Matt The Rat / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. What kind of woman is it that allows Hancock to kiss her?

    • I don’t think anything that evil lying c**t could do would suprise me. Just another psychotic member of our so called government!

      • Like I’ve said before …you judge people on what they do, not on what they say.

        So Rat Handcocks involved in another deceit. No surprises there.

        It’s what you expect from a hypocrite and serial liar …he’ll go down in history as perpetrating on of the biggest genocides in human history and what is he sorry for?
        …not observing social distancing with his tart inside the Department of Health …and probably the fact that he got caught on camera mid-fumble.

        He failed to declare that he was engaged in a relationship with someone whom he personally appointed at taxpayers’ expense. Now he’s given his love interest a £15,000 a year job as a non-executive director of the Department of Health. The role comes with a £15,000 salary …not bad for 15 days of work per year.

        He omitted to mention in the Register of Members’ Interests that he was a small shareholder in the security shredding company that was awarded a £300,000 contract from the NHS. He also forgot to mention that the major shareholder was his sister. When questioned he said it was an honest mistake.

        Despite all, the prime minister had full confidence in the health secretary …carry on scamming.

        What a crock of shit.

      • I smell a rat mat handcock, like he didn’t know their was a camera in his office.

      • Vaccinated and growing a 3rd leg

    • Well, since it’s all about money I’d fancy the question is not what but how much

  2. Hypocrite ! Tells people they can’t see dying family members whilst all the time getting up close and personal to a woman not in his family unit . As you say they are all untrustworthy. But we knew that bunch of smug liars and laughing at the public . As we know though nothing appears by accident in the fake stream media .. so part of a bigger agenda .

    • Honey, he has surved his purpose and now directing the attention elsewhere.
      He’ll probably end up on the board of one of the pharma companies that have done really well out of the jab process.
      The media have known about this for a while, they waited for the right time to release it.

      My opinion, they have dirt on all MP’s and will use it when needed.

  3. Excuse for him to be dismissed so he doesn’t blab about the bigger crime and bring down anyone else. MI5 could have leaked this anytime but there must be a bigger reason why they did it now.

    • I was thinking the same thing, must be very desperate to go for a loathsome parasite like him.

  4. Smoke and mirrors. He’s going to resign on the basis of being a cheater rather than a holocaust instigator. She is a major shareholder in a PR firm…. Think they didn’t know where the cameras were? The grass would be swimming with the fishes before it hit MSM eh?

    • Holodomor is a more appropriate what we are dealing with. It’s not done by some national-socialists from Germany or England but Communists/Globalists sponsored by Usurious International.

  5. He’s the pasty. He’s been well rewarded for his crimes, now time to blame him. They think we’re stupid.

  6. Just another part of the play. The Hancock chess piece is being sacrificed for a reason, and we all know that it won`t be anything that improves our lives.

  7. They’re egos are too big for them to realise they’re being played and that when they’ve ran us into the ground that they’ll be stomped on like little ants when thier puppet masters take over

  8. this is set up for a dramatic exit in my opinion

  9. Ooooh poor Matt… he’s apologised for jot following guidelines on social distancing 🤣🤣🤣🤣 because he was caught on camera cheating his wife….ooooh noooooo why are the picking on you golden boy Matt🥱🤔🙄

    This is is all a distraction. They are up to something sinister. Watch the space

  10. Not going to judge him for that, a) had 100+ affairs, b) already hate the slimey lying, fear mongering waste of oxygen.

    UFO files release today, the UFO part of the distraction, more redaction that ever before.

    • You previously stated that you had had 159+ affairs. I have run some extremely complicated mathematical number crunching on your proposition. For purposes of my calculation I make the assumption that you are male. To make calculation as reasonable as possible I make the assumptions that you are 70 years old and began having affairs at age 16. This gives a time frame of 54 years. Plugging these numbers into my formula gives an rate of affairs (r) of 3 affairs every year, or one every 4 months. That must be very exhausting to say the least and this is with most favourable projections. If you were say, 43 years of age rate of affairs (r) would double to 6, or an affair every 2 months. As we say, and the band played believe it if you can 😀

    • You will of course not that my mathematical formula assumes consecutive, linear affairs and does not take into account the possibility of multiple concurrent overlapping affairs as this would be too exhausting to calculate never mind having the affairs 😀

  11. I doubt if this is true but a good way out. He is most likely a mincer like most of these dirt bags. She maybe a bloke though? And the name Gina Coladangelo = Genocidal Analog – deliberate killing of a large group of people of a particular nation or ethnic group /signals or information.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  12. If this is distraction strategy, it seems in poor taste to involve his wife and children. On this occasion, sorry if I am going against the grain, this is just a slime-ball getting caught-out. I doubt if he’ll even resign or that Boris will sack him. Enough going on without Hancock caught with his pants down.

  13. Shat Hancock does what Shat Hancock does.
    A likely cheat and fraud if there ever was one.

  14. ….In other fake stream media today , a meat tax ,and banning smoking in beer gardens .
    Whilst that horrible c**t tells us all what to do, he goes around fucking anything with a pulse.
    Throw him in the Thames.

    • Good one Tommy
      People believe this C*** DON’T HUG YOUR GRAN.
      Social distance bollocks
      No shaking hands arms bump bollocks.
      Hancock Fuck you sex predatory hope you got STD.

  15. Distraction, distraction…..fall guy……if it’s in the media there is normally a reason..

  16. Have you found that over the years, the more you did FOR FREE for your trustees/public-servants the more ungrateful,
    thankless and abusive they have become, so may we politely suggest the following good mental health de-escalation-for-remedy?

    THE TRUST IS COLLAPSED….in other words, you are no longer granting any more credit.
    Would it not be advisable to be politely placing YOUR public-servants/trustees under notification that you charge £999 per hour
    for YOUR time and also £666 for YOUR performance…. and that any further communicating with you, is with them accepting the
    terms & conditions of the commercial contract IN THE PRIVATE (the TRUSTEE is now with PERSONAL liability…. because Notice-
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    This way, you are NOT resisting nor refusing to obey/comply with their orders/demands/ policy/questions, because it is now your WILL
    to perform WITH THE CONDITION that payment is with you immediately, because you have NO CONFIDENCE with them administrating YOUR Trust!

    THEY HAVE COLLAPSED THE PUBLIC TRUST…so why are YOU issuing them credit?
    Are YOU not the grantor and the beneficiary of YOUR trust? …making them the trustees, whom are with their fiduciary obligation and
    duty-of-care to be NOT causing you injury nor damage nor loss nor harm.
    Is THEIR job YOUR job? Is THEIR company policy YOUR policy?
    not unless and until they are PAYING for your time & performance

    THE CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST IS COLLAPSED…YOU are no longer performing free-of-charge!
    You may be willing to pursue the matter through the small-claims-court and/or through arbitration which is held in-the-private
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    YOUR TRUST FUND IS NOW WITH RESTORATION….YOU are now making money from every encounter with YOUR trustees
    because the days of doing something with them for free are over so be the polite BUSINESS man with your trustees and rebut
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  17. I had to clutch my invisible pearls, she sounds like a sad desperate cow to allow that man to conduct an affair with her, and any woman who ever had an affair with Doris Johnson should be ordered to wash their mouth out with soap and sent to their room without supper

  18. They are so transparent, do they honestly think this will make us forget about all the people this evil bastard has killed & is continuing to kill right up to this minute?

  19. It’s just a escape goat for cock to get out people. The main stream are in on this bullshit an the suns published it.. bet your money it’s a play nothing less. All planned etc so don’t be fooled by any headlines on the papers

  20. What kind of prat is Hancock? Sticking his tongue down that silly woman’s throat when we aren’t supposed to sit with dying relatives.
    Johnson’s just as bad and will protect this verminous little fucker, they are unsuitable for public office…

  21. It looks like it is all staged they probably cameramen makeup people etc he’s the weak link that is why he’s had to go. Why didn’t they show this when it happened why wait till now?

  22. Matt Hancock is obviously irresistible to women as this picture shows And it was only last week a woman touched him with w bargpole !!!

  23. Hancock has now apologised – not for cheating on his wife & for bringing public office into disrepute- but for ‘breaching social distancing rules’! 😡😡
    Hancock will be issuing this statement with a smirk all over his face.
    The reason for releasing these photos is quite obvious. It’s to rub our noses in the simple fact that this regime & it’s members can do whatever they please. Our opinions of them matter not one jot.
    This is the clear message here.
    Hancock will not step down as a result of this. He & Boris are having a good chuckle over Friday afternoon drinks in No. 10 as we are all posting our outrage.

  24. I don’t know were the womans self respect is, I feel sorry for his poor wife, of course I use poor in the metaphorical sense, I don’t think Hancock married into that family for her looks.

  25. The total hypocrisy while we’re meant to stay away from everyone. Bastards all of them.

  26. i feel like this scandal is a distraction from something else entirely. had the same feeling when old Prince Philp clogged it.


    • See you there! well, I’ll look out for you. The BBC will say just a couple of hundred are there, so I should find you easily enough!! 😅😅😅😷😅😅😅

  28. Thank you Hugo 👍

    Errrrr she is nasty and we know wankcock is!🙄😉
    He doing a hole new kind of Injecting ain’t he!
    the Dirty Scum traitor he is
    She just as another power freak woman anything for fame!
    What a disgrace these women are to the …
    Real women out here.

    Have great evening to All

  29. None of this surprises me. I lived and worked in London for seven years and the only thing these career people care about is money. It’s their god – they have no morality and do not care about our culture, history or goodness. Truly vile people most of them.

  30. Read Adam Weishaupt or the works of Yuri Bezmenov. These global leaders/freemasons, will not be only thrown under the bus down the road, but will be executed when the NWO/central AI global system is in place. They will make a example off and are not needed anymore. As Beznenov mentions: they invited the snake in on their own free will and proudly served him but eventually get destroyed by their own master. These puppet leaders betrayed their own people and now will be betrayed by their own controllers.

    • Love Bezmenov – Hancock is a useful idiot if ever there was one. As are Whitty, Van Tam, Vallance, and Bojo and many, many others. Probably Schwab as well.

  31. Cheating on his wife cheating on his country. Soulless Cnut

  32. Can anyone help, I’m trying to get the right forums to Opt out of the NHS data sharing.
    But I’ve found two forums on is only two ones and the other is about five.

    And is there different forums for different parts of the U.K.?
    As on the forums I’ve seen it talks about England.
    I’m needing some for Scotland too.


  33. What is the forum/s for people to sign to Opt out from the Data sharing by the NHS?
    I’m not sure if I have found the right ones, and I want to send them out to other family members to stop it.
    The other issue is some are in Scotland so I don’t know if they need a different forum?


  34. There will be a reason why this was published in the press. This is a psychological war.

  35. For what this filthy, corrupt piece of sh** has done he should hang, right next to johnson, whitty, vallance, van tam, starmer, everybody in sage and the murderers at the national murder service.

  36. Just do what the fuck you want and if you’re ever caught out just plead the Matt Hancock defence.

  37. With you on this one as it’s too transparently out there with msm acting as Romeo the agent provocateur. So handcock should fall on its sword shortly and us plebs are all sated with a bit of justice.

    All the while the replacement puppet will ensure the show Carries on unabated

  38. Someone within the cabinet must have set this up. The ones defending him need to go as well. Hopefully the whole cabinet is falling apart and we can get shoot of them.

  39. She will end up.looking like
    Antonia De Sancha but probably in an England kit

  40. Why would Matt Hancock kiss a woman under a camera if it was real you would avoid cameras and let’s be honest what on earth would she see in him Or maybe she was paid to set it up. And it’s definitely not anything to do with the 600 million lost COVID tests is it !!!

  41. Matt Handcock caught with his hand in the jar so to speak… Honesty for his namesake I hope it was worth it, and if we weren’t living in such a sorry state of current affairs this would be quite comical, but it just isn’t.

    Somebody recently told me that our leaders are simply a reflection of the majority at large. So here you go people, is this really what you want? Not to mention the rest of the BS spouting out of their mouths? Things just ain’t looking good right now. Time to clean up. Let’s do better.

  42. This is a distraction…all staged. To take your attention away. Deliberately leaked.

  43. Its reminiscent of Neil Ferguson when he had an affair while he told us to follow the lockdown and got sacked (though still reappears). It of course took the attentions away from Neil Ferguson’s bullshit CV19 computer model which was the basis for lockdown despite his previous record on swine and bird flu. In the same way that Hancock’s affair distracts from Hancock and the governments unlawful and criminal behaviour. It would not even surprise me if it was staged (though probably unlikely) especially given the fairly high proportion of members of parliament who have an unhealthy love of children.

  44. does anyone really think he was caught by chance ?, whatever the reason, why he wanted out they could not allow him to just step down, it may have given the public the wrong idea about this massive criminal medical fraud they are perpetrating, its all a con, its staged so he can then stepdown to let someone else have a go with the bat (no pun intended), he had his lttle bluster about not resigning , with even his ceo, the potato in a wig, speaking postively about him retaining his position. stepping down relieves him of the pressure , and replacing him revitalizes the agenda to be pushed from now on, dont be suprised if he turns up on the board of some big pharma corporation, or even the WHO, remember how tony the war criminal was made “peace envoy” to the mddle east after planning and putting practice its destruction, someone else who is bugging out of his nefarious position .

  45. He is a total disgrace and i believe he was set up to be got rid off.

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