‘Programmable’ Digital Currency Says BANK OF ENGLAND / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Which I think is possibly thier aim as then thry could bring in marshal law

    • Violent robberys ? No need for that hey. The days of all that seem to b long gone. U have internet banking fraud at an all time high lol. Thats the future. It’s a victimless crime so hey it dont matter does it . Fucking crazy. So people work and cant spend there money on what they want when they want it. Oh and if stores are getting shot of staff shop lifting will go through the roof lol. People will always find a way. It’s called being human and survival. I have to do what u have to do. Dont get Ill and ffs dont b weak I will end up a sheep.

  1. the younger generation will go for this,Jabs are showing you that,they simply don’t care unfortunately

  2. said this same thing last yr , will also stop you buying certain items too and only a approved list

  3. We are doomed if people do not get where this leads….

  4. Good one Hugo…… It is getting bizzarre so quickly but the sheep have no idea what’s going on. They are still trying to book a holiday!!

    • Stephen, all this goes on in the background so when people do realise… It’s too late.

      Bank of England by name but privately owned and set up by an unimaginably well off family who literally are money.
      The central banking system is even more sinister!

      Of course it’s going to benefit them if everyone goes cashless they will be cutting production costs. Think of the savings on coins and notes!

      • Your’e right Unvaxxed, so what is money anyway? …other than noughts on a computer or tokens in your wallet that society has agreed can be exchanged for services and commodities. It’s all relative and somewhat surreal.

        The pound in your pockets value can and does change when market forces affect supply and demand, like the sub prime scandal or a scamdemic …and when losses are so catastrophic, they just print more, or quantitive ease as they prefer to say and hand it back to the jokers who caused the problem in the first place, leaving the public to pick up the tab.

        The premise that the value can be manipulated or cancelled after it has been earned or issued simply on the whim of a government bureaucrat, is completely outrageous, unethical and fundamentally flawed. I promise to pay the bearer on demand …but only if they’ve been a good citizen, just doesn’t cut it …they seem to be forgetting whose money it is.

        Crucially and most worryingly we don’t seem to have a voice or a choice anymore. They’re planning on banning our right to protest, they’re coercing workers to be vaxxed in contravention of the Nuremberg Code, MSM are censored and we are governed by a bunch of deceitful, dishonest, corrupt self-interest psychopaths, lurching headlong into the covid Apocalypse and taking us with them.

        Surely things can’t get any get worse in the People’s Republic of England.

  5. I don’t usually comment, but today I had a conversation with a colleague about the new proposed system at work that basically strips away all local admin rights on our computers and locks is in to only pre-approved apps. My colleague was excited and very happy that finally our freedom is gone. So as long as we only have this sandbox to play in, we can’t do anything wing any longer. So to your question. Yes now I fully believe that what you are showing us may seem like great commercials for how wonderful the future will be.

  6. Thanks once again, Hugo. You’re right, this horrifying scenario has been in the pipeline of the cabal for a very long time.

  7. People will be persuaded that it will only be used to stop money being used for criminal activities and that old chestnut ‘you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide’ will be used but we know that isn’t what they mean, they mean that they’ll not only dictate our spending but be able to hold us to ramson if we’re deemed to of done or be doing something they disagree with – this will usher in 100% totalitarianism!!

      • True there destroying the pub industry, small shop that sell alcohol and fags and they like money.
        Bill scum Gates wants to ban meat and the government want from April calorie’s on menu’s at cafes and restaurants.
        Fuck there contactless society the the bunch of thief’s my money not there’s what i work for.

  8. They will also program the credit to only last a certain time so there is no way of saving to buy anything of large value. “You will own nothing”. This is all possible with smart contract crypto currency which is fine but not when the government controls it. I’ve been talking about this for years. However, people are so brain dead that it’s impossible to convince them that simply going cashless is bad idea.

  9. The government can also, at a touch of a button, devalue any ‘cash’ you have in your account, reduce your account total etc etc. Wonderful.

    • A programmable feature of the Chinese cryto currency is a ‘use by’ date.
      I guess this is all leading to a planned global gold backed $ crypto currency, maybe?

  10. Thanks Hugo. Unfortunately once we lose cash, we will be totally powerless.

  11. I tried explaining this to people years ago, including my dad, and all i got was a blank face. Study the monetary system and you’ll come full circle. Most fascinating knowledge i ever gained. And to this day, it’s the biggest robbery of all time.

  12. This may be pessimistic but I’m getting to the point where I feel like, do you know what, give the people what they want. So much of what’s unfolding has been so transparently obvious since March 2020, people still can’t seem to see past the nose on their face or even consider another side to the narrative. Let them have it then, they shan’t like the reality they seem so keen to walk us all towards. Time to be grounded in a personal practice, yoga, meditation, martial art, something to anchor you from within. I’m here for it, one way or another ❤️

  13. I am concerned that with most people getting salaries, wages and benefits paid in to their bank accounts would we be able to draw whatever we want or will we have to say what we need it for then be told either yes or no or you can only get the amount they will let you have?

  14. I always take cash out when i am paid….. goverment could shut the ATMs or a faked cyber attack could shut them down.

    • They will simply take all cash out of circulation No banks No ATM No cash …. after all it “spreads viruses” …sounds like a good reason they might use

    • They’re already removing lots of ATMs, my local Sainsburys had three before all this, it now has one, my local Spars ATM is almost always empty and I know of least five others that have been removed all within a mile of me

  15. “1% of people think,
    1% of people think they think,
    and 98% of people would rather die than think!”

  16. Given we know that the vaccines are being used for depopulation, I wonder why they are going to all of this trouble with the WEF plans around cutting down the consumption of meat, taking away private property, controlling spending etc.?

    Surely all of the people who are left will have passed whatever “test” they had planned for them and won’t require this level of control? I wonder if the WEF is being used in some way as a scapegoat, so that people are focused on the WEF and not on the numbers of people dying from the vaccines. The WEF wants to achieve its goals by 2030 but the Deagel forecast suggests massive depopulation by 2025? I wonder if the “you will own nothing and be happy” thing is meant to be a distraction from their real plans.

    • Remember Agenda 21 i.e. 21 century – agenda 30 and 50 are just mile stones The aim is the control of the following generations. Life learning, Social contracts, Personalised AI education and health, based on a blockchain to create a derivative based income – This is refereed to as Human capital markets – Impact Theory – Impact investment – Pay for Success etc HTH

    • It’s is and always has been about soul harvesting

    • Meat contains many important nutrients that can offset some of the poisoning.
      A lot of the counter narratives also contain disinformation.
      This as a plan of Satan, where even those that work for him will be killed and sent to hell.
      The only safety in the Saviour Jesus Christ. Read the King James Bible and make up your mind whom you will serve.

  17. It’s so so so scary
    The same is happening in France
    Thanks for your work Hugo

    • We all under attack i fear for our lives unjab, 2 tier society keep strong in France.
      I can’t believe I’m living in Britain lets stick together.

  18. This might be a little bit behind the times, rumour has it that the QFS is due to kick in very soon.

  19. Watch this film:
    In Time
    Film by Andrew Niccol (2011)

    The film is set in a world where, due to a genetic modification made, the ageing process of every human being stops at the age of twenty-five.

    After that, there is a remaining lifespan of one year, which is indicated as a countdown by a chronometer glowing on the skin of the forearm. As soon as this clock runs out, the person dies.

    However, one can earn further life time as remuneration for work or also acquire it by gift and thus extend one’s life beyond the age of twenty-six. On the one hand, one does not age any further, but on the other hand, the daily glance at the life clock or the lifetime account is necessary for survival.

    In Time” represents a new form of world economic system in which monetary currencies no longer exist. The only currency is now lifetime, which can also be stored in special memories and accumulated in “time banks”.

    All transactions of goods and values are calculated in lifetime and take place via the lifetime account, which must never go to zero, otherwise it would result in immediate death. The transfer of lifetime is done via scanners or from person to person by placing the right forearms on top of each other. In this way, one can pay with life time, which can also be stolen, robbed or added to the time account.

    The entire world has been divided into zones in which the different social classes live, shielded from each other by high tolls. The rich live in their own luxuriously equipped zones practically forever, while the poor die early in their zone areas.

    The protagonist Will Salas lives in an extremly poor zone, a ghetto, where people live from one day to the next and rarely have more than one day of life left on their clock. Salas manages to leave his zone and enter the expensive, luxurious zones of the rich. Here he is accused of murder and goes on the run with a hostage, a liaison that becomes a liaison. The pair are pursued by police officers endowed with executive and judicial powers, the Time Guards. Through his actions, Salas and his partner from the privileged zone, who has defected from the system, succeed in shaking the system to its foundations.

    This film shows in an impressive way where the ,,journey” is to go. In particular, the analysis of several other science fiction films, each depicting a partial scenario, will show that all the films taken together are the image of an unworld that is coming to humanity.

    No one can say that it wasn’t shown and no one can say that it wasn’t known.


      • I don’t know what to do with my money. I keep thinking crypto is the way to go then someone shares a link like this! Does anyone know: What in heavens name am i to do with.my.money??

      • I’ve wondered the same, not that I have that much set aside. If you have enough, purchase property, e.g. an apartment outright – it is important not to get in any debt. These will always be in demand as they are shelter.

        Forget precious metals, Bitcoin, etc. and remember most motor vehicles quickly lose value.

  20. “1 per cent of people think;
    1 per cent of people think they think;
    and 98 per cent of people would rather die than think!”

  21. This is reminiscent of the way farm and factory workers were once forced to spend their income in shops owned by the employers, which led to the creation of the Co-Operative Movement.

  22. It’s the end of the world as we know it …and I feel fine!


  23. Notice how everyone talks about what’s wrong all the damned time, but no one talks about what to do about it. SO, what are we to do with our money then? Gold? Land? Bitcoin? Move in with the Amish?

    I have a feeling there’s a lot going on in the walls that the evil ones (and we) don’t know about. Just when it’s darkest, then: Dawn: A parallel financial system for us. Alternative healthcare, schooling for our children that makes sense, etc. Wouldn’t surprise me if this parallel society was already here, it just hasn’t been presented to us yet. There’s something in the works.

    • Solutions watch – James Corbett PS Gold/Silver or Land 🙂

    • I think there might some people working on a way to fight back against the NWO/ Black Nobility.

      I have read a few articles talking about White Nobility families and the Causa Nostra/ Ordo Bucintoro.

      The Causa Nostra is real and appears to have a couple of websites (in German) (https://sites.google.com/view/causa-nostra/home-%C3%BCberblick and https://causa-nostra.com/). However, I am not sure what to make of the group. They appear to want to establish their own alternative empire where “the worth of the individual would be measured not by origin but by achievement. A new monetary system was planned to exclude hoarding and abuse of material wealth.” A lot of the World Freedom Alliance’s goals sound similar to the Causa Nostra’s aims, so I’m not sure if the two might be connected? However, the Causa Nostra appears to have some unusual views on Baphomet- it sounds like the NWO uses Eliphas Levi’s drawing of Baphomet (literally Satan), whereas the Causa Nostra says that the original figure had “a female / male double head” rather than a goat’s head.

      I’m not sure what to make of them, on the one hand they are openly against the NWO and the plandemic however they also Gnostic and have some unusual views. Would be interested to hear what other people think about them.

  24. No one has mentioned that the Bank of England is a private corporation with anonymous directors. These people have no right to say or do anything and should be immediately dissolved. The money supply should have never been granted to a private business and should be immediately taken back under government control, not that I trust them either but these toss pots in the B of E have no rights to dictate money supply full stop.

  25. It’s like someone said a few videos back it’s just 2 weeks to flatten the curve it’s just stay at home, it’s just a lock down, it’s just down loadable currency on your microchip, (programmable digital currency) he was spot on same thing, these conspiracys are coming true. Next. its just the unvaxxed prolonging the road map out. It’s just cameras in your house. Its just elexa listening in to keep you safe, it’s just a fine box machine on the wall, it’s just your electric car won’t start without your microchip or payed the fine, its just your quarantined and your cars dissabled for a month because you have not updated your monthly jab, it’s just your not allowed out after the 10 p.m curfew. It’s just you’ve eaten to many calories today and not aloud to eat anymore.

    • Chris, Alexa is not always needed.
      All smartphones can easily listen in on your conversations.

  26. If you shop on Amazon rather than local or financially support these globalist corporations in any way you’re voting for this with every purchase or subscription fee. Even using Fuckfacebook or any Google service is supporting these dirty bastards. Non participation and buycotting is the only way…imo. Anyone agree?

  27. It’ll be the bright young city slicker types who’ll find cashless transactions an attractive prospect, as far as I am concerned the cashless protagonists can shove it up their digital arses

    • Already tried that in the uk. Didnt take of . Scraped years ago.

  28. Sounds like communism to me. And I know I live in an ex-communist country…

  29. I want to book a holiday, Hugo. I want to go to another galaxy on the Starship Enterprise. I can’t tolerate the thought of a future where the computer says “No!” when I try and buy a certain book, teaching, or help a certain charity.

    • Just because they PLAN this nonsense for us doesn’t mean they will succeed at it. Have some faith, Tigger!

  30. Look up the Georgia Guide Stones…their plan is stated clearly.
    More people have to stand up & say NO!
    Thanks Hugo.

  31. at the same time, they are giving debit cards to illegals because its inhumane to police what they use the money for…

  32. As if it is not bad enough – I have had my bank account frozen twice for no reason given and it was very trying to get access to my money – told to visit my nearest bank to get it sorted out – they could not do anything when at a stroke we were told to go home and try again. This is only going to get much worse and we do not think using crypto will be any safer. This pandemic is already telling us what they can do with just holiday travels – they consider holidays are non essential for the plebs, just a start of things to come. They are laughing at us with their G7 gatherings and football exemptions. Local lockdowns are in the pipeline after July19 since variants are being dreamed up every day.

  33. But, but, but Hugo, I want to go to Chessington World of Adventures and go on a ride. . .

  34. Subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante’s channel, Jeff Berwick, to learn about crypto and how it can defeat the governments tyrannical totalitarian plans of total control that the virus smokescreen was coccocted to achieve…. learn to safeguard you financial freedom, privacy and anonymity… Pirate Chain & Monero are the wise future investments.. https://lbry.tv/@DollarVigilante:b

  35. Behind the global cabal is SATAN and his hordes of demons living in the invisible realm!
    Even the elite of the elites are his pawns!😈😈😈😈😈

  36. People don’t seem to grasp that money has no worth, it is merely tokens of exchange, bankers print those tokens of exchange as debt and addminster as a credit loan, eventualy they are all claimed back as intrest on the loan amount, by that time is has become monitised, throught circulation, it is now property, all that is taken is taken as intrest on the credit. but the origonal amount created is still outstanding (the national debt) it can never be paid off, it it a Rothschild / central bank scam

  37. Yes this is clearly a global plan now, if it wasn’t obvious to some already, this is no different to the Aus Welfare system only allowing recipients to spend money on a digital card but will only be able to purchase what the government deem necessary. This is a slippery slope and in the coming months i expect alot of sleep walking useless idiots wake up, only it will be to late by then.

  38. Evening Hugo thank you again for your great video`s we are seeing all the financial institutions trying to catchup because of the threat of Crypto Currencies its happening in the US and other countries. El Salvador have now gone all ahead with Bitcoin as a second currency to there main currency and have drawn the rath of US Banks.

  39. getting us ready to cut us off if we don’t do as they say, well I’m one step ahead I’ve made my plans for my great reset.

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