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  1. Exactly. I learned never trust anyone from now on.

    • Those pesky security cameras with their red flashing lights!

    • I’m not sure you are right here, Hugo. This method of ‘getting rid of Hancock’ heaps misery on his wife and children. If it was needed for the narrative for Hancock to go he could have simply used the excuse of ‘exhaustion from the fight to kill the ‘pandemic”. This might be the first loosening of the wall of deceit that could lead to its destruction. By defending Hancock and just seeing the issue as a breach of social distancing rules rather than the disgraceful action of senior member of his Cabinet, Johnson has weakened his position, which could see a vote of no confidence in Parliament. We have to be optimistic. Also, TalkRadio is more our friend than our enemy. Only this week they have had Laura Dodsworth, the author of ‘State of Fear’, a book that takes apart the whole pandemic lie, and also other critics of what is going on – Professor Lee, Ivor Cummins, Carl Heneghan etc. Balanced broadcasting is the best we can expect from mainstream media.

      • Hi, yeah you could be right about the first part, although Its very possible that the whole situation is staged, and the wife already knows about this, but who knows, on the subject of talk radio you are very wrong, the worst type of enemy is the one that pretends to be your friend. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      • Keith, his wife was definitely in on it.
        She and the family are going to benefit with the pay off so and it will lead her to interviews and maybe even a book deal?

  2. Bum fluff,不不不不 Oh God, here we go, make sure you’ve got enough loo roll people, I can see the panic buying coming from here. Definitely on purpose, this was a distraction. Maybe this is a positive thing? I mean they’ve got the Matt Hancock thing, and the MSM covering the protest, maybe after Seeing the creator of the MRNA vaccine, whistleblowing. Is the tide turning slowly? Maybe? …please?

    • Let’s hope so. I do hope mr. Hancock’s bin following the BBC’S guide on safe sex during covid 不不 he is one man I honestly hate. Hate is a strong word for me but that man? Is pure evil. He is one to be watched above all of them.

      • Didn’t think i could despise anyone more than Jeremy Hunt but hey……

  3. Everybody must bring their children tomorrow so they cant say we are a mob,lets see what their gestapo will do

  4. really? food shortages? who on earth would have thought that?

  5. Loving the 80’s vibes at the end Hugo!

    You only have to look at the group who owns Talk radio to work out where they are going with their views.
    Ex LBC shills.

    Maybe it’s the claims against him and court proceedings that has forced Bojo’s owners hand.

  6. Handcock must not be allowed to get away even if he resigns he must be pursued and convicted.

  7. Hancock must not be allowed to get away with murdering elderly people in lockdown. He has blood on his hands.

  8. The truck driver shortage (I am a trucker) has mostly come about due to IR35. A change in the tax system, a lot of us drivers have been forced from working on a imited company basis and are now taxed as paye and pay the higher national insurance.
    After years of this very lucrative way of being self employed with potential earnings of 瞿1000 a week the weekly stoppages have become incredibly high.
    Many of the Easter European drivers decided to part company with the UK as they can earn much more in Germany.
    I get at least 3 phone calls a day and I am blitzed with emails and TX messages wanting my services. Some agencies are offering ridiculously high rates atm too which is great. Not so great after all the stoppages though!

  9. The biggest illusion is the implication that the media will challenge the government and hold sway over its decisions. What a laugh.

  10. The Hancock story is simply a smokescreen/distraction, just like the FAKE Virus.

    It makes you wonder what else they are up to whilst the eyes will be on Hancock…

    • First thing I said! What is going on in the background?

  11. There was a pic I saw online showing Matt Hancock wearing a t-shirt with the words British Bullshitting Corporation on it where he was being given the vaccine. The text accompanying his Twitter feed said ‘Got the call so got the jab and felt a prick’ For some reason I cant put up the pic here so will have to email you it Hugo

  12. My thoughts exactly, its all a load of BS. It was away for him to exit without being accountable for all the wrong doing and the massive deaths that occurred as a result of the lockdowns.

  13. London tomorrow will sort the power infiltrators as many start points depending on whom, you connect with. Start London and all BBC and end BBC portland sq

  14. Spot on as always Hugo. Boris feeling the pressure, and has no option but to except Matt Wankcocks resegnation. Its all a show…

  15. Morning .. thank you Hugo

    Good luck to Everyone today 返返返返儭

  16. When all the MSM all has the same headlines, it is definitely government propaganda – next thing will be that he becomes a Roman Catholic – if he isn’t already, as that seems to be the way these governing psychopaths like to go. I am concerned over all those at the march today though. What is going to happen if they are suddenly going to cover it? There must be something for them to film with relish and it won’t be good I’m sure – but I hope I’m wrong. Be careful all you brave people – my best wishes to you all for a successful protest.

  17. Loss of 100,000 hauliers dies not add up TWO truck loads of wasted food… Have they got Diane Abbot doing maths again?

  18. What with all this naughty hanky panky and sneaky clinches (barf) I almost forgot about him coercing folk to inject experimental, dangerous and untested chemicals into themselves and their children, silly me.

  19. All a Smokescreen to gain a lead on the eventual end game

  20. Have watched that Handcock video several times and it looks badly staged. One has to wonder with the main stream media as the propaganda machine why they are suddenly publishing images such as those from G7 and Ascot as well as this pathetic pantomime. No doubt they will blame any staged riot as the people being angry about this

  21. I wondered if it was all to disguise an upcoming rise in infection and deaths (due to the shots) so it can be blamed on ordinary, sleeping people for now refusing to follow the rules. Just a thought. Ive seen so many sheep saying thats it, theyve had it with masks and social distancing, why should they when the person who introduced these rules didnt even follow them himself. It will deepen the divide and increase the hatred of those who havent had the V and those who dont follow the rules. More pressure on the un-vd.

  22. Rachel Elnaugh (I think that’s how you spell it) who used to be on Dragons Den is very vocal about all of theis, she was on Dellingpod. Anyway there’s a vid of her speaking to a poor woman who needs a kidney transplant i.e. it’s life or death, and the NHS won’t operate on her unless she has the jab. It’s an absolute disgrace, when people wake up there is going to be a lot of bloodshed against people like Drs as well: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/uk-quot-unvaccinated-quot-woman-needs-kidney-transplantation-but-hospital-refuses_XSJDwlCWBFrRmhr.html

    On the side issue of people waking up, my mum and dad, in their 70’s who have swallowed the whole thing hook line and sinker, my mum just said to me, me and your dad were speaking and we’ve both said, God maybe there is something in all of this (what I’ve kept telling them) so even they are coming around.

    The reason is their next door neighbours are in their 20’s/early 30’s and have both been jabbed once I think so far, although the woman might have had both. She is a nurse (she’s as thick as pig slop as well, so no surprise).

    I don’t know if it was after first jab or a coincidence but she had a miscarriage. She definitely got a jab a few weeks ago, developed a boil under her left arm, it’s got infected, spread all down her side into her breast, and she’s had to have an operation to cut it out. It needs packing every day and the NHS can’t send anyone to do it because she’s on the border of 2 different counties so neither will take responsibility. Fortunately for her, her colleagues are coming and packing and draining it every day for her, off their own backs.

    Her husband had his first jab, had major migraines, was throwing up, couldn’t walk, took him days to revocer – that’s a sign of clots.

    I think it’s becoming so obvious now it can’t be hidden for much longer.

  23. lorry drivers have been sent home on furlough and there have been no training during the scandemic this food shortage is being done globally go follow ice age farmer on youtube he is brilliant in covering the global food shortage

  24. They are getting so lazy! Its sad that people are still getting jabbed because they think things will go back to normal.

    I was watching another channel that spoke about this very same thing.

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