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  1. This is why I don’t watch television, because of the likes of Dr Hillary and others, all trying to convince the sheep that there are all these variants of a virus that in my view doesn’t exist.

    • Hugo may well be right. Remember, Westminster City Council, along with authorities in Scotland and Devon, have tendered for ‘Temporary Body Storage Facilities’, the contract to run till 2015. Why? Are they expecting overwhelming numbers of death in the next 4-years, perhaps brought about by the vaccine. We know the spike protein is toxic and the lipid nanoparticles, ‘the box that delivers the MNRA’, lodges in the ovaries and bone marrow.

  2. This Rosie Millard woman clearly hates children. Mr Powell handled himself very well especially when Millard likened the jab too wearing a seatbelt. Mr Powell was wrong in letting his children have the flu jab though surely?? I didn’t even know they could.

  3. Rosie Millard is a dangerous woman. The TV company are also dangerous for broadcasting this.

  4. All I know is – I shall not be having any injections of ANY type NOW , nothing can be trusted any longer…
    I also understand that I shall be alive to BURY most of my family that IGNORED all the data I showed them.
    And judging by the current advancement in side effects, I’d day we have about 3-6 months before what you say happens…
    My targets are the following :
    And ANYONE that SUPPORTED THIS GENOCIDE ….including those so fucking thick to take it… they are NOW A DANGER TO THOSE OF US WITH BRAINS …
    And I’m absolutely positive that I’m not the only one, in fact I’d say I’m one of millions getting ready for what needs to take place ..
    I can produce weapons from scratch, and with the resources drone killers …
    None of this is hard , KNOWLEDGE is the KEY TO DEFEAT ANY ENEMY…
    And there are plenty like me ….PROBLEM SOLVERS …
    That want righteous retribution

    • wow you really seem like someone who has their head screwed one.. You want to kill doctors/nurses and the emergency services? Good luck to you when you or your family suffer a heart attack/stroke/cancer. There are plenty of people who have had the vaccine for more than 6 months now.. and look at that, they are doing just fine. Think you need to go get yourself checked out at a psychiatric unit.

    • Save your energy. They want us all to react like that. They will use you and others like you to cause a riot. Streets will not be safe and the army will be called in. Order out of chaos. Don’t play their game. They are counting on your reaction my friend. Peaceful resistance.


  5. Blaming the un-vaxxed doesn’t make any sense. Only shows that these jabs don’t work. Also if ” cases” increase again around autumn, also shows that these jabs don’t do any shit. So its gonna be a win-win for the un-jabbed populus regardless. Hope this will wake the jabbed sheep up!

    • The sheep are a lost cause my friend. They would jump off a cliff if Doris Johnson told them there was a Convid-Free beach below.


    Have you ever wondered where religions draw the inspiration for their symbols?
    Google images of “Saturn’s North Pole” and tell me what you see.

  7. No matter how big the crisis, there should always be time for discussion, understanding and giving consent. If not, that’s a huge red flag.

  8. Delta Plus did they say? Sounds like a club card.

    • Yeh it is the vaxxed can now get a special Delta Plus club card which they can post on fakebook. And guess what there is Delta Plus Extra you can apply for next and you can get things on discount with it. Delta Plus Plus Extra Extra shots , all at bargain prices, but hurry , offer is up in 7 days.

  9. If we’re right about these vaccines, it’ll cause chaos up and down the country, very scary guys, feels like it’s been orchestrated for years, kids will survive, criminals locked up, they’ll take our kids into a big brother reality.

  10. Do they want us to jab from every variant…or every half a year the same DEADLY SUBSTANCE for all variants.In Russia they already speak about RE-VAXXINATION…to fully suppress the immune system …

  11. Omg… There are over 50,000.00 people worldwide who have died, (adults and children), or who are permanently disabled through this experimental drug. VERAS changing data, corruption at every high level and these media channels should be sued for misinformation…etc.,but let’s face it, they can’t cancel themselves out!!!
    Governments and underplayers paying off, paid off, dangling carrots to a huge amount of Scientist at Oxford and alike, for scientific research, pocketing their own agendas whilst being coerced and corrupted having data changed or tweaked to suit a government deciet… There will always be viruses and variants.. Most variants are around 0.02/3 difference and our bodies have already adapted.. This is just scare mongering and control.. This is an outrage at every level. The only time this is going to stop is when the penny drops for those who get a wake up call and say no more and stop allowing this nazi regimes to take over, dealing with them at a top level… This is a history that has never stopped.. Crazy sick people who just have mental issues at serious levels to control snd dominate through hate and deception and power. Look at the book Lavenir de la vie – French Health Minister, everything be wrote about, is what they are doing.. Hitler, the list goes on. Its a cycle of insanity, which is the real virus… For the bible says “for the LOVE of Money is the ROOT of ALL EVIL”. Follow the money trail and you will get to the truth…..

  12. I have written to ITV Good Morning complaints about that Rosie Millard and Dr.Hillary how awful they were on that programme. I also complained about how biased they are and asked why don’t they show the demonstrations in London against jabs and lockdown and why don’t they have views from the other side, someone like Prof.Dolores Cahill or Dr.Vernon Coleman.
    Interesting on the net it said there had been more complaints about Good Morning than other programmes even the BBC and they are bad enough!
    Maybe best to get something signed and given to the schools to say you do not give any permission for them to vaccinate your children without your permission. Maybe get legal advice. It is terrible that you can’t be sure how safe your children are when going into school. 😥
    Thank you Hugo 👏

    • Unfortunately, even if you send this kind of letter to school, it would not protect your child from being vaxxed. They still can use Gillic compitence clause. The best thing would be to educate our children and get them ready for loads of pressure including from their peers. I think they will use masks as a way to pressurise our kids into it. Vaxxed – no need to wear mask at school.

    • Shirley did you get a response from GMB? I would love to complain about awful Dr Hillary but hesitate incase they just ignore the complaint.

  13. What ever happened to herd immunity? The so called pandemic has been running 18 months or more. Surely by now you have had it and recovered. Natural immunity.
    Apparently the vaccines don’t work as well…

    • Mike, NOTHING has made sense since this BS started so please dont confuse the sheep with reasonable ideas! lol They cant cope with all the facts and figures because they are bombarded with propaganda every day of the week…. They are a lost cause.

  14. I think the woman is a nut job. I think this has all been designed to ultimately cause mass deaths/possibly sterility too, as a means of reducing population. Boris has talked about the need for population reduction and then has 6 kids, so he must know there is a plan to follow ie don’t get the jab, if you want your genes to survive this. At the same time, it’s a massive money making opportunity for the pharmaceutical companies/his mates. As it occurs over time and with confusing propaganda to go with it, we will all be so confused when everyone starts dying around us that we wont know who caused this mess anymore and those that implemented this plan will all walk away scot free.. As a side point I still haven’t met an actual individual who claims to have actually had covid, is this the same for others of you? Some people Ive spoken to say they know so and so who ‘tested positive’ for it when they last felt a bit peaky and got a test and thats about it.


  16. This woman is despicable and should be locked away in the interests of children’s safety. I get a twice-weekly newsletter called ‘The Defender’ which prime concern is the health and safety of children. As it’s from the U.S. there are accounts being filtered through from there about teenagers having heart problems after getting the jab. Here’s one example.
    And a heart transplant didn’t work for a 19 year-old who’d had the shot. She’s no longer here.

    • They just sit there and lie..As if LYING is the right thing..Yes they are despicable..The black guy , you could see it in his eyes that he knows it is all lies ..

  17. these variants are being introduced into areas where the vaccines are being refused. They are trying to scare people into the death shot

    • Yes I believe this.. Also they are conjuring up another spiteful measure,where Macron and Merkel are in cahoots(of course) with Johnson to force the UK citizens into isolation if we arrive in the EU.. It is disgusting that these vermin are getting away with so much..STILL ..No let up even

  18. I just wanna reach into the TV and punch those vile puppets lights out, BLATANT LIES .That f in Hillary,who the f does he think he is..Love to debate with it!

    • Juliette I agree with you 100% who does Hillary think he is. I often wonder if he is a genuine Dr. His Wikipedia entry basically says he is but I have heard Wikipedia can be altered. He couldn’t even put a mask on properly last year live on GMB. That says something. To me he is another one that loves the pandemic and I also think he is on a power trip and he hates it if there is a glimmer of good news.

  19. These fuckers need lining up and shooting. Done

  20. Even if the WHO would advise children to be given the jab, I would still inform myself as much as I can, and come to my own conclusion if I should subject my child to the jab or not. I am the ultimate authority and decider of my child’s fate, no anyone else is and will ever be.

  21. Yeah, i never thought of that. CDC is it? making a little mention about not jabbing so that when people begin to die, they can point at it and say “But we warned you.” Ha ha! Clever. Bases covered. Well it will work at first but flop soon enough. Eyes will open, don’t you worry.

  22. Hugo, I think you have hit the nail on the head. I have believed for a while that the whole show is designed to fail so that the elite can proceed with the one world order. It is clear that they are creating as many divides in society as possible in order to push forward with their centralised currency agenda.
    There are now many small groups of people who are making their voice known but if there was a way of bringing all the groups together, we would be more powerful as one large group, I believe that all groups should join as one to fight the corruption. Once the power is returned to the people we can then create a system that works for everyone no matter what they believe in. We listen and we decide as a nation whats right and wrong. We need to rewrite the whole rule book and create a better society for everyone to enjoy and be free.

    Hugo, massive respect to you and your channel. You will be recognised as one of the patriots that helped people awake, see the truth and the true corruption in the world.

    I salute you sir.

  23. How are these people not being arrested push drugs on kids that could kill them and even the people who got us in this shit are saying don’t risk it they should be done for insighting a murder what next Russian roulette

  24. These people are murderers. Plain and simple. I hope their asses get locked up for good.

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