London OVERWHELMED MASSIVE FREEDOM MARCH PROTEST 26/06/21 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. The People smell Victory ✌️ β€œ

      • Exactly, they are at least 3 steps ahead of the general population. What they are striving for is the supreme court of mankind/third temple. All this craziness is just a diversion, any moron can discern that covid is a lie, there is a whole level beyond this. Remember they have modelled a response to any reaction they may encounter, they wouldnt have playe the first piece without the checkmate already in place

      • Exactly, they are at least 3 steps ahead of the general population. What they are striving for is the supreme court of mankind/third temple. All this craziness is just a diversion, any moron can discern that covid is a lie, there is a whole level beyond this. Remember they have modelled a response to any reaction they may encounter, they wouldnt have played the first piece without the checkmate already in place

    • Therefore I smell food shortages and cyber attack on infrastructure. They were preparing for this situation too. Mark my words.

    • The protests at this point are non-productive. They simply give the people the illusion that progress is being made. It calms down the masses as the govt. makes further plans of their own. Just letting the people vent until they tire of the large protests thinking falsely that they have achieved something. The next phase was to individually or collectively open businesses, churches, temples and mosques etc. as they were before with no restrictions. If that ever happens with this many people involved, then we will see some real action and progress. Otherwise, these protests are the calm before the terrible storm.

      • I agree – this has been very cleverly planned.2 weeks of freedom for the sheep and then the big pus using another ‘scam-variant’ as the excuse.

  2. This is amazing to see. Then I go into the shops where I live and everyone apart from me are masked up.

    • Call em out and give em true facts and tell em to grow a pair..fkers

      • You related to Matt by any chance lol

    • No more people are unmasked. God help us

    • Totally agree
      I had same and
      I saw A lot still in masks


      Take care thank you for comment πŸ’ͺ

  3. FK the government..biggest Hoax in history…next itll be the Climate lockdowns…more scams so the Globalists use more fear and propaganda ..and all the good little sheep will tow the line cos there masters have told em 2

      • Love it . What a lovely sight to see .

      • Wow just wow!. I hope this is not true. But bring it on!

      • This confirms what they have in store

      • This is laugh out loud guff πŸ˜€ Memo from Neil Ferguson to Klaus Schwabe πŸ˜€ Even manages to fit in the ‘vax-ceen. the ‘Georgia guidestones, hyper-inflation and the Kalegeri plan in one memo πŸ˜€

      • This is another False flag. Not sure if it’s the white hats to wake up the Muppets, or Government to give an excuse for greater censorship of social media.

      • I hope leacked document is fake , I was really unsettled by it but later, the thing that made me question it’s authenticity was that they named the proposed variants with English names in the document but we were told when the last variant came out that they would all receive a name from the Greek alphabet going forward. The content was worrying indeed and made us feel like running to the hills. A lot has happened since reading it with a change of Health Secretary who does seem sincere in concerns for the economy and to bring us out of restrictions. Time will tell and we don’t have to wait long.

  4. Awesome, absolutely awesome. If they think we will fold we will not!

  5. Millions spent on the MET and not one word coming from the BBC. Our capital city is buzzing with thousands of british citizens and the MSM choose not to tell us about it. FFS!

      • Thatbis because they’re typically left-wing woke scum that’s why.

  6. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  7. we are going to destroy the satanic cabal and put the perpetrators and principal collaborators on trial for Crimes Against Humanity

    • Hallelujah praise the Holy One of Israel. God is sovereign. Repent believe and be baptised in the name of Jesus the Christ . ! Glory to the Most High God.

      • Great 80’s soundtrack Hugo! Whats it from? Im thinking Bladerunner??

    • That’s what the daily fail/express will be saying

  8. my comments are being deleted by the cabal as I post them … they are freaked!

    • You’re not the only one. I posted yesterday about some groups that might be fighting against the NWO and that post got deleted.

  9. I’m there now just had a stop at regent st, there’s fuking millions here, thank Christ!

  10. Not a peep in the media again, but to be fair the government can’t win, can they?

    If they report on it then millions more will realise the scale of people who have had enough and don’t believe, and that will cause major problems. If they don’t report it then everyone can see the media are just the propaganda arm of the government and it’s all lies.

    Heads we win, tails they lose, checkmate.

    The government have no clue the true feeling of the people, they blunder on in their Westminster bubble thinking the lies and stories will keep on working, but it’s gone too far, no one believes any more.

  11. It’s not on any of the mainstream media so it cant be happening – Wake up Britain, your government and media’s satanic Freemasons have fucked you and your children’s future in the name of depopulation Globalist greed

    • Wtf I’ve just listened to this. People really need to wake up to this evil. Thank you for sharing this

  12. Remember this movie

    They Live
    Film by John Carpenter (1988)

    The metropolis of Los Angeles, remote from the glittering office towers of large corporations, is marked by poverty and unemployment. There, the unemployed oil worker John Nada tracks down a resistance movement telling that an alien force mentally controls humanity and exploits it for its own purposes.

    Nada succeeds in revealing the identity of the aliens and uncovers how the human power elite collaborates with this alien force and allows to exploit the earth and its people. He also reveals the methods by which the humans are manipulated and deceived. The aliens have also occupied important and powerful positions in politics, business and the media, which enables them to increase their own profits immeasurably.

    Everyone thinks honesty is a virtue, but no one wants to hear the truth. This recoiling from the truth or a ,,not wanting to know” symbolises what is probably the longest duel scene in film history. The fear and effort required to admit that one has been deceived all one’s life long demands a great deal of the individual identity. Moreover, it is not enough to introduce a person to the truth. Getting him to understand it is much more difficult, and getting him to act in accordance with the truth is often impossible. What value has truth if it is not used or applied in some way?

  13. Numbers have been Hugo last few Demos so why the hype now??
    The people are feed up we are all feed up.Keep it up there will be Civil unrest like nothing seen before.We have commutation we have access to information we are not ingorant Peasants any more BUT informed uprising against oppression….UK Government you are on notice of WAR!!!

  14. Fantastic turnout – we outnumber those inbreds in parliament – what’s the next stage??

  15. Walking around London on a sightseeing tour o a saturday is not going toaffect anyone we need more target and direction

  16. If nothing else it reminds all of us who were there – and all those viewing on Hugo Talks – that we’re not alone! Definitely worth going whether the MSM report it or not – and whether Boris and co take note. And of course they do even if they don’t let on.

  17. Friend who comes from Africa, still got family over there, saw him, instantly in my country there dropping dead like flies, there blaming a variant but it’s only the jabbed that are dying the people are starting to catch on, just to late ofcourse.

    By October, all of the jabbed will be cowering away in there houses, they’ll be reduced to 2nd class citizens and us jabbed free will be in high demand and ruling the world, nearly there people, stay strong!!

  18. This is fan-tas-tic! Well done to everyone who took part today. πŸ‘ Makes us realise we are not alone against these lockdowns.
    Typical again it is not shown on MSM. Too frightened to let people know what is going on.
    Thanks Hugo.πŸ‘

  19. This should put the power that be to in their suits and shoes on…..

  20. Hi thank you Hugo
    Loved the music 🎢
    Lol kept it up beat lol

    Great Turn OutπŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

    Weather was even on the β€˜sideπŸŒžβ€™ πŸ’ͺ

    Have great evening to All

  21. Nero fiddled while Rome burned.Is Boris a fiddler?

  22. Good show of numbers but can’t see MSM running with it unless it suits them which ultimately this type of protest will be!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  23. I am Hungarian living in North Essex. Took my wife and a 3 and 7 years with me to the freedom march (1 1/4 hrs drive) It was very uplifting for all of us! Even the kids enjoyed it! We felt it like being part of a big family. Really good to know that there is still a lot of people in the UK haven’t had the jab and hopefully never will. We felt a lot of love and convergence! Thanks everyone who attended and big thank you to the organisers!


  25. If more ppl will stand up tphey gonna strike back with food shortages.

  26. Great job, british people! When can we do this in Amsterdam?

  27. ❀️ Awesome, just wonderful! Thank you all so much.

  28. I’m very overwhelmed and emotional.. that music..Where is this music from please .. ??as always thanks Hugo

  29. I was there and it was massive and must’ve brought London to a standstill for most of the day…
    But where were the BBC et al??

  30. Reason they covering protest is they need to as ,going to use these as reason for new capital variant. lol Dorset variant to be blamed on holiday travellers. To find out more go to (title) a must see leaked docs on permanent lock down of UK 3weeks. Then share guys July 15 next lock down.

  31. I counted to 5 134 561 and then I ran out of energy.

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