OUTBREAK Amongst JABBED Care Home Residents / Hugo Talks #lockdown


104 Comments on “OUTBREAK Amongst JABBED Care Home Residents / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Absolutely the double jabbed sadly dying as was intended. The care workers are falsely being blamed so that the government can now say that the staff is the care sector have to be vaccinated. Evil to the core.

    • Pepole look up at Google the delta musscle

    • They can’t force the vaccine. Go to the UK Medical freedom alliance site, there is a letter there which every carer should read and give it to their care home. Moreover ,this is a just another scare tactics. If most carers choose not to be vaccinated, then they will back off.

  2. Reminds me of I film I watched years ago called the island 2005, I remember saying this would happen one day to my dad. It Was about the contamination and quarantine and proximity (social distancing) which is where we are now, and they had names of generations like delta 1 echo 1 they all had labels, ended up being free in the end well worth a watch,.

    • Thanks for the reminder of that movie. I saw it years ago but couldn’t remember the name. I’m downloading it now. Thanks!

  3. So now this fucking virus nos who to infect and has it’s own diffrent names. Bit like the names of the diffrent jabs for diffrent age groups really. All bollocks all of it. Flu like illness if rife in hospitals and care homes. Jesus christ what ever happened to the bug that would start eatting ur flesh in hospital? I mean wtf where has all these diffrent illnesses and diseases gone ffs. 15000 people more die in the uk ever single day ? What I want to no is why nothing is ever mentioned about other illnesses but a fake fucking pandemic has put the fear into almost everone. It’s really embarrassing now
    If u cant see the truth yet dont think theres much hope for anyone really. Sick of it all now. Bored boring .

    • If your vaccinated, and then become infected with the real virus, then your most likely to die.

  4. The evidence, at least to a layman, suggests the ‘Delta’ is in the vaccine. Remember the tendering for temporary body storage facilities in London, Scotland and Devon, the contract to run until 2015? It is possible ‘they’ are expecting a surge in deaths in the vaccinated population?

    • They’ve contracted it from the jabs, pure and simple. Watch now as the rest of them die.

  5. Those who have been having flu jabs every year have been building up the aluminium in their bodies which is a neuro toxin. Now they are bringing out the big guns to finish them off. I never had a single flu jab prefering to take the chance in getting flu and building up my own antibodies. These vaccines contain aluminium, why do you think so many people get dementia and children get autism – all caused by aluminium in vaccines.

  6. Look up where the delta musscle is its the same place in the arm where they shoot the jab!,!

  7. Either the jab works, or it doesnt.

    The evidence is clear, it doesnt work.

  8. Let em all die, especially that stupid looking masked fu**er in the photo.

  9. I think they have been jabbed with the variant itself.

  10. anyone still wearing a mask deserve to die…sorry but thats the harsh truth

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