PUPPET HANCOCK RESIGNS, BUT Who are The Puppet Masters?? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • True, but we must see the bigger picture which is the 2500 year old Jewish agenda to have the world solely for their own. They think they, especially the rabbi’s, are God on earth in human form. And all the non Jews they consider a waist product. It’s all in their so called holy books, which is forbidden lecture for non jews and punishable by death.

      • I disagree. The elite are Luciferians. The God of the Old testament is Yahweh. Two entirely different beings.

      • Antisemitic nonsense. You need to do more research and thinking.

      • Chabad Lubavitch DO NOT run the show. Let me make this very clear.


        If you think it’s anyone else you are wrong and should do some serious homework.

      • Utter nonsense. The puppet masters WANT people to believe that, read the Bible and see. God gave the land to the Jews not the so called Palestinians who are the real occupiers. If only you really did have wisdom, you’d understand what’s really going on. Have you ever asked yourself why the Muslims hate the Jews so much? Also many Palestinians work with Israelis and get on well together. You have them running together to the bomb shelters. The Jews don’t dump on their own but the Palestinian extremists do… Alot. I shake my head… If only you knew the truth. 😔

      • Lisa, the money lenders always were jews because it’s allowed for them according to their ‘holy’ books to steal from the gentiles through usury. But usury was forbidden for christians and muslims because of the unethical aspect. Why do think among other things so many countries have throw jews out of their countries so many times for hundreds of years? For no reason? Think about it. Don’t fall in their antisemitic trap. The richest, most powerful bankers, who control the central banks, the city of London, the BIS bank are jews.
        Don’t shoot the messager, it’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

      • The God of the self proclaimed chosen ones gave the land to them and only them ? And who wrote that ‘holy’ book do you think ? It’s also in their not so holy books that the gentiles only exist to serve the ‘chosen’ ones and that they can do with the gentiles, who they consider lesser than dogs, whatever they want. Like having ‘sex’ with girls younger than three years old and boys of nine years old.

    • Possibly Helena but I actually think there is a force even above them. I won’t claim to know who but I don’t believe they are the top of the tree.

    • Helena, true with the help of maybe one or two other families.
      They have the lion’s share.

      And Marg, enlighten us in a non Semitic and non Zionist way please.
      Seems like you know something we don’t or are most definitely ill informed.

      • Search for ‘loxism’ and ‘evil quotes from the talmud and the zohar’.
        Go watch among other things the videos part 1 and 2 ‘the Jewish plan to conquer the gentiles & rule the world exposed’ on Adam Green, bitchute.
        Don’t use Google, but duckduckgo.

  1. He knew full well there was a camera in that very spot.

    • Couldn’t have been more perfectly positioned right in the middle of the shot / frame if he’d tried. If someone else put that there they were super lucky he chose that exact spot to kiss her in, rather than locking the door and bending her over the desk that was out of shot.

      It’s another one of those covid coincidences.

      • I’ve worked on many cameras. Cameras now work in megapixels, this spy camera looks as if its view spanned across the room, and just a small portion is captured using a phone from the playback monitor. This is why the image isn’t great. If the camera was pointed where they were, the image would be in a much higher resolution (megapixels).

  2. They are certainly very high up in the pyramid.

  3. United Nations ! You said it !!! And their new world order agenda !

  4. Man is a CRETIN

    MSM are IDIOTS


  5. Its the Rothschild n Rockefellers n the British royal family. They rule n run the world.

      • Are they really Jewish? I’m not convinced. If they are, they’re playing their own game.

    • No, Schwab is an idiot, he’s way too stupid for being a puppetmaster.

  6. My opinion is that Cummings made it clear what bozo thinks of MH and MH even realised he’s the fall guy. So MH sets up the camera (the entire snog thing looked totally fake), MH releases it to the press, and expects bozo to fire him. But bozo a) know MH is trying to get out, and b) wants MH in place to take the blame. So MH resigns and makes sure he gets in how wonderful a job he’s done so when it all goes wrong later he can blame the person who takes over and try and slime his way out of any kind of responsibility. He also got in Build Back Better to let his masters know he’s still committed to their cause.

    Best thing Bozo the clown could do now is have him arrested for malfeasance in public office for the dodgy contracts he awarded and the deaths in care homes, then he’s going to pay. Might give Doris some much needed public support and credibility as well.

  7. It’s all those organisations, Hugo. Under the umbrella of the Sabbatean Frankist death cult. Janet Osseberg has some well compiled videos on her website. I think they’re called Fall of the Cabal, and then Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal.

  8. A massive distraction indeed. The puppet masters are the manufacturers of the Vaccines

    • Jo, I think you have a point in this situation but overall there’s the banking family that have the license to create money from nothing.

      They must surely be higher up in the pecking order?

  9. All roads lead to Rome…. follow the Papal history and their Common good doctrines, study how the climate change agenda is part of their mission for over a century ago…. Free Masons, the Jesuit order all are secret societies originating from the 1st beast. The elite belong to these luciferian orders. Revelation and Daniel identifies Rome as the 1st beast – the antichrist.
    Prof Veith from Amazing Discoveries has exposed the whole NWO agenda over 20 years ago. The What’s Up Prof series reveals the truth and explains current events in relation to Bible prophecy fulfilling. The evidence provided are all from the source, this information is mind blowing!

  10. They are agents of satan. That’s who is behind all of this. These individuals have sold their souls. May God have mercy on us .
    Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

  11. All the entities you mentioned at the end of the video about who is running the show, they are all the same! created by the bankers after World War 2!

  12. He has gone past his sell by date and was not strong enough to keep the pretence up and has been given whatever he wants for life in my opinion, he is still on the Backbenchers so therefore can vote . Who will replace him, The Viscious Pr**i Pat** or the Droll incompetent DI** Hardi** from Talk talk and the brilliant ( not) test and track set up?? 🙂

  13. you rightly identify blackrock and vanguard as probably the biggest players billionaires being the biggest shareholders, as they control big pharma, banking, and world media, they too are puppets for the real masters of evil. The bible gives us the answer when it says that the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. It also tells us that we have a wrestling not with flesh and blood but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the spirit forces in heavenly places Ephesians 6:12 Satan is controlling the governments all around the world, but his time is up, see Revelation chapter 12.

  14. Why now?
    They could have dished the dirt on Hancock at any point. So why now?
    Do they want to change direction on the scamdemic & will use Hancock’s departure to do this?

    • Oh how we wish…
      No such luck I’m afraid.
      However, if they do want to change direction on any aspect of the scam, it will only be in the direction towards hurting us with further oppressive measures and tyrannical subjugation.

  15. They were sitting on this story for a while so its release was planned and it could only have resulted in H resigning. They needed a scapegoat. If this is part of a bigger plan, we have to try and work out what that is. Maybe just another diversion from the time bomb that is Brexit. We can all assume that H has been building up a file on BJ just in case but who will publish his revelations? BJ is a puppet of the media or maybe even bigger players and they will decide when it is time to get rid of him. Far more encouraging is the size of the march in London. We are many, they are few. However, the real challenge is to convince all those people who have bought into this brainwashing and corruption that they were wrong. The longer it goes on, the harder it will be.

  16. The ROTHSCHILDS. The ROYALS. the ROCKAFELLAS and the VATICANT. There the trillionares who control the white mans world and more and they use there billionaire and millionaire puppets to give is the illusion of choice and democracy…. its like how used PUNCH and JUDY to keep the children entertained In old times. Now they use a TV to keep us quite and entertained..

    • That infamous saying of the ’60’s comes to mind. “Money talks, and bullshit walks.” Still relevant today.🤑

  17. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

    • Bingo!
      A sniff of anti-Semitism in the air and it gets shut down.
      To discuss which flavour of religion the top business owners and bankers are, is of course anti Semitic so….

  18. Bildeberg group…..rotschilds,rockerfellers….we know them….they are also like hidra…..everywhere

  19. Hancock always knew he would be required to fall upon his sword if the poison got too close to Johnson. The same will be true of his successor. Meanwhile, Hancock pockets a ministerial pension and whatever gong Johnson can slip him in the next honours list.

    • Hancock needs to be given something he isn’t expecting. The death penalty would be suitable. After all he is guilty of mass murder.

  20. Between 1555 and 1931 the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Jesuit Order] was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities, for engaging in political intrigue and subversion plots against the welfare of the State, according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute [i.e., Thomas J. Campbell]. Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection.”

    The Jesuits are known for their deception, spying, infiltration, assassination, and revolution. They worked deep into the political field and plotted through politics throughout the world countries.

    Source: “The Babington Plot”, by J.E.C. Shepherd, p.12

  21. The bankers are the puppet masters. The very richest men in the world that we don’t see.

  22. did anyone notice mat Hancock saying “Build Back Better” in the clip.

  23. It’s staged to let him sneak off , but he must still be hunted down and convicted for mass murder.

  24. All those in government agree to take a bullet for the team only for the next imbecile to step up to the plate. They all have golden parachutes, I would like to know what leverage the overlords have on him and the rest of the cabinet. Their days are really numbered, when they will all be held accountable for their actions.

  25. He will be replaced with another hateful dictator. They cannot ignore the crowd forever.

    • Watching, thanks for the post.
      I really hope they are wrong on this!
      Otherwise there’s going to be some major issues ahead.

    • This is a load of made-up guff. If you can’t see that you must be as thick as the proverbial shit in the neck of a bottle 😀

  26. Read up on the Black Nobility families: House of Bernadotte, House of Bourbon, House of Braganza, House of Grimaldi, House of Guelph (the most important one), House of Habsburg, House of Hanover (the second most important one), House of Hohenzollern, House of Karadjordjevic, House of Liechtenstein, House of Nassau,
    House of Oldenburg, House of Orange, House of Savoy, House of Wettin, House of Wittelsbach, House of Württemberg, House of Zogu.

    The descendants of the Guelphs are the Windsors and they are the highest up in the BN. The BN created the Committee of 300 and had a role in the creation of the Illuminati.

    Interestingly, Boris Johnson is apparently a descendant of King George II (House of Hanover).

  27. Satan is at the top of this worlds ruling power.
    Then there are 13 bloodline families, the elite, Rothchilds, Rockefellas, and the rest….filtering down through the secret societies, Skull and Bones, Bohemia Grove, Freemasonry… Down to governments, councillors, police and right at the bottom, as they call us…. Cattle.
    But Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour and He will return to put an end to all this evil.
    Repent and Believe in Jesus. Confess Him as Lord over your life. All who call on the name of Jesus will be saved.

  28. The puppet masters are Octagon Group in Switzerland. Read Benjamin Fulford.

  29. Well, we may never know the identities of the real puppet masters, although there are some pretty clear signs. That’s not important. What IS important is the identity of the one player, who, if you take them away, the whole scam collapses. My vote goes to the World Bank. Remove them and the agenda freezes. They are the entity who must be putting the fear of God into the likes of Boris and all the other national leaders. “Do as we say or we’ll bring your country back to the stone age by economic means”. The big question is, “How to disrupt the World Bank?”

    • They government is in cahoots with the puppet masters. They’ve already proven to be bold in their public behaviour. They want to destroy the economy, it’s part of the plan. They will bring us to our knees by what ever means possible. Then they will be able to control the masses. Everyone will be too beaten down to fight back. How do you create a mind control slave? Same tactics being applied with this. Beat you down mentally until you stop trying to be yourself, then they mold you to what they want you to be. Don’t ever believe you’re too wise and strong to win. Don’t forget that they also want rioting etc to happen everywhere. There’s lots of families who will fight to feed their children. So much to say on this isn’t there.. It goes on and on.

  30. I think it is a smoke screen to distract from the Public Health England Technical Briefing 17 that was released yesterday! It revealed that the double jabbed accounted for only 8% of infections from Feb 1 to June 21st, however they account for 43% of total deaths, the unvaccinated account for 58% of infections and yet only 38% of deaths. The chance of death in the double vacc is 145:1 and with the unvacc 1223:1

    • 62% of Deaths are Double Jabbed, hard to use the 8%, cause maybe the jab hides the infections ?? there might be more infected with out realising.

      Theory is, the longer you’ve had the jabs the more damage to your immune system and add in upcoming boosters on top of this 6-12monthly, even if you’ve had Covid before which as of December 95%+ had making jabs ridiculous, catching again is going to be as severe as Covid was supposed to be, a lot of hospitalisations and a lot of deaths way more than wave 1 and 2.

      Already happening, according to a friend in his African Country, ?Uganda? possibly being covered up as Delta BS, but the public are saying it’s the Jab’s and on to it.

  31. Any muppet can see through this covid nonsense and political theatre. They are deliberately trolling to keep you fixated. You need to be looking at the bigger picture, they want you distracted with the vaccines that is obvious. What is it that they do not you looking at? Trust me they are many steps ahead of us. Netanyahu’s retreat to the shadows is certainly a cause for concern

  32. Egghead, nope not the answer.
    He will get replaced by another.

    We have the power in numbers if we wanted to make a change.

  33. I think that we have to raise our consciousness a little higher! This is all by design and WE are part of the plan! All governments will fall as their agenda is being rolled out worldwide. Presto in walks the one world government and that will be the UN! We’re all being played in this master plan unfortunately. Thoughts please 🤔

    • Skipper, hmmm…My thoughts…Maybe I should have gone to bed earlier?

      So the answer would be to go against their plan.
      This is difficult with so many obeying orders and eagerly waiting for next instructions.
      We have the numbers and that scares the Satan out of them!
      Just need more of the right people to wake the F up & take a stand.

      • I knew all this twenty yrs ago, but I was laughed at. But I knew the truth by the” grace of God”
        We have been living in a de-facto communist state for at least 30yrs.
        Being fed bread and circuses to keep the peasants dumb.
        We see through rose tinted spectacles, put there by the evil one’s.
        Who have infested all our institutions including the church. “We will make the west stink to high heaven” protocols of the elders of zion.
        We will create racism offences,
        We will infiltrate their churches, to cause scandal.
        Human rights for everyone, but the white man.
        Not allowed his homeland!
        Keep them in a state of confusion, goyim are cattle.
        Media, banks, governments, police, entertainment all controlled by the tribe.
        Jesus Christ is king of Kings!!
        Pharisees and scribes are in power and they will crucify you for speaking truth.
        They are Whitewashed tombs, clean on the outside, but inside full of dead men’s bones.
        Trust in Jesus! And the truth shall set you free!!

    • Read the Bible. The NWO will happen, the anti christ will take over, deceive many by pretending to be a world peacemaker. He’ll make EVERYONE including the rich, take a mark in their RIGHT HAND or FOREHEAD, nobody will be able to buy, sell unless they have this mark. Things will turn nasty at some point all who refuse to take it, will be killed. Of course Israel plays a major role in this, if you read the bible, you will know why. All these Muslim nations currently making peace with Israel is part of the end time prophesy of nations gathering around Israel, the North and South etc. Jesus Christ will return in the clouds with his believers and not someone who suddenly appears on the ground. I will say though, watch out for trump, some say people will worship him. Pray to God, ask him to unblind Yr eyes, ears, heart to the truth and to be able to understand the Bible and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Yr Lord and SAVIOUR, Repent of Yr sins and be Baptised. What’s happening is the end part of the birth pangs mentioned in the bible, things will get much worse. Look at the laws being changed to include 100 different genders, that’s not sane thinking.
      Lots of people working towards lawlessness and we will have food shortages and lots of tribulations. No one will stop this if God is at the helm. It’s simply to bring more people to him and to expose the evils taking place at high levels including satanism. And to bring it all to a close with a nuclear war. And the final battle at Har-Meggiddo. Armegeddon. GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED.

  34. My guess is Warren buffet. Nothing is ever mentioned about him….no suspicion cast about him….he is definitely top man! Bill Gates is only his adoring apprentice!

  35. There is no justice in this world …who’s going to slither away next in a carefully choreographed expose of unethical behaviour designed to distract? …Witty, Vallance? whoever it is, it’ll be for something trivial you can betcha and certainly not for crimes against humanity!
    If there was a God …Blair and Brown would be in prison, David Kelly would still be alive and the puppet masters would have had their strings cut …but who ever they are, they will suffer the same fate as their victims and what really pisses them off is they’re gonna be the richest people in the graveyard!

    • Read the bible, the god of this age is luckier…(but not for too much longer)

  36. It’s a cover story to distract from, PHE saying 62% of deaths where fully jabbed, working great!!

    Messaged a good friend in Auss, she got narky at me saying DON’T as telling her what to do LOL, but seen loads of jab damage already in Auss, not buying it and not having it, so very very few have said HELL NO!! Ecccks, just counted only 8 of all the adults I know haven’t been jabbed,90% Jabbed we un jabbed are going to be busy as hell supporting the jabbed when they lock themselves away like the scared little sheep they are.

    There is a Jab incentive, get the Jab’s, Stay home watch Netflix while the 10% unjabbed do all the work. ( £25 x 2 on fake Jab certs, well worth it )

  37. Satan is their puppet master ultimately. He communicates to them through their secret societies. Makes them do all those rituals etc to show obedience to him. Its like a hierarchy system but like the people at the top are the bankers like the rothschild, the monarchy etc. There probably are people higher than them which we havent heard off but then on the other side at the same time is satan who communicates to them from the top down.

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