UK Vaxxed Dying at 3X Higher Rate After Contracting Delta Variant?

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  1. A positive covid test is meaningless. A negative covid test is meaningless. All statistics derived from these results are meaningless.

    • So are you therefore saying that there is no pandemic?

      • So you are saying you’re a necrophile?

      • What a strange question! Read my additional comments please.

      • George, there really shouldn’t be one no!

        It’s media driven pandemic who have been funded by you know who…
        Neil Ferguson presented it to the WHO and they classed it as a pandemic based on his computer modelling.
        The same modeling which has been discredited in the past for SARS and this time by a Oxford professor who’s part of the Great Barrington decoration team.

        So who wins from this so called pandemic?
        Follow the money & find out how much taxpayers are paying for the jabs to kill off the vulnerable.

      • Thanks for clarifying. So sad that no one in government ( globally ) has sufficient moral fortitude to expose the truth and even sadder that the majority of the population has been taken in.
        Can anything be done or is the rabbit hole too deep?

      • even the world health organisation have said there never has been a pandemic

      • The WHO changed the rules on what is a pandemic. Under the old rules this would never have been classed as a pandemic.

      • George, it’s the power of the media.
        If they want to push the fact there’s a deadly virus going round… Guess what? Nearly everyone will take it as the truth and follow lockdown orders.
        What happened to people questioning things?

        What can be done?
        Protests to wake people up & mass civil disobedience. Go about your business and live like pre convid.

        With more questioning it will become clearer.

      • are you aware that covid 19 was down graded to a “non hcid” by the british govenment in march 2020

      • Can someone please help me with the signs and symptoms of shedding between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated

      • Yes! That is what we ALL are saying! Just for ALL the RETARDS…it is a “PLANDEMIC” SCAMDEMIC UFF you DO NOT realized this by are a total and complete RETARD! just saying!



      • Read my other comments please.
        By the way, you’re a fool talking like that!

      • There is and never has been a pandemic. Its Event 201. Agenda 21 which is now Agenda 2030.

    • Of course there is no pandemic, there is NO virus, these deaths are coming from the injections. The only pandemic is a pandemic of stupidity.

      • The public are largely stupid, they are wearing a mask that will cause them more health problems than if they get the virus, but you can’t tell them. That is propaganda at it’s finest, Hitler would have been proud!

      • 1000% correct.
        You win the prize.

      • It looks as though you too are on the fringe of that stupidity.

        I agree there is no pandemic.

        There have been deaths, as there are each year, from these flu type viruses. Many of those deaths happened BEFORE any vaccines were rolled out.

        There is no argument with regard to death after injections or pandemic of stupidity.

      • Yes! People are being jabbed in the triangular shaped Deltoid muscle at the top of the arm. The name comes from the triangular greek letter Delta!

    • You are quite right. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the test, stated that it is not a diagnostic tool. The European Courts have ruled that the PCR test is unreliable. Most importantly you cannot have a variant of a virus that has not been proven to exist. SARS-cov-2 has never been isolated nor purified. Dr Sam Bailey has some very enlightening videos on YouTube.

    • Handcock broke his golden rule, never cheat on wife and children when in his office,the one with the camera in with red flashing light, and if need be stand under or to the side of it when groping, if only those pesky cameras were working with Epstein, Diana,and the pentagon 😉😉

    • WAIT ✋ we are living in the end days now like Noah was. Prophecies in the bible are being fulfilled more than ever:Israel under attack, rumours of wars(possibly civil war between the civilians and government or ww3), worldwide famines, global pandemics(-‘covid-19’),people will start hating God ect… look at Mathew 23 and 24 if you don’t believe me. The world keeps getting more and more satanic every day:in music, tv, the government…PLEASE turn to God now, build a relationship with him and accept and thank Jesus Christ into your life as your saviour. I want to see everyone in heaven. Please spread the gospel to save other lost souls, amen 🙏.

    • Absolutely right. Kary Mullis who invented PCR tests stated clearly it does not mean you are ill, nor that you will become ill. But they are using these tests to define cases and deaths with no burden of proof that COVID was the cause. Conversely, put a COVID vaccine in your body and dies within 4 weeks or have an adverse reaction and they do not assume these are down to the vaccines. Suddenly burden off proof becomes the norm. Double standards, poor to little science. Why the masses don’t see what’s in front of them is a mystery.

  2. Not only is this video helping us fight back but it’s also teaching us vital maths skills . This video is true all in one . Love it.

  3. 666 is the Cult which we all know no it’s going down rabbit hole and we all know what they’re about I don’t feel safe anymore with anyone it’s just scaremongering personally I will not have any vaccine I even stopped having the flu vaccination I’m 72 all the way through all of this rubbish isn’t something out there why they keep lying to us so it must be something underlining that would be the Cult they want to get rid of all the silver tops and all the poor people and just have there’s poor people as slaves about world domination

  4. Well there you go, if this is true? , Roll up roll up get your f,in Vax , more likely to die if you’ve had it and get the variants, nothing to see here roll up get your Vax, what a f,in f, up !!

    • Its not funny, people are dying!!! Actually, its very funny.. 😂😂😂 We all tried warning them but they wouldn’t listen…

      • Noone listened and thought I liked fighting with authories and being rebellious but now some people are regretting. Sometimes I ask them how things were in Spain as they took the vaccine to fly.

    • I’ve heard 2 normies telling others about getting the jab,they both mentioned about how LOVELY the nurse was,”ooh she was sooo nice and gentle”;yes you stupid twat she might be Loooovely ,but she doesn’t know what VILE is in VIAL!!!,WAKE UP FOR THE SAKE OF THE KIDS!!!

  5. were being branded for future generations, delta, alpha, beta, gamma, ecco, next, (genetic manipulation) proves there’s no virus. of course there will be a new variant, its in the jabs, different jabs in different ages groups says it all….. I wish more people would wake up…

  6. Just as I suspected!
    The vaccine is the real killer!

  7. I’m from the UK. Our government and so called health officials love to scare us and lie to us. Unfortunately I have had my first jab. Fortunately I had Pfizer not the blood clot one (astra zenica) but that was only because I explained my concerns to one of the nurses and she changed it. Otherwise I might be dead by now from a blood clot as I was booked to have Astra zenica. The nurse said to me the Astra zenica has been brought to our attention.

    • I trust you are now aware ALL these vaccines are potentially lethal.

      • Well I have heard/read good things about Pfizer but now Iam worried. Thing is the vaccines must have something to do with cases coming down (despite the Delta crap) beacuse last year the Lockdowns did f#ck all even when they had been in place sometime.

      • Yes look up prion disease the symptoms sound just like delta plus eith brain involvement and Prion disease was an outcome of an animal trial (chicks) on previous Sars vaxines ,so doctors warned of this but of course were ignored! Prion disease is cause by abnormally folded protein in the brain and now we know that spike proteins can cross the blood brain barrier after vax so maybe this is what is happening to those elderly double jabbed care home residents. Poor souls , they were just doing what they thought was right, they lived through a time when you could trust people especially doctors and elected governments.

    • Hi Jon, in regards to your comment about cases coming down I wanted to offer some information. Unfortunately the case numbers can be easily manipulated. An example of this is the PCR test. The PCR test is run through a certain number of cycles – if this number is high, it creates a large number of false positives. Back last year when cases were high, the PCR tests were being run at a high cycle rate. Then, after the vaccine rollout, the cycle numbers were lowered. Another example, here in the US at least, is that the CDC is only officially counting positive cases if you have not been vaccinated. If a person is fully vaccinated, unless they are dying in a hospital, they will not be counted as a case even if they test positive. Keep in mind that these vaccines are not shown to prevent infection/transmission, only to lessen symptoms. There have been a lot of breakthrough cases with the vaccinated but those numbers won’t go toward the case count. The weather will also play a part right now as the virus can’t survive in fresh air/UV light and anyone getting sunshine exposure will have more vitamin D in their system.

      There are so many good sources of information but the challenge is knowing where to look. I want to offer up two places to start – one is to sign up for the Defender newsletter at and the other is to check out this video:

      I wish you all the best. Take care.

      • It’s all going to plan, sadly. And I still have friends who think that I am crazy for believing the truth!! My friends would be calling for a straight jacket for me if they knew that is been to London for the Freedom March last Saturday with half a million others!! More sad times to come I’m afraid.😟

  8. I have a lot of “clever” people in my family, I am the only one that hasn’t been injected. I am told when I say anything that I am scaremongering and faking news. I am worried to death at what might happen to them, the figures are there but they are too blind to see. Evil going on in present society like nazi Germany.

    • Good for Susan, I will NEVER have this jab, I’m healthy and want to stay that way not have this murdering jab.
      Yes we all know people family that have had it.
      Unfortunately time will tell😢

    • Hi Susan, yes, I too am the only person in my immediate family who’s refused the injection; all my other family members, and all but one of my friends, have stupidly submitted to them. And they chose to do that, even AFTER I’d provided them all with so, so much high-quality information (from HONEST doctors and scientists who were issuing dire warnings to people NOT to submit to these injections) MONTHS before they brought the evil injections out. All my family members and most of my friends are totally enamoured of the Mainstream Media, and blindly-believe whatever they and the Government ‘tell’ them. And no matter what I tell them, re. what’s REALLY going on, they simply assume I’m ‘talking crazy stuff’. I too am immensely worried and distressed re. what may happen to them, down the line, due to having chosen to roll up their arms and be injected. As you say, people are too blind to see. They’re totally brainwashed, unfortunately respecting the liars and disrespecting the truth-tellers. Yes, it’s just like Nazi Germany now. But the horror is that many people are not aware of that. They don’t realise what’s truly going on.

      • I have taken a whole load of flak since this BS was launched on us 15 months ago for my opinions ( which are ALL backed up with actual facts and NOT predictions etc! ) I went to London on April 24th and asked my FB friends why this wasnt mentioned on BBC… I took some evil comments! One ‘intelligent’ ex-friend called us all arse holes for going! What a pillock he is…. I didnt see a ‘spike ‘ in cases ( lol ) after 100,00 all hugged and shook hands on that particular day! Im gong on another LondonFreedom March again today!! Yeahhhh!!! 😁😁😁

      • Me too! Most of my family and friends have been taken in by it all. What I can’t understand is why would they trust anyone in politics, especially the PM – why on earth would he care about ANYONE at all. And the usual story from my ‘intelligent’ friend she took it to go on holiday ….. what! no research on the ingredients!

  9. I’ve been posting this everywhere I can for days. From the prior data it’s actually 600% to 650%, and if you look at the Belgian care home Hugo reported on yesterday 23% of the jabbed who got it have died. TWENTY THREE PERCENT (so far!!). That’s way over even 600%.

  10. That’s a very floored analysis you have got there, let me explain.
    The vast majority of unvaccinated cases in the UK are in the lower age groups as these people have only just started to offered the vaccine.
    The younger people are orders of magnitude less likely to die, therefore if everyone in the UK was infected with covid tomorrow you would likely see ~30 times vaccinated deaths to unvaccinated.

    • Math621 I think your analysis is flawed… the jab is to protect (less serious infection/symptoms ie no deaths should be present in the Jabbed participants) yet again this was another smoke screen to authenticate the jabbed dying) do your maths again pls

  11. Not at all surprised to hear this news! I smelt a massive rat about this whole scam right at the start. I got a letter in the post today ordering me to get jabbed. Needless to say I ripped it all up and chucked it in the recycling bin! I really hope this is not the beginning of a campaign to harass me. Life for me and my hubby is quite stressful enough right now as it is! Any more of this garbage, the whole lot will be ignored. Fight fire with fire!! Play this bastards at their own game and completely ignore them, that’s the best way to deal with this shit!

    • fighting fire with fire by ignoring them is fine until they come to your door- then fight fire with fire by having a stack of petrol bombs handy – It’s legal and it’s self defense

    • Hallelujah very inspiring Thank you so much. May God bless and protect you and continue to give you insight into this devil driven agenda. Hallelujah prepare a way way for the kingdom of heaven is at hand . Repent and be baptised before its too late. Judgement is coming . Thsnk you Lord. .

  12. The fourth letter of the Greek Alphabet is Delta.
    But it ISN’T A PYRAMID!
    It’s an inverted Triangle, with that Apex facing DOWNWARD!
    It’s where the idea for the Delta Wing used on Concorde came from, the same design was also used on the RAF Avro Vulcan.
    The Delta insignia was also painted on Allied Vehicles in Operation Desert Storm, in Iraq.
    It’s also where the name, Deltoid comes from for the three heads of the Shoulder muscles.
    There’s definitely something sinister at work, but it’s doubtful that it’s to do with good and evil in the Biblical sense.
    If people choose to believe in an Omnipresent being ruling over them, that’s fine.
    But we need to look a little closer to Home for the wrongdoing here.
    And it’s all man made!

    • I don’t know what Greek alphabet you’ve been looking at my friend, but the Greek letter Delta is always shown thus Δ

    • It’s a pyramid. Like the one with the eye in it. Atheism is an agenda. Read Albert Pike’s “three world wars” letter, you’ll see what the masons (for example) think of atheists. The world is biblical and the “elite” know it. Open your eyes. Study the occult symbolism. Wake up.

  13. It’s in their so called holy books, in censored books, documents. They, especially rabbi’s tell us that it is their (jews) long planned agenda to destroy everything that is good and finally to have the world for their own. Of course nobody in the world, which they control, and almost nobody in the so called ( controlled) truth community talks about it. Therefore almost nobody knows about it. Very disturbing and frustrating.

    • Yep nothing doing it for years Zionism is a dangerous cult they think the world belongs to them my have to resist them the same way that Jesus did when he cast them out.

  14. Vaccinated groups are older, as all age groups have not been vaccinated in UK, so therefore more (older vaccinated) will die, and some healtier people may have refused the jab. Taking this into account, i would make a wild unscientific guess thst the Jab does NADA, nothing, ziltch…. Can we please talk about prevention and ivermectin. Oh sorry, i forgot nobody makes money out of a cure! What happened to humanity!!! love you hugo, if i knew where you lived i would be your stalker!

  15. The virus doesn’t exist so this could have been easily shortened by saying the jibjabbed are dying more.

  16. Check out No Mainstream on yt the doctor 1 which is the newest, he says the vax IS a bio weapon, ,,,ty hugo

  17. Nobody needs or B I’ll BC EVER needed their Experimental Paghogen -? it’s a Jab, an experimental Gene Therapy – Not One of ‘them’ has had any of the three’Real’ pathogens. Fact. Vallance, Whitty, Ferguson and Handcock are all guilty of breaking our Human Rights and unalienable Rights aka Our Birthrights!! And
    Must be tried for Crimes against Humanity & Genocide they are ALL GUILTY PF OHNORING AND BREAKING THE Nuremberg Code, Malfience and Coercion They MUST be Arrested and Tried – and dealt with accordingly Death Penalty is too good for them – BUT is the Punishment for their atrocities.,, Also All Their Goofs & Assets should be Siezed with Immediate effect According to a Memo they have ALL been Paid Handsomely for rolling out the Pathogen these are Evil Liars and We the Sovereign People dol NOT CONSENT and further will
    RESIST DEFY & WILL NOT COMPLY…… There has NEVER been an Indian Veriant – they have NEVER PROVEN Covid19 exists Go do your Research – for I have and know it’s Fake, as is this govt

  18. FK in hell.
    Not like its any actual surprise since its been a top conspiracy theory for over a year already.
    Conspiracy theories are just delayed facts.
    Those gene therapy injections are irreversible.
    I will say it to remind everyone.

  19. 315% wow! So what are they dying of really: ? The Delta: computer: genome sequence: or the product:? Or heaven forbid influenza:!
    As the cases are a fiction; of PCR: or CrossFlow: testing lottery: and the statistical malaise: which have been suspect all the way through this;
    It would seem: the latest up tick in the statistical: advent: coincides with the product intervention: as the Lockdown death rate : has been
    a constant: This narrative: survives on the uncertainty: and the fears of the unproven: the language of media: and the blatant political;
    power grab: There are so many : suffering: losing loved ones: livelihoods: as the predatory pharma; and the kindred a- syn-anims: have the
    pathway cleared : of all competition: for full spectrum dominance: as the only solution: is that the ‘ final’ solution : I know one thing for
    certain::it is definitely full spectrum exploitation of the market share: one does have to wonder:”who ” is sharing in the gravy:!!
    As the variant stream: is online: for the continuing prospectus of investment: in product futures: and the boost in revenue streams:!!

  20. The elite have a rule that they must tell us what they are doing. In that way when we don’t object, they believe they are then justified in doing what they do. ‘We told you & you didn’t object.’
    You just need to be able to see & understand the truth hidden in plain sight.
    This falls into that category


    • If I’ll never happened money talks plus all these masters to the Zionist Rothschilds

  22. Thank you Hugo as always 🙏💪

    Makes me feel Amazing I have my own mind
    And saying NO!
    Has saved my life

    Thank you Hugo
    Have great evening to All

  23. Did this 3x info come out to help offset other news today

  24. Look up Prion disease! Some doctors scientists warned of possible Prion disease developing in those vaxed because of animal trials on previous Vaxine trials.. This new delta plus involves the brain and neurological symptoms so my guess is it is possibly Prion disease and not a new variant. That is why the double vaxed are testing positive for the so called new variant delta plus that has brain/nerological symptoms ( Cover up variant)! Prion diseaes is caused by abnormally folded proteins in the brain and we know the spike proteins do not stay in one plavce and can cross the blood brain barrier. This is awful! Those poor people thought they were doing the right thing and now are so sick.

    • What’s awful is that any animals were used in tests. Humans know better and are able to rationalise, but are stupid and consequently expendable!

  25. Are they contracting the delta variant, or is the vaccine the delta variant?

  26. Or they are just dying, and it’s been labelled convid

  27. Hi I calculated that if you take only the double dose vaxxed than the number is even higher! cos 50 people of those out of only about 7000 cases, so that was even 2,5 times more than that 3,14. So if you are fully vaxxed you have a 7 or 8 times higher chance of dying. Am i missing something or is it correct??

  28. And so it comes to pass…pathogenic priming in action?

  29. The variants are a lie. The only thing that’s causing the excess deaths is the weakened immune systems of the individuals who’ve had the jab.

    • Things are getting desperate now for HMG, yet again the nhs have contacted me to get the jab, although I have repeatedly told them I will not be having it. And you can’t block the number! Disgusting is the nicest thing I can say about it.

  30. Longer you’ve had your jab, less your immunity will work and the more you’ll die, they’ll be a lot less stupid people walking around September/October when they realise this and all of the Jabbed go into melt down / self isolation, out of FEAR!!!

    • I think it is time to buy shares in a Funeral Firm! Every cloud etc….. 😉

    • It would be prudent to buy shares in Funeral Firms! Every cloud etc…. 😉

  31. Alex belfield says that there are 600 million tests that have gone missing. Wow, that means that there is no virus. What do you think.

    • They have deliberately not let any reputable scientist try to purify and isolate covid 19 in order to use it as a weapon of mass control. This must surely now be obvious to all but the totally brainwashed, but we can’t just snap them out of their stupor, it is the Zombie Apocalypse come to fruition and we must fight if we, the sane, are to survive at all.

  32. The chances of dying if you are unvaxed is 0.0008%, and if vaxed 0.0025% , not as he said ‘point 2%’ etc. There is a huge difference! However, this info will not be on the BBC or Daily mail Headline any day soon. ” ‘ 300% BIGGER CHANCE OF DYING IF YOU’VE HAD THE JAB” … you will not see that headline at all in the fake-stream media.

  33. What page of the document does it show 3x more please

  34. Which page of the document shows in 3x more deaths from vax Vs unvax

  35. The muscle that people are getting the jab in is triangular shaped and called the Deltoid muscle – the name is derived from the greek letter Delta which is also triangular shaped….🤨

  36. The bio weapon was put out by big tec and the RAF in UK the jab is also the weapon

  37. It’s ALL bullshit. These people did not have a vaccine, that’s why there is no protection. But tell these sheep that they’re dying more than the unvaxxed of the “Delta” variant and they’ll be lining up for the booster shots. It makes sense to concentrate it all on the vaxxed now because those who haven’t got the jab are largely those who don’t want it and won’t have their minds changed.

    By winter there will be a “booster” ready to go, and the double vaxxed will be clamouring for it! While we all sit here and watch the shit show, all the time being assured by these sheep that it’s US who is keeping this crap going because we’re selfish and won’t obey orders! The world is going to hell in a handbasket!!

  38. The real bio-weapon was always going to be the vaccine and that’s one of many reasons we aren’t going to see of many reasons they keep lockdown in some form or other. No lockdown = no emergency = no vaccine!!!

  39. What about the chance of contracting the delta variant in the first place … vaxxed versus unvaxxed?

  40. Theorised on this months before you’s all started talking about it, my family didn’t listen to me either, they think i’m nuts, if we’re right, they’re dead, do you’s think the unvaccinated will be left to live their lives after this genocide? They’d have to erase this from history, don’t see how media could dress this up.

  41. No one has pointed out that the vaccinated and unvaccinated are different populations. The vaccinated include the 0ver-60s who are much more likely to die if they contract the disease. The unvaccinated include the under-30s who will just shrug it off.

    This should be stark-staringly obvious to the author of the video and anyone who watches it. Sometimes I despair at the stupidity of the people who write this sort of misleading statistics and sometimes I wonder if they are deliberately misleading the gullible.

  42. To say I’m heartbroken is an understatement. My 23 yr old has just announced that he is taking the vaccine. I’ve told him how I feel and why he shouldn’t, but he starts a new job in London soon and wants to move forward, he says. How I wish he was 5 again and I could shield him from the horrors of this world. Feeling pretty hopeless right now.

  43. To dear Ziggy, I grieve for you and deeply sympathise as I’m in the same boat. My husband recently told me that he’s had both jabs, and he did this in secret without me knowing!! I’m absolutely terrified of losing him, he’s my life and my whole world! I would be completely lost without him. We have been married almost 26 years, and he is the love of my life. This jab thing is really evil, and it’s all so terrifying what is happening! We all must stick together here and support each other. I’m so thankful that I found this group, and I say a huge thank you Hugo for all you are doing to care for us all. You are absolutely wonderful!!

    • Bless you Carolyn. You must feel so devastated that your husband not only had this dreadful jab but that he didn’t feel he could tell you about what he was planning to do and how he kept it a secret for weeks from you. My son, who I mention in my comment above was a miracle baby as we were told we would never have children. He was such a yearned for child, and has been such a joy to us, and now we could lose him or he could be damaged by this hideous jab. The whole agenda behind this can only be of evil intent. I pray that our loved ones, yours and mine, will thrive despite this abomination in our midst. I don’t think the young are selfish for wanting to have the jab because they want to get on with their lives. They are just innocents who are full of hope and trust, and can’t believe that their govt would want them to be harmed. They can’t conceive of any evil agenda which is why they call us conspiracy theorists. All I can do is love my son and hope it is enough to save him. Keep strong yourself Carolyn, and love your man, because without love what is there?

      • Aww bless you darling Ziggy!! You are clearly a lovely lady with a huge loving heart who is devoted to her son! I really wish I could meet you and give you a massive hug!! I agree totally with what you say. This whole thing is so evil it is truly shocking and terrifying! We’ve all got to stay strong, and yes I will love my darling hubby with every beat of my heart forever, and do everything to look after him. We must all stay strong and keep loving one another, loving against the odds, the evils and horrors of this totally messed up world.

  44. This whole thing is the Kalergi Plan people!!!! NWO Kalergi Plan! Look it up people and everyone needs to be shaken into waking up and facing the awful truth about what is going on in the world right now. God help us all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Kalergi Plan is no longer a conspiracy. It is right in our faces. Anyone who denies the Kalgeri Plan really needs to get out more. Every advert you see feature a ‘mixed race’ couple. They want the persons of none colour to not reproduce in order to ‘save the planet’ 😀 If depopulation means anything it means depopulating the white race. It is too late for political and economic solutions; the only solution is for the indigenous population to play the same game and breed like rabbits too. It won’t end well but it is the only alternative to being wiped out as a race. Our towns, cities and villages are being taken over by people of colour. I had to get out of the town centre at the weekend. It was swarming with huge persons of colour men on the hunt for persons of none colour girls. A really scary place. These huge beasts will be used as the ‘muscle’ to round us up whenever the time comes. The chessboard is always set-up in advance.

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