PUPPET HANCOCK RESIGNS, BUT Who are The Puppet Masters?? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. We the people pull the strings
    We are collectively beginning to remember
    We are rising

  2. I think China cos they have covid under control there going to wait it out then strike when the world is weak

    • China are controlled by the Globalists too. They pit world nations and powers against each other like actors in a theatre.

  3. The so called ‘Black Nobility’ , 13 bloodline familes, mainly European. House of Windsor (England) near the top. Remember qe2 telling us our duty to get jabbed ? All into depopulation. Who are the major shareholders of Blackrock and Vanguard ? City of London and Vaticant , all roads lead to Rome , follow the money. the protests are in the wrong place. Need to be at private residences of all these people (including puppets) and in City of london. Hancock needs arresting for murder and fraud to begin with.

  4. The people in the background pulling the strings stay that way & we haven’t the first clue who they actually are, the ones in the news like Schwab, Soros, Gates, Zuckerburg, Musk & the rest are puppets to be used until such time as they’re no longer needed & then they’ll be discarded just like Handoncock has been.

  5. They have replaced the arsehole Hancock with the complete large intestine Jagged Savage – a bigger liar and totalitarian you are unlikely to meet !
    Out of the frying pan etc

  6. It’s the houses named above the hidden hand – house of ghelph etc the qe2 crown corporation

  7. Goldman Sachs ran the show during the Obama years. Biden and his ilk are managed by Black Rock, i.e. Larry Fink

  8. The most likely explanation is that Hancock engineered his resignation fearing he was about to be made a scapegoat.

  9. Shadow government went to war with the extraterrestrials inhabiting earth, destroying there underground facilities, bombing their underwater bases, they must’ve wiped out a large target, hence the lockdown, fake virus, they’re hoping the ufo fleet wont land on a planet decimated by a killer virus, aliens sent a probe last year and last few month an object that blocked out a star for 6 month the size of Ohio made it’s way to earth and is now hiding behind Pluto, World War III really is going to be a UFO war that our government started, we just have to hope the extraterrestrials are smart enough to know the people of Earth have been manipulated for 5000 years.

  10. Another fall guy !
    They hired a incompetent person for a important job.
    “Oops we got the vaccine wrong !”
    No one to take responsibility when the shit hits the fan !

  11. Those monsters are luciferians so I can only think 1 thing

  12. Headcock’s resignation also takes him out of the public eye, so that when he is arrested for serious crimes, it will not be so public….

  13. Vaccine is Nazi genocide, half the population already jabbed, i’m unvaccinated, we’ll be here to witness everything, unless they have plans for us to.

  14. Its the false Jews Hugo. Another name for them are the Kazarian Mafia. They adopted Judaism about 900-1000 AD when confronted by the Russians. They hate any and every nation on earth and if you call them what they are they call you racist and pull the anti-Semite card out.
    Do some research on their history and you will very soon find out that since that time they have an even nastier history than our own. Suspect that they were the instigators of much of our darker history so they could tie themselves very closely to our nation making it almost impossible for us to get rid of them.
    These people are disruptive, liars, deceptive, worship Satan with ancient Babylonian rituals. They are the inventors or communism. Famous people in their ranks include Lenin, Stalin, Churchills wife, that stupid fuzzy haired scientist with his false EMC2 you know Einstein, Kissinger and the list goes on.
    The Russian revolution was started by them, WWI and WWII. It is nothing for them to hold grudges for hundreds of years and when they get a change they will kill and destroy every part of your nation. These people need to be separated from the rest of the world.
    Look at at every perversion happening in the world and somewhere you will find their hands guiding. They own all the banks, practically every form of mass media, pharma companies, and virtually every global corporation. A huge number of those global corps were built on theft enabled by saddling countries with huge debts then stealing everything in that country from resources to utilities, education, agriculture, health services and so on.
    When I have finished writing my book on this subject I’ll send you a copy which included copious references so you can check out everything I have said.
    We have to stop them before they steal the world.

    • Ah yes Ive been reading more about the KM. They have united all freemasonary, taken over Judaism and Catholiicsm and are now implemented there final plans of depopulation and total domination.

  15. To the NAZI Bashers. You really need to understand who invented that term. Yes it was the Kazarian Mafia. And Oh Boy when you understand what “To the Victors go the Spoils” means, then you will stop using that term because is used to beat an innocent people over the head.
    The biggest tragedy in modern history is Hitler losing WWII.
    Go and do some research and really find out where the 6 million deaths in the gas chambers came from. Think you will be more than a little surprised. There is even scientific proof that the supposed gas chambers could not have been used in the manner we so naively accepted during our history lessons.
    The Germans in WWII were the hero’s that lost the fight against the FALSE JEWS, AKA Kazarian Mafia.
    The pity of it is that we are now paying for that loss with what is happening today.

  16. I think his replacement will continue along the vaccine passport route to ensure the country goes ‘back to normal’ as quickly as possible.

  17. I was watching this channel (The System is Failing) the other night and he was talking about this censorship and he is censored even when he is right! It’s so incredibly frustrating!!

  18. Aw Back To The Future now Greg, Long Live The 80’s!!!

  19. Everybody has been avoiding asking this question.
    You would imagine that ultimately it has a human face but is not human.

  20. Puppets masters are the elites with Bill Gates as their front man. Welcome to the world of voluntary genocide.

  21. After much research, reading and wondering the conclusion ive come to is ultimately it is the Roman Catholic Church/Pope/Jesuits/Illuimanti/Freemasons/Satanists/Zionists. There is a huge structure they have built over the past few hundred years which has grown into the UN, WHO and the other 100 odd UN organisations along with total control of the banking system (world bank, IMF), education system (mainly with Jesuit and RMC schools where most “leaders are educated” and massive corporates in big tech and pharma.
    Its a huge web.
    Governments are then next below in the pyramid and so they are indeed very low puppets who are the face of our fake democracies.

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