Brainwash Back Britain / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Back to Prodigy Gander and the f** and Hitler please give it a break before was over this this now we want our children to become it it needs to be stopped

  2. My father went to war to stop this now they want us to teach us kids all this product gander absolutely disgusting Boris Johnson needs to be shot down and that government thank God I never voted him in

  3. When BORIS dissapeared last year with COVID, ahem, the transformation into a new LEFT WING BORIS was noticeable ( remember he changed his mind on herd immunity) So did TRUMP come to think of it…

    • They went for some MK ultra treatment, me thinks .

  4. On point with that bullet list bro, everyone correct!
    Millions still blind to what’s going on though!
    Make sure all of us get to londonstan Saturday!!

  5. Ohhhhhh what a surprise, is it? Of course not…this is where it is heading to…FASCISM….A lot of African countries are practicing FASCISM 🤔 as I type this.

  6. Strong Britain, Great Nation. How very Kim Jong-un

  7. In the bible it is written that children will come against their parents. . Jesus said this is one of the signs of His imminent return.
    Hallelujah. Jesus the Christ is the way the truth and the light. !
    All the glory honour and praise belongs to the Holy One of Israel.
    Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

  8. I’ve been telling my friends to take their children out of school, they look at me like I’m a crazy women!! I dont know what else to do! 😔

    • Totally agree, as soon as the school said last June that when the kids go back in September they would have to wear masks and social distance we told them no way and took them out. They’ve been doing online school since and will continue to. We moved out of the UK in 2019, just in time. The school we took them out of also requires monthly testing! All I can say is if you haven’t already then get your kids out of school, stock up on food and look to producing your own power and food. Look into aquaponics, it’s definitely the way forward. And teach your kids how to do this too. My dudes will need more free souls (and un engineered) like them in the future. Good luck and God bless

    • I home schooled mine from age 7. They were getting bullied by the kids and even the teachers. The things they told me about what went on in school would give you nightmares!

  9. I’m so relieved that my children are grown up because there’s no way in hell I would have allowed them to be subjected to the endless b.s I’m witnessing. Where possible parents should seek out tutors in small organisations to teach their children.
    Their main curriculum are maths, English and science. For parents on a low income, maybe the community could come together and work something out. It’s just a thought.

  10. Religion and Government are exactly one and the same.

    Believing in government is a religious belief. It’s a fact.

    They have zero difference.
    I can always prove it also, you ask anyone that argues it and ask them where law is.
    The same answers come forward:
    The government (no, people in suits)
    Police (no, people given a hat and ‘sworn in to protect’, makes them and others believe in authority).
    In parliament (no, it’s a building)
    In a book (no, it’s paper with words written it)

    The answer is, we all mass hallucinate government and law into being.

    Check the book/ video from Larken Rose. ‘Statism- the most dangerous religion’

    You will see that government and religion are exactly the same thing.

    Number 8. Religion and government becoming intertwined is exactly that. The stronger the belief in government (lockdown acceptance and obedience) the stronger the religious doctrine.

  11. This is nothing new.
    It’s been on the cards since 1945, before then actually!
    The EU is nothing more than Hitler’s Brainchild, a United states of Europe, under a single government, with a single currency.
    Instead of the Reichmark, it’s the Euro.
    Just follow the dots from the end of WWII and it’s obvious!
    And this new national anthem has got SAGE written all over it!
    It’s repeating itself over and, over, until it’s embedded into the subconscious of the Children’s minds.
    Read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and you’ll see where this is headed!
    Utopia? No!
    Dystopia? YES!

    • Brave New World crossed with 1984 that’s for sure

      • Shithole Britain more like. Nazi UK.
        Get rid of these dictators.

  12. The next thing is going to be a nasty varriant making the jabbed very ill or dying, they will blame the un-vaxxed for spreading it, Mandatory New Vax will be Rolled out, then a knock on your door the Military wanting to jab you!

    • This video is proof of natural immunity to COVID 19. I’m very excited about this well done prospective study at the Cleveland Clinic Health System in Ohio in the United States looking at natural immunity to COVID 19. Their study compared natural immunity to COVID 19 versus vaccine generated immunity. They looked at their entire employee population which was over 52,000 and compared those people who previously had COVID to those who had not and they subgroup each into whether they had been vaccinated or not. He presents the findings. This has worldwide implications.

      Watch before it gets taken down by our corrupt Gov/media

  13. I knew that the school system was crumbling back in 2016 when my daughter started secondary school. None of the teachers gave a shit about anything, they just wanted to be mates with the pupils and not engage in teaching. She wanted to learn and got depressed by the amount of pupils that there were (nearly 2000) she said it felt like jail and that she was just a number. Unlike primary school, which she loved.

    So I decided to home educate her so I could see her personality return. All of the normies were against me, with all the usual brain washed cliché that she will be weird and anti social. I ignored all of them.

    I have never been so grateful for trusting my intuition. When lockdown happened she was well adjusted and content, she continued with her work and has now left education.

    Don’t let anyone tell you what is right for your own children, TRUST YOUR GUT and never conform their bullshit!

    And before anyone says that I’m privileged, I am a single parent on a low income, I have just worked from home for a few years. It was not easy, but I have no regrets. My daughter is sane and has a strong sense of what is right and wrong.

    • From one mother to another, I applaud you for what you did! 🙏

  14. This is all so obvious where we’re heading/are I really don’t get how so many can’t see it but then that’s exactly how Hitler brainwashed the German masses – we’re in the war to end all wars folks because this a war for humanity as we know it

    • Quite right …if you weren’t with them, they were aggainst you. No middle ground!

      For the word ‘unvaxed’ substitue the word ‘Jew’ and things start to look a whole lot more sinster.

      • Marty- they’ve started to call the “unvaxed” refusniks. Which was originally a USSR term for Jews who didn’t go along with communism.

  15. What next morning exercise in front of the telescreen.

    • Lol yeah Boris n His motivators!

      The only thing they motivate myself to do is LAUGH at them like Hugo said yesterday they only want us angry

      Time Boris n All the other idiots realised ALOT more people are waking up

      Take care

  16. ” What a strange development of patriotism that turns a thinking being into a loyal machine ” ( Emma Goldman )

  17. Plundering treasures reminds of the nasty gordon brown selling off all our gold

    • When the value was at an all time low …should be in gaol with that other scumbag Blair!

    • Asiya, he had to do it as it made sense to the Bank of England.
      An order that couldn’t be refused!

    • I’d rather have Hitler than Johnson, Hitler did some good things.

    • Pretty sure that was written by two Jewish guys…

      • Steve, interesting…. Explain please….

      • Finally someone who gets it.
        Great Britain without white people.
        You probably know what loxism means.
        Also Hugo is in this regard a coward because he never talks about international Jewish power and their agendas, their 2500 years old endgoal.

  18. But it’s odd they are promoting patriotism. I thought they don’t want nation states. Look at the EU. It’s about blending all the countries and cultures in the world into one country, no borders etc. So it’s very odd they are pushing this. I actually think being patriotic is good in fact.

  19. Lol YouTube deleted my comment immediately – I mentioned the head of UK Freemasonry – the Queen !

  20. This video I share is further proof of natural immunity to COVID 19. I’m very excited about this well done prospective study at the Cleveland Clinic Health System in Ohio in the United States looking at natural immunity to COVID 19. Their study compared natural immunity to COVID 19 versus vaccine generated immunity. They looked at their entire employee population which was over 52,000 and compared those people who previously had COVID to those who had not and they subgroup each into whether they had been vaccinated or not. Dr presents the findings. This has worldwide implications.

  21. Is Britain a nation? What does Britain mean? What does Great Britain mean? What do England,Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland mean individually? What does the British Isles include? On an international list of nations I was born in the United Kingdom. But what’s the name of my nationality? United Kingdomish? What a mess! I can’t even explain it to myself so I’d never be able to explain it to anyone else. I know I was born in England and I’m English but my passport doesn’t say that. So to me strong Britain Great nation makes no logical sense. Strong United Kingdom great nation would be even more stupid. All that being said, I’m appalled at the current state of education in this country(?) and the daft things being taught there.

  22. Boris doing the 666 hand sign! They have definitely got to him! How can we build back better and survive in the brave new world
    when we are going to be living walking transmitters and receivers hooked up to the internet of things! Radiation poisoning here we all come!

  23. Reminiscent of the song of the Hitler youth:

    The branch of the linden is leafy and
    The Rhine gives its gold to the sea.
    But somewhere a glory awaits unseen.
    Tomorrow belongs to me.
    Now Fatherland, Fatherland, show us the sign
    Your children have waited to see
    The morning will come
    When the world is mine
    Tomorrow belongs to me


  24. Hugo genuinely what the fuck are we supposed to do? I’ve pointed out on countless occasions to people around me for the past year that the government robbed us blind for 12 billion and all they had to show for it was an out of date exel spreadsheet and I still get the blank look like I’m chatting bollocks. The thirst for head burying is off the chart

  25. Fuck sake why don’t they just sing the national anthem we have that for a reason

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