WOW! Best Aerial Footage Of MASSIVE LONDON FREEDOM MARCH Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Impressive but it’s Too little too late. And meaningless if it’s not covered by news.

      • The prob with the MSM tiny coverage was every article in every paper went off on various tangents. The BBC’s one was about arrests made the day before the March and of the extension rebellion eejits as usual trying to detract the masses from the truth about the march.

    • Perfectly timed and irreversibly initiating the total overthrow and destruction, according to law, of the heavily criminalised perpetrators and principal collaborators of lockdown policies.

    • We are the largest force in the UK now. We rule this country. Lets take it back. Turn off the TV, stop reading the newspapers, make your own future. This is an historic moment. Come on!

      • Create networks with all like minded people. Lets roll

    • Probably more people here than actually vote, now that is worrisome for the so called elites.

    • There has been numerous March’s for months and thousands of people videod it on the pavement I was there on the 26th September last year so I wouldn’t say too little too late as its been happening most months and its being recorded so its getting out there sod the TV they are a bunch of liars anyway !

    • I was there today. First ever protest and was awesome seeing so many smiling faces again. Highly recommend it!

      • I went too! I was on the April 24th one too. I am 61yr old and these are my only protest marches ever. The one in April was the most exhilarating day of my life! Seeing REAL people who smiled, shook hands and behaved like human beings and not like frightened sheep hidden behind a useless piece of blue paper! These marches are great if only to gain some sense of normality into an otherwise wretched existence without true freedom, as it is now!

    • I’ve been suggesting for some time that Hitler wasn’t removed by petitions and protests. Something much more fundamental might be needed.

  2. Hallelujah absolutely wow. Praise God. Well done brothers and sisters . May God bless and protect all who read this . Jesus is coming soon. Prepare ye the way ! . Repent and be baptised in water .

  3. Great to see these wonderful people fighting back. Nothing here in stagnant ireland. All compliant in the destruction of our beautiful little country. Corrupt scumbag politicians and media spreading toxic lies and frightening the weak souls.

    • The very first protest in London only had a few hundred of us on the ground. Start and keep growing. Why wait for someone else to go first…

  4. Just seen on channel 4 news they gave it a quick mention Just saying ‘hundreds’ of people demonstrated, NOT said ‘ thousands’ as you can see from the aerial view. Also they showed people throwing tennis balls at Downing Street ( at least I think it was). Hardly the crime of the century That was the only thing they could find to make things look bad.
    Well done to all who took part.👏

    • We brought london to a standstill in September last year and its growing all the time we are free sovereign beings of love and light ❤ we got this 😇🙏

  5. Covered by Daily Fail and Sky news unbelievably 🙂

  6. The antics of Matt Hancock and other shabby lot should prove to all that they know this pandemic is a massive fraud, if it was a real threat to life they would be a million miles away in a bunker somewhere along with their nearest and dearest – if they have any.

  7. Was there today!! Was awesome. What’s the tune Hugo?

  8. This march actually has a mention in the Telegraph!

    • i came across this doc 2 weeks ago i think it is fake.

      • It’s blatantly fake 🤣🤣🤣

    • Holy crap! I listened. IF that is for real. No. Dear God, please be no

    • I hope it was fake , I was e really unsettled by it but later, the thing that made me question it’s authenticity was that they named the proposed variants with English names in the document but we were told when the last variant came out that they would all receive a name from the Greek alphabet going forward. The content was worrying indeed and made me feel like running to the hills. A lot has happened since reading it with a change of Health Secretary who does seem sincere in concerns for the economy and to bring us out of restrictions. Time will tell and we don’t have to wait long to see if the lockdown prediction is true.

  9. Well done, it does make a difference, anyone still watching MSM is a lost cause at this stage, for people who are on the fence this demonstration shows the shear number of people not taking this shit anymore, not just a fringe ‘tinfoil hat, fake news, misinformation, far right, blah blah…just turned on sky news, talking heads are looking the other way at Matt walk-off

    • Here here brother you are so on the ball it’s unbelievable, your comments don’t tell lies that’s for sure.

  10. Or maybe Matt Handoff
    Handoff: an exchange made by handing the ball to a teammate

  11. By disposing of a bad apple it may give the impression that the rest are good..hope it is the start of the house of cards falling but I’m sure they have sneaky back up plans at the ready, each country needs a complete political overhaul or the contagion of corruption continues to spread..the existing ruling elite needs to be under lockdown..

    • I hear what you’re saying, there’s too much corruption in too many world governments but I believe, like an early message stated, that it’s going to take more for us to be victorious with this crime against humanity. We need to think of the best possible solution to overcome this tremendous crime

  12. They should marge to downing street, the residence of Queen Elizabeth, the BBC and the bank of england.

  13. Future news > Latest News just in > According to our MSM-View we can clearly see there are about 100-150 people out there on the streets, experts says!


  14. I assume these were all the anti-lockdown demo. There were apparently three demos arranged for today.

    • Yes, I saw the Palestine protest at Piccadilly Circus, they were just in one place, no marching. The other protests were not even on our route! The msm grouped all protests together in their coverage and fogged-over the real reason for our MASSIVE protest.

  15. Hugo love your work fella.. Bang on every time..!!

  16. I saw an LBGT march today as well led by the police. They were all masked up and changing their so called “rights”. Disgusting.

  17. just come back from this, some of the footage is from the older match (2 months back) i know because im one of those shots and it defo was not today! wonder if its on purpose!

    • Yes mate! I thought the footage looked familiar too. I do not think that 26th June march walked up the side of Hyde Park, but emerged out at Marble Arch. There is deffo footage of walking up the side of Hyde Park in this video. There was no need to put out fake videos, the march was MASSIVE, without cheating.

  18. Well let’s see how many they estimate this time – a little more than a couple of hundred people – the proof is there now.

  19. I have just had the night from hell ,surrounded by total sheeple it’s soul destroying for them ,Thankfully I still have mine
    Yeehee 😀😀😀

  20. Minister resigns 18.00 on a Saturday? BBC 9.00 O’clock news: Hancock resigns, Australia lockdown. A clear illustration of how our media is censored and manipulated.

  21. It’s fab that numbers are growing but you are gonna have to face the possibility of actual violence. How many are willing to die? This is gonna turn nasty.
    They are building at a rapid rate, even detention centres? reeducation centres? they are recruiting additional police, security. They have the armed services.
    Are we prepared for the internet to be switched off? The power grid to be switched off?
    What’s our plan? Marching ain’t gonna produce anything unless it gets productive in it’s purpose because the enemy is travelling full speed ahead & achieving it’s objdctives!
    This is real, be prepared for a fight!

  22. Worked in Denmark, they repealed the laws, but they came out in force EVERY DAY that’s what we need to do

  23. They will only get bigger and bigger the longer this Lock Down agenda keeps being prolonged by Boris and his HACKS!!!! Wait for the Delta ++ and the +++ They will not give us our FREEDOM unless we take it back and eventually it will need to be by FORCE!!!!!!

    • Yeah, it seems that it’s gonna take some drastic measures because the government want to execute their agenda

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