Hancock’s wild imagination.

      • What are you seriously suggesting that supermarkets should have been closed? That would have been bonkers. You cannot deny people access to food. Not everyone can afford to be a ‘prepper’. We don’t all have bunkers stocked with 100 years of canned food, dozens of fridge freezers and diesel generators, land to grow on etc. Closing the supermarkets would have resulted in mass panic and chaos. Jeez, it was mad enough when they were open with all the mad chimpanzees grabbing their toilet roll, pasta and tinned tomatoes 😀

  19. How do we know what people die of when autopsies are banned and we have a test that indicates the presence of a virus that has not been isolated and defined yet. None of this makes any sense to me. Maybe I’m wrong but has anybody seen a picture of the virus free from computer generated images?

  20. As Hugo said, this government document like so many before it is not to be trusted, the use of the utterly irrelevant “within 28 days of a positive test” is enough to know that these statistics are hugely flawed. I somewhat suspect they are trying desperately to prove the gene therapy jab efficacy via the fatality rate comparison between the jabbed versus unjabbed in the over 50s. 38 “deaths within 28 days of a positive test” out of 976 unjabbed is an alleged fatality rate of 3.89% as opposed to 68 out of 7,499 jabbed for an alleged fatality rate of 0.9%. So I wonder if that difference maybe now has more to do with the new PHE and NHS way of counting “cases” amongst the jabbed which no longer accounts for “incidental” convid cases while maintainung the old method for counting “cases” amongst the unjabbed? Yet more government smoke and mirrors!

  21. The delta variant is now boring me and I’m over it . Wondering if I am
    Eligible for an upgrade to the delta plus as I’m sure it must have more features right ? 🤣

  22. Also note: the data in table 4 is for the period 1 February 2021 to 21 June 2021, when in table 1 the Delta hadn’t even been designated until April 2nd. so the entire data is corrupted.

    There is so much false data, manipulated data, disinformation data, that we truly are wasting our time analyzing this mumbo jumbo. Look out the window and talk to your friends and family, that will give you the true picture.

  23. The Governments??? and Globalists 1% COVID agenda and real motive operands has now started to come out of the plandemic fog!!!!
    The vaccines??? Are not designed to make you fitter or safer??? They are designed to make you more susceptible to their future bio engineered variants.
    Remember the UN agenda 2030 and the Globalist 1% that run it want to depopulate the planet from 7 billion to 1 billion for the sake of planetary sustainability??????????!

    • Social and economic sustainability is more the issue than planetary sustainability!

  24. Why would anyone want to inject them self, when there’s nothing wrong with them, let alone what’s in it, yet there queuing up to get it, that’s why we’re in this mess. it’s beyond belief…

    • Because they have been deceived by a very clever lie, “we are in a pandemic” The invisible enemy is at our shores, we need to brace for impact as our hospitals will be overwhelmed. Anyone that went against the regime was labelled a crazy conspiracy theorist only worthy of mockery. I think the new normal has taken their logical reasoning as they now “follow the science” another Orwellian phrase that goes completely against the fundamentals of what science is all about, always ask questions, be curious, hypothesise and theorise, then test those theories with real world parameters in an experiment.

  25. Hi thank you Hugo

    All the IDIOTS I have unfortunately had conversations with (not all that nice🥺) because people are so Brainwashed!
    But All of them people who now had 2nd jab as well have all been ill.
    I don’t feel sorry for them I am gutted they have been so blinded they lost days off work were so ill they couldn’t get out of bed…
    And still ‘believe’ this BS!

    Can’t tell people till it’s to late .. now can you

    Have great evening to All 💪✌️🦋

  26. Follow the money, who has gained the most and still stands to gain the most, like George Bush said about Bin Laden, he hides in the shadows, world war 1 and 2 made vast wealth for the now known puppet masters. These vaccines are turning private companies into the equivalent of the federal reserve or the ecb with a license to print money with zero liability. Selling drugs to ill people is the small mans game, these people have the balls to sell medication to healthy people, part 1: sell the narrative, part 2: sell the product, just like Coca Cola (sugary water/diabetes) or McDonalds (obesity, hearth disease) Enjoy, I’m lovin’ It…

  27. What people should take from this is that there apparently have only been 117 deaths in 4 months from this `deadly` variant. So in 140 days less than 1 person a day has died within 28 days of a positive delta variant covid test.

  28. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the pcr test is being run at 45 cycles, way over the maximum it should be run at , so any and all data based on these is flawed and cannot be trusted. The Guardian is talking utter shite, and is complicit in these crimes against humanity.

  29. I know this is a bit off piste but tonite fake stream shite apparently military documents relating to the Russian reaction to Shit for brain the Queens boat going through Ukrainian waters last Wednesday.have been found at a bus stop in Kent ! FFS how do the people reading this news manage to keep a straight face .
    But I’m telling you you now I will have you Butler ..I will have you.
    The mind truly boggles I swear

  30. Like many struggling with the data here, to many ways to interrupt it, why is the Infections so low with the jabbed, but the death rate @1%.

    Either way if the Jab’s, where 94% what ever number they’ve made up the deaths Jabbed should be only allowing for age difference but also older more jabbed only about 10 in every 100 deaths, it’s much higher being 62 in 100 so therefore the Jab is only well it’s offering a negative protection level.

  31. They tell the truth in the stats but make it so complicated for people to decipher people just assume the head line to be correct,, a newspaper would not misslead the readership.

  32. I was watching this channel (The System is Failing) the other night and he was talking about this censorship and he is censored even when he is right! It’s so incredibly frustrating!!

  33. On my life , this BS these so called professionals keep spouting off just show everyone with more than 1 functioning neuron, that these people can NOT be trusted. How can anybody expect that people listen to and believe comments like this “don’t think of this as a bad sign” , “imperfect effectiveness”. Double Speak at its finest, if thats possible. Dee.Speilhater and A.Master-bater..

  34. Different PCR tests as pointed out above, the Infected which is always hit and miss it totally pointless, cheating bastards.

    Still 10 per 100 expected, 62 per100 jab pointless.

    I expect the 62% jabbed, will be 90%+ soon by the end of next month, that’ll confirm the cull and the jabs are poison.

  35. I’m two jabs behind now but strangely don’t feel left out…

  36. At least someone is doing well from this scamdemic. There must be hundreds of contractor vans parked outside.

    Taxpayers landed with £7m bill to dismantle Glasgow’s Louisa Jordan hospital

    THE field hospital set up to handle coronavirus patients to ensure hospitals were not overloaded will cost at least £7 million to dismantle.

    Contracts have been published this month showing £4.59m has been awarded so far to convert the Louisa Jordan site in Glasgow back to the Scottish Exhibition Centre (SEC).

    However, the costs are expected to rise further to at least £7m, despite not a single patient being treated for coronavirus at the site.

    This is on top of more than £400,000 awarded last September for consultation on how to decommission the facility, which cost £28m to build and millions more to run.

    According to public contracts, four firms were given a share of £ 4.59m in April to start dismantling the site.

    Work has already begun, with vaccinations still taking place at the nearby Hydro venue.

    The four firms awarded contracts were Balfour Beatty Group, John Graham Construction, Keir Construction and RFM Health, with no others bidding for the work.

    NHS National Services Scotland said the total budget for decommissioning the site was £7.1m, which includes everything needed to convert the facility back to its former iteration as the SEC, including the breakdown of hospital infrastructure and removal of equipment.

  37. In my opinion, The Guardian was a decent newspaper until it was sold in 2008 and the independent editorial board were replaced. The new owners had no trouble following the elitist NWO agenda: stopped being fair, investigative and balanced in its reporting and instead started peddling the propaganda and lies wrapped up in a trendy liberal flavour.

  38. I’m 10 and most nearly all of my family are jabbed and they’re going to fucking die.

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