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  1. I think they are using code words Alfa Delta Gamma, kappa Betty, look up all the meanings of these words..

    • Its the Greek Alphabet Charmaine …looks like they have got at least another 20 variants lined up for us.
      Strictly speaking the Delta Plus should technically be Epsilon, but WTF.
      …those scallywags at the DeptHSC haven’t properly thought this through either, ‘cos ‘The President of the People’s Republic of China’ ain’t gonna be a happy bunny when get to the one after ‘Nu’.


      BTW the vitriol spouting hag with her head up her arse is Rosie Millard,

      …according to the Daily Fail Online, published 29-03-21.

      She’s the Children In Need boss who left her husband and four children for a multi-millionaire television producer.

      The Mail on Sunday reveals that the former BBC Arts Correspondent walked out on her family as they were preparing for Christmas in 2018. (Wonder if they played charades?)

      She has moved in with award-winning TV producer Alexander Graham, 66, who is chairman of the Scott Trust which publishes The Guardian newspaper.

      In August 2018, Miss Millard, a keen marathon runner, underwent a six-hour operation to remove an apple-sized tumour from the front of her brain.

      Say no more!

  2. Slow poison….kill people before they reach pention age…sometimes sooner

  3. Oh dear, What a surprise, Boosters,, Boosters and more Boosters, I was told about the vaccine agenda many years ago. I never thought it would come along but here we are but at least 40% of the population don’t want it and the ones that have had it are now living in fear of what it will do tomorrow. I dispare at the atitude of some doctors, I mean they are capable of reading. Of course it is all going to end in tears. As to your idea of set up to fail and UN take over, it makes perfect sense,, Rothschild has always acted in the same manner and lets face it the characters in Govenment at present will not continue, they cannot, they have lost all credibiliity and trust and it goes more each day.

    • OMG !!! This is the real-deal my friend. I have seen adverts for Convid Marshalls until 2023 etc…. this scam will never end… It will for the ”jabbed” though, by the looks of it. If I posted this advert (on my FB page) for storage for excess deaths ( despite 55% being jabbed! ) I would be vilified and verbally abused for being a conspiracy theorist. i have said it since last April, we are ‘at war’, sadly….

  4. How do they sleep at night and I tell you what where they said for children to keep up with other vaccines im starting to think may be these vaccine have been changed abit may be the next flu shot won’t be just s flu shot who knows

    • I thought the same thing about the flu jab . I have had it the last couple of years but now I’m scared cause who fucking nos what’s in it. I was fine with the flu jab. I’m not having it again since they have pushed the fucking jab for covid. In 2019 the pharmacist told me there was a race on to come up with the first ever life long cold and flu jab. Who nos what the truth is anymore but kids dont need this full stop. They never have. Covid is fake and thousands die of flu ever winter. I’m so fucking sick of people like that bitch I’d punch her right in the face for saying kids are gonna die anyway wtf is she on. As for that quack u can see by his face hes in it up to his neck he needs striking of as a so called doctor. These people need lining up against a wall and shooting if the can say these things to a concerned father as tho his daughter is not his concern I say line them up and. Put these nut jobs out of there pitiful misery cause they are gone in the head and there not coming back ever.

      • Same here with the flu jab I’ve had it in the past . Don’t trust them not to change it and include the covid jab in it . Liars the lot of them and that Rosie Millard is ex BBC

      • When I worked at Bournemouth Hospital half the staff refused it.
        Just because you are a nurse doesn’t mean we are jab happy!

      • Usually the only people who get really bad flu are those who have had the flu vaccine. Don’t go near it.

    • My husband told me that he’d read they are working on a combination flu/ convid jab. Horrendous. I won’t be any flu shots or convid ones. I fear for what is going to happen to people who have had the shots.

    • Nail on the head David, beautifully put! ✌️➕♥️

    • Yep. Nothing else to say now. I’m passed arguing. I just stick to the same rhetoric

      • Glen, I have joined your team, mate! Nothing to add, nothing more to tell the sheep any longer…. they can see the truth if they want to, but they are happy to be sheep and go along with the BS. We have a friends whatsapp account and one person commented on the june 21st delay and prompted me to ‘rant’. I responded by saying ‘no rant’. The truth is out there for everyone who wants to find it. Just google ‘you’ll own nothing etc…’ No more ranting from me. I’m done with trying.

    • More variant’s what a surprise more jabs.
      Arsenal stadium are from Friday to Monday are next to be a mass vaccination centre, will the offer to get a jab get free tickets for a tour around the stadium, brainwashing football clubs following orders from these psychopath’s in power

      • I suppose a trip to the Arsenal Trophy room is slightly less exciting than being in a lottery draw/free donuts/free burgers etc as they are offering in USA. Total propaganda. I told everyone I knew that they were ‘coming for your kids’ way back in January. They still join the queue, sadly.

  5. People have a terrible short memory. It’s the WHO that changed the definition of pandemie in 2009, shortly before the fake Mexican flu. It it’s the WHO that ‘characterized’ covid 19 a pandemie early in 2020. It’s the WHO who changed the definition of herd immunity. It’s the WHO that threatened family members to remove from their homes when they test positive for covid. Etcetera.

    • Jeroen, exactly!

      Just to add, who is the majority funder of the WHO?
      That’s right…. The Gates Foundation!
      So what they say goes really.

      It was classed as a plandemic after Neil (bell end) Ferguson presented his computer modelling stats to the WHO.
      Which kicked off the chain reaction, panic, jab production, then BS about shortages to create demand, propaganda about people dying (always with underlying issues)
      The list goes on…. With alway one winner Gates

      • Bill Gates and his ‘wife’ Melvin are not the top of the power structure. Probably Jewish families like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds ( Bauer) are.

    • Yes right again with those families. They are definitely much more powerful that Wiesel.
      But in the instance of WHO funding it’s been traced back to Gates.

      The others you mentioned are always involved somewhere though.

  6. I’ve said all along its not a reset its a restart they need everything broken and what breaks people more than dead kids and parents blaming there selfs will push alot over the edge and takes away your fight

  7. I look forward to the day when these evil people are arrested, and charged with crimes against humanity.

  8. We’ll be at the Double Plus Good Variant before long so we can have our daily two minutes fear in front of the tv.

    • Hillery is worse more smug more psychpathic. Probably more intelligent than hancock.. which makes him very dangerous

    • Twat Wanksock is still a strong contender ✌️➕♥️

  9. Jab only works for Covid 2019 Basic Lite Edition, it will make you less able to cope with Covid 2019 Delta BS+ version, as it only protects against the Spike Protien.

    WHO growing a consious that’s interesting, not even there willing to kill children.

    Black dude has it right, Kids aren’t dying, or spreading, just stop screwing up kids, just take the 300,000:1 ( under 70 ) risk for the sake of the kids FFS!!!

  10. How the hell people are still buying this garbage is staggering. We have the collective power to put a stop to the nonsense and hold all the evil bastards to account for their crimes against humanity ….. yet we have a world full of gullible automaton cowards.

    • Pete, it’s so clearly BS.

      Rosie, bless her has never heard of any adverse reaction to the jab because she has her head buried up her own arse.

      Tru was along the right lines but was vetted and brought on as a guest because he was only mildly opposed to it. He couldn’t offer an argument that was going to trump the other two pushing the agenda.

      The same doctor Shillery that was cought in a shop without a mask?

    • great comment 💪
      People are still to feckin gullible!

  11. Didn’t the WHO also say a while ago lockdowns ahould end? I fear that you’re right and this is something I’ve looked into for many years but never thought I would see happening over night…these govt puppets and thier puppets were and are being set up to fail and we be trading one evil for a far worse one unless we all stand up NOW and say enough is enough!!

  12. Who is buying this shit!? How stupid do you need to be?! Delta Plus. Good grief.

  13. This is absolutely chilling to watch! Makes my fucking blood run cold! Hell is going to be overrun when theses fuckers heads finally roll!

    ” Are you a doctor?”

    No, you don’t need to be to see through this! Doctors are not god’s and science has been completely corrupted for good. I will never trust them again.

    If these zombies had a brain cell it would die of loneliness.

    • 100% agree with you, if they had 2 brain cells, they’d blow their own heads off! Everything we’re going through is an evil masterplan, thought up by demonic, heinous, rich and very powerful elites! These abominations have been hiding amongst us in plain sight! Check out Dr Vernon Coleman on brand new tube, an honest doctor, who’s been demonised by YouTube and the usual suspects! We need to come together, unite against this evil, x

    • Revelation 17

      8 The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and yet will come up out of the Abyss and go to its destruction. The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world will be astonished when they see the beast, because it once was, now is not, and yet will come.

  14. And my mate at work told me he is going for his 2and jab next week FFS , I send him a lot of these vids and he is anything but stupid but I just give up .

    • No don’t give up Tommy keep sending them

      I do 💪👍
      I speak of this site , tell anyone I do chat to
      Don’t take jabs,, Delta just a word🥺🙄😂

      Take care 💪

      • Janie, I have tried to offer rational comments to my friends and on FB. All I get back is abuse and vilification…. its too late. The sheep have had their jabs and wet themselves with delight when offered a 2nd one. I have given up any hope for them, sadly.

  15. Yes Hugo spot on. This is deadly game they are playing. There are very very scary times ahead. too late for some.
    in the bible the statue in book Daniel has ten toes iron and clay, Iron does not mix with clay AI and humans. These jags have nothing to do with health it is too get something into your body that will change you permanently. You will die or become a slave hooked up to the cloud. Many people have believed this lie.
    instead of trusting God. OVID means sheep and 19 means slaughter strongs concordence .. The UN maybe the beast system. <<

    I urge people to study book Revelation. we are in end times

    Thank you for the work you put into making these videos

    There is evil in high places.. Trust no one do some research . Ask God for guidance.

  16. Yes I believe this is set up to fail. That’s how it ends in SPARS 2025-2028 with lots of adverse reactions. The TV celebrities, media and politicians are all Freemasons following orders. They are totally unaware they are going to be sacrificed. Wouldn’t surprise me if the World Economic Forum, United Nations or World Health Organisation come in as the saviours and has these Freemason politicians and celebrities hung for crimes against humanity. That way the public would love them however it’s been the plan all along. Sacrificing a few thousand Freemasons means nothing to the globalists as long as they have ultimate power. Everyone has been duped.

    • ‘Are you a doctor?’ Most GP’s are nothing more than legal drug pushers, trained to do the dirty work of big pharma.

  17. Anyone who takes the annual flu jab please look into it. I recently read info about a new life long flu jab being developed that was mrna. I also read that they’re recommending more people to take the annual flu jab. Over 50s, people with health issues, school children and babies. It seems like it’s just another money making scam to me. These flu jabs aren’t very effective and they say most people will only get flu once in their lives.

    • I had flu 3 times.I am a pharmacist and the last time was in India in 2009 in India.Swine flu.Not very bad.Flu vaccines are a waste of time and cause antibody dependant enhancement.I was stupid enough to have one 6 years ago and have been sick every winter since,Got sick that night.Never had problems before.I read up later and was horrified at the problems.Everyone needs to do research

    • Samantha, not sure who ‘they’ are but I think they’re wrong.

      Last time I had it was around November 2019 and it was strong enough to last a week. Normally I can shake off a cold within a day or two.
      But I definitely remember having something similar probably 10 years or so earlier.
      Your body has a very clever defence mechanism when you get something similar so gets over it quicker.
      Never had the flu jab and never will.

  18. These people are not human they’re demons from another dimension, HUMANS WOULDN’T DO WHAT THEY’RE DOING.

  19. You’ve most likely hit the nail on the head Hugo. The UN will come in and the One World Leader (antichrist) will bring solutions to the problems they caused in the first place. It’s called the Heglian Dialect – (Problem :Reaction :Solution)
    They cause the problem, wait for the reaction then come in with the solution they always planned for. They’ve been using this method for years.
    Hugo I pray you will find your salvation through Jesus Christ. God bless you and keep you.

  20. Finding it hard to put into words my anger watching those two lowlifes on good morning Britain,there is special place in hell for them.

  21. Absolutely being played out … in the protocols of the learned elders of Zion these Freemasons will be made examples of and face the most horrible deaths …strange book published in 1908 …everything they said was going to happen has happened we are on about chapter 14 it gets very interesting around 15..16 etc

  22. “Ye tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil” or as Bob sang, “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” Now is the time to unite, no petty differences of skin colour, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation etc etc; If your still human and feel for humanity, we need to stand up to this evil, insane and depraved madness! The police are part of the corruption, they may not realise just how wrong they are, but it’s no excuse! People are dying because of a manufactured “pandemic” This was no accident. The inhumane vaccines are to depopulate the world! Make no mistake about it, we are at war, from an enemy within. Our government do not care and we’re expendable, defunct and they won’t stop until enough of us cease to exist! I’m called a conspiracy theorist, I wonder how it’s going for the ones that called me that, the ones now jabbed, some whom have died after this vaccine was injected into them as they eagerly queued up for it! Not everyone is going to wake up, we have to leave casualty’s along the way, it’s sad, tragic and goes against humanity, empathy and all that is good. But we need to remember these people are brain washed and will sell you out, as they now feel they are better than us for having this nasty substance injected into them! The euphoria for them will be short lived! We need to form an alliance with other non woke, still in receipt of their faculties whom don’t want a forced trialled drug rammed in them! For the sake of our children, we have to stop this, before it’s too late! God bless Hugo for his honest videos and hard work and god bless you all that still believe in humanity! Good always prevails over evil, sure as day follows night!

  23. Those people on GMB are evil and liars. No evidence of harm!!!!??? And suicide and anxiety- the government are responsible. I have no words!!!

  24. I agree Hugo it could be staged. To me it seems planned. For example why do we only hear about the (apparently) new variants when restrictions are due to be lifted? Why not weeks/ months in advance. And stuff doesn’t make sense like why keep masks and distancing in place when clearly they don’t bring cases down. Well I mean we get told cases are rising but that could be guff. I received a t shirt today that I ordered from Amazon. It says plandemic cure and a pic of a TV with a hole in it and a fist holding a hammer. I couldn’t resist.

    • Jon, it is guff to scare people who are sitting on the fence.

      Loving your work with the T shirt. Wear it with pride!

      Not always possible but… just be mindful that Amazon are part of the problem, killing independent businesses.

  25. These people are so evil, they all are following the agenda.

  26. Revelation 17

    12 “The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast. 13 They have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the beast. 14 They will wage war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will triumph over them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings—and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers.”

  27. They are totally belittling that guy and that woman, should be strung up – are you a doctor ? Naw ya daft bastard but I can read what actual experts say and understand it -mind numbing and I think if you check, the WHO have changed their mind as its reportedly gone from their site! Deleted just like they want us!

  28. So evil it’s hard to find the words to comment. I think mandatory vaccine is coming.

  29. Revelation 6
    The Seals

    6 I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!” 2 I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest……..


    They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

  30. Hugo is by far my number one ‘go to’ online at the moment. This is one of his best videos. His level of critical understanding is right up there….
    I salute you…
    God Bless you.

  31. I would theorise as yourself Hugo. Who setting themselves up to be the good guys. Bastards

  32. I know that these so called variants will be used as an excuse to explain the surge in deaths of the vaccinated – I despair of the people who believe the bullshit propaganda of this government and other nations – Wake up world!

    • That’s exactly right. Spot on. Beggars belief really

  33. Covid 19 actually means ‘See a sheep surrender’ The WHO used this codename when they created this virus. It is astonishing how many sheep there are!

  34. Shill Hilary is somewhat acting as possessed and this is not the first time when GMB brings in a host who has a different view and is in the firing line. the black dude was spot on patents are 100% able to research and make the right decision for their OWN kids. a 12 yo knows Sh*t about what goes into those vaccines they just want to play with friends and go to school etc. of course if manipulated enough they will say yes to the vaxx when his whole class went and got it. it’s shocking what these evil bastards are doing all over the world. they all follow the same script. speak to your children make them aware when they come to refuse.

  35. No mate, think you’re slightly off the mark with your analysis this time with the Who coming of in after the fact with “I told you so”.

    What is gonna happen is The injected will die in huge proportions soon of compromised natural immune systems by design. Then their pharmaceutical murderer’s puppet politicians will step in to call the perp as The Variants. It’s almost a perfect genocide. Wish Peter Falk were alive to expose it.

  36. I also wanted to add that on your earlier video on Yewtoob where I refrain from commenting you said if you had kids in school that you’d have taken them out ages ago when masks were introduced.

    Well, let me tell you As a single dad I did, with both teen sons, but was threatened by school with council legal action for ‘unauthorised absence’, followed by harassment from social services which became so intimidating I became ill with worry. I feared ‘forced adoption’ so contacted their mum from their country of birth to explain the precarious predicament.

    They flew outta here last month and are safe in their country of birth now after doing 14 days quarantine at state expense ( thank god as I’m broke now)

    Hugo mate, it isn’t just a case of the parents taking kids outta harm’s way at school… their evil employer has all bases covered!

    It’s tyranny and the children are next in line!

    Miss my kids but happy their best interests have been met

    PS the gov of the country they’re on now is inept and corrupt so jab evasion there is more likely

  37. Talk about mixed up, contradicting information. This is why my family and myself are sitting this one out. Especially when there are people saying there is evidence for side effects or serious injury from the jab. There is tons of evidence on the government website and it is increasing every day. I bet the numbers are a lot higher that what they are saying. I love the way the GMB debate was 3 People on to 1 person, because that’s fair isn’t it and totally talking over him.

  38. I’ve warned people about the NWO and still get labelled as a conspiracy theorist. Tbf I used to think it was a load of rubbish myself whenever I heard about it until COVID came along then I decided to do some digging. When I saw Agenda 21 it made complete sense and people are witnessing it without realising. Everything is an illusion and when you realise nothing is what it seems you do feel rather betrayed at the start but those emotions soon turn into anger. Dr Hilarious is funded by The B&M Gates Foundation so is just another puppet funny how’s he’s called a doctor yet never see’s any actual patients instead just spews out dangerous advice on CPR by putting a cloth over someone’s face when they can’t breathe. YES, he did this I think on either GMB or Lorraine the other day when carrying out first aid reckoned to say it was to prevent the spread of COVID, wtf?! And as for the witch who is head of Children In Need well she does work for the BBC and they cover up for abusers so does it really surprise you? I think out of all the things I’ve seen on GMB this clip was by far the most disgusting and sinister. They really are in on it all. Another reminder of why I don’t tune in to this garbage anymore. By no means am I intelligent in the slightest but even I can see what’s going on especially with the jabs. I can’t understand how the majority can’t see it they are beyond dumb facts are staring them straight back in the face and they are still choosing to ignore it. What I find more frightening is how many people have been Injected with this posion without questioning a single damn thing on its long term effects etc. Unfortunately, I see the temporary body storage units been built in other countries including ours, as been set up for one of 2 reasons. The first been they want to make people believe there’s so many dying from COVID that they’ve had to build more storage units for bodies (another way to coerce people into taking the jab) or there’s going to be a massive surge in deaths due to the vaccines. Next they’ll be claiming they’ve built them because there’s going to be a massive alien invasion which will kill millions except the rich and famous. Either way they know something we don’t and only time will tell.

  39. The fact that someone is allowed to state that the jab has no side effects on national TV (which is complete nonsense considering there is actual goverment data to support otherwise) yet Facebook and the likes can remove and suspend accounts for “medical misinformation” just proves how twisted and evil the world is.
    My wife recently was challenged by a co worker about declining the jibjab so she calmly stated a few facts including the thousands of side effects and deaths, even pointing the person to the government website to verify the information. Even after all that the Co worker still said that she was wrong not to have it as the new variants were more deadly! 🤦‍♂️ honestly you couldn’t make it up!!
    People are so blind to what is going on and it is not getting any better, every day we descend into an orwellian fascist reality and the sheep keep following without question.

    • I think that we are doomed my friend. The sheep will have us locked-in forever and they will find an excuse to blame it on the unvaxxed. Good luck to them!

  40. Rosie Millard has always been a nasty cow . Ex BBC reporter and has an MBE . The way she patronised that guy saying “ are you a doctor ?! “ evil woman

      • Videoman1959 Yes I heard Dr Hillary doom Jones say about sticking to pulling pints. I gave up watching GMB last year when this pandemic sharad started as it was unwatchable. The way I see it is its just scaremongering and bullying and seems the same now despite piers not being there. I sometimes go on the GMB Ytube channel just to see what the cretins are saying and a few weeks back they had their comments switched on and then they got switched off again. As for wearing a mask at the beach well we were told last year (possibly by Dr doom) masks are ineffective if they get wet. He doesn’t have a clue. I will however admit than when Richard Madley was on presenting duties he did seem to come round to our way of thinking. As in enoughs enough now let’s move forward and it did rub off on Susanna (proberly short lived though)

      • VERY true my friend. We have a real fight on our hands….!

  41. When you see Dr Shillary and his friend ‘The Wicked Witch’ working-it like a double act, then you can see why people without any ‘thought process’ would be convinced by this BS. I found it quite unnerving when the Wicked Witch asked the man ” are you a doctor? ” She was therefore suggesting that he should not be able to make his OWN decisions because he is not clever enough. What an awful woman. The man on the other hand was articulate and rational. I fear for ALL of our safety. I think they will have us all in striped PJ’s before Xmas. 🙁

  42. That Rosie bitch reminded me of Hilary Clinton, looks wise. Very hard to listen to such people as they’re just bullying drones, who are either psychopathically malevolent or wilfully ignorant about the nuanced political and social issues around these sordid mRNA vaccines, and vaccine policy since 1986. As was I, until this scamdemic was sprung on us.

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