😱😱 BEWARE THE TREES!! 😱😱 Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • We must chop down every tree to prevent the spread of Covid19. I will start by chopping down my neighbors trees. We must investigate whether bees and hummingbirds spread Covid19 via pollination. I’m worried they do!!!

    • I think I’ve discovered an even quick more deadly way it spreads. Over the Internet through MSM and nothing can stop it

  1. This gives them the reason to get rid of all the trees, so they can take us all out with the 5G.

    • Couldn’t agree anymore it’s beyond a joke now

  2. Remember last summer when the media coerced us to wear a face nappy with their fake GCI and bad computer models of virus particles circulating in a room. Well here we go again!

  3. I wonder how stupidity is spread?
    Reproduction – really?
    Well lets sort that right now – take this injection of chemicals that will modify your DNA to prevent producing any kids more intelligent than ooh lets say a politician.

  4. A Scientist said a while back, when you pet dies do not get another one because of global carbon foot print.. They want you pets now.. Now your tree’s are going to get you Barbara.! lol
    They are idiots.

  5. They need us to stay home while they enjoy the scenery. It’s only been just over a hundred years since commoners were banned from the countryside and forests.

    • Use Firefox or duck duck go for your search engine not Google.
      Might work…

  6. The thing is though, we’re not even scared! Well maybe the pensioners are scared but they’ve been double jabbed already!

  7. They’ll discover the antidote is fluoride. DRINK MORE TAP WATER!!

  8. It has to be injected into your body.


  10. Stop hugging trees and infecting them with Covid :p

  11. Well I’m watching ‘black summer’.. a virus that turns people into brain dead zombies….. erm… oh wait… we’re already there!!!!

  12. That’s how they gonna justify the massive cutting of trees because of the 5G rollout.

  13. I watched a film a while ago (a rare event for me as I refuse ro have a tv in my house!) on netflix where seeing was dangerous and the only survivors had to go around blindfolded oh hang on the masses are metorphorically there already aren’t they!

  14. Hugo, didn’t the report say 44 feet?

    Either way it’s still bollox!

    I remember last year when a specialist had to be rolled out to tell everyone the difference between Convid and hay fever. Seriously!

  15. We need to stop humans from being infected with viruses. How can we do it? Kill al the other animals, kill all the plantlife, I know – kill all the humans – then no humans will be infected. That’s a Bingo!

  16. Nearly pissing myself with laughter, spread by trees! What bleeding muppets, my daughter is a scientist and she wouldn’t embarrass herself by claiming something so ridiculous. I’m paraphrasing here but I think the line in the Forrest Gump movie says, stupid is as stupid does.

  17. The Human Race is either too clever or too stupid for it’s own good.

  18. they just do not want us having any part of Gods creation trees grass flowers etc. well i just ignore these possessed demonic maniacs

    just go where you want. no mask no jag Jesus is coming soon to sort them out.

  19. You can guarantee there’ll be more than a few who will believe this. I’d bet my last fiver on it.

    • for sure, how they tie up their own shoes laces is beyond me

  20. Anyone who buys this is now a full-time mad bastard lol

  21. How about this for the brainwashed idiots
    ‘You can catch it by wearing a face nappy, social distancing, using hand gel, being vaxxed, watching TV and listening to or reading the MSM and by not using your brain’

  22. Next its 101 Dalmations.
    Dalmations are spotty and you know how the pesky corona virus identifies with spots!
    I know its a bit ruff, sorry l mean tuff but thats just dogs for you

  23. I’ve heard the MPs are the most contagious spreaders of the virus and must be isolated far away from the public immediately. Even seeing them on screen can increase infection rates.

  24. Might as well disappear into the desert where there are no trees. Insanity.

  25. Omg my tomatoes are going to be very dangerous this summer!

  26. Governments and the media are the only ones spreading Convid 19

    • Theyre all doing the bidding of the UN/NWO… whatever we wanna call them, theyre in charge. I doubt the people at the top are even known to the public at all. Kill gates gone quiet all of a sudden, that pawn is more trouble for the elites then his worth now days.

  27. Aha, saw that film years, ago, The happening? Pure rubbish lol.. As if, ( i know its sci fi right but jeez ) a couple days in of people randomly commiting suicide someone RANDOMLY guesses correctly that its the plants causing it lol.
    But jokes aside watched a video on here this morning which compiled dozens of films which all seem to be “predictive programming” , a few years ago id of laughed it of, said BS its coincidence but now, nope no way, its deliberate. Theyre toying with out lives and to make matters worse theyre rubbing our noses in it.

  28. This video is further proof of natural immunity to COVID 19. I’m very excited about this well done prospective study at the Cleveland Clinic Health System in Ohio in the United States looking at natural immunity to COVID 19. Their study compared natural immunity to COVID 19 versus vaccine generated immunity. They looked at their entire employee population which was over 52,000 and compared those people who previously had COVID to those who had not and they subgroup each into whether they had been vaccinated or not. Dr presents the findings. This has worldwide implications.


  29. It just happens that the latest varient has all the same symptoms as hay-fever, I know you couldn’t make this up. This is only happening because all the clever well educated sheeple have chronic cognitive dissonance and a massive ego that won’t let them be wrong. Stay strong as we are going to have to help them when their whole world collapses.

  30. hey,watching68 I’m happy for you getting excited about the study;but I think your forgetting COVID-19 has never been isolated,purified,and visualized!,in other words whatever was making chinese people drop dead after eating a bowl of bat soup in wuhan has never been proven to exist;SCAMDEMIC ANYONE??

    • Nuremberg, you mean plandemic?
      Watch 1&2 on ise media it definitely makes aware of what’s going on.

  31. They’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel so much they broke through to the concrete floor underneath it.

  32. Thank you Hugo

    What a load of Shite!!🙄😂 I am laughing at them as per so that’s my comment!
    They are Bonkers!
    Absolutely loosing it aren’t they

    Have great evening to All 💪✌️

  33. The problem is that most of the brain dead sheeple are like the Eloi in H.G. Wells “The Time Machine” They haven’t got the common sense to look beyond their comfort zones and see that the cannibal Morlocks are coming to EAT THEM!!! Where has the backbone of our once great country gone?

  34. “I am The Lorax, and I speak for the trees!
    “Which, according to the news, have been spreading disease.”
    “You will soon, be catching cough and sneezes”.
    “Along with two itchy eyes, and rapid wheezes”.
    “These are the symptoms of a deadly pandemic!”
    “It is not the hayfever; I can assure you, it’s an horrifying epidemic”.
    “So, tie a face covering around your tree!”
    “This is for the protection, of you and me”.
    “If possible, inoculate your deadly piece of wood”.
    “With an medicine by big pharma; it is for the greater good”.
    “Your tree might begin to go into an anaphylactic shock”.
    “Don’t worry! It is healing your infected woodstock”.
    “Lastly, do as I say, but not as I do”.
    “After all, I’m from the Government! I’m here, to protect you”.

  35. I think they are trying to get us to start bullying the trees get us fighting each other oh no what if they mutant in to some kind of covid plant that spit covid at us and then insect become covid mutants

  36. What about the leaves falling now and in the Autumn, leave them to piled up like the so called dead bodies what a lot of crap.

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