OUTBREAK Amongst JABBED Care Home Residents / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. It was the double jab that killed them! It destroyed their immune systems you see! Just like it was supposed to!

    • I agree,I think they are seeing a wave of deaths following the jabs and have named it Delta2 to cover it up,they are throwing all if the ‘variant’ names around to cause confusion in my opinion

      • Helen, for me to believe convid exists in the first place I need the evidence that it’s been isolated.
        Then I want to see the difference between a common cold, flu and so called convid.

        Then we can happily look at the variants… untill then… It’s a load of bollox made up by big pharma & pushed by the paid up MSM.

    • It’s like the “quacks” predicted – get the jab, then get covid, your immune response goes wild (ADE), and you die. It happened in ALL of the animal trials, the diease pathology got worse, in some tests all the animals died.

      In the mRNA trials all the animals died – we’ve got double trouble.

      They won’t admit it of course, they’ll say it’s a variant or the flu or some other silliness.

    • Here in Ireland we had a 500% increase in Care Home deaths in just 4 weeks from Christmas – the jabs were rolled out in the Care Homes after Christmas – there was nothing in the media about a surge or spike in cases or deaths at the time – now months later they are saying that we had a 3rd wave in January and those deaths were added to the Covid tally over the following months as “Late Notifications”….!
      The Politicians and Media who promote this agenda should be at the end of a rope….!

      • The Oppressed become the Oppressors

    • We are at war with the establishment. Quite why they are doing what they are doing is beyond me. The vaccines have and will continue to kill a lot of people. These so called variants to Sars Cov 2 are only 1 – 3 percent different from the original virus. The so called pandemic is long over. How is it deaths are no different from other years. If it was a pandemic, where are all the dead bodies.

    • I work at a care home no covid deaths. since the vaccine 10 deaths all neurological disorders followed by a stroke residents who are ok go into a disoriented vegetative state inside a week and then die most the other residents now look unwell. I wonder if other care homes are experiencing similar problems. two of the staff have had severe reactions to the jab one being myocarditis imflammation of the heart. I will not be having any jab ever.

  2. tell them all to fuck off and leave us the fuck alone…..these poor poor elderly people doesn’t anyone look out for them????????????

      • That’s what this government and Bill Gates says of the elderly.

    • Why do you think they put them in their in the first place because they don’t give a f..k not the government but their kids.kids theses days are so selfish

    • Absolutely agree with you
      The poor elderly must feel like they on death feckin row!
      It’s disgusting isn’t
      Thank you
      Take care

  3. It’s all bollox it’s probably the jabbed that’s spreading it 🤦‍♀️

  4. Look up pathogenic priming. Geert vanden bossch and Luc montagnier talk about it.

    • And: antibody dependant enhancement. And: spike protein + syncytium

    • There immune system destroyed by the jab all who have had the jab will get ill and possibly die this coming winter as they will be wide open to any infection!!

  5. I think it’s all bs. But I do find Geert Vander Bossche very interesting regardless of my personal thoughts on the subject. Bret weinstein did a good interview with him, he appeared pretty worried.

    • Can I get a link to the newspaper article. I cant find it and without it I shall get the usual ‘tin foil hat’ comments. Thanks

  6. A lot of people don’t realise that the reason no jab for any form of coronavirus has ever been licened for use is that ALL the animals that were jabbed with vaccines that had high efficacy levels ie created a large a large amount of antibodies died when re-exposed to any type of coronavirus but this stage is part of what is skipped when something is allowed for emergency use ao sadly this does not surprise me one bit

    • Ianfearv. I totally agree, this is backed up in government roadmap 2 document, paragraphs 32 & 56 where it states that the deaths in over 50yr olds who have had double jab will be 70% higher than in unjabbed if infected in the future.
      In other words they’ve taken a flu infection, named it convid and the jab contains the lethal part.

      • Here it is….. ” 32… The resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that have
        received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave
        respectively. This can be attributed to the high levels of uptake in the most at-risk age
        groups, such that immunisation failures account for more serious illness than unvaccinated
        individuals. This is discussed further in paragraphs 55 and 56.”

      • …” 56. This shows that most deaths and admissions in a post-Roadmap resurgence are in
        people who have received two vaccine doses, even without vaccine protection
        waning or a variant emerging that escapes vaccines.”
        So, the 50 Million Dollar question is…. why have the jab??? lol
        But you will not be able to explain these stats to the sheep. They are so fogged-up, mentally, they simply cannot decipher the truth and continue to follow the leader, just like sheep do, sadly.

  7. I wonder if there is a correlation between the out break and 5G masts near bye ?

    • Wonder if 5g just rolled out in that care home? I am seeing those masts springing up everywhere but it seems like one day not there and next day they are! Do they go up at night I wonder?

  8. This was meant to happen , first they killed the elderly with Midazolam , now it’s the jabs that are killing them. This gets worse every day ! It needs to stop these jabs are not safe!!

  9. here we go…..trying to make the kill shot mandatory when in reality the vaccine is mutating and killing them all

  10. Bin the jabs! Ivermectin is the way to go! Publicise it! Campaign for it! Get it out there! It is a prophylactic, a treatment for covid and long-covid and helps against jab adverse reactions (apart from permanent damage, of course)

  11. 3rd Out break I’ve heard of from jabbed people, as time goes on and the jab wears off, or the antibodies grow inside the body,they’ll be a lot more,obviously it’ll be a variant’s made up fault but I expect real sickness and deaths starting October, which will make wave #1 and #2 look like the childs play they was.

    World is about to go to shit, rules are Jabbed didn’t listen, just look after the unjabbed from this point on, screw them!!

    Taiwan, looks like China probing air defenses to pin point for missile strikes, knock out the air defenses and they’ll surrender, then no more chips for US missiles doh!!

    Ukraines gone quite, to quite guess they’ll wait for China to go into Taiwan then surprise attack them to.

  12. It’s just a prelude to the flu season when the jabbed will be culled as their immune systems go crazy when they encounter flu

  13. Very sad for those families who are now living with their grief.
    My heart breaks for them.
    We are expecting this from the research that I have done and trying to inform people about this risk is exhausting and resulting in broken relationships.
    I have experienced residents and staff contracting covid following their first dose and sadly some residents dying.
    I myself as an unvaccinated nurse worked through an outbreak while my vaccinated colleagues were off with covid!
    Unfortunately they will always try to lay the blame on those who care for the elderly and somehow they will find a way.
    Many excellent care home
    staff will be forced to leave an already struggling workforce or take the jab 💔😢

    • Christine, so sorry to hear. Care home staff and nurses are in a dreadful dilemma, you have my sympathy.

      1300 deaths in the U.K. so far, due to the jab. Ask your MP what the Government considers to be an acceptable figure. Usually a handful of deaths resulting from a new drug or treatment and it would be withdrawn.

    • It’s sad, I have fallen out and lost friends too so I know what you mean. I hate the way the authorities and NHS are trying to blame care home staff for everything. Where I live there are two care homes in the vicinity which had been covid free throughout. THen straight after jabs several of the elderly people in both homes died. In one home the police went in and tried to blame the staff and staff were arrested. Unreal. The care home had been checked and passed by CQC as being of a good standard, but they tried to say it wasn’t and that it was poor infection control. It makes me so angry that they are trying to scapegoat the staff when it is the toxic shots that killed the residents. We have a criminal gang running the world and our pathetic gvt have willingly joined in and are busy doing jobs for the big boys. We should do what the Rumanians did last year, they picked up one of their stupid politicians and actually physically through him in the dustbin. There is probably a skip near Downing STreet which would be big enough for Johnson , Pratcock, Witless, Pathetic Vacant, and Anton La Vey the Vax Tsar. Shove them all in together and dump a load of trash on top.

    • Christine get in touch with lawyers for liberty uk , they have lots of resources on their site and can help you get the legal advice you need although won’t act for you. Protect your rights to bodily integrity! You have possibly got Tcell protection now from cross infection, go and listen to the exPfizer chief science officer- dr Mike Yeadon he explains that and you don’t need jab. Find him on planet lockdown full interviews by Oracle films. If you have to go down legal route start crowd funding page and let us all know!

  14. An ideal excuse to continue the lockdown I guarantee

  15. This is the prime reason that our numptys in Downing Street need to Put the UK into a Full Lockdown again.
    21st June came and went, standby for the 19th July to be exactly the same.
    MSM “Be Afraid, stay Afraid, stay indoors, ” etc, etc.
    Stuff your Jab and stuff the lockdown, take vitamin D, and go to the GP/hospital if you are really badly ill.
    Other than that, Live your life. !!!

  16. All it means is that care home is just like the rest of them whereby you step foot inside a care home and you never see the light of day again. Add what they eat which is generally not high standard. You have a recipe for disaster because all the people who have been living there will have a low immune system hence why they have died. It wouldn’t have helped having a vaccine they are just a fraud. More attention needs to be placed on the immune system and keeping it optimal that on a virus and vaccine but that will never happen and people will carry on dieing.

  17. The virus spreading theory is the umpteenth moneymaking lie. Bacteria as spreaders yes, fungi yes, chemicals yes, viruses no. They are a waistproduct of celcleansing when needed. Forget about Wuhan, covid and the endless variations.

  18. Delta variant or the Kent variant in an oap home which is better —–“well there’s only one way tofind out FIGHT!!”

  19. Here is what happens and what the intent of the jab is. The jab primes the body with the virus protein which self replicates at an alarming rate. At the same time it suppresses the immune system. The human body naturally releases cytokines as part of your defense to combat infections etc. But an excess of cytokines if released en mass or if your immune system doesn`t tell it to switch off the releases of them creates what is called a cytokine storm. This effectively attacks and gets into vital organs creating organ failure. There are of course a number of other things the jab does such as create blood clots. As we know many people have died even within minutes and or had many many different side effects from the jab sometimes even weeks or months later.

    Now , here in the UK they are going to give people a booster shot for Covid along with the flu shot , maybe even a combined one in the autumn. Why do you think all those dead body storage companies have been tendered for which Hugo reported on recently. Hold on to your hats folks.

  20. I bet that’s the last time they have a curry night. In the case of some of the residents, literally.
    They chose to swallow bullshit and they got two pricks. Gullible people.

  21. I think this is the jabs real purpose so they can put the blame covid and its not its the jab they will prob find away to blame it on someone who is un vaccine and they will start saying the vaxed people must stay away from the unvaxed because the interaction is making it mutate what a joke how can people still be fooled by this bull shit

    • Sore throat fatigue vomiting and diarrhoea added to list of symptoms as of June 16th 10 days isolation Temperature check before commencing vwork

  22. Immuno compromised and primed by the vaccine to enable antibody enhancement and cytokine storm from person’s own immune system. Like with the ferrets tested in previous mRNA vaccines, who all died on exposure to another coronovirus on next exposure. Dolores Cahill, Mike Yeadon, et al, explain the response in their suppressed videos on youtube, accessible on Odysee.

  23. Sars-cov-2 has never been isolated, NEVER EVER, that means that variants don’t even exist.

  24. The staff had a different scariant because they were given a different jib jab.

  25. Please don’t give credibility to the absolutely FAKE Tests – PCR Tests mean absolutely NOTHING and are purely a Global scare tactic
    Also since the original Covid-19 Virus has NEVER been isolated or proven to exist, please don’t give credibility to so called “Variants” – because THEY CANNOT EXIST EITHER

  26. As I said last year when there was an outbreak at the UK carehomes weren’t the residents wearing masks? Ok I know some elderly people can’t but what about the ones that can? Or does it just show what little protection they provide? Mine is gradually slipping off. I went to the cinema today to watch Fast 9 and got through all of it with my mask below my nose.

  27. Bet they won’t report that ratio in the UK MSM… Delta in business means – the ratio that compares the change in the price of an asset, usually marketable securities, to the corresponding change in the price of its derivative…. And this is just Business as usual!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  28. Well, this is the muddle you get when you use a test that is 97%-100% false positives, and “should not be used for diagnostic purposes” because it can “find anything in anyone”, as the creator Kary Mullis said. When are people going to get that it’s all smoke and mirrors?

  29. If they were double jabbed it is logical to assume that whatever they were injected with has weakened their immune system making them more susceptible to serious infections.

  30. There is no virus, there are no variants, these are simply excuses to forge ahead with this unGodly toxic concoction, in a deliberate culling of the population. This fiasco has always been about the experimental gene therapy the ” controllers ” call a vaccine and also part of their ” great reset ” They have dumbed down humanity to such an extent the masses are begging for their ” death jabs ” , convinced they are their ” road back to freedom ” . If it wasn’t so bloody tragic, it would be laughable.

  31. But, as soon as you “see” there IS no real virus, you see we are being herded away from the real questions, diverted from searching for truth. They want us to be asking these questions about “variants” instead of asking – Why did these people die? 25% of those “infected” died ! They murdered them, then confused the issue with variants.
    A few years ago my 94 year old Mother died in an end of life facility. I spoke to the lady doctor about what they were going to do when us Baby Boomers started popping off (I am now 74), but demanding care to an extent they could no longer cope. I said, “They’re going to have to kill us aren’t they” She was visibly struck dumb by the remark. I then said, “Well, it will be interesting to see exactly how they’re going to do that.” She said nothing, but the way she said nothing led me to think she was not letting on about what she knew.
    This must have been planned long ago. After all, “we’re all living too long” aren’t we?

    • The loving NHS has been murdering the elderly legally since the introduction of the infamous Liverpool Care Pathway in the 1990’s, finally banned officially in 2014 it still goes on and will do so until NHS Management are prosecuted and imprisoned.

      I’m in my 70’s and I know if I ended up in an NHS hospital for any reason, I would never live to see my family again. Avoid the NHS like a plague !

    • And at same time harvesting the bodies…what are they doing??? HELP!God Jesus Christ in the name What’s going on

  32. I work in a Nursing home.
    All patients had flu jab last October. They were pushing people to take a flu jab first. Few weeks later they had all positive test for covid 19. Coincidence…
    Few patients died in 2 weeks. Carers who didn’t have flu jab including me no symptoms.
    Flu jab made their immune system very weak… They easly got infection/”virus” Hm..The same thing happened in Italy in December 2019. Lot’s of elderly people had flu jab and later they got “covid” and died ?
    Now few patients died after A Z vaccine. Everything what is happening now it’s called coincidence.
    I know so many people who got positive test after taking a vaccine.
    The booster they are preparing for people can be even worse. I agree that vaccinated people will suffer this winter really badly.
    They are also planning to make a mandatory flu jab not only for covid 19 for staff who work in a nursing home.
    Also patients who had “covid” were never taken to hospitals as they said there is nothing they can do considering their age, but apparently hospitals were overwhelmed. By who? What age?
    Scamdemic, casedemic…

    • I think you have a point. I have suspected the flu jab as being part of the covid problem . There has been a study which correlates covid deaths with flu jabs too. And now they are trialling a comflu jab, combined covid and flu. Completely ridiculous but of course it is those of us who stand up to this nonsense who are labelled ‘uneducated’. If the authorities are so confident of their pro vaccine argument, why won’t they debate it? Coz they are scared to.

  33. Exactly everyone one, there are no variants, this is all from the spike proteins

  34. Meanwhile in a supermarket near you with next to no jabs everyone is doing fine

  35. It’s the injection….this is the intended result…we are being culled…

  36. Hey Hugo,thank you for doing what your doing,how about making a vid on the isolation topic,after all this is the smoking gun of this whole Scamdemic/Plandemic Lie;the ‘virus’ has never been proven to exist!,I am donating my jabs to politicians,the police,and their families…….most important people first

  37. Any research into effect on unvaxxed??! health… transmission rate frequency or nul nil

  38. I think the Delta Variant came creeping in through the television just like in the horror movie the ring. Better throw away those TV sets just to be sure.

  39. There,s only one cure for the new Delli variant,and that is to have a punjab,if you,ll pardon the pun.

  40. Presume the treatment for care home residents with ‘covid’ is progressively increased doses of strong sedatives, tranquilisers with no food or water?

    • Even the thought of this really sends shivers down my spine. The evil that are getting away with this. Matt Hancock needs to fry for what he has done to care home residents. Its heartbreaking.

      • Its not only care homes. 4 weeks ago my 74 year old step sister passed away in Truro hospital suffering from sepsis due to an infection from a kidney stone. Life support was withdrawn 3 days after admission without asking the next of kin beforehand and 4 days later she passed away. The staff told the relatives they no longer provide life support for covid or sepsis patients. Oddly enough she was treated for the same condition 2 years ago in the same hospital and made a full recovery. Society as we previously knew it has rapidly becoming dysfunctionally callous.

  41. This is nothing but a huge psy-op. There never was an original virus that could be isolated, never mind being examined for a ‘variant’. Everybody runs around setting their hair on fire trying to figure out if it is indeed a ‘variant’. Or if the jabbed caused it.
    They can report whatever they want. And can make it up as they go along.
    We are missing the point – they want us all genetically altered and don’t care how many people they have to kill to get it done.

  42. Everyone else feeling weird or nauseous around the jabbed? Here almost all the boomers are fully jabbed up and love their muzzles. Being to much time around them, makes me feel weird.

    • I’m a boomer and I have never worn a muzzle and never will. And all the people I know standing up to this are middle aged. I have not met any young person who is standing up to this, everyone in shops is muzzled. THis is not an age thing, awake people cross all boundaries. It doesn’t help to blame any particular group, race, creed , age group, whatever. There are awake people of all ages and brainwashed zombies of all ages.

  43. It says one thing, don’t trust that “vaccine” and don’t trust those who are pushing it, mass murderers the lot of them, granny killers and now they want our childern.

  44. How they can dissern a variant of a virius with any acuracy from Genome Sequenceing is beyond my comprenension. The process it a bit like this: Imagine a million jigsaw pieces all from differant jigsaws, (broken viral particals supposedly) You photograph each piece and then start manipulating differant pieces to create something that “May” look something like the supposed virus when finished. It’s jigery pokery bell book and candle by midnight and they call it science, it’s unproven but they are trying to baffel us with bullshit and sell us the results.

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